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Congratulations to Congress for Doing Your Job — Now Let’s See How Screwed We are Now

Believe you me, Common Sense Conspiracy is sick of talking about the debt ceiling.  This concept of the fiscal cliff has been a recurring news item for the last couple of years, and regretfully, the deal that Congress struck just in the nick of time (completely totally predicted by Common Sense Conspiracy, we might add, if we don’t say so ourselves) only puts off the crisis once again to February.  So, much to our chagrin, we’ll be talking about this same bullshit once again after we get through the holidays and borrow another trillion dollars or so.  Having said all of that, it’s still big news today so we are publishing what we hope is the last article about this for a few months.

White House ForeclosureThanks Congress!  We’re so proud of you.  You did your job!  After days and weeks of political nonsense, you did what you should have done from the beginning.  No one thought for one second a permanent solution was coming out of this, so why bother?  Swipe that card again, and do it faster next time.  So, while both political parties in the United States wipe their brows and pat each other on the back for another job well done, let’s take one last look at the absurdity of what has just happened.

The debt ceiling you’ve heard so much about is set at $16.7 trillion dollars.  The United States was going to hit that mark sometime around midnight tonight, leading to it not being able to borrow money by its own law.  Not because a creditor wouldn’t let them, but because their own law prohibited going beyond that mark.  Now, Congress has struck a deal to extend that number so they can keep on borrowing money like mad until February, when they will hit their new temporary limit and have to go through all of this nonsense again.

$16.7 trillion is an astronomical number that we have a hard time relating to as mere mortals where money is not a never-ending water faucet paid for by someone else.  Sometimes the only way to really understand what these numbers mean is to relate it to a situation we are more suited to process.  So, we crunched the numbers to give you an idea of where America will be at midnight tonight before they voted to keep right on going in the most predictable outcome of all time.

In 2010, the United States government took in a total of $2.16 trillion dollars from a variety of source, the largest being from American workers’ pockets in the form of income taxes.  So, this was the amount of money that they had to run on in 2010.  Now, the debt ceiling of $16.7 trillion is 7.73 times that number.  So, they have the authority to borrow up to 7.73 times the amount they take in during an average year.

Same scenario in more common terms:

The average American household took in $51,144 in the year 2010.  So, if the average American family set the same standard that Congress sets for the nation, they would happily incur debt through credit cards and loans up to an amount 7.73 times that number.

$51,144 X 7.73 = $395,343

So, the average American household should see nothing wrong with borrowing the better part of half a million bucks on that salary.  Does your house all of a sudden seem inferior?  You are not following the government’s example and living way beyond your means.  Every average American household should have at least a $300,000 home and then still have plenty of borrowing room for lavish vacations, a $45,000 vehicle, and whatever else you need to round out that $400,000 line.

Okay, now take the scenario a step further.  You did set that limit, and now you are up against it.  The credit card companies set your limit at $395,343 but you can’t pay that power bill in your $300,000 home on your $51,144 per year salary, so you have been borrowing money to keep the lights on.  Now, all you have to do to keep borrowing more money is tell the credit card company you need more room.  They happily give you a $500,000 credit line so you can keep on spending and living the same lifestyle as before.

Only, your $51,144 per year salary remains the same.

So, has a crisis been averted?  Nope.  Do we have a plan to deal with it?  Nope.

On second thought, congratulations to Congress for trainwrecking our nation once again right in our face and then having the audacity to pat yourselves on the back and act like you did something great.  You are a joke.  You are the biggest bunch of pathetic losers to ever walk this Earth, and yet we willingly allow you to continue to have dominion over us despite completely, utterly failing at your job time and time again.


Why a Credit Default Might Be the Best Thing That Could Happen to America — And Why It Will Not Happen

While for some reason no one can exactly nail the date now, the word on the street is that if the United States government doesn’t come to some agreement to raise its self-imposed debt ceiling by October 17th, there could be an actual default for the first time.  It works just like your own personal credit.  You have to make a minimum payment on your debt by a certain date.  If you don’t, you are in default.  This can lead to higher interest rates and an inability to borrow money in the future.  It is no different for the United States of America as an entity.

Lather, rinse, repeat if desired.
Lather, rinse, repeat if desired.

While the government has flirted with this before, they never have actually gone over the line and actually allowed the United States to miss a payment.  This would negatively affect the credit rating of the nation and could have grave economic implications.

