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Robin Thicke Goes Mainstream — “Blurred Lines” Not Blurred at All on Illuminati Influence

Robin Thicke, the son of Alan Thicke, most well known for his role in the television sitcom Growing Pains, has already had plenty of success in music. However, up until this point, it was modest success. He was mainly known as a force behind other artists more so than actually breaking through to the big time himself. Well, all that has changed this summer with his smash hit “Blurred Lines.” Now, Thicke is full-on mainstream, and is anyone really surprised to see that when this happens, we all of a sudden see Thicke’s video chock full of Illuminati imagery?
The song was mildly controversial anyway because of its risque lyrics that got a few women’s groups upset when it first came out. It was even theorized by some that the song was a rapist speaking to his victim, although we find that a little over-the-top. The Illuminati imagery is strong, however.
It can be seen throughout the video, but two of the most disturbing (and telling) parts are seen below:

Yes, Robin Thicke just couldn’t get through this breakout smash summer video without flashing the most infamous Illuminati sign of all. In other parts of the video, he frequently gestures toward the one all-seeing eye. But while that may be a damning sign that Robin Thicke has decided to sell out and cash in, this next part is on the next level:

Yes it’s a lamb. In the middle of a silly popular music video with scantily clad women everywhere, we see a lamb. It has nothing to do with the lyrical content and is completely included as a seemingly random addition, but we postulate that there is nothing random about it at all.
What does a lamb represent to millions of people? And how is it being used in this video?
Could it be that the lamb represents that Robin Thicke is mocking Christianity and Jesus Christ as an ode to his new allegiance to the Illuminati?
Or did they just think it would be cool to have a bunch of models play with a lamb?
You just never know. What do you think?