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Alabama Football Player Posts Instagram Photo With Wads of Cash

Well, there is always an ongoing controversy regarding NCAA football. Allegations of paid players run rampant each season, and we all remember circumstances like the infamous Cam Newton scandal during Auburn’s improbably 2010 national championship run. As the University of Alabama enjoys remarkable success and now embarks on the chance of making history with a “3-Peat” (three consecutive national championships), it is only natural that they are being scrutinized more than perhaps any other institution. That’s why it certainly doesn’t help if one of the players decides to Instagram a photo of him and his friends holding wads of cash.

Freshman Dee Liner was already the source of plenty of controversy before this. He originally signed on with Alabama’s bitter rival, Auburn, and then pulled a 180 and went to Alabama. Now, a lot of Alabama fans might be wishing he had just stayed on the other side of the state. In any case, here is the controversial photo that has many questioning the University of Alabama’s recruiting tactics…

It is unclear at this time where Dee and his “n**gaz” got the money in the Instagram photographs, but they certainly seem to want to share it with the world.

In other news, we are almost certain that Nick Saban is in the Illuminati. More on that later…

Facebook COO Just Misses Asiana Plane Crash in San Francisco — Last Second Switch or Conspiracy?

So far, there hadn’t been too much conspiracy talk about the Boeing 777 that crashed on the San Francisco International Airport runway this afternoon.  Two people are confirmed to have died in the crash, which is tragic, but considering there were almost 300 on board, it is a miracle that it didn’t turn out worse than it did.  For that, we can all be thankful.  The cause of the crash is still unknown for now, but a new detail has arisen that is bound to get conspiracy theorists everywhere buzzing.

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg was all set to take the Asiana aircraft that eventually crashed.  Her and some family members and colleagues were returning to the United States.  The official story is that Sandberg decided at the last minute to switch their flight to United in order to use some frequent flyer miles she had racked up for her family.  Sandberg posted a status to Facebook about her close call, but already, fingers are being pointed on conspiracy forums.

Could it be coincidence?  Certainly.  First, we should point out that even if these is a conspiracy angle to this seemingly random event, there is no guarantee that Sandberg would have been injured or killed if she had been on the Asiana flight.  As a matter of fact, it seems much more likely that her and her family and friends would have come through the incident unscathed.  Percentages were in their favor.  It would be interesting to know where their seats were, and specifically, where Sheryl Sandberg would have been sitting had she taken the original flight.  This will be next to impossible to find out, but it sure would be telling if one of the two people killed in this tragedy happened to have picked up Sheryl Sandberg’s would-be seat in the closing moments before takeoff.

So, quirky coincidence that makes for a great story?  Or was Sandberg tipped off at the last second that something horrible was about to happen?  There will be plenty of debate about this situation, and we want to hear your ideas.  Here’s the post from Ms. Sandberg:


Taylor Swift and the Number Thirteen — Born and Bred for the Illuminati?

Taylor Swift, America’s darling, may seem like an unusual choice for an occult organization like the Illuminati.  However, there are many in conspiracy circles that believe she is indeed affiliated with them, and they are at least

Coincidence? Or Graduation?

partially responsible for her unbelievable ascent to superstardom.  However, those that are not inclined to believe such things may point out some differences between Taylor Swift and some of the more traditional figures that are accused of Illuminati ties.  After all, it’s a lot easier to stomach artists like Lady Gaga and Rihanna being a part of something like this, but sweet little Taylor Swift?  Her songs are bubble gum pop with positive messages, with videos where she doesn’t include a lot of symbolism.  She even keeps her clothes on.  Yet, all of these things actually make her even more of a desirable target.  The bottom line in the Illuminati is that they are using popular figures to influence people and spread their message.  That’s the concept anyway.  And, while the Lady Gaga’s of the world achieve this influence by being shocking, over-the-top, and controversial, Taylor accomplishes the same by acting just the opposite.

In some ways, Taylor’s demeanor actually gives her a greater influence then any of the other figures.  Think about it.  While Lady Gaga and Rihanna certainly make a splash, many parents probably try to steer their children away from this sort of thing (and with good reason).  Of course, that usually just makes kids want to find out what the fuss is all about all the more, but Taylor Swift is a healthy alternative for parents to push on their kids.  She conducts herself in a way that makes her a good role model.  This means that her sphere of influence can grow so much farther than the others, and that is why the Illuminati may very well perceive her as their most important member, at least where popular music icons are concerned.  But still, what has Taylor Swift ever done to further something like the Illuminati?  Well, you might be surprised if you look into her history.

Taylor Swift is obsessed with the number thirteen.  Most people consider it to be unlucky, but the Illuminati treasure the number.  After all, the Law of 13 and the 13 Illuminati bloodlines is really the foundation the longest standing secret society ever was built on.  Taylor is not the type of person to pick a number with such a bad connotation attached to it for attention or just to be different.  However, her obsession with 13 goes back all the way to her birth.

Born on December 13, 1989, Taylor Swift came into the world on yes, Friday the 13th.  It has always been her favorite number.  If you look back into her past, anytime she took part in anything with a chosen number (such as softball and what have you) she chose thirteen.  There are even numerous photos taken by fans of live performances where she has “13” written on her hand with a marker.  She doesn’t do it so she’ll remember it.  She does it so thousands we’ll see it and wonder what it means.  Her blockbuster debut album “Fearless” featured exactly thirteen tracks, while most albums released these days stop around ten or eleven.  It has been rumored that she was thinking seriously about getting the number tattooed on her body somewhere, although she might keep it secret in the fear of ruining her wholesome image.  Or perhaps she will start in a new direction, shedding her girl-next-door image like so many young popular artists do.

