QAnon in the Spotlight — Why the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Get It

In the run-up to the wild 2020 election, the mainstream media has been working overtime to come up with new and increasingly more outlandish ways to paint current President Donald Trump in a negative light.  That’s kind of funny in and of itself, since Trump is probably the only one that actually pulls this goal off.  Still, they try, but a lot of the time their strategies backfire, whether they fully realize it or not.

One such example of this is the recurring interest of the mainstream media in one of the leading conspiracy theories right now:  QAnon.  This organization (or whatever you want to call it) was shrouded in mysterious secrecy up until the last few weeks.  With the unorthodox town hall event that NBC allowed President Trump this last week, QAnon was once again thrust into the mainstream.

The goal is simple.  The mainstream media wants to paint Trump as someone who believes and even openly caters to wild conspiracy theories and organizations.  The thought process here is that the general American public realizes that something like QAnon is total nonsense and will immediately dismiss anyone who acts like they might believe in it.  The irony here, of course, is that the mainstream media has spent the last four years engaging in sensational conspiracy theories itself, but now wants to lecture each every one of us about “baseless” theories when they trafficked in these on a daily basis.

Does Donald Trump believe in QAnon?  Who knows?  He definitely understands that people that do are probably more likely to vote for him, so no, he’s not going to denounce them on national television.  He’s trying to win an election.  He’s trying to get every vote he can.  The real kicker here is that each and every time that the mainstream media brings up QAnon in their attempts to discredit Donald Trump, they add more credibility to QAnon.

Think about it.  Most people in America had little to no knowledge of QAnon until just recently.  Internet searches for QAnon are through the roof now.  People are wanting to find out more about it, and for the actual entity QAnon, times couldn’t be better.  There is no way they could have ever manufactured a way to reach more people than what they have this last month, and they didn’t have to spend a dime or do anything to make it happen.  All of that free publicity was courtesy the mainstream media.

So, when you go to share that mainstream media article on your Facebook or Twitter to let everyone know how nuts this all is, remember that what you are really doing is bringing more attention (and quite possibly support) to QAnon.  And despite your best efforts, you are not going to dissuade one single person that believe in them, and you are definitely not going to convince a diehard Trump supporter to come to your side.

What you are doing is just cheerleading.  People that think like you will non and agree, but you’re not making any positive progress.  And you gave a little more screen time to QAnon, who totally appreciates you becoming their ally.

Is QAnon real?  I don’t know if they were before, but they sure are now.


Conspiracy Theories Abound as President Trump and First Lady Test Positive for COVID-19

With the 2020 election sprinting toward the finish line, many were wondering what this year’s “October surprise” might be.  Well, they didn’t have to wait long, because just one day into October, we have the news that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania have both tested positive for COVID-19.

This is Common Sense Conspiracy, and we are not a news site.  You can find out the who-what-when-where from any number of sites out there, from the mainstream media on down, so we aren’t going to waste our time talking about the circumstances leading up to this diagnosis.  We’re here to talk conspiracies, and as you may well imagine, they are running rampant right now in our circles.

There are three schools of thought here and we are going to take a look at each one.

They Were Infected on Purpose

Now bear with us, because this theory takes a winding road that you may not immediately expect.  The first thing you think is that somehow the Democratic Party was able to get Trump infected.  Why would this help them?  That’s an easy one.  It effectively grounds his campaign rallies and ground game in the critical final stretch of the election just around the corner.  It has been widely reported that Trump’s staff was using these rallies as a means to sign up newly interested voters, and they were signing them up at a dizzying rate.  With Trump no doubt planning a blitzkrieg of these rallies over the next few weeks, this deals a pretty substantial blow to the President’s campaign strategy.