Then again, it might be the best damn thing that ever happened in recent times.

Think about it.  The problem in Washington is simple.  They keep voraciously spending money they don’t have over and over again, despite an ever-deepening national debt.  To keep up with this spending, they borrow money based on their good name.  They then lather, rinse, and repeat.

The first thing you do to a hemorrhaging wound is what?  Tourniquet.  Stop the bleeding.  The only way this government will ever stop spending more money than it is taking in is if they simply lost the ability to do so.

Imagine that.  If the government suddenly got turned down for a loan (a fate that millions upon millions of American citizens have privately endured over the last decade especially), they would be forced to live and operate within their means.  And don’t let either political party’s theatrics persuade you that they cannot do that.  The United States government takes in billions upon billions of dollars, and they can operate just fine and dandy on what they pilfer from the American people.  It’s just, they don’t really want to.  They don’t want that facet turned off.  They like it on, they like it hemorrhaging, and the more blood lost, the better.

Having said all that, there is zero chance that will happen.  All of this political pandering is romantic and all, but make no mistake.  Both sides of the aisle are 100% aware of what a default would mean.  And they are not thinking about the economy.  They are thinking about their own unlimited credit line.

Imagine if you had a credit card that you didn’t have to pay for.  You can use it all you want and you don’t really have to answer to anyone for why you charged what.  Then, you get a notice that the credit line is almost full.  But, fortunately, all you have to do is say “Okay, increase my line” and then get right back to spending out of control with no repercussions to worry about.

Believe the experts at Common Sense Conspiracy.  Congress will be saying “Okay” just in the nick of time.  And then they will act as if they have moved a mountain, turned water into wine, or at the very least, done a stinking great job in all of this.  Then, the next morning, after they get through patting each other on the back…they spend some more.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Man Sets Himself on Fire at Washington National Mall — Is the Government Covering Up a Message?

Two days and two highly unusual and violent incidents have unfolded with the United States Capitol Building as the backdrop.  Yesterday, police shot and killed a woman that tried to ram through security barriers apparently heading for the White House.  A chase ensued that lead to a one-sided exchange of gunfire that left the woman dead with her child in the car.  Today, a man set himself on fire right in front of God and everybody in the National Mall.

The government is releasing sketchy details about both incidents a little at the time, and the story never seems to change much.  Just another crazy person…

Let’s think about this, though.  The shooter at the Washington Navy Yard, the other event to take place in the same prestigious area in the last month was a nutcase, according to the official story.  He thought the government controlled him with electromagnetic signals.  The lady that got killed outside the Senate Building yesterday believed that her mind was being controlled as well…by none other than President Barack Obama.  Of course, we are hearing these details not from these people, being that they are conveniently dead, but from the government’s official account of things.  Now, this guy sets himself on fire.  In a couple of days, you will hear a report about how this guy thinks he is being controlled by the government too.

Could it be that the government is trying to make us believe that there is an epidemic of crazy people in Washington D.C. that routinely go on insane rampages that don’t even show any sign of planning or premeditation?  They just snap, they just do these things, and all in the same little area, the same little area that just happens to be the heart of our nation’s government.

We at Common Sense Conspiracy have written many times about how conspiracy sites actually are the best friend of the government.  This is a classic example.  They want us to debate whether this is a false flag operation.  They want us to debate whether these people were really controlled by the government in some sinister brainwashing operation.  They want us to sit around and question the timing, question the motivations.  It helps them.


Because those crazy sounding theories are actually more palatable to the government than what might be the real message:  that people have simply had enough.

What if Aaron Alexis was tired of watching his government destroy his country one piece at a time, and at his wit’s end and so depressed he no longer cared if he lost his life, he decided to try to do something about it?

What if the lady that tried to drive to the White House was a person that was sick of the government shutdown BS and was trying to take her message directly to the President of the United States?  What if she was so depressed from being out of a job while a bunch of government cronies smoke their cigars and cash their fat checks that she no longer even cared if she lost her life in the process?

What if this guy at the National Mall set himself on fire, and somewhere on a computer or in a letter, he wanted us to know that he did it because he is trying to get our government to stop their agenda and do their jobs?  Do you think we would ever see something like that, if that were the case?

No, we’ll hear about how crazy they were.  The voices.  The electromagnetic signals.

