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New Retailer Plans for Coronavirus — Helping the Elderly or Targeting the Elderly?

Several retailers are now employing a new tactic in the retail onslaught that is happening because of widespread panic relating to the COVID-19 coronavirus that is sweeping the globe. Conventional wisdom from the results of the virus so far indicate that elderly citizens are much more susceptible not just to contracting the virus but actually being killed by it. So, there has been a lot of communication about keeping these most vulnerable citizens isolated and minimize their chances of exposure.

Despite this conventional wisdom, retailers are now scheduling special times where they only allow senior citizens in the store. While it seems on the surface to be an action with the best of intentions, some enterprising conspiracy theorists are asking questions. Is it wise to invite a herd of senior citizens into a place where everyone that works there has been in constant contact with the overwhelming majority of the general public or hours upon hours over the last several days?

That’s sinister. It’s far-fetched. Why would they want to do that?

And yet here we are. And instead of people questioning their motives, they are receiving accolades from everyone for how caring and considerate they are being.

What do you think? Is this a helpful idea? Or is this putting the most vulnerable at risk?

Also, why not pitch better ideas like grocery delivery to the elderly where they wouldn’t be at risk at all? You could shut down your store for a couple of hours and use the employees to provide a service that might actually help stop the spread of the virus.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Coronavirus Right on Time for Big Tobacco and Company — Coincidence?

Major news outlets are reporting a very interesting story about how it turns out that good old tobacco actually is instrumental in finding a way to stop the coronavirus outbreak that so far has killed over a thousand people in China.

It’s not completely new information.  There are stories about tobacco being beneficial in developing vaccines for the flu in other years, but this one is really right on time for tobacco companies.  Right on the heels of sweeping legislation that raised the age to legally purchase tobacco products from nineteen to twenty-one in the United States, this could be just the feel-good moment that Big Tobacco needs to get a little positivity going in the mainstream media and in their bank accounts.

Out there in the conspiracy world, there are whispers that maybe these two convenient events are connected.  Could Big Tobacco somehow be in league with pharmaceutical industries to manufacture a crisis like this just so they can be the hero to step in and save the day?

Honestly, there is little evidence to support such a farfetched theory.  It’s true.  We need a little more to go on than that.  Having said that, before you dismiss any and all conspiracy theories about this, think about the history of tobacco in America.  It’s certainly not outside the moral compass of Big Tobacco to do such a thing, that’s for sure.  What do you think?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Clinton Body Bags Gain a New Victim — Jeffrey Epstein Suicide Obvious Conspiracy

Sometimes the conspiracies are in the shadows.  And sometimes something happens that even the most skeptical have to be like “Yeah, well that’s obviously a conspiracy.”

Ever since he was locked up, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was a marked man.  This isn’t something that was talked about on chat forums on the Dark Web.  This was openly discussed on the television and radio in the mainstream media, the same mainstream media that frequently dismisses “conspiracy theorists” as lunatics.

Everyone knew it was only a matter of time before Epstein ended up dead, and being in jail may make it a little harder, but the powerful people that he had dirt on would not be stopped.  It’s so blatant, and kind of desperate.  Remember, Epstein was on suicide watch.  How does someone commit suicide while on suicide watch?  They say that it was by hanging too.  Kind of an elaborate thing to go down.

There will be no tapes or evidence.  There will be no statement as to how someone suicide watch comes to commit suicide.  The Clintons will issue a joint statement about how sad this is but maybe it will bring some degree of closure to Epstein’s victims.  We are talking about a guy that shared plane rides with both our current President as well as former President Bill Clinton.  And while those are the most high profile people he was connected to by a long shot, the list goes on and on.  Epstein had to go, and he had to go fast.  Only Ruby killing Lee Harvey Oswald was a more frantic example of someone having to be eliminated before they said too much.

So the next time you see the Clinton Body Bags come up on Truth or Fiction or Snopes as a silly conspiracy theory, remember this moment.  Sometimes it is what it is, and this story is see-through as any thing we’ve ever seen.

If You are Reading This, You are a Domestic Terrorist

Anyone that reads Common Sense Conspiracy on a regular basis knows that this site frequently dismisses conspiracy theories that have no evidence or basis in reality, while uncovering facts about other theories that do have a reason to be taken seriously.  So, you can bet that we certainly recognize some conspiracy theories out there was being pretty wild and disputable.  However, a very troubling release of information from the FBI this past week shows that, as we have explained many times, fringe theories get the rest labeled as bonkers too.

The FBI has been tasked with releasing more information about how it investigates and identifies domestic terrorist suspects.  You’ll never guess how they do it.  They watch conspiracy websites like this one.  People that believe in “fringe” conspiracy theories are on a watchlist for being possible domestic terrorists.

Now, some of the conspiracy theories mentioned specifically by the FBI are pretty out there.  However, they also put their finger on people that believe in the deep-state.  While their are degrees and different theories, we here at the CSC certainly believe in the deep-state.  As a matter of fact, that’s not really a conspiracy theory as much as proven fact.  Well, if you believe in the deep-state, you basically have been labeled as a domestic terrorist by the FBI.

It doesn’t mean just because you visit our site your door is going to get kicked in, but it’s troubling to think of where this might lead.  And it brings up more questions.  After all, the mainstream media now peddles more conspiracy theories than Alex Jones or we could ever come up with, and yet they are not considered in this light.

What do you think?  Is it fair to paint all conspiracy theorists with a broad brush?  Will this lead to danger in the future for anyone that questions the government or the official account of things?  Stay tuned.

Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Leaves Questions — Intentional Arson?

