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20-Year-Old’s Appendicitis Adventures Costs Him $11,000 Out of Pocket — With Insurance

No doubt thousands of our readers probably have experienced or know of similar stories to this, but because this particular one has gone viral on Reddit and social media, we are going to use it as an example for our first good Obamacare rant of 2014.

Obviously, you can’t view the name and information for the subject, but a 20-year-old kid woke up with a terrible case of appendicitis.  He had to have emergency surgery.  The cost of the operation and hospital stay involved:  $55,000.  Luckily, he had insurance under his father’s health care plan.  This cut it down substantially, leaving the 20-year-old kid (who should be worrying about things like getting a date and tuition) with only a much more manageable $11,000+ bill.

Let that sink in.  He had insurance.  This is not a vagrant off the street.  This is not one of the multimillions of uninsured Americans we hear about as the mainstream media and politicians try to make us believe that Obama’s cherished Affordable Care Act is really making a difference.  This is a 20-year-old kid that had a very unexpected and serious issue through no fault of his own that is now stuck with a huge bill.  And this at a point in his life when his highest income potential is probably sacking groceries part-time or delivering pizzas.

Stories like this are very common in America, and there are several cases of people just out of their teens having to declare bankruptcy in the wake of huge medical bills.  Now, those that vehemently supported Obamacare are always talking about situations like that.  They talk about how people that don’t pay their bills drag down the system and cost everyone in the long run.  That’s one of the reasons that Obamacare is supposed to be so effective, because so many more people will have insurance.  But this is in the post-Obamacare era that this happened.  Once again, this is not an uninsured person.  This is a person with what many in America would consider a very normal, run-of-the-mill health care plan, and certainly one that would probably fall under the “bronze” category if you were at the woefully slow functioning Health Care Marketplace website.

Is Obamacare doing anything about one of health care’s biggest problems…the out-and-out gouging of sick Americans?  Nope.  Nada.  So, there will still be plenty of people waking up to bills like these all over the country even in the post-Obamacare era.  But at least they won’t owe the $55,000, right?

To use medical terminology, our supposed “health care reform” is treating the symptoms and not the disease.  Instead of delving into why an operation and short hospital stay costs half the price of a house (which most people take 30+ years to pay for), we are worried about getting more people bad coverage.  We are worried about making sure more people have a little bit of help in a totally corrupted mostly worthless system.  And we actually have let multiple political candidates run for the most powerful office in this nation (and quite possibly the world) on this platform.  Shame on us for accepting this as even a piecemeal solution.

What they have done is what they always do.  They have found a way to make more people reliant on the government for even more personal services while still keeping the well-lined pockets of lobbyists happy and open.  This is not change.  It certainly isn’t reform.  It’s more like the norm.

As this story went viral on social media, the really amazing thing about the feedback was that so many people internationally chimed in to share their stories.  In Australia, a man shared his story.  He had a very similar event…emergency appendectomy.  Cost to him out of pocket:  $0.  He never even got a bill.  He even had a check-up visit a few months later to evaluate his progress.  They have a national health care system…a real one, not the crooked sham that is Obamacare.  They do indeed pay more in taxes, but when something like this happens, they don’t have to worry about whether an emergency operation is going to cost them their car, homes, and belongings.

The story would be troubling enough, but the fact that we are being sold this lie that something is getting better or being done about it is easily the most frightening part.  And so many Americans really got behind this.  We wonder how many $11,000 bills for those that championed the Obamacare cause it will take before even the most furtive supporters have to question just what they have gotten behind?

If only he had the "Gold" package, eh?  Click the photo for a better view.
If only he had the “Gold” package, eh? Click the photo for a better view.

In Defense of President Barack Obama — The New Democratic Rally Cry!

When now President Barack Obama first took office, many of his supporters lashed out at all of the “silly” conspiracy theories revolving around their real American hero.  There was the birth certificate debate, the people claiming Obama was a Muslim, Christians heralding him as the Antichrist, and those that believed that this man would single-handedly oversee the bit-by-bit destruction of America piecemeal.

