Will Smith Punches Chris Rock For Wife Joke – Illuminati Brothers Not Happy

What is real? It’s hard to know. What we do know is that the clip below played out on live television, and it appeared to be a set-up deal until Will Smith went super-belligerent, repeatedly dropping the F-bomb on live television.

This moment is going to be right up there with Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl “wardrobe malfunction” by morning, so you heard it here first. We would imagine a lot of our readers were watching the Oscars solely to see if there was any type of Illuminati messaging. Well, what of this… two would-be Illuminati brothers hashing things out in a very public setting. What do you think? Publicity stunt? But why… what does either party have to gain?

We want to hear you thoughts in the comments below.

Foo Fighters Drummer Dead at 50 — Taylor Hawkins Dies on Tour

This one is sure to lift some eyebrows. Longtime drummer and founding member of the band Foo Fighters is dead at the age of 50. And they were right smack in the middle of a rocking post-COVID tour in South America.

If you aren’t a particularly big Foo Fighters fan, you may not immediately recognize Taylor’s name. After all, he is nowhere near the household name that Dave Grohl, the ex-drummer of Nirvana is. However, he was a very vibrant force, and has even been known to take over the microphone from Dave for some interesting covers at times.

Energetic and fun, Taylor’s death is bound to get some conspiracy theorists sounding off, and he is a skip and a jump away from Kurt Cobain himself, who many people feel’s death was not completely on the up and up.

So far, we have nothing but wistful announcements and absolutely no leads on the cause of death. No word on now if the tour will continue, although one would certainly expect not.

Illuminati sacrifice? What do you think? Is Taylor’s death just a tragedy or something more? Let us know in the comments below. And if you don’t know how good of a drummer this guy was, please enjoy the link below. As more facts become available, we will no doubt be revisiting this developing story.

Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine – Who Benefits the Most?

The atrocities that are happening in Ukraine are nothing short of stomach-turning sickening. Throw in the finger wagging of the international community while it continues to purchase Russian oil and it gets even more disturbing. But you already knew all that. Common Sense Conspiracy is here to make you think about what is not obvious from your gas pump or the local news. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the Russian invasion of Ukraine with our patented common sense approach.

Ukraine, Ukraine — Where Did I Hear That Before?

If you are thinking that there was a time that Ukraine didn’t dominate American headlines, well, you’d be right about that. Ukraine was of little to no significance for a really long time, until a fellow named Donald Trump called the President of Ukraine (yes, that same Zelensky guy) and asked him to step up an investigation into an American citizen that had been involved in some interesting business dealings in Ukraine. That phone call got Donald Trump impeached. However, it also set us on this weird course for Ukraine to dominate everything.

See, what no one talks about right now is who benefits the most if Zelensky doesn’t survive the Russian invasion. It’s not Putin. Zelensky would become a martyr and probably just inspire more resistance. Who else could it be?

Look no further than the American President. That’s right. Joe Biden and his son Hunter have certainly noticed that this is an unbelievably fortuitous series of events for their family and his presidency. After all, Zelensky is one of just a handful of people in this world alive right now that knows exactly what Hunter and the Biden clan were really up to in Ukraine. And there’s an excellent chance that his time alive could be in serious jeopardy.

Is Putin a Genius?

Donald Trump called Putin a genius on a conservative talk show that has many in America questioning his mental capacity as well as his motives. Is Putin that smart? Hard to say. One thing is for sure. He has spent the last decade or more building a war chest to the tune of the hundreds of billions. Sanctions are more symbolic than anything. Yes, the Russian people will suffer, and in some cases, the American people will suffer. Putin, not so much. He didn’t dream up this plan last month. He has built up the capability to what he is doing, and he seems to be all-in Texas Hold’em style. Meaning no turning back.

Did Putin realize the Zelensky-Biden connection? Almost 100% chance yes. He knew that Biden would want to stay as standoffish as he possibly could. After all, Russian forces rolling into Kyiv and killing Zelensky is like a political jackpot. Nothing eliminates your problem quite like, well, eliminating your problem.

Grand Conspiracy? Great Timing?

This photo is what it will look like right after the Bidens find out that Zelensky is dead.

The answer probably lies somewhere in between. If you are asking if we think that Joe Biden orchestrated this all somehow to save his own presidency and his son… the answer is no. He’s not that smart, nor does he have the gift of that kind of foresight. Does he realize right now that Zelensky dying would be a huge win for him and his family? Almost definitely, and that’s even if someone else had to point it out to him.

So, with the rest of the international community sans China and North Korea behind him, Joe will wag his finger, pass meaningless sanctions that hurt all the wrong people, and quite possibly enter the United States into some terrible deals with other major oil producing nations that are just as questionable as the Putin regime. What he won’t do right now is commit to a wider effort to stop the atrocities in Ukraine. Why? Well, it would be a lot cooler if we could just wait until Zelensky goes down first.

Is Zelensky now just a pawn? Should Putin try to capture him? Does the United States really even want him to survive? We would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


Katie Meyer Dead at 22 – Stanford Soccer Player is a Story to Watch

Katie Meyer was a standout player for the Stanford soccer team. Many people remember her making a crucial save during penalty kicks back in the 2019 NCAA championship. Now, at just 22 years of age, she has passed away with little details being revealed about what has happened.

This will cause much speculation.

Common Sense Conspiracy is not a news site. Our purpose here is to let our readers know this story will be one to watch. 22-year-olds in excellent shape don’t just turn up dead in their rooms on campus without a much more satisfying explanation. We expect there will be a lot of conspiracy talk about this one in the coming days and weeks.

