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America Meet Your Dictator

This may be Trump’s dream, but he is not the one to fear.

Expecting a big smiling picture of Donald Trump with a crown on his head or maybe sitting on a throne?  Well, we gave you one just so you wouldn’t feel too burned.  Declaring martial law and overturning the election results, claiming absolute power outside of the normal American electoral process?  Well, we fooled you.  Bear with us, though, because there’s more than just clickbait here.

America, meet your dictator.  This authoritarian ruler now possesses an unbelievable grip on power in the United States of America, once the land of the free and brave, but now just the land of the duped.  It’s been going on for decades, but never before has it been more obvious who really dictates what happens in America.  Meet your mainstream media.

COVID-19 and the 2020 election was really the icing on the cake.  The mainstream media may not be the ultimate dictator here, because it very well be that it just receives its marching orders from some higher, mysterious force and then brings it to fruition, but the power is undeniable.   Just look at the events of this one year.

Which way now? Oh, don’t worry, they will tell you.

COVID-19 started as a moment for America to rise up and work together to stop a killer virus.  As the media did its thing, it ended up being an unbelievably potent divider.  People having heated arguments over wearing random cloth coverings on their face that even in the best study were only 10-30% effective at doing what they were supposed to do.  We saw lockdowns pit people against each other, people forced to fight over their very own livelihoods.  Meanwhile, the government sat back and distributed money like candy, but once again, the media was always framing how every act would be interpreted.

This is the same media that convinced you that Russians must have something to do with it when Donald Trump won by surprise in 2016.  This is the same media that now tells you in 2020 that the election process is bulletproof and there is no fraud at all anywhere in America.  Oh come on, you say.  Go look at the New York Times.  They actually ran an article claiming there was no fraud in the entire nation at all.

From 2016 to 2020, being a conspiracy theorist meant you were bravely questioning the Donald Trump dictatorship.  Now, in 2020, questioning anything means you are a follower of Trump and must be delusional.

Now, they are telling you to not have holiday celebrations with your families unless you are a cold-blooded murderer.  Do the right thing.  Stay home.  We’ll get you another government stimulus check soon and get those unemployment benefits shored up.

Think wearing a mask is dumb?  You are a murderer.  Think staying at home is a lot better idea?  You hate business.  This is the same media that convinced you that Donald Trump was a racist, multiple-time accused sexual predator that used government corruption to make money for himself and his family.  This is the same media that then convinced you that replacing Trump with another racist, multiple-time accused sexual predator that used government corruption to make money for himself and his family is a ray of light in a dark place.

Our advice at the CSC is to try to think critically about anything you read from the mainstream media.  Don’t be a cheerleader.  Don’t believe that CNN is the good guys and Fox News is the bad guys.  They are all the bad guys.  They are all trying to push you toward the same slaughterhouse.  The orders are the same, they just take different avenues to influence you.  They decide what you will think, and they actually work in lockstep together to convince you by appealing to whatever logic you fall on the side of.

The mainstream media told you to fear Trump and a coup.  They are right.  It is they that are planning the dictatorship, and in fact, it may already be all around you.

Trump to Call for Martial Law Due to Election Fraud – New Election?

This guy? Martial law? Where ever would you get this from?

Oh, those magic words in conspiracy circles… martial law.  Well, here it comes.  As you will see in the video below, there are people now pushing forth the theory that President Donald Trump will declare martial law, citing evidence of election meddling, and demand a new election.

What does the CSC think?  In the words of Joe Biden, “Come on Man.”

Seriously guys? He can’t declare martial law, cause I got this.

This is more establishment groupthink.  Remember when everyone thought Obama was going to declare himself dictator and never leave the White House, possibly even being the Antichrist?  Sure you do, because that was 2015.  The same people acting like that was loony tunes are now saying the same thing about Trump.  It didn’t start there.  There are people walking around saying George W. Bush should be tried for war crimes.

