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Assassination of Iran Nuclear Scientist Signals End of Trump Era

Say what you want about Donald Trump, but one thing is undeniable.  When it comes to dealings with Iran, Trump effectively rendered their nuclear ambitions null and void.  A lot of people may have disagreed with Trump’s decision to pull out of the deal that President Barack Obama and then Vice-President (soon to be President) Joe Biden made with Iran, but Trump’s rationale was that you can’t trust Iran to do what they say they are going to do, and lifting all the sanctions and giving them access to billions of dollars only made their nuclear hopes easier to accomplish.  Trump did away with that and put in place worse sanctions that crippled Iran on a whole new level.

The Iran nuclear deal was a joke to everyone but Obama and Biden. You can bet Iran thought it was funny too.

You pair that with Trump’s brazen tactics.  Love him or hate him, the people that run Iran knew that if they messed with Trump, they would stand a good chance at finally getting a nuclear bomb but not in the way they wanted to receive it.  Much like the situation in North Korea, Iran was mostly a non-issue during the Trump years because he spoke the kind of language they understand.  Iran doesn’t make deals.  Iran responds to tough rhetoric.  Trump said he would blow them off the face of the Earth if they didn’t act right.  They believed him.  End of story there.

So, with President-elect Joe Biden coming along in January to no doubt return to the way things were done before, Iran is already gearing up to get back on track.  Just last week, there were reports that they were already getting back to business with their nuclear program.  The bottom line is they know that the Biden administration will echo the Obama administration, and that means there’s no reason not to get back on the horse.

Trump’s departure means that Iran’s nuclear program will be ramping up quickly.

So, with the news that Iran’s leading nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was apparently assassinated Friday morning (at least according to Iran’s state media), it seems that someone out there isn’t waiting around for Biden to make another deal with Iran to get there message across.

All eyes are on Israel, naturally, and that makes a lot of sense because Israel is the most likely to have felt the need to strike before the Trump administration goes out.  It is also very possible that Trump himself is very much aware of this and even supported the decision.  It will be interesting to see who Iran places the blame on, and what the reactions of the accused will be.  In the meantime, the world can hold their breath and see if Trump has one last act in this play before he leaves Pennsylvania Avenue for good (unless, of course, he makes a triumphant return in 2024).

Thanksgiving Must Be Kept Under 10 People But Black Friday is A-OK

If you want to take a moment to really see where the powers-that-be have their priorities this holiday season, just look at what is happening surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday.  We have COVID-19 raging across America, worse in fact than it was at any point thus far.  Now, in the latest amazing overreach of governmental power, some governors are taking the extraordinary step of limiting family gatherings for the holiday to ten people or less and even requiring mask-wearing in the home if people from other households are present.

They don’t have turkey, so this is okay.

But what about Black Friday, that holiday when people stand on top of each other, fighting even, to get the latest, greatest, insanely low-priced deal that all the major retailers are throwing out to feed the chaos?

Nothing.  No recommendations.  No closures.  No cancellations.  Black Friday is fine.

Money rules everything, and you see where major retailers are winning this one too.  What kind of sense does it make that the virus is so dangerous that you can’t have Thanksgiving with your family, but it’s okay for thousands of strangers to mob the malls and department stores at midnight on Friday?

If lives were the point here, Black Friday would be completely shut down.  It’s not, because the almighty dollar is more important than even a governmental power grab.

It’s No Longer Cool to Be a Conspiracy Theorist in 2020

Well, ever since Donald Trump became a serious contender back in the 2016 election, there was a noticeable change in the way conspiracy theories were treated by the mainstream media.  Before 2016, conspiracy theorists were tin foil hat-wearing crackpots, the ones with all their silly theories about Barack Obama and America becoming a Muslim country.  Anyone who questioned the official account of just about anything fit in this category, and we posted many real news stories criticizing people for being “conspiracy theorists” back from those days.

We’re back in the hats people, courtesy your mainstream media.

Enter Donald Trump.  All of a sudden, for four years, the mainstream media would change its tune.  Suddenly being a conspiracy theorist was cool and the right thing to do.  We watched as the mainstream media fed us conspiracy theories as real news night after night, even as more and more evidence (or the lack thereof) revealed that most of the theories just didn’t hold water.  For a while, being a conspiracy theorist was a true lover and defender of America.  It was kind of nice, although a bad time to run a conspiracy website like Common Sense Conspiracy.