Were these people crazy?  Most likely.  They did something that most common people deem outrageous.  Common Sense Conspiracy certainly does not condone any of these actions, nor do we want to appear as if we are trying to justify them or encourage them.  What we do want to do is ask the simple question of whether or not this is a sign of desperation?  Are their Americans so disgruntled and dismayed with their government that it is coming to this?

Has the United States government created extremists?  Domestic terrorists?  And they aren’t Arabs… they aren’t Iranians… they’re Americans.  People you work with.  People you sat by on the subway.  People that might have served you at a restaurant, checked out your groceries at the store, or gave you your cigarettes at a gas station.

Also, remember one thing that is the most damning of all about these last two incidents…

Neither one of them actually tried to hurt anyone else.

The woman that ran the barricade wasn’t on a shooting spree of innocent people.

The man that set himself on fire wasn’t trying to hurt anyone but himself.

What does it mean?  Where is it going?  And what is going to happen in Washington, D.C. next?  We want to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

New Fukushima Radiation Readings Worse Than Ever — Kill a Person in Four Hours of Exposure?

While the world is watching Syria and the terrible chemical weapons attack that has cast them onto the international stage, another chemical attack is still going months and months after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan put the Fukushima nuclear power facility in a state of emergency.  This is one of those stories that just doesn’t get reported enough.  After all of this time and over $60 billion in costs trying to repair this thing, new information indicates that it is not getting better.  Actually, it’s getting worse.

United States “Black Budget” Leaked — Billions of Secret Dollars Go Public

The leaks in the United States government supposedly airtight ship just keep coming.  For years, the concept of the “Black Budget” has existed in message board forums and conspiracy sites, but now it is as American as baseball and apple pie.  Yet another leak has allowed the public to get an eye on just how much money the United States government is investing in “Black Ops” and what they can expect in the future.


President Obama Signs a New Executive Order — United States of Racism?

President Obama is no stranger to executive orders, as most of you already know.  He doesn’t let too many days go by without sneaking one in there, and he generally waits for the right moment in the news cycle to get what he wants done with the least commotion possible.  In the past weeks, he has signed some controversial ones, but his latest may take the cake.  The “White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans” is being applauded by Obama’s usual fan club as a bold move forward in our country.  Others are crying foul, however, saying that President Obama’s latest initiative creates an unfair playing field when it comes to discipline in schools.


Common Sense Conspiracy has weighed in on our opinion that it is the will of the powers-that-be (and we’re not talking about President Obama or even the United States government) that an agenda to reignite the racial divide in our country must be pushed forth.  The proponents of the New World Order, whatever you want to label them as, know that the only hope they have to force their plan on the United States is to make sure that the United States stays in reality the Divided States.  Race is a hot-button issue that those that wish to use it find easy to harness as a means for pitting American against American.  It has succeeded for decades and in fact, even centuries now.  The Civil War is a classic example of American against American, and while many of us might go through our daily lives thinking that nothing could ever bring us to that again, the very ones that govern us want to make sure that is at the very least a possibility.  A truly united United States would be the worst thing our government could imagine; they cannot let that come to pass.  Race, religion, political affiliation, and even sexual orientation are just things that they use to keep us happily at war with each other and not at war with them.

As most things with government, the order sounds fine on the surface.  We’re gonna help African Americans get better education.  The executive order is abundantly clear that African Americans do not have a level playing field when it comes to educational opportunities.  This is absolutely true.  After all, there is no such thing as public education.  White people are able to go to school because their rich parents pay their way completely.  White people get to go to college when they get done because every white person has $100,000 in their back pocket; they certainly don’t rely on things like government student education loans to get through.  White people never have to endure bad or underpaid teachers, old decrepit buildings, or a lack of extracurricular activities.  The author of this article is white.  He went to a public high school where he had to eat his lunch in the floor of the hallway because the roof wasn’t fixed for THREE years.  He would have liked to have played tennis but the courts were overgrown with grass.  He achieved a status as a high school graduate there that still leaves him in a state of ridicule.  When he lists where he went to high school, people often wonder if he can write his name.  But President Obama’s executive order only applies to those black children that attended that same high school, to prevent that atrocity from happening again.

Because it’s a black problem.  White people never endure bad schools, little educational opportunity, adverse situations.