Flash forward to the present.  President Obama has had a rather tumultuous time of it.  Scandal has become increasingly more common as he entered his second term.  The Affordable Care Act, otherwise affectionately known as Obamacare, has been nothing short of a complete disaster and lesson of the dangers of letting the government put their hands in anything (see the U.S. Post Office for more information).  The economy is still a hot-button issue, with unemployment numbers being cheerfully picked and chosen to represent a rosier picture of what was one of the world’s most important machines’ slide into desolation.

6a00d83451d6a669e20153906f20be970b-500wiCommon Sense Conspiracy is not a political website.  We routinely go over the fact that America really only has one political party, and the Democrats and Republicans are just a ruse to convince you that you have a choice when in reality, we’re heading down that path to the slaughterhouse either way.  So, this is not Republican propaganda attacking President Obama here.  This is us expressing two ideas about the current political climate… it’s actually quite humorous, but at the same time extremely, extremely frustrating.

Why do we think it’s funny?  Because Democrats who were so excited about President Obama’s hope and change have now resolved to pointing out that the country will not be a total crater as a success story.  Instead of saying “look what we did” as they move toward 2016, they are going “well, you have to admit your apocalyptic theories thought it would be a lot worse than this.”

That’s where we are at with it.  We are at a political crossroads in America where either side considers that not succeeding at completely destroying the nation is some kind of advertisement for their political party.  Think about it.  This is the new rally cry for Democrats…that Obama isn’t going to have enough time to trash it quite as bad as the Republicans thought.

Like we said above, this is not a Republican slant on it.  If roles were reversed (and history tells us that they surely will be in the not-so-distant future), the story would be just the same, except it would be the Republicans claiming the opposite and the Democrats looking for the sky to fall.  Nothing ever really changes; people that buy in to the nonsense simply find a side to blame and ride or die it to the end.  It’s funny that looking at it this way is a viable political strategy.  Democrats are already gearing up for the next Presidential election by reminding people that it could have been worse.

Is that what we do now?  We judge our leaders by who doesn’t mess up the most?  We judge things by who leaves the nuclear wasteland and who leaves it barely hanging by a thread?

And therein lies the second part we referenced above.  It’s funny…but it’s not.  It’s frustrating, because there are too many damn people that believe “oh if those pesky Republicans would just…” or “oh if those pesky Democrats would just…” means something.  It means nothing…absolutely nothing at all.  As long as they can keep us divided, they have nothing to worry about and the corruption, dismantling of the Constitution, and above all, the bullshit will continue.

So, we are defending the President for the first time here at the CSC.  It’s true.  The Democrats are right.

America, for now, still exists.  I guess that’s something.

50th Anniversary of JFK Assassination — How the Media and Government is Using This Occasion to Smear Conspiracy Theorists Some More

This article is being written on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.  All over America, different organizations are recognizing this in some form or fashion, and Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton even stopped by his grave to commemorate the occasion.  At Common Sense Conspiracy, we have plenty of articles stocked up on all things JFK, but on this particular day, we aren’t going to spend a lot of time mulling over the most well-known conspiracy theory of all time.  What we want to do is continue to spread our message of how the government spreads disinformation and tries to persuade the average American citizen to believe something other than the truth.

Like anything else in a capitalist society, there have been plenty of attempts to cash in on the anniversary.  There have been tons of documentary specials all over broadcast television detailing the events leading up to that tragic day, as well as thorough analysis of the infamous Zuprader film frame by frame.  However, if you turned on any mainstream media source today, there was one common theme through all of them that is the focus of our attention today.

Whatever political affiliation the news organization might have, it didn’t matter on this one.  Every major mainstream news source had some sort of article talking about “conspiracy theorists” like they are aliens from outer space.  There were all kinds of catchy titles and slogans.  “Why are JFK Conspiracy Theories So Attractive?” read one.  “The Appeal of the JFK Assassination to Conspiracy Theorists” read another.  It goes on and on.