When Taylor started her official Twitter account, she could have simply gotten TaylorSwift.  After all, Twitter verifies accounts of celebrities and famous people, so it isn’t like she has to search for a name that is not taken like the rest of us.  She chose TaylorSwift13 instead.  Just another creepy incidence of the infamous unlucky number in her life.  Her first blockbuster song, “Teardrops on My Guitar” shot up the charts quickly, instantly propelling her into fame.  However, it stalled out at the 13th spot.  Her first number one song reached the spot in week thirteen.  Taylor has said in interviews that every single time she has won an award, she was sitting in a seat somehow associated with thirteen, such as the row or seat.  On September 13, 2009, she won one of those, the now infamous one where Kanye  West interrupted her speech.  Many in the conspiracy world say this was actually her Illuminati initiation.  Apparently, being humiliated publicly and how you handle it is something they look for.  Also, when she received the award, she was wearing a silver dress.  Beyonce was wearing a red dress, a recurring theme in Illuminati symbolism and imagery.  When Taylor Swift was brought back on stage by Beyonce later to finish her speech, she had turned into a dress the same shade as Beyonce’s.

If all that isn’t enough to sponsor some intrigue, Taylor even held a special meet-and-greet session for her fans at the conclusion of her monstrously successful world tour.  She took photos and signed autographs for exactly thirteen hours.

So, there’s the facts.  What do you think?  Is Taylor Swift obsessed with the 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati?  Or did she just pick an unusual favorite number?

Obama Is Eligible to be a Candidate on Georgia Presidential Ballot, Says Georgia Judge Mahili

After allowing the proceedings to go this far, Georgia state law judge Michael Mahili used a 10-page order to dismiss the only remaining challenge of President Obama being eligible for candidacy for President in 2012 on Georgia ballots.  A challenge sought to exclude Obama based on the concepts that he had a computer-generated Hawaiian birth certificate, a Social Security number that was fraudulent, and identification papers that were insufficient to prove that he was a natural-born citizen of the United States.  Another challenge claimed that the sitting President was ineligible to be a candidate because his natural father was not a United States citizen when Obama was born.  This challenge was also denied.  Mahili states that he found the evidence “insufficient to support plaintiffs’ allegations.”

Now, the Malihi verdict will be passed on to Secretary of State in Georgia, Brian Kemp, who will determine whether the ruling will stand.  However, there is little hope for the “birthers.”  Kemp will almost definitely uphold the rulings of Judge Mahili.

Silent is the matter of President Obama being required to appear in court.  Mahili did address this in his order, expressing his displeasure with the fact that not even the President’s lawyer attended the hearing.

“By deciding the matter on the merits, the court in no way condones the conduct or legal scholarship of defendant’s attorney, Mr. Jablonski.”

So, it appears that by all appearances the “birther” movement is dead.  Barack Obama is a legal citizen, always was, and should encounter no opposition to his being such.

And if, you, an average citizen, are subpoenaed to court and decide not to appear, you certainly should not have a warrant sworn out for your arrest as well.


Has Global Warming Killed the Concept of a White Christmas?

Game over, buddy...

Our good friends over at Four Green Steps weighed in on your chances of having a White Christmas this year, or any year for that matter.  According to their figures, which are completely uncorroborated by factual sources (imagine that?), the chances of waking up to a white Christmas has consistently been on the decline for 50 years now in the northern hemisphere.  FGS says that obviously this is due to climate change.  They also go on to say that this will continue for the latter half of this century we’re in (no word on what happens from now until the latter half), according to “researchers and meteorologists around the world.”  That’s right.  Every one of them agrees that in the latter half of this century, the decline will continue.

The article goes on to point out that young people are jittery about this as the holiday tradition of dreaming of a white Christmas may soon be a pipe dream in the latter half of this century.

Dream a little harder, FGS says, because a white Christmas is about to be a thing of the past.

Start living green.  Stop the pollution.  Stop harming our Earth.  Make a change so that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren can have a chance at a white Christmas one day.

Most of all, keep visiting FGS and reading about it, filling their pocketbooks.

Now that’s the real green routine…green dollars.

Mayan Calendar Ends in 2011, Not 2012 — Incidentally Today

Interesting day here at Common Sense Conspiracy with two of the most prevalent conspiracy theories around engaging in a mash-up.  This video features an interview with Dr. Carl Calleman, the “expert” on the Mayan calendar.  Don’t worry, in a future article we will disect Dr. Calleman fully to see what he’s all about as we have done with other so-called experts in the past.  In any case, he holds that the Mayan calendar actually ends, well today, as it turns out.  A “miscalculation” has led to the common idea that the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, but the good doctor says it actually ends, well right now.  Another popular theory about the comet Elenin also falls today… this is the day when the comet reaches its closest point to Earth.  There is already speculation that Elenin has caused an earthquake in Peru.

The fun thing about this theory of Dr. Calleman is we’re going to know real quick whether there’s anything to it.  So far, there’s no reason to think the world won’t be here tomorrow, but I’m thinking of calling in to work anyway just for the hell of it.

Stay safe people!