It was quite a sight to see around the world as the famed Notre Dame Cathedral burned into beautiful French skies Monday.  The fire was massive and the smoke brought back memories of the fateful scene on September 11, 2001 in New York and Washington.

Authorities have insisted that this is an accident and there is no terror or conspiracy to speak of.  We don’t have enough facts yet here at the CSC to make a determination, but we will point out some interesting things that everyone should be aware of.

The most notable thing is that if you get on YouTube right now, you would expect there to be hundreds if not thousands of tourist/local videos posted of the cathedral burning.  Instead you will find absolutely zero.  All you will find is links to “breaking news” sites that will recycle the same images over and over again as they repeat the same story for hours on end.  That story is the story of the government establishment.

There are no amateur videos.  Can you imagine such a sight as this and no one reached for their cell phone or video camera?  It makes one wonder.  Those videos are out there, no doubt, but for some reason the media and YouTube are purposely blocking them.

Why could that be?

Could it be that this an accident and nothing more?  Sure, but something as high-profile as this deserves more investigation.  It will be interesting to see what we find out as more information becomes available.

Live Birth Abortion is On the Table — America Enters New Stage of Radicalization

The debate about abortion is something that frequently makes the rounds in American politics.  Despite being basically decided in the 1970s in Roe vs Wade, not a Presidential election goes by that abortion doesn’t somehow find its way into being a viable political issue.

Common Sense Conspiracy has always been of the opinion that this was an issue that was only opened up to divide America.  Much like gay marriage now, there really shouldn’t be a reason for this to be an issue anymore.  The bottom line is that it has been decided by the Supreme Court and it no longer should matter what any political candidate in any phase of government thinks.  It was our judgment of the situation, and it was sound based on the facts.

Well, yowzers… the game is changing.  The abortion debate is changing before our eyes, and it is going to places we would never have imagined.

The concept that legalizing abortion after birth would even be discussed would seem so foreign a few years ago that it would be a punchline or a sarcastic comeback (why not just raise the abortion date to 5 years old wink wink?).  Here we are though.  This is being thrown out there as a real thing now, and it’s not getting politicians laughed off of the stage.

We are witnessing a new radicalization in the Democratic Party that is a real gamechanger.  This isn’t just about division for the purpose of control anymore.  This goes to the next level.

Is America really that radical?  Are we celebrating live birth abortions now?  Is the left and the right, who we at Common Sense Conspiracy preach and preach are one and the same, splintering before our eyes?

Will killing live babies spark a new civil war?

We don’t know the answers, so we’re asking for your help.  Start the discussion in the comments below.

The How hard did aging hit you challenge conspiracy — photo update time?

Anytime there is a viral anything on the Internet, we here at Common Sense Conspiracy can expect a few emails or messages about whether there is some sort of conspiracy involved. After all, people in conspiracy circles can be a tad bit paranoid at times, and when they see almost everyone biting on something hard, they start to wonder just what it all means in the big picture.

There have been dozens of these over the years. Remember the cinnamon challenge? The ice bucket challenge? That weird dress where everyone just had to let you know what color they see it as. Yes, the list goes on and on. For 2019, we are starting out with something called “The How Hard Did Aging Hit You Challenge.”

It’s catching fire on social media as we speak, and no doubt within hours, you are going to see tons of friends, co-workers and relatives taking to Facebook or their social media drug of choice to post before-and-after style pictures of them several years ago versus now. Like most of these challenges, you can look high and low, but you will never figure out just where this started. Viral things on the Internet are almost always like that. It just takes off and no one really knows whose brainchild they are partaking in. So, many of our loyal readers suggest that maybe it all starts with your favorite uncle — Uncle Sam. That’s right, a lot of people think the How Hard Did Aging Hit You Challenge may have been sanctioned by the government.

But why? What possibly could be the reason for the government to want to start a movement like this? That’s an easy one. See, facial recognition is all the rage in the cyber-security world these days. Turn on any of your favorite CSI-style shows and you’ll see FBI or other agencies using cameras everywhere to scan faces and see who is going where in seconds.

The real world is not as easy. Yes, they have the technology. We know that just by looking around. Facebook has long identified faces and put them with names, albeit with help from their amazing base of users. No doubt the NSA, FBI, and CIA are using facial recognition more and more as the years go by. However, did you ever think about how these databases get populated?

Driver license photographs and mugshots when someone finds themselves on the wrong side of the law are a big chunk of it, no doubt. These standard kind of photographs don’t work that well for facial recognition though. How many times out in the subway are you posing exactly like your driver license picture, or worse yet, your mugshot from a night that turned wrong? We’re guessing not that many. And these don’t get updated for years at a time if they get updated at all.

So, how do you keep a vast database for facial recognition updated all the time? You scour places where people like to put pictures of themselves. Over and over again. Over periods of years. You scour Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, the web for blog pages, high school yearbooks, you name it. The selfie movement helped the government out big time, but how could you make it catch fire again and get everyone to willingly provide you with some pictures showing how they have aged over the years? They even enjoy it. They laugh about it and pass it around to their friends and family.

Is the How Hard Did Aging Hit You Challenge a massive conspiracy? We can’t know for sure. Think about this though. Even if the government had absolutely nothing to do with this viral challenge and it was all the brainchild of someone completely innocent who just thought it was interesting to get people to post pictures of themselves in the past and now, can you imagine for one second that someone in the government hasn’t at the very least thought this a fortuitous turn of events?

It may not be a conspiracy and it may be. The outcome is the same. There is a 100% chance that the government is watching this challenge and using it to increase the accuracy of its facial recognition software. Will you be a willing participant or will you resist the viral movement?