Conspiracy Theorists (Alex Jones, Richard Hoagland, etc)

There are a few conspiracy theorists that just seem to light up the headlines over and over again here at Common Sense Conspiracy. This category is dedicated to the Alex Jones of the world. Click on any article to be taken directly to the content.

4 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theorists (Alex Jones, Richard Hoagland, etc)”

  1. maybe some have to realize that there are co op- intel agents also in the most (meansteam) realm op the sites and are disinformation agents…….search out for yourself .
    I believed everything what the info i searched on…..but that is to good to be true but that will not say that we are having the crises weare in by the elitest …j

    most of the movements, are conciddre to check twice


    1. Thanks Dennis. There are some that believe even we at the CSC are disinformation agents. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. We want to cut the bullshit, not add to it.

  2. There is so much dis-information and conflicting evidence from Icke, Maxwell and Jones (the shouting maniac)

    One thing is for sure conspiracy is real from the people who control the world governments and Banking system.

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