Who wins?  The establishment.  Think outside the “basket of deplorables” concept and think for yourself.  We are all being mass-manipulated by one establishment, not two.  It changes your view when you get there.  It makes it a lot more fun as you watch all of your family and friends buying into something that you know is a bunch of well, keeping with the Biden punchline, malarkey.

President Trump will not be declaring martial law, if such a thing is even possible.  The lockdowns from COVID-19 were the closest to martial law that America has ever seen by far, and remember that Trump vigorously opposes them.

But, Biden, he’ll probably impose martial law.  You heard it here first.  After all, it’s a new president and we must believe all of the same stuff as we did about the others, right?

As Biden Mulls Mandatory Vaccines Media Reveals the Unknown About Them

Sometimes the mainstream media will surprise you.  Now, mind you, this machine has been churning violently ever since COVID-19 came on the scene.  Depending on which version of the mainstream media you decide to take in, you have seen the unbelievable downplay or the unbelievable fear mongering.  Now, with the vaccine apparently just around the corner and incoming president Joe Biden already mulling the possibilities and legality of making the vaccine mandatory, the mainstream media missed a step and actually told the truth.

This passage from an article on CNN today says it all about the onslaught of vaccines about to be unleashed on the American public:

What’s not known is how long that protection might last, whether either vaccine protects against asymptomatic disease and whether either stops people from spreading the virus to others.

This passage came right on the heels of a paragraph about the impressive effectiveness percentages many of the vaccine-makers, namely Pfizer and Moderna, are hyping up.  Let’s analyze these one by one for own maximum effectiveness.

How Long Will It Last?

No one knows.  No one has a clue.  No one knows how long natural immunity from actually having the coronavirus lasts either.  Since the trials started in August and September, they only know that it might possibly last a couple of months so far.  Dr. Fauci said he thought it might last a year, but who knows?  That’s reassuring.  So even if they manage to vaccinate enough people to accomplish the so-called “herd immunity” we may find ourselves having to take coronavirus vaccines every three to six months.  And we already know that while there are no “serious” side effects, many people get flu-like symptoms.  That may not be as bad as COVID-19 can potentially be, but the flu is already quite a drag on the economy and people’s health.  This means signing up to get the flu.  When you take into account how many millions of people we are talking here, that could be quite a side effect in pratice.

Does the Vaccine Protect Against Asymptomatic Disease?

Well, that’s kind of important, isn’t it, since estimate now put asymptomatic carriers at nearly 40% of all the COVID-19 cases.  That means that if it doesn’t protect against these, there will still be plenty of vaccinated carriers running around.  You would think this is something they could test out in practice, but there again, with so little time after the trials, they just don’t have the data to work out every scenario.  And when the red carpet has been rolled out for you to get it approved without the usual precautions, why bother anyway?  There is money to be made.

Does the Vaccine Stop People From Spreading the Virus to Others?

Mandatory vaccines? Who cares if they work?

This would seem kind of like the point of it all right?  Well, the vaccine works by exposing the immune system to a little part of the genetic code of COVID-19 so that hopefully the body will already know how to fight it when it sees the real thing.  Just like with any virus, though, there is a little time there between when the virus hits and when the immune system is able to destroy it, and in that time, the infected could still be carrying the virus to everyone. It’s another really important unknown, because without this knowledge, we won’t know if we still have to carry on with contact tracing and quarantines even for people vaccinated.

What Does It All Mean?

Well that’s an easy one.  Pfizer says its vaccine is 95% effective.  Effective at what?  Not any of the unknowns above, that is for sure.  Even CNN agrees to this stipulation.  It seems that there is a lot still to be learned about the vaccine, and still, Biden and the gang are wanting to make this mandatory and trying to come up with ways to prove you have been vaccinated (which is incredibly difficult without doing away with American medical privacy laws) when we really don’t even know if it works, and if it does, well, you saw the questions above.

These weren’t our questions about the vaccine.  This was CNN’s questions.  That is pretty incredible when you think about it.