If only everyone could be white and have the road laid down as you walk before your feet.

So, do we need better education opportunities for African American children?  Sure.  We agree.  I agree.  But why can’t it be the AMERICAN EDUCATION INITIATIVE instead of the AFRICAN AMERICAN EDUCATION INITIATIVE.

Some white readers might cry out “Because President Obama is black and he just wants to help his people.”  Well, you may be right and you may be wrong, but our point is that he’s really helping an agenda.  Things like this further a divide that is not as great as the mainstream media and government want desperately for you to believe.  That’s not saying that we don’t have problems; it’s just saying that here lately, there are issues cropping up and being heavily promoted by the mainstream media that seem to want to propagate hate instead of tolerance.  And there’s a reason for it.

It’s right there in black and white.

You can read the entire executive order at the White House main site.


While You Were Sleeping — President Obama Signs Executive Order — HIV/AIDS Tests for Everyone?

While George Zimmerman ate up the mainstream media’s news cycle perpetually this week, and even President Obama himself got in on the action, spreading his own feelings about the verdict albeit tongue-in-cheek, as always is the case, there was another agenda at work.  Our “While You Were Sleeping” category was created for situations just like this.  Anytime there is a major polarizing news story like the Zimmerman trial has become, you can always bet that underneath the surface, politicians are eagerly pushing something through that would have normally been front page news but because of the distraction can slip through with little opposition or attention.

President Obama seized on this magical opportunity to sign his autopen to yet another executive order.  Yes, not even a week ago was the last one, the one that gave him unparalleled authority over communications and the Internet.  Well, he’s back.  This order is called the “HIV Care Continuum Initiative.”

It may not be a suggestion anymore soon...
It may not be a suggestion anymore soon…

First of all, where did this come from?  HIV and AIDS is certainly still a problem, but it has hardly been top of the news cycle lately.  It seems kind of out of the blue that Obama would suddenly throw down an executive order about this, what with all the myriad of things out there he could be attempting to throw his authority around on.  In any case, the executive order is getting a lot of attention in conspiracy circles for one reason:  HIV and AIDS testing.

A lot of our fellow sites are sensationalizing this order by proclaiming that Obama has now legislated “mandatory” HIV/AIDS testing for everyone.  Well, that is not technically true.  The executive order only “recommends” that it be so.  The real question that we all need to ask is how far the divide is between “recommending” and “requiring” and why exactly this is coming up at this particular moment in time?

We can assure you one thing.  It is no accident.  In any case, we have included the text of the order below.  Hit the More button if you want to check out the entire document.

Executive Order — HIV Care Continuum Initiative


– – – – – – –


By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to further strengthen the capacity of the Federal Government to effectively respond to the ongoing domestic HIV epidemic, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Policy. Addressing the domestic HIV epidemic is a priority of my Administration. In 2010, the White House released the first comprehensive National HIV/AIDS Strategy (Strategy), setting quantitative goals for reducing new HIV infections, improving health outcomes for people living with HIV, and reducing HIV-related health disparities. The Strategy will continue to serve as the blueprint for our national response to the domestic epidemic. It has increased coordination, collaboration, and accountability across executive departments and agencies (agencies) with regard to addressing the epidemic. It has also focused our Nation’s collective efforts on increasing the use of evidence-based approaches to prevention and care among populations and in regions where HIV is most concentrated.

Since the release of the Strategy, additional scientific discoveries have greatly enhanced our understanding of how to prevent and treat HIV. Accordingly, further Federal action is appropriate in response to these new developments. For example, a breakthrough research trial supported by the National Institutes of Health showed that initiating HIV treatment when the immune system was relatively healthy reduced HIV transmission by 96 percent. In addition, evidence suggests that early treatment may reduce HIV-related complications. These findings highlight the importance of prompt HIV diagnosis, and because of recent advances in HIV testing technology, HIV can be detected sooner and more rapidly than ever before.

Based on these and other data, recommendations for HIV testing and treatment have changed. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force now recommends that clinicians screen all individuals ages 15 to 65 years for HIV, and the Department of Health and Human Services Guidelines for Use of Antiretroviral Agents now recommends offering treatment to all adolescents and adults diagnosed with HIV. Continue reading While You Were Sleeping — President Obama Signs Executive Order — HIV/AIDS Tests for Everyone?