New World Order — The Grandfather of All Conspiracy Theories?

Any conspiracy theory buff has surely heard of the New World Order, an umbrella term for the general concept that a small group of ultra-powerful elitists are slowly but surely scheming to rule the world completely.  Sounds like an Austin Powers movie gone a muck, doesn’t it?  Like most prevalent conspiracy theories examined at Common Sense Conspiracy, the New World Order starts out as a fairly cohesive sounding theory, but some sites on the web take it to the next level of incredible weirdness and nonsense.  So, as usual, we will be investigating these theories and filtering through the bullshit so that you, our loyal readers, can form your own opinions with data that is based on facts instead of fiction.

Think the Illuminati didn’t have an impact on you? Take a closer look next time you pull out your wallet.

Behind the New World Order theory is a collection of very secretive organizations that have been accused of having a globalist agenda.  That means, put simply, they want to unite the whole world under one flag.  Theirs.  Like the bad guy in every i’m-gonna-take-over-the-world story or film, the elite, with their online criminal justice degree or even just higher education,  believe that what they are trying to propagate is for the good of all of humanity.  As a matter of fact, assembling the New World Order effectively would be the greatest achievement of human history.  These things don’t happen overnight; the institution of the NWO is supposedly slow, spanning decades, and methodical.  Many other mainstream conspiracy theories fall under the NWO moniker.  For example, the September 11th “terrorist” attacks being a false-flag operation also fits into the NWO’s globalist agenda.  In the aftermath of the chaos and confusion surrounding the attacks, the United States government was able to pass sweeping laws (like the Patriot Act) that gives them the most privacy-intrusive capabilities ever experienced in American history.  Under normal circumstances, the American people would have never conceded these everyday freedoms, but against the backdrop of September 11, Americans were willing to give up almost anything to see the perpetrators brought to justice and to prevent future attacks.  The idea that the NWO needs this kind of cooperation to come into being is the heart of the conspiracy theories’ speculation that the American government either purposely brought about the tragedy or at least had foreknowledge of it and chose to let it happen.

The effects of September 11th did not stop at the United States’ borders.  Across Europe the panic was felt just as much.  Then, the subway bombings in Britain erupted to cause even more hysteria.  The results:  Britain has an unprecedented amount of security cameras across the country.  Almost anything that happens in a public place is videotaped.  Once again, this might have been seen as overly intrusive in years past, but in the new age of terror, the British grudgingly allowed there privacy to be compromised more and more.

The secrecy of the elite groups that are accused of being at the heart of the New World Order conspiracy doesn’t help stop the rampant speculation.  Organizations like Skull and Bones, the Bilderberg group, and the Club of Rome continually yield high-powered chiefs of state and financial behemoths.  They conduct their business in a dark shroud of secrecy and security and sometimes they don’t even acknowledge their own existence.  The origins of this globalist agenda can be traced to ominous historical societies like the Freemasons and the Illuminati.  Put simply, these groups may very well represent a modern-day equivalent of these ancient power brokers.

At Common Sense Conspiracy, the New World Order is one of the conspiracy theories that we lend the most credence too.  We are especially fascinated with the Bilderberg group as one of the most likely participants in the globalist agenda.  The founders of Common Sense Conspiracy were so fascinated with Bilderberg’s involvement in the New World Order that they wrote a fictional book taking readers inside this exclusive organization and what would happen if the organization itself could be held hostage.  The book, Crisis Point, will soon be available in several electronic formats as well as printed form.  We will keep you posted as we finalize the novel for publication.  In the meantime, we will be examining many of these organizations in this section, looking at the many theories with an eye towards discerning fact from fiction.  While Bilderberg is particularly interesting to us, we will look at all the other possible organizations as well and consider all possibilities.  We will also tackle some of the crazier theories (in our opinion, anyway) which go from an elite conspiracy to control the world to extraterrestrials returning to Earth to take back what was originally theirs.

The pyramid of control…Where are you in the mix?