How could the Democratic Party insure that Trump would be infected with coronavirus?  Easier than you might think.  After all, the Trump administration isn’t exactly known for rigorous protocols to protect against this sort of thing.  Since the current theory is that the President was infected by Hope Hicks, the strategy may have been to get her sick and then let nature take its course.  Donald Trump may be 74 years old, but he never missed an opportunity to be as close to Ms. Hicks as he could be, and there are numerous photos of him with his arm around her and the like.  You want to get Trump infected with COVID-19 for sure?  Get a pretty girl infected that is close to him and send her on her way to do the deed for you.

They Were Infected on Purpose (Part 2)

There’s a whole different side to this theory, however.  What if President Trump decided to get infected on purpose?  It sounds crazy at first, but think about it.  There’s a sympathy factor here.  Then, it could completely validate some of his outlandish theories about various therapeutics.  Imagine if Trump beats COVID-19 quickly with any of the remedies he has recommended in the past?  Believe it or not, there are benefits to Trump coming down with the virus at this juncture.  It’s probably not the most likely scenario, but it’s certainly possible.

A Convenient Coincidence

Yes, you can’t harp on the conspiracy theories without at least recognizing the possibility that it’s all nonsense and this all happened by coincidence.  Trump, surrounded by all of these people all the time, just happens to finally contract COVID-19 at this point in the campaign.  As earlier pointed out, Trump isn’t known for his precautions.  It’s certainly possible that the lax way he went about things has resulted in him now contracting the potentially deadly virus.

For those of us that prefer the conspiratorial side of things, there are still some questions to ask.  A lot will be made of when Trump’s people knew about Hope Hicks and what precautions were taken.  Trump still traveled to his fundraising event after apparently knowing that he may have been exposed.  One problem in the official account of things is timing.  After Hope Hicks’ diagnosis went mainstream, Trump was going to get tested, but there was significant gap in time between the test and the results.  Everyone has heard the bragging from Trump and everyone else involved with the administration about rapid testing that takes place constantly among the President’s staff.  Why did it take hours to find out that Trump and his wife were positive?  Or did they know in minutes but were planning how to handle the aftermath?  And was Hope Hicks’ diagnosis never supposed to go mainstream so Trump could just continue as normal, secretly knowing that he had COVID-19?

The possibilities are endless,  and  the speculation is only beginning this morning.  It will be a wild couple of weeks as more facts come to light and we see if either Trump or the First Lady show any severe symptoms.  Check back with us for more updates.  As always, we want to hear what you think in the comments below.


President Trump Confirms the Ultimate Conspiracy — Pentagon Fights Wars for Profit

President Donald Trump has had enough on his plate lately with the mainstream media pushing this story about him hurling random insults at deceased American soldiers.  It’s caught international headlines, and a lot of the rationale behind it revolves around Trump’s own nature.  The reality is you can imagine Donald Trump saying something like that, because this man will say near about anything.  But the lack of corroboration from any reputable source hurts.  It sounds like something he might say, but then again, not really.

Well, Trump has gone a step further on Labor Day, straining an already strained relationship with military leaders and the Pentagon even more by suggesting that he is not as popular with the leaders as he is with the troops because they like to fight endless wars and keep the people building weapons with plenty to do.

Everyone in the mainstream media was appalled.  Taken back.  How could the President of the United States say that?  Accuse the leaders of the United States military of that?  Insanity.

Or truth?

In conspiracy circles, such as the website you are reading from, we have long pushed forward the theory that wars are very important economically and will always be in play in some way or another.  While the mainstream media is waxing poetic about the craziness of the President making this unprecedented attack on the military, the reality is that the President just basically confirmed what we already knew all along.

War is rough.  It’s also extremely profitable.

As Trump clings to what may or may not be his last few months of being in the position that he stole somehow by anyone’s approximation, he is not just spewing lies or rhetoric.  He is also confirming long-held conspiracy theories by throwing us barbs of truth.

Isn’t that something?

Now, do you think outlets like CNN that have spent decades soiling anyone even pushing anything that doesn’t perfectly line up with the official narrative as a tin foil hat person will acknowledge that they are now mainstream conspiracy fodder?  Not to mention robbing good websites like Common Sense Conspiracy of our revenue because we can’t compete with the mainstream media machine that has millions of dollars pumped into it constantly.

