What is Common Sense Conspiracy?

Face the facts. Not every damn thing in this world is the result of a massive global conspiracy. Or is it?

Let’s face it.  Conspiracy theories are all the rage these days.  Sites like Rense, Prison Planet, and Above Top Secret get hundreds of thousands of hits from those of us that suspect that not everything we are spoon-fed through conventional news sources is as it appears.  However, as conspiracy theories run rampant about everything from the Federal Reserve, the New World Order, aliens threatening out planet, comets seeking our extinction, faked moon landings, and grilled cheese sandwiches that have an uncanny resemblance to Jesus Christ, there has to be a moderator, someone who intervenes in the madness and separates between the juicy stuff that we are all anxiously searching for and the benign, National Enquirer-worthy diatribes that give the rest of us rational conspiracy theorists a bad name.  Therein lies the problem today; we have too many conspiracy theory websites spouting outlandish accusations and theories that have absolutely no basis in fact.  Intertwined in these are nuggets that every conspiracy theorist worth his salt needs to know about, but sometimes the bullshit quotient is just too high.  How can those of us that just want to be informed, to sensewhat the powers-that-be are really up to, and to gain a better understanding of the workings of a world that is the landscape that we live in every day do to separate fact from fiction?  How do we navigate the ocean tides of bullshit and from it rise to have a cohesive base of knowledge?  That’s what Common Sense Conspiracy is all about…

This website is dedicated to those of us that want to delve deeper into the fabric of this world we live in, but without having to filter it out for ourselves.  Wouldn’t it be a nice world where you can click on a news article and know that you are going to get hard, cold facts that lead you in a direction where you can form an opinion for yourself, not one that has been fabricated by someone for you to inhale (see the mainstream media)?  Common Sense Conspiracy is a coalition designed to filter through the implausible so that we may all get a little tiny bit closer to the truth.

Clowns like this give the rest of us a bad name.

The truth is… we don’t know.  But our mission statement is to move all of us closer to it, one article at a time.  And here at Common Sense Conspiracy, the truth is what we strive to make available, twenty-four hours  day, seven days a week.  At least our version of it.

So, as you navigate this website, let your mind wander in peace.  We will set you on the right paths and won’t allow insanity to get in the way of your search for the facts.  These other conspiracy-driven websites flood their space with every theory, any theory, that anyone wants to suppose.  We don’t play that game here…we call it like we see it.

As a good friend of mine once said (and still says most days):


“Sometimes it is what it is.”


And sometimes it isn’t.  Don’t worry.  We’re going to make it easy for you.


Common Sense Conspiracy

We filter through the bullshit so you don’t have to.

13 thoughts on “What is Common Sense Conspiracy?”

  1. This new document “The New Common Sense” is getting around the country.

    In Unity,
    A Declaration of INTERDEPENDENCE, born of necessity, from and for
    the collective conscience of the \\”99%\\” to and for the oligarchic
    \\”1%\\” of the United States of America.
    SECTION I: The Right to Equal Participation in Government has
    been taken from the People and is explained. — A Plan is offered
    to restore the Right to Equal Participation that requires only
    the use of tools and procedures that have already been proven to
    work. — The restoration of Equality must take priority above all
    and reasons are given. — Outside damaging influences must no
    longer be allowed privileged access to Elected Representatives in
    a Constitutional Republic. — An Offer in Compromise that would
    reunite this Nation with its Foundation is clearly stated. — A
    clear, workable and simple method by which we may rebuild
    ourselves as a Prosperous Nation and return to being One Hundred
    Percent is explained. — A New Litmus Test of our government is
    declared and explained. — A plan and petition to rebalance the
    Branches of Government is outlined in detail.
    SECTION II: Monitions are forwarded to our Leaders, to the
    Congress in specific, to the Media, to Law Enforcement and the
    Domestic Militia, and to the \\”1%\\” — A direct message and plea
    for the \\”99%\\” from the author(s).

    The following link is the full document, it is offered for non-profit public use:
    Please read and SHARE.
    To sign the Petition go to :
    For downloading the document and audio version go to:
    This document is being embraced by many in and outside the Occupy movement.
    Anonymous is now supporting the document:

    1. Joe, thanks for the post… we responded to this document in our latest post…we don’t believe in censorship, so your comment will stay here…we wish you the best of luck.

  2. After spending countless hours and reading thousands of so called CS stories I have an effective bs meter built in. I kinda see what stories I need to know and “entertainment” stories that make me bust a gut. Thanks for trying to filter thru for me but I’ll just stick with my favs for now.

  3. Hi,
    The following description i got under the photo of this link


    “A common Jumah congregation. This is simply a Muslim tradition where they get together and pray on the final Friday of the month.”

    You mentioned ” they get together and pray on the final Friday of the month.” This is wrong information.
    the right information is Muslim is pray every Friday of the week not final Friday of the month” This is not a simply tradition, this is order by Allah(SWT). It is obligatory for every Muslim Thanks

  4. Get a clue comrades: ever hrd of US Federal Reserve Bank?–know what it is?–it’s a HUGE COUNTERFEIT scam whence they just print-up practically all the money they need or want–to buying practically ALL the politicians and judges, all the corp.s (esp. the Jews-media), public edjumacation–EVERYTHING.

    For expo on Fed fraud ck Mises.org, RealityZone.com–or just go to YouTube.com and type-in “Fed fraud”–also “federal reserve fraud” and other variants.

    So we’re in the grip of a huge conspiratorial denouement in Spengler’s “Decline of the West,” whence Jews took advantage of West’s “success” and over-population of stupid scum who then allowed Jews to taking over by means of this banking scam–we’re in BIG trouble, suckas.

  5. I quickly searched through the site and did not see anything about the flat Earth theory. You should look into it. It is pretty interesting especially considering the fact that it is true.

    Many flat Earthers believe in the azimuthal equidistant map of the Earth. I personally do not believe in any map. But I do know that no man ever went to the moon, no robot ever went to Mars, the ISS is fiction, and every space agency that has a chevron logo is a liar.

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