Therein lies the problem that Common Sense Conspiracy wants to help the community out with.  These theories can have a lot of credibility, and then somebody goes off the deep end and starts talking about aliens, time travel, and UFO’s.  Next thing you know, the whole theory sounds like a crackpot, even though some of its foundations were very much legitimate.  Not that we won’t discuss aliens, time travel, and UFO’s in other sections, but tying these sorts of things into the New World Order seems ridiculous at best.  But, we will dutifully provide the facts.

Thanks for reading.

Earthquakes Rock Three Continents Ahead of Elenin Alignment

At Common Sense Conspiracy, it’s fair to say that we have reported on the panic surrounding the Elenin comet with some disdain.  As the theories seem to grow and get more and more ridiculous in nature, it became easier to dismiss it as a foolish notion probably conceived by aluminum foil-wearing maniacs.  After looking at the facts objectively over the last several days, we determined that most of the Elenin paranoia is probably unfounded.  The reason for this is there just simply isn’t enough factual data to tie it all up into a nice bow, and then the merging of Elenin with other conspiracy standbys, like Nostradamus predictions and the complete insanity surrounding the Nibiru planet, only took away from its credibility.  However, our mission statement here is to present the facts and let you decide for yourself, and some new developments have to be reported.

On September 16, 2011, which is tomorrow for me as I write this article, the comet Elenin will reach a

It's coming. Are you ready?

state of alignment between the Earth, the planet Saturn, and the sun.  What does this mean?  As usual, it depends on who you ask, but one of the main effects that almost all of the theories about Elenin agree on is that these alignments cause earthquakes, in some cases, massive ones.  Now this is where the inconsistency in data comes in.  Do a quick search for Elenin on the net, and temporarily ignore Common Sense Conspiracy, where you know you will get only facts.  Visit a few sites that claim to explain this phenomenon and then come back here and exchange results.  What we found was that the information across the web is terribly, horrifically inconsistent.  For example, one site is trying to create panic for tomorrow because it is the first planetary alignment of the comet Elenin.  Cue the scary music here, but if you really stop and think about it, how can this be possible?  The comet Elenin has been around for thousands of years and this is not the first time it has aligned between the planets, our Earth, and the sun.  As a matter of fact, another website, The Elenin Timeline, actually breaks down each planetary alignment, dating all the way back to 2004.  According to this site, not only have there been plenty of alignments, but almost every possible configuration you can think of is documented.  They even document the phase of the moon here, insinuating that a full moon during an alignment can have even graver consequences for our tectonic plates. Continue reading Earthquakes Rock Three Continents Ahead of Elenin Alignment

A Word About Soulja Boy, Conspiracies, and Our Armed Forces

Soulja Boy found out firsthand that our troops have their pride.

In light of the recent backlash rapper Soulja Boy encountered after allowing a song to leak on the Internet that featured some less-than-flattering lyrics about the United States Armed Forces, we at Common Sense Conspiracy feel moved to comment on the relationship between what this site, and others like it, is all about and the men and women of the military going about their dangerous business each day overseas. Granted, it’s hard for a reasonable person to really get behind what Soulja Boy had to say in the song “Let’s Be Real.” After all, lines like “F–k all the Army troops/b**tch, be your own man” are somewhat indefensible. After hearing from a few real soulja’s that were not impressed, Soulja Boy subsequently issued an apology that seemed genuine enough. He invoked his frustration with the wars we’ve been fighting as the inspiration for his lyrical tirade and said that he never meant to insult the troops. Okay, so looking at the lyrics above, it’s a hard sell, but at least the man had enough decency to apologize.

So what does this have to do with Common Sense Conspiracy, you say? Nothing especially, but it brings to mind a point that needs to be made as we continue to delve more and more into some of the popular, and not so popular, conspiracy theories being tossed around the web right now. Let’s face the facts; government and conspiracy go hand-in-hand. Many of the theories we will be examining here involve the government having sinister intentions for their operations, covering up the truth, and trying to promote a new social order which promises “freedom” while supplanting it with “control.” The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and now the ongoing situation in Libya as well are thought by many to have been manufactured by our government for different reasons. These kinds of sentiments are nothing new in American history; conspiracy theories can be traced back all the way to the Civil War right up to present day.