To not have a cause of death announced is not that unusual in cases like this, so that in and of itself may not indicate that there is more to the story. However, it certainly leaves a wide range of possibilities open for massive speculation.

Some will suggest foul play. Murder? Suicide? Overdose? Others will say the university is trying to cover up something. Let the games begin. We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

The Lighter Side – Is There a Conspiracy to Make Wordle Harder?

As Russia invades Ukraine and the world descends into chaos, we thought everyone could use a little break from the doom and gloom. So, here we are bring you the lighter side of conspiracy circles — What is going on with Wordle?

A Worldwide Craze

A very popular game has some people questioning motives.

It’s simple as can be, and yet the game Wordle has taken the world by viral storm. It’s everywhere. Social media. The web. The nightly news. Everyone is getting in on the action. Anyone can play; no fancy smartphone is required.

The premise:  guess the five-letter word in as few tries as possible. You get some help. The game tells you when you guess a word that has some of the letters in it. Yellow means it’s part of the word, but not in the right spot. Green means it’s a lock. From there, you get six tries. The most important part is to share your results with your friends. It even has a function to share how you arrived at the conclusion without showing the word so that you don’t spoil the game for others.

Enter the Big Bad Wolf

Everything was going great, but good old capitalism has come calling. The New York Times gained the rights to the Wordle game a little while back.  There was a wave of fear that this would mean the game would eventually not be free to play. So far, that hasn’t panned out, but now, a lot of people are noticing something else that may have changed about their dear Wordle game.

A Conspiracy is Born

Many Wordle fans insist that since the New York Times acquisition, something is a little off about Wordle. It seems to be a little more difficult than it used to be. Now, we should point out that some of this is speculative. After all, the whole concept behind the Wordle game necessarily starts with a blind guess. Also, it makes sense that more obscure words would have to be chosen as time goes along as to not repeat solutions. After all, we are limited to real 5-letter words here.

So, did someone flip a switch to try to make Wordle more difficult? Or is this a natural progression for a game of this nature that is under more scrutiny because it has become a global phenomenon? And what exactly would the Times or anyone else have to gain from making the game harder to play? Does that make it more or less attractive?

All these questions… what do you think? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

CDC Hiding Data From the Public – Not Ready for Prime Time?

The CDC isn’t even hiding the fact that it has been less than forthcoming with its COVID-19 data. As a matter of fact, they are admitting that much of the data was hidden because of a fear that the data would be “misinterpreted.”

Needless to say, this has caused plenty of people to become even more doubtful of the information that the CDC presents to Americans. It’s kind of hard to accept that they are not telling us everything to protect us. However, there was the CDC publicly proclaiming that this data is just “not ready for prime time.”

This is not a television show. It’s real life. This data they are hiding is supposedly what they have used to give us advice for the last two years.

We’ve included a great discussion about this below. We want to hear what you think? Is the CDC being honest here?


Russia-Ukraine Crisis is Proof That Conspiracy Theories are Mainstream – False Flags and Crisis Actors?

When we say “conspiracy theorist,” what image does it bring to your

The new fashion… look for Joe Biden to show up with one of these on any day now.

mind? Let me guess. A crazy looking dude wearing a tin foil hat. Why is that? Well, for decades, the mainstream media and government establishment has worked overtime to convince everyone that anyone that questions the official account of things is nuts. It’s been a very successful campaign. Just the term being applied to a person severely damages their credibility. That’s what makes it so surprising to see common concepts from conspiracy theories over the years being bandied about in the mainstream media calmly.

False Flags Everywhere

Every good conspiracy theorists worth his salt knows what a false flag operation is. We’ve seen many events in our time that seemed like they could be false flags, but we have always been told that this is crazy talk and no government would ever do something to hurt its own people.

Well, welcome to 2022, where on the nightly news, terms like false flag and crisis actors are now just part of the rundown. Everyone up to the very President of the United States is proclaiming that Russia intends to unleash a false flag operation to give it a reason to invade Ukraine. Media outlets like CNN and The New York Times are reporting that videos coming out of Russian people being evacuated are actually staged.

Put simply, the nightly news would fit in right here at a conspiracy-driven website. Except here at Common Sense Conspiracy, we try to take a fact-based approach to these things. The media is doing exactly what they complain about others doing:  reporting this as if it were fact. You have to admit, though, that no one should be able to spot misinformation on the part of another country better than the kings of it, the American mainstream media.

What’s a Good Conspiracy Theorist to Do?

If you think this means that being a conspiracy theorist is cool now, guess again. This is only going to hang around until it no longer benefits the people in high places and their agenda. After Donald Trump became President, the mainstream media actually had reports on why being a conspiracy theorists during his presidency meant you were a good patriot looking out for democracy. As soon as the election was done, any questioning of it put you firmly back in tin foil hat territory. Don’t think this sudden normalization of conspiracies will last.

Just remember when you hear them talk about these things that you are listening to the very people that told you conspiracy theories were fantasy playtime, but now they ask you to believe it without proof.

Does this mean they are wrong? No, not at all. Is it a stretch for us to believe that Putin has concocted a master plan to get the people of his country behind what might otherwise seem as an unnecessary war in Ukraine? Nope. Actually, he’s pulled this before, and it’s really nothing new at all on the world stage. The only thing new is that the American media and government is happy to talk about it. That in itself should tell you something about the news you are hearing.

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