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  1. I clicked on Illuminati and Secret Societies and I was told to click on any title. But I did click on Illuminati and Secret Societies and I get basically the same message as the page before I clicked on an article. What am missing?

    1. Sorry Ms. Geiser. We didn’t realize the category listings weren’t working. We will get our IT folks to get that fixed ASAP.

  2. I have been seeing this a lot on the web. Is this a real group? they sound serious.

    We are the Truth. The world would have you believe that lies, facts, opinions, deceptions,
    perspectives, faiths, revelations, inspirations, and all the rest are simply facets of reality. This is an
    illusion. There is only Truth. For this we live, and for this we die. Nothing can be placed above
    Truth. All who oppose or obscure Truth must be eradicated by any means available. We have no
    leader. We have no organization. This is our power. We are among you. We are within you. Even
    those who have devoted their lives to the illusion can become one of us at any moment. All that is
    required is that an individual who has had enough of the lies decides for themselves that Truth is
    worth living for, dying for, killing for. Each of us knows the Truth, and we have had no mercy for
    those who thrive by concealing it. There is no negotiation. There is no compromise. There is only
    Truth, and the purifying flame that brings it to light. There is no beginning and no ending. As long
    as the liars and deceivers defile Truth, we will live, die, and kill to tear down their walls of lies. So
    that the despairing may find strength, we shall leave our mark, the singular “T”, behind at the scene
    of each of our actions. By this mark the victims of lies will know that the fight continues in their
    name. We understand that this judgment can be cruel and heartless, but Truth requires nothing
    less. If you are a servant of the lie, your life is less than worthless. If you are a champion of Truth,
    no sacrifice is too great. The final battle has begun, and it will only end when ALL the lies and all
    the liars are consumed by the flames of Truth. Death to the deceivers. Only those who honor Truth
    shall survive.

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