The point we want to make here is simple. We believe that the American people have every right to have a problem with what their government is doing. That right is kind of what the whole country was based on originally anyhow. We also believe that there is not only a right, but a need for Americans to investigate, dig deeper, and seek the truth about what is happening in the world around them. However, we want to make it abundantly clear to our readers that Common Sense Conspiracy may have issues with the wars that our country has found itself in, but we never for one second waver in our support of our troops. Whatever our convictions about the reasons for war and military action, our troops are there in our stead, representing not only our government but each and every one of us, and the dangers they face day-to-day are, for most of us, unimaginable. So, let’s all remember that our American soldiers theoretically fight so that we can discuss these very issues in peace, and we must never forget them.

For the record, another lyric in the song “Let’s Be Real” goes: “F–k the FBI.”

Thanks Soulja Boy. That’s one we can live with.

2012 — The End of the World or Y2K Over Again?

Some 2012 believers think that a massive solar event on December 21, 2012 will have unthinkable consequences for our beloved planet.

In case you’ve been living under a rock or something, there is a lot of buzz on the net these days about the year 2012 and the supposed end of the world as we know it.  Hollywood capitalized on the hysteria with the lackluster film 2012 (very creatively named, by the way).  The basic concept here is that the Mayan civilization that flourished in Central America from 2000 BC to the ninth century was very much in tune with the world around it.  They are known for being technologically advanced for their time period.  The Mayan calendar is the crux of the 2012 apocalypse theories.  The Mayans painstakingly plotted out their calendar over a thousand years after their demise, but on December 21, 2012, the calendar abruptly stops.  The theory here is that the calendar stopped at this date because either the world would enter a new age or it would end in a global extinction event.

A lot of the fervor over the 2012 theory revolves around the Mayans’ keen eye toward the sky.  That’s right, even in the times before Christ, the Mayans were busy stargazing and assembling their knowledge in a remarkable manner that showed an understanding of the cosmos that rivals that of our today.  Without all of our modern technology, the Mayans were able to figure a lot out by simply keeping good records, noting patterns, and making good assumptions based on their information.  Another marvel of the Mayan civilization was there advanced skills in mathematics for their time period.  The Mayans believed in astrological cycle called the Procession of the Equinoxes.  Put simply, this is a cycle of the Earth passing through the twelve signs of the Zodiac methodically.  The entire cycle takes 26,000 years, with the Earth pausing in each sign of the zodiac for a period of around 2000 years, give or take a half-century.  While this may not be perfect science, it was pretty sound for their limited knowledge in 2000 BC.  To figure out the Earth’s march through the configuration of the stars for a period of 26,000 years would be difficult for our scholars today, and yet the Mayans were able to calculate it with remarkable accuracy.

So how does this all tie in to the 2012 apocalypse?  The Mayans also watched the sun.  The closest star to Earth, they watched its cycles, the ebb and flows of the sunspots and cycles.  Once again, a lot of kudos to the Mayans here.  They didn’t observe the solar cycles through practice like we do today.  Today, scientists understand how the solar cycles have effects on the magnetic field and even radio wave propagation.  In the Mayans’ time, they didn’t have this kind of technology, but they still observed, documented, and broke the sun’s cycles down until they understood it.  Now, here at Common Sense Conspiracy, you know we try to present the facts without over-dramatization, so here is where the break occurs.  The “break” is how we refer to where the theory which appears at first to have some merit starts to take the long, downward slide to “what the hell were you thinking”-land.

Some of our more enterprising 2012 theorists have married their apocalyptic fears with religion, even finding a way to tie the 2012 apocalypse to The Revelation of St. John the Divine.