What are they trying to do?  Are they seriously trying to convince us that there was nothing at all to be concerned about on that day?  Not at all.  The government and its puppet, the mainstream media, have long ago given up on trying to actually convince anyone of anything about the events leading up to the Kennedy assassination.  However, they are opportunists, and they never miss a chance to try to remind everyone that conspiracy theorists are crazy, damaged people that should never be listened to.  They don’t miss a chance to remind Americans everywhere that conspiracy theorists are the “ambulance chasers” of politics and history, always looking for a great story of paranoia to attach to any major event.

It works.  The average American reads these stories, goes “those crazy kooks,” as they sip on their morning coffee, and then go on about their work day.  Slowly but surely, though, the term “conspiracy theory” becomes a synonym to crazy, ill-advised, and malicious.

So, Common Sense Conspiracy wants every one of our readers to know for sure that there is no reason to hide in the shadows.  Sure, there are crazy conspiracy theorists.  But the government and mainstream media want so badly to brand everyone of them as that, when the truth is that they only represent a very small segment of an ever-increasing population of people that just don’t believe that every little thing that is put on their spoon should be taken down without question.

jfk-limoQuestioning the official story of things doesn’t make you crazy.  After all, the same people that dismiss conspiracy theorists as being nutcases continue to allow proven time and time again liars and thieves to manage their affairs at the top of the leadership of our country.  The same people that think all conspiracy theorists wear aluminum hats are the same ones that were shocked and appalled to find out that the United States government was spying on the American people for no good reason at all on an alarmingly frequent basis.  And then, what did the mainstream news sources say?  Oh, well, if you throw shots in the dark all the time, you’re bound to hit sooner or later.  So, they got one right.

Whatever you believe about those fateful events on November 22, 1963, we just want you to know that it is all the more important on November 22, 2013 that we continue to search for the truth, not just about John F. Kennedy, but about our everyday lives under a system of government that has long ago succumbed to an intricate web of corruption, abuse of power, and routine consumption of personal liberties.  So, as we remember that day, let’s make sure that JFK’s assassination does not go purposeless.  After all, an overwhelming majority  of American citizens do indeed believe that there is more to the story than the government would have us believe, making the JFK assassination easily the most widely believed conspiracy theory of all time.

So, who’s crazy?  Everyone that’s not on the government’s side?

That’s a lot of crazy people, and the list is growing each and every day.

Sandy Hook Video Presents Disturbing Assessment of Tragedy That Still Has No Answers

No, it wasn’t the first.  And it certainly wasn’t the last.  The rash of irrational shootings in schools as well as other establishments in America has been really the story of 2013, but it really got its start back in 2012 when the Sandy Hook shootings in Newtown, Connecticut spurred a vicious debate about gun control that dominated the public consciousness for months.  Even today, these types of completely unexplainable shootings seem to come around regularly, and everyone has started to accept it as some contorted form of normal.  However, sometimes you have to take a look back before you can go forward, and the only thing as disturbing as what allegedly happened there is the fact that almost a year later, we have virtually no real answers about the events of that day.

Conspiracy theorists are often chided for their paranoia and questioning of “official stories,” but the Sandy Hook situation is not a problem for conspiracy theorists.  It is a problem for every American.  Why do we not have any answers about this?  Why is there still no video whatsoever even though almost every shooting since then had some sort of video evidence presented within a couple of weeks?

The following video is the best assembly of what happened in Sandy Hook that we have seen yet, and we wanted to share it with our readers as we look forward to a grim anniversary.

Could November 13, 2013 Be the Night the Lights Went Out in America? Drill or Precursor?