Should the 2020 Presidential Debates Be Canceled to Save Face for America?

Both major political parties in the United States are running unbelievably flawed candidates for president in the upcoming election in so many ways that we can’t even probably find the time to name them all here.  Both candidates are accused of sexual assault not once but double-digit times.  Both candidates may be senile and frequently have trouble stringing simple sentences together.  Both have horrible tempers and are known to bust out with expletive-laden shout responses to questions even by ordinary citizens.

Oh yeah.  One got impeached for asking a foreign nation to investigate the unbelievably shady thing the other one did.  Neither is disqualified for this or any of the reasons listed above.

Now, the debates have become sort of a flashpoint for the candidates, divided, typically, by political party affiliation.  Trump claims he is ready to debate Biden anytime, although he has already requested to move the debates up one time without success.  Biden claims he is ready to go despite almost everyone in the country assuming that he will bow out of it at some point.  Even Nancy Pelosi is suggesting he shouldn’t try it under the guise that it legitimizes Trump’s behavior.  The real reason is she’s worried he is going to make a horse’s you-know-what (one of Biden’s phrases if you ask him something he doesn’t like) of himself, and she is likely quite right about that.  Biden couldn’t do all that well with his gaffes ten or fifteen years ago.  There is no reason to think that he’s going to pull it all together for this occasion.

Then you have Trump, who was frequently mocked for having trouble walking down a ramp and being unable to drink a glass of water without using two hands like a baby just handed a bottle.  Throw on top of that even when mentally there, Trump’s speeches are all over the place and frequently lash out in random directions with little regard for who might be offended.  Now, here lately he seems like he is having a little trouble in the senility department as well.  At the Republican National Convention, he was mostly reading what was supposed to be a typical flamboyant Donald Trump speech in a reserved monotone from a teleprompter.  Maybe he did this to because his staff wanted him to stay “on message” but Trump usually is the type to veer right off the tracks straight out of the gate when it comes to public speaking.

So, maybe it’s time for the United States to stop worrying about which one benefits from a debate setting and ask itself does America itself benefit from this?  Is there anyone in America that doesn’t already know these platforms?  We know Joe Biden.  We know Donald Trump.  We know what they are about.  No one is learning anything from a debate.  What will happen is America will be dramatically embarrassed on the world stage, and both candidates may very well say something extremely offensive to the rest of the world.  Or they might give away a national secret live on television that puts the armed forces in danger out there somewhere.

Try to tell me no way that happens with a straight face.  You know very well it could happen.

The debates might be quality entertainment, but they serve little purpose outside of that.  Maybe both candidates should realize that they are only going to harm to America if they, you know, get on television and try to talk like civil people do.

Don’t say we didn’t tell you so.

Black Panther Actor Dead at 43? Illuminati Involvement?

Well, with all that has been going on in 2020, we haven’t really had the expected major celebrity death hit, but now we have. Chad Boseman, the actor that played the titular character in the “Black Panther” and reprised the character in The Avengers movies, has passed away at the age of just 43, causing massive speculation across the globe.

Despite his super-Illuminati attire at the gala, Boseman has no connection the Illuminati whatsoever.