Look it up on the web.  We encourage you to do so.  Depending on your source, you will find that the Mayans simply plotted these cycles.  Find the right site, and you will find that the Mayans actually figured out that a massive solar cycle event would take place on December 21, 2012, flipping the Earth’s magnetic field and causing atmospheric conditions like we’ve never seen here since intelligent life existed.  The effects of this massive solar shift will cause the very plates of the Earth to start moving in ways they haven’t moved before in our experience.  Massive earthquakes, flooding, weather conditions that we can’t even describe will begin to occur, leading to the massive extinction event on the big day… December 21.

Other 2012 enthusiasts think a super-rare galactic alignment will cause the universe to degenerate into a Swiss cheese state reminiscent of Charlie Sheen's mind during an interview. Winning?

Where do they get this from?  Did the Mayans write it all down, warning future generations to look out for this date?  Once again, depends on who you ask.  One “expert” source will tell you how the Mayans documented this extensively, and they really all got together and said “We have to warn our fellow man almost 1200 years in the future that doom will fall on December 21, 2012.”  Other sites explain how the Mayan calendar simply ends without explanation.  Who is right and who is wrong?  Well, therein lies the problem.  As our motto here at Common Sense Conspiracy goes, we filter through the bullshit so you don’t have to.  The only problem here is that the 2012 apocalypse theory is so ripe with bullshit that we don’t even know if we are qualified to sift through this pile.

As panic over the magical December 21 date continues to build, we will dutifully post our analysis and counter-arguments as 2012 comes up more and more on our favorite conspiracy sites and the evening news.  For now, we see little reason to believe that the world is any more likely to end on this date than any other.  The reasoning:  Well, the Mayans had to stop the calendar sometime.  Is it not possible that 2012 is just when they chose to give up the endless fight and call it a finished product?  Maybe there’s other reasons we can’t even fathom why they would stop on that date.  For instance, December 21 is the day of the equinox in 2012 by modern-day calculations.  Are we to believe that it’s completely coincidental that the Mayan calendar ends on the exact day of the equinox for 2012?  An equinox is, of course, an event that happens twice a year in which day and night are equal for one day.  A civilization with so much knowledge of mathematics, astronomy, and technology would almost certainly recognize the equinoxes as the halfway point of the year.  Maybe the calendar ends on that day because that is the end of the year.  Why 2012?  Beats us.  But Common Sense Conspiracy says this… If it were 2011, why 2011?  If it was 3033, why 3033?  Whatever date the calendar ended, invariably the same apocalyptic theories would arise.

We will continue to delve into the matter for the next fourteen months until either the world ends, or we find out the 2012 apocalypse wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.  In the meantime, let’s have a vote.  What do you think about the 2012 apocalypse?


The Tenth Anniversary of 9/11: An Inspirational Look

As most of you realize, Common Sense Conspiracy has only just recently opened its doors, so to speak, and over the coming weeks and months we will be filling up this site with well-researched information about conspiracy theories of all sorts.  Naturally, the tragedy of September 11, 2001 will be major topic.  We will strive to bring information in our typical common sense manner about the many theories as to what really happened that day.  Ten years later, there is still a huge public sentiment that not all of our questions about this polarizing event have been answered by our government.  September 11, 2001 is one of those moments in time in which everything in our lives seems to be split between before and after.  When a single historical event carries that kind of gravity, it should be expected that it will be scrutinized, and many conspiracy theories have been born of the simple fact that while we, the people, continue to ask questions, it seems that our government does not.  The events are laid down through miles of governmental red tape as if they were fact, and as far as they are concerned, the case is closed.  Here, on this site, we beg to differ, and we will examine it from every possible angle.

There is a temptation in a new website such as this to flood our little piece of the Internet with articles about 9/11 quickly to try to piggyback onto all the attention it’s getting from the upcoming anniversary.  While we fully intend to present arguments and counter-arguments regarding the events on and leading up to that day, but we place a very special premium on delivering quality content.  That is why there has been no mad rush to stockpile our 9/11 category.  It will be full, we assure you, in due time.  For now, we take a look at the anniversary of our generations day of infamy with a slant on what really matters.