On November 13, 2013 to November 16, 2013, the United States government is conducting a national drill revolving around responses to a nationwide power grid shutdown event.  This has been something that we the people have been repeatedly warned about.  When we say we have been warned, we are not talking about Alex Jones or conspiracy forums, but the actual government itself.  As you can see some examples of in the video below, the government has warned of this for some time, and now they are conducting this drill apparently to test our readiness for what is termed by Homeland Security as an inevitable event.

power-grid-drill-400x300The drill is called GridEx II, and for three days, it is designed to test emergency services and government operations in the midst of a cataclysmic shutdown of the grid.  This isn’t like when the power goes out for a couple of hours at your house.  We are talking about a complete shutdown where no one has power.  Transportation comes to a halt.  Communications come to a halt.  Commerce comes to a halt.  The Internet and all things cyber gone in an instant.

So, it may seem like a positive thing that they are doing.  But we at Common Sense Conspiracy want to at least point out that when the government does these big drills, often it is a precursor to an actual event, if the actual event doesn’t happen at the same time.

Remember September 11.  The real events of that day were so close to a drill run the same week that many people involved were confused and thought the drill was still in action.  When the Boston Marathon bombings happened, authorities were supposedly in a “live drill” situation that we are supposed to believe turned real in an instant.  See the connection?  There seems to be a correlation with these major drills and the real events they are supposed to prepare for coming to fruition.

So, what does it mean?  Will November 13 be the start of a real grid shutdown?  We can’t know for sure, and neither can you.  Here’s what we can be sure of.  It’s coming one day, and there is a history of these drills representing a real threat on the horizon.  So, with the drill just days away from the writing of this article, we can think about what we would do in the event that it does happen in the not-so-distant future and make sure we are prepared in case it really is “the night the lights went out in America.”

Obama and Company Knew That Millions Would Lose Their Health Care Plans — When He Said They Wouldn’t

It’s one of the most memorable and impassioned speeches President Barack Obama gave to try to offset the backlash and paranoia surrounding his ultra-controversial Affordable Care Act.  Now, a new report has come out that Obama and company were perfectly aware that what they were doing when they passed the ACA (otherwise known as Obamacare) into law…including causing millions of Americans to have to abandon (or be evicted from) their current plans, even if they were perfectly happy with them.

So, we at Common Sense Conspiracy say this about the latest revelation in the interesting provocative world of Obamacare:  did you really believe that Obama and the ones that crafted this beast of a legislative act didn’t know what would really happen?  Oh, yes, they knew…

Cue the video…

Luckily, President Obama had his fingers crossed behind his back during this speech, so, as we all know from our childhood, we owe him the solid of overlooking this one.


Russell Brand Wants a Revolution — And We Agree With Him

Well, if you had told us five days ago that comedian Russell Brand would be spreading the message that we do here each and every day at Common Sense Conspiracy, we would have said you were nuts.  Turns out that Russell’s statement calling for a “revolution” of sorts is exactly our message.

While Russell may not be “qualified” to make these statements, the ones that are “qualified” in Washington sure don’t seem to be the answer, so perhaps unqualified should be just the candidate we are all looking for.

The best part of this inspiring tirade by Brand is when the interviewer tries to play a card that we hear all too often here at this site… but if you don’t vote, you can’t say anything.

What a load of…what would Russell say?  Rubbish.

The idea that if you don’t vote, you have no say in what happens in anything is ludicrous.  Think about it for a second.  If there is no viable candidate to vote for, why should you vote?  Just so you can argue that you voted in a debate.  No, no option means no vote, and unfortunately, that has been the case for many, many years now.

To vote for one of two choices when both represent nothing but more corruption is to vote to keep things the same, and in fact, prolong it for years to come.

Why do you think we have all these “Rock the Vote” campaigns each election year with a steady stream of celebrity personalities encouraging us to get out and vote.  Think they just want us to embrace our civil liberties, the same damn ones they are methodically taking away?  No, of course not.   They do want us to get out and vote because it matters.  Not because our vote really counts, but because if we are all out voting from the lesser of two evils, we have once again cast our vote for this system to remain intact.  See, from the government’s standpoint (and when we say government, we don’t mean Republicans or Democrats, we mean the real powers-that-be, the ones that control what is really going to happen), if we are all divided by a faux two-party political system, we can never muster enough people to actually make a difference in reality.