The official reason is colon cancer, which it is now claimed that he has been battling for four years before losing that battle today. Of course, many will suspect COVID-19 in this climate, but others will not be able to digest this news and will insist that this another Illuminati sacrifice.
So, what does the CSC have to say? Well, as always, it is hard to make a judgment with the information that we have. After all, no one had even an inkling that Mr. Boseman was suffering from this terrible disease, and four years means that he would have been fighting this battle even while he was playing some of the most successful and physical demanding roles of his life. That’s pretty amazing that he was going through this kind of struggle and still able to perform at this level. It will only add to his legend. Having said all that, there are some that will not accept the official story here, and for those, we will examine the possibilities.
The truth is that the Illuminati doesn’t operate like this. This will certainly cause shockwaves in Hollywood, and Chad was becoming quite the rising influential figure. You could see why someone might think that this is an Illuminati-related death, but Illuminati sacrifices don’t look like this.
Let’s face the facts here. Colon cancer used to be the dominion of the old, but there is a major problem with younger people finding themselves in this position more and more, even leading some to think that the age for suggested testing should be moved up a decade or more. Chad Boseman could become an important figure in the movement to increase awareness that this disease is not just for old people. That could be a powerful thing in and of itself.
For the record, a cursory look around the net and message boards shows that Chad Boseman had nothing at all to do with the Illuminati through to this point. So let’s all chill out on this one and mourn this young fellow’s death, admire his talents, and use it as a learning lesson. Illuminati leaves famous people in bathtubs full of blood, not dying from a terrible disease.

Dr. Stella Immanuel Reveals COVID-19 Cure — She Also Believes in a Lot of Conspiracies

A group of doctors stormed Washington trying to dispel fear mongering related to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 that has ravaged the country and become a divisive political lightning rod in recent weeks.  One doctor in particular, Dr. Stella Immanuel, made really big waves with her outright revelation that all this is silliness because the cure has been right in front of our preferably unmasked faces all along.

Dr. Immanuel insists that hydroxychloroquine, the controversial drug that Donald Trump heralded as a quick fix for COVID-19 a few months back, does indeed cure the virus, and so effectively in fact that at her practice, they don’t even worry about wearing high-quality masks because the drug virtually eliminates the virus from circulating.

Her speech became super-viral (no pun intended) when Donald Trump Jr. and the President himself started retweeting the video, recognizing it as even more proof of what Mr. Trump has been saying all along.  After all, Trump has even went as far as to insist that he himself takes hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure.

Mind you, this is all in stark contrast to the opinions of many in the mainstream media and the FDA, who just recently pulled the plug on the drug saying there is absolutely no evidence that it has any effect on coronavirus whatsoever.

The mainstream media wasted no time discrediting Immanuel with all hands on deck.  Now, it is coming to light the good doctor believes in some conspiracy theories that, well, a lot of our readers tend to be interested in as well.  She even believes in reptilian leaders and that there is a vaccine being developed to eliminate religion.  She may even be one of our loyal readers here at the CSC for all we know, so hopefully she’s getting good, reliable information to feed her curiosity.  In any case, she is already being banished from social media (not just the speech, but her entire presence) for spreading “disinformation” and now she says there is an effort going on to have her medical license taken from her because she believes in hydroxychloroquine.  And she really believes in it, saying out flat that there is no reason to wear masks when we have a cure right here that is readily available.

What do you think?  Is Dr. Immanuel nuts?  Or the real deal?  Would you take hydroxycholorquine if you thought it would protect you from the virus?  We want to hear what you think in the comments below.  We have posted the video below, but these video links are being taken down just as fast as they come up because there are many that wish to silence this talk as quickly as possible.  We are working on a way to get the video up permanently on our site without having to rely on links in the next couple of days.

Is COVID-19 Foretold on the Twenty Dollar Bill?

Remember when it turned out if you folded a dollar a certain way, it showed the World Trade Center towers and everyone said that 9/11 was planned to the point that it was even foretold right there on United States currency all along?  Well, if you bought into that theory, get ready to double down on this one, because now there is a theory out there gaining some traction in conspiracy circles that the dollar bill is also foretelling the coming of COVID-19 by, yes, a man with a mask.

No word on whether the mask-wearer on the dollar bill feels that his or her rights are being stepped on by being forced to wear a mask in the coronavirus era yet, but it is a strange thing to find on the dollar bill.  What do you think?  Is this just a case of someone seeing what they want to see by manipulating images on the dollar?  Or is there some truth that major global events might be built into the currency?  That’s an old Illuminati trope to hide everything in plain sight right in front of our eyes.  Here are some videos outlining the theory and showing off the illusion.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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