Well, today, make no mistake, being a conspiracy theorist is not cool anymore.

The establishment is very angry, and Trump may very well take the brunt of it.

Just browse a mainstream media source right now like CNN for instance.  Every other story is tossing around the term conspiracy theories, and the connotation that goes with it is decidedly not good.  We’re back in the tin foil hats people, and while that may be good news for the CSC’s bottom line, it shows that things are returning to normal as the powers-that-be have things approaching where they were supposed to be when Trump took the political world by storm and turned it upside down.  The establishment never forgave him for that.  He wasn’t supposed to win, much less not conform to their ways when he did win.  For that, the punishment may never end.  The establishment may not feel that Trump and his family have been punished enough until they all inhabit prison cells.  In the meantime, the mainstream media is painting a broad brush across America, calling over 70 million people that voted for Trump in the election crackpot conspiracy theorists.  That’s a lot of crazy people, isn’t it?  It’s a wonder we made it this far.

Most likely things will stay this way, unless Trump returns in 2024, or one of his children.  This is unlikely because once he is out of the White House, the establishment will do everything in its power to make sure no one usurps the one-party two-party system again.  It was unlikely to happen the first time.  The second time will be downright impossible.

Wear your tin foil hats proud, folks.  There is and never was anything wrong with questioning the official account of things.

Have Yourself a Merry Little COVID-19 — The War on Christmas Just Got Real

Door to door inspections on the horizon? The War on Christmas just got real folks.

For years we have fielded questions and suggestions about the supposed war on Christmas that has captivated many in conspiracy circles.  We even posted a very popular article during the Obama years about this subject when the word on the street was that President Obama was going to cancel Christmas and declare America a Muslim country (yeah, it sounds bonkers now, but you had to be there).  Well, our stance has always been that there was no real war on Christmas, at least no concerted deep state effort to take most Americans’ most cherished holiday away.

Well, maybe we were wrong about that.  Enter COVID-19.

The coronavirus pandemic took over the year 2020 and never looked back.  This virus that came out of nowhere in China to permeate the globe has an astonishingly low death rate and yet has managed to influence the world like nothing we have seen before.  There is no area of life that it has not touched.  You name it.  Popular culture.  Fashion.  And oh yes, politics.  COVID-19 is the only reason the election was even interesting, as a full-steam-ahead economy seemed to guarantee Donald Trump an easy victory before the pandemic took hold.  Now, after a spring and summer of lockdowns, restrictions, and constantly being told to do the same three things even though it has fazed the virus for a minute, things are now reaching a fever pitch.

We have governors ordering families to restrict the number of people at gatherings for Thanksgiving.  Families are forced to cull the guest list down and pick between loved ones.  At least one governor is now suggesting that masks should be worn in side the home.  And on CNN just the other day, Dr. Fauci agreed with the talking head that Christmas was going to be impossible.

Spread the cheer now because Christmas is not happening in 2020.

Thanksgiving will be the warmup.  There are new bolder restrictions being handed down, but after the inevitable spike that will be blamed on Thanksgiving, the big one is coming.  COVID-19 is bringing the war on Christmas right into your home, right into your neighborhood.  This is no longer a long-term ambition of some.  This year, Christmas may very well be canceled.  What’s more, it might actually be against the law to celebrate it.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and your four or five guests that are legally allowed to attend.  Wear your masks even in between bites.  Cherish those weird moments, because Christmas may be on the chopping block this year.

The Truth About Voter Fraud Revealed — 2020 Election Not That Special

Voter fraud is as old as elections themselves.

You are probably seeing a lot of back and forth on social media.  Your Republican friends are posting about the unbelievable voter fraud that is coming more and more to light after such a tight election.  Your Democrat friends are saying those friends are nuts, and our election process is all above board.  Of course, those friends also just spent the last four years proclaiming the 2016 election results a fraud, but never mind that for now.  The truth is that they are all right.

There are two major political parties in the United States and they have a stranglehold over the power in this country.  They keep that power by making sure that the general population is forced to pick a side based on silly issues they have no intentions of addressing so that the general population never realizes that they could band together and vote to reject the one-party two-party system.  In the meantime, they do have a great rivalry.  They will do anything to win.