Assassination of Iran Nuclear Scientist Signals End of Trump Era

Say what you want about Donald Trump, but one thing is undeniable.  When it comes to dealings with Iran, Trump effectively rendered their nuclear ambitions null and void.  A lot of people may have disagreed with Trump’s decision to pull out of the deal that President Barack Obama and then Vice-President (soon to be President) Joe Biden made with Iran, but Trump’s rationale was that you can’t trust Iran to do what they say they are going to do, and lifting all the sanctions and giving them access to billions of dollars only made their nuclear hopes easier to accomplish.  Trump did away with that and put in place worse sanctions that crippled Iran on a whole new level.

The Iran nuclear deal was a joke to everyone but Obama and Biden. You can bet Iran thought it was funny too.

You pair that with Trump’s brazen tactics.  Love him or hate him, the people that run Iran knew that if they messed with Trump, they would stand a good chance at finally getting a nuclear bomb but not in the way they wanted to receive it.  Much like the situation in North Korea, Iran was mostly a non-issue during the Trump years because he spoke the kind of language they understand.  Iran doesn’t make deals.  Iran responds to tough rhetoric.  Trump said he would blow them off the face of the Earth if they didn’t act right.  They believed him.  End of story there.

So, with President-elect Joe Biden coming along in January to no doubt return to the way things were done before, Iran is already gearing up to get back on track.  Just last week, there were reports that they were already getting back to business with their nuclear program.  The bottom line is they know that the Biden administration will echo the Obama administration, and that means there’s no reason not to get back on the horse.

Trump’s departure means that Iran’s nuclear program will be ramping up quickly.

So, with the news that Iran’s leading nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was apparently assassinated Friday morning (at least according to Iran’s state media), it seems that someone out there isn’t waiting around for Biden to make another deal with Iran to get there message across.

All eyes are on Israel, naturally, and that makes a lot of sense because Israel is the most likely to have felt the need to strike before the Trump administration goes out.  It is also very possible that Trump himself is very much aware of this and even supported the decision.  It will be interesting to see who Iran places the blame on, and what the reactions of the accused will be.  In the meantime, the world can hold their breath and see if Trump has one last act in this play before he leaves Pennsylvania Avenue for good (unless, of course, he makes a triumphant return in 2024).

Thanksgiving Must Be Kept Under 10 People But Black Friday is A-OK

If you want to take a moment to really see where the powers-that-be have their priorities this holiday season, just look at what is happening surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday.  We have COVID-19 raging across America, worse in fact than it was at any point thus far.  Now, in the latest amazing overreach of governmental power, some governors are taking the extraordinary step of limiting family gatherings for the holiday to ten people or less and even requiring mask-wearing in the home if people from other households are present.

They don’t have turkey, so this is okay.

But what about Black Friday, that holiday when people stand on top of each other, fighting even, to get the latest, greatest, insanely low-priced deal that all the major retailers are throwing out to feed the chaos?

Nothing.  No recommendations.  No closures.  No cancellations.  Black Friday is fine.

Money rules everything, and you see where major retailers are winning this one too.  What kind of sense does it make that the virus is so dangerous that you can’t have Thanksgiving with your family, but it’s okay for thousands of strangers to mob the malls and department stores at midnight on Friday?

If lives were the point here, Black Friday would be completely shut down.  It’s not, because the almighty dollar is more important than even a governmental power grab.

The 2020 Election Was Surely Rigged But Not By Who You Think

As more and more stories of voter fraud and lawsuits permeate social media feeds (but not the mainstream media), there are many people walking around right now that believe that the Democratic Party somehow rigged the 2020 election to make sure that Donald Trump did not win.  It’s just like those dirty, low-down tricksters, they are thinking, but the truth is a lot more sinister.  Let Common Sense Conspiracy present you with a classic “While You Were Sleeping” article.