All theories aside, here is a fact:

Those that lost their lives on that horrific day

On the morning of September 11,2001, the sun rose in the sky just like it always did.  We all went along our morning rituals with no idea about the life-changing horrors that lay just around the corner, but for most of us, it was viewed from afar.  We glued ourselves to CNN and other news broadcasts, fascinated as our nightmares roamed in the glow of an otherwise gorgeous late-summer morning.  We watched people actually decide that jumping out of a building was a better choice than burning alive on live television.  We held our children and tried to explain, but there were no words for it.  Ten years later, not much has changed.  The unfortunate thing about the human condition is that it does fade.  None of us can truly recapture the emotion of what we felt that day and in the days afterward.  If only we could all put that feeling in a bottle, that mixture of wonder, anger, and true, unadulterated concern for our fellow man, then we could tap into it when it were needed to push forward for change.  Justice.  Retribution.  They told us we were fighting an enemy masked in disguise, and now we still wonder who that enemy really is.  As we investigate and enrich ourselves by not simply accepting the “official” account of things, we also must take a moment to remember.  I don’t mean remember in the classic sense.  No “where were you when the first tower fell?”  No “what were you doing when the second plane hit?”  Not that kind of remembering.  Let’s remember together the people that went to work that day, just like you and I do day in and day out.  They were just simply doing their jobs, clocking in, heading to their desks or sweeping the hallways or cleaning the bathroom or plotting the next move of a multi-billion dollar company.  It doesn’t matter what they were doing.  They didn’t deserve it.

A lot of people compare 9/11 to Pearl Harbor.  Don’t misconstrue our message here; we at Common Sense Conspiracy fully realize that Pearl Harbor was tragic as well.  We also know that there are plenty of conspiracy theories floating around about that day of infamy as well, and no doubt they will soon make their way into our files here in due time.  However, Pearl Harbor was at the very least a military installation.  Can you imagine going to your workplace on any given day and dying at the hands of an attack like this?  No, of course you can’t.  None of us can, but it happened.  Not to soldiers or politicians.  It happened to people like you and me.  Everyday, ordinary people going about their lives the best way they knew how.

Even in the midst of despair come images of hope.

So as we commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9/11, let’s all remember those that lost their lives that day in New York, Washington, and a Pennsylvania field.  Let’s remember those that rushed to the aid of those that were lucky enough to escape with their lives.  There is no doubt that the tremendous acts of heroism that day by police, firefighters, military personnel, medical professionals, and yes, ordinary people, prevented that death toll from being even more than the staggering number it became.  We must remember not just on September 11, 2011, but all the time.  Instead of saying we must remember, it’s actually more fitting to say that we must not forget.

Was 9/11 a terrorist attack by religious extremists?  A false-flag operation?  Did our government stand by and let it happen?  These are questions we will ponder in detail, but as for now, all we can do is pledge each and every one of ourselves to not forget.  We won’t forget the fire and smoke, the awe and wonder intertwined with ash and dust.  We won’t forget the heroic acts of others that were just simply doing what they do.  We won’t forget the leaders that did forge a path to get New York, Washington, and the rest of us through a national tragedy.

We also won’t forget the unanswered questions.

Comet Elenin Update

According to a post at our good friends Above Top Secret, now on the very day that Comet Elenin is supposedly going to pass so close to the Earth that we will inevitably be caught in its tail of dust and space garbage, President Obama will be in Denver, Colorado.  What will he be doing?  Campaigning.  So, you say?  The airport at Colorado has some of the best bunkers in the country.  Looks like Obama is playing it safe, just in case.

Check out the “facts” at

Now, the newest theory is that the comet’s pass will somehow interfere with the Earth’s tectonic plates, unleashing yet more devastating earthquakes the world over.

Now we’re really screwed.

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