Did you hear that?

They will do anything to win.

There is no moral high ground to be taken here.  Democrats have measures in place to fix this thing if they can.  If it’s close, those out in the local levels know if you can get one or two here or there, that’s what you do.  Republicans have the same measures in place.  Real politicians on the national level are very much aware of this.  It’s part of the game.  It’s like getting in a cheap shot in a pile-up on the football field.  Everybody does it, and everybody acts indignant if you ask them about it.  That’s the way the game is played.

So, Republicans are dismayed that their cherished political election process to come to this.  Truth is, it always does, or at least it does when it’s close enough to matter.  Most states are lopsided, so going out of your way to commit voter fraud is mostly useless.  But there are states where it gets close, and the local officials know what to do if the opportunity presents itself.

It has nothing to do with party.  They both do it.  But it should make you think a little harder about some of the lesser known things you vote for on the ballot.  You may think a person over election matters is pretty mundane, but that person can end up swinging an election if it gets close enough.  We saw it in 2000 for sure, and we are seeing in 2020 also.  Most elections it’s not worth mentioning or doing.  This time was different.  The fix was in, and the only way Donald Trump could overcome it was to have such a lead that the fix could not overcome it.  That did not happen this time.

Is it unfair?  You bet.  It may have been more unfair to the Donald than it ever has been.  Why?  The one-party two-party system strikes again.  Notice how Republicans were eager to say the election is pristine and Trump is crazy to question it.  That’s because this wasn’t rigged by Democrats.  This was rigged by the establishment.

Donald Trump hijacked the Republican Party in 2016.  Remember the early months.  The Republicans had a super-majority, but he couldn’t get anything done.  Republicans rejected Trump just as much as Democrats.  They changed this behavior as they began to realize their own tails were on the line.  With time, they rallied around the President, but not really.  Not with any real emotion.

You do what you have to do to win the game.

There were many Republicans that enjoyed this moment when Trump lost.  They know there was fraud.  They don’t care.  Leave it alone lest it come back to bite you next time.  Now they have Joe Biden as President shortly.  Joe Biden is the establishment.  He will not meet nowhere near the resistance that Trump received from his enemies, his own party, and the media.

Is it right?  That’s not for the CSC to decide.  But we’re just letting you know, voter fraud is real, it happens every time, and everyone in Washington knows about it.

The only one surprised is maybe Donald Trump.

He can fight it, but ultimately this is part of the game and the stranglehold of power, and when it all comes down, the establishment is going to win.  They always do, although they had to wait a little longer this time than they are accustomed to.

It will be a long time before either political party lets someone entertain the idea of hijacking them again.  They will make sure of it.  In the meantime, Donald Trump is looking at a couple of months as the lamest of ducks because even his own party is rejecting him.  His best bet is to start looking out for his own reputation and post-Presidency aspirations and leave the establishment to do what it does.  Only the American people can reject the establishment for real, and that day is still many years in the future if this election cycle is any indication.

Conspiracy Theories Abound as President Trump and First Lady Test Positive for COVID-19

With the 2020 election sprinting toward the finish line, many were wondering what this year’s “October surprise” might be.  Well, they didn’t have to wait long, because just one day into October, we have the news that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania have both tested positive for COVID-19.

This is Common Sense Conspiracy, and we are not a news site.  You can find out the who-what-when-where from any number of sites out there, from the mainstream media on down, so we aren’t going to waste our time talking about the circumstances leading up to this diagnosis.  We’re here to talk conspiracies, and as you may well imagine, they are running rampant right now in our circles.

There are three schools of thought here and we are going to take a look at each one.

They Were Infected on Purpose

Now bear with us, because this theory takes a winding road that you may not immediately expect.  The first thing you think is that somehow the Democratic Party was able to get Trump infected.  Why would this help them?  That’s an easy one.  It effectively grounds his campaign rallies and ground game in the critical final stretch of the election just around the corner.  It has been widely reported that Trump’s staff was using these rallies as a means to sign up newly interested voters, and they were signing them up at a dizzying rate.  With Trump no doubt planning a blitzkrieg of these rallies over the next few weeks, this deals a pretty substantial blow to the President’s campaign strategy.