Flash back to 2016.  When President Trump was inaugurated, he was a true outsider to the whole Washington scene.  He was not really a Republican, although he managed to usurp the party and bend it to his will.  He wasn’t really a Democrat either.   Both parties resented him deeply for breaking into their real-life power party.  For the Democrats, that was easy enough.  They would spend the next four years using every tool at their disposal to make Donald Trump’s presidency a living you-know-what.  The Republicans opposed him at every turn also, but they soon did what crap-eating politicians do.  They realized there were enough people in Trump’s base that would revolt against them if they didn’t at least pretend to be behind Trump that they would lose their cushy job.  So, they did what they had to do.  The years went by, and 2020 arrived.

Whether you believe the coming of COVID-19 was pure happenstance or not is for another article, but it definitely came about just in time to derail Donald Trump’s hopes for another term.  However, as it came down to crunch time, it was apparent that more measures would be needed to guarantee there was no second term.

It would suffice to say that the establishment (which is both parties in the one-party two-party system that the American people accept) was surprised and disheartened that so many Americans were still rejecting them.  That did not matter when it comes to the outcome, however.  The fix was in.

The fix is always in, people.  No American election is left completely to chance.  They have ways of mobilizing if they think it’s necessary.  And when we say they, we mean the establishment.  Make no mistake, this election was rigged, but not by the Democrats.  It was rigged by the Democrats and Republicans at the same time.  The mechanism by which they keep power.

Think about it.  Who is the real winner here?  Joe Biden.  He is nothing but a placeholder for an agenda he barely understands.  Certainly not Trump.  The winner is the establishment.  That same establishment that Americans tried to vote against twice (first for Barack Obama’s ill-fated hope and change, and then for Trump as a complete wildcard) now is enjoying Americans welcoming it back with open arms.  Americans are embracing politics as usual now with Joe Biden and his crew, and that is great news if you have to be part of the American power elite that wants desperately to get back to politics as usual at each and every American taxpayer’s expense.

Whatever you think of Trump, make no mistake, your one-party two-party system is back in the driver’s seat and they won’t be letting an experiment like this happen again anytime soon.

Lock Him Up — Just Make Sure You Get the Others Too

This dream of half of America is not likely to ever materialize.

It flips back and forth, and those that actually believe that we have a true two-party system fall for it and don’t even realize how ridiculous they sound.  Think about it.  What was the mantra of Republicans this time four years ago?  Lock her up.  Lock her up.

Flash forward to now.  What are the Democrats saying?  You guessed it.  Lock him up.  Lock him up.

In 2016, conservatives were saying that Barack Obama was going to find a way to overrule the Constitution and stay in the White House for a third term and quite probably a permanent one.  Now, in 2020, the other side is saying the same thing about the White House’s current resident.

It’s one heck of a precedent to set if you want to start bringing criminal charges against former presidents or candidates purely for political reasons.  Even Donald Trump let the Hillary Clinton thing go when he became president, which was the right move.  Now, it’s time for the other side to return the favor.  America doesn’t need to deal with a former president on trial for who knows what.  There’s a more important reason that they don’t want to go there, though.  Joe Biden is very well aware that some of his dealings with his son Hunter and what went on with Ukraine and his lucrative position there is shady.  Illegal?  We don’t know enough to figure that out, but there’s definitely some fire to go with this smoke.  Biden will act like he is doing what is best for America by not trying to prosecute Trump federally for anything he may or may not have done while masquerading as President of the United States.  The truth is, he wouldn’t dare do that for fear that one day down the road, it’ll just be turned around on himself.

This is not very original. It was just four years ago the other side was saying the same thing.

One time-honored tradition in our one-party two-party system is that they don’t do anything to threaten their own hold on power or well-being, and prosecuting Trump will serve no purpose in this regard.  In fact, it will just open up nasty possibilities going forward.

So, what does the CSC say?  We say, sure lock him up.  Just make sure you go get all the rest of them too.  We can line the prison block with terrible, corrupt politicians and throw away the key for all we care.  But let’s get them all, not just Trump or Biden or Hillary.  Let’s clean the house.

Of course, none of these things will ever happen, but when you see Biden commenting how he wants to heal the country and that’s why he is leaving Trump alone (our official prediction), remember that there is another motive for what he is doing that no one will talk about.