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Woman Set On Fire For Unpaid Debt

This is absolutely SHOCKING!!!!  A woman was ambushed on a elevtor in New York and was sprayed with a accelerant and SET ON FIRE for a unpaid debt that she owed the man. Is this what happens when people don’t pay their debts. WTF is wrong with this world that something like this could ever happen.

Female Protester Brutally Beaten and Stripped by Egyptian Military in Streets — “Blue Bra” Girl Makes International Waves

WARNING: This video is disturbing. This is not anything like footage of Occupy protests being broken up. This is much more violent and disheartening.

Weep for Kim Jong II or Go to Prison

If you think that this video of North Koreans publicly weeping for their fallen dictator that has oppressed them for decades is a little over the top, that’s because it is.  In North Korea, a showing of grief for the death of Kim Jong-Il is not expected, but required.  Forced to demonstrate the extent of their sadness or face persecution, North Koreans respond by almost trying to outdo each other in their public showings of mourning.

Afghan Woman Forced To Marry Her Rapist

The Afghan woman in this video was raped by a family member and placed in jail for adultery. One of the options that she was given was that she could marry her rapist. Are you kidding me?? Her other options were ahe could stay in jail or live underground and face death threats. So she decided to trade one prison for another.

Need a New Cell Phone? Blender? Get Sterilized for Your Chance to Win!

In India, in a rather unconventional attempt at slowing down the growth of the population, the government is offering free prizes to those that get there baby-making machines turned off. The prizes… blenders, cell phones, and more. I guess after you get sterilized, you can use the blender to mix up a strong drink since you won’t be worrying about being pregnant.

More Black Friday Chaos

Here is more Black Friday chaos at another Target store. This store is in Brandon,Florida. It is a fight between customers that are standing in a check-out line. Are you serious? Is it really that serious for people to get a deal on a tv or a waffle iron that they feel the need to trample others or fight them to get those deals?