How could the Democratic Party insure that Trump would be infected with coronavirus?  Easier than you might think.  After all, the Trump administration isn’t exactly known for rigorous protocols to protect against this sort of thing.  Since the current theory is that the President was infected by Hope Hicks, the strategy may have been to get her sick and then let nature take its course.  Donald Trump may be 74 years old, but he never missed an opportunity to be as close to Ms. Hicks as he could be, and there are numerous photos of him with his arm around her and the like.  You want to get Trump infected with COVID-19 for sure?  Get a pretty girl infected that is close to him and send her on her way to do the deed for you.

They Were Infected on Purpose (Part 2)

There’s a whole different side to this theory, however.  What if President Trump decided to get infected on purpose?  It sounds crazy at first, but think about it.  There’s a sympathy factor here.  Then, it could completely validate some of his outlandish theories about various therapeutics.  Imagine if Trump beats COVID-19 quickly with any of the remedies he has recommended in the past?  Believe it or not, there are benefits to Trump coming down with the virus at this juncture.  It’s probably not the most likely scenario, but it’s certainly possible.

A Convenient Coincidence

Yes, you can’t harp on the conspiracy theories without at least recognizing the possibility that it’s all nonsense and this all happened by coincidence.  Trump, surrounded by all of these people all the time, just happens to finally contract COVID-19 at this point in the campaign.  As earlier pointed out, Trump isn’t known for his precautions.  It’s certainly possible that the lax way he went about things has resulted in him now contracting the potentially deadly virus.

For those of us that prefer the conspiratorial side of things, there are still some questions to ask.  A lot will be made of when Trump’s people knew about Hope Hicks and what precautions were taken.  Trump still traveled to his fundraising event after apparently knowing that he may have been exposed.  One problem in the official account of things is timing.  After Hope Hicks’ diagnosis went mainstream, Trump was going to get tested, but there was significant gap in time between the test and the results.  Everyone has heard the bragging from Trump and everyone else involved with the administration about rapid testing that takes place constantly among the President’s staff.  Why did it take hours to find out that Trump and his wife were positive?  Or did they know in minutes but were planning how to handle the aftermath?  And was Hope Hicks’ diagnosis never supposed to go mainstream so Trump could just continue as normal, secretly knowing that he had COVID-19?

The possibilities are endless,  and  the speculation is only beginning this morning.  It will be a wild couple of weeks as more facts come to light and we see if either Trump or the First Lady show any severe symptoms.  Check back with us for more updates.  As always, we want to hear what you think in the comments below.


President Trump Confirms the Ultimate Conspiracy — Pentagon Fights Wars for Profit

President Donald Trump has had enough on his plate lately with the mainstream media pushing this story about him hurling random insults at deceased American soldiers.  It’s caught international headlines, and a lot of the rationale behind it revolves around Trump’s own nature.  The reality is you can imagine Donald Trump saying something like that, because this man will say near about anything.  But the lack of corroboration from any reputable source hurts.  It sounds like something he might say, but then again, not really.

Well, Trump has gone a step further on Labor Day, straining an already strained relationship with military leaders and the Pentagon even more by suggesting that he is not as popular with the leaders as he is with the troops because they like to fight endless wars and keep the people building weapons with plenty to do.

Everyone in the mainstream media was appalled.  Taken back.  How could the President of the United States say that?  Accuse the leaders of the United States military of that?  Insanity.

Or truth?

In conspiracy circles, such as the website you are reading from, we have long pushed forward the theory that wars are very important economically and will always be in play in some way or another.  While the mainstream media is waxing poetic about the craziness of the President making this unprecedented attack on the military, the reality is that the President just basically confirmed what we already knew all along.

War is rough.  It’s also extremely profitable.

As Trump clings to what may or may not be his last few months of being in the position that he stole somehow by anyone’s approximation, he is not just spewing lies or rhetoric.  He is also confirming long-held conspiracy theories by throwing us barbs of truth.

Isn’t that something?

Now, do you think outlets like CNN that have spent decades soiling anyone even pushing anything that doesn’t perfectly line up with the official narrative as a tin foil hat person will acknowledge that they are now mainstream conspiracy fodder?  Not to mention robbing good websites like Common Sense Conspiracy of our revenue because we can’t compete with the mainstream media machine that has millions of dollars pumped into it constantly.