Comet Elenin Falling Apart After Skirmish With Sun

The comet Elenin, a target of worldwide hysteria, may be falling apart.  This is from a report from that was posted just six hours earlier from the writing of this article.  It seems there is some video evidence that the comet is fading fast.

Evidence suggests that the comet Elenin’s close pass to the sun in August did not leave it in good shape.  Videos and pictures are showing less and less cohesion of the icy comet.  Of course, on the other side of things, a lot of people believe this is more disinformation being spread by the government and NASA, the latter of which recently released a public video explaining why the comet Elenin was not a threat to Earth in any way shape or form.  The NASA video even touched on the interesting concept of the planet Nibiru.  More government cover-ups or real scientific data?  You be the judge.

Check out all the facts at Comet Elenin Could Be Falling Apart.

Times Atlas Records False Effects of Global Warming

The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World has long been a gold standard for recording every nook and cranny of our precious Earth in painstaking detail.  However, they are now scrambling to fix the latest edition of the atlas after scientists found that it misrepresented the global warming effects around Greenland.  According to the Times Atlas, Greenland has lost 15% of its ice cover over the last fifteen years.  That would make it decreasing at a staggering 1% per year, meaning in just 85 more years at that rate, it would be gone completely.

Scientists and climatologists were quick to point out that while global warming and climate change are something that deserves attention, the real figure for Greenland’s loss of ice cover is somewhere around 0.1% over the last fifteen years.  While that is still a significant figure in the history of the Earth, it is nowhere nearly as damning as the figures represented by the Times Atlas.

The real interesting part is it is kind of hard for the Times to sell the idea that this was just an accidental misprint when they represented these figures not only in facts in the atlas, but also on the map itself.

Check out all the facts here.  The comparison of Greenland’s ice cover can be viewed below:




Sometimes It Is What It Is

This particular area of Common Sense Conspiracy is reserved for special commentaries we have which we file under the general topic of “Sometimes It Is What It Is.”

Part of the mission of this site is to help people interested in conspiracy theories get a look at some real theories without some of the countless ones out there that are really stretching the facts.

Sometimes things happen where no matter how hard we want to, there just simply isn’t a conspiracy.  Sometimes it really did happen the way they said it did.  Sometimes there’s no method to the madness; people do crazy things.  A good example of this is the recent shootings in Norway.  Conspiracy websites were spinning webs about this for weeks, but when it all comes down, at the end of the day, one crazy guy decided to shoot a bunch of people.  No conspiracy, no cover-up, no space invasion from aliens from Neptune.

Sometimes it is what it is.  And when this is the case, look here for Common Sense Conspiracy to show you the way.

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