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Freemasons Worship Lucifer

This fits in our silly and offbeat category because both sides of the video are outrageously ridiculous.  First of all, there is no proof that this man is a Freemason, except the fact that he carries a funny hat.  And throw in the fact that he seems like he barely understands what is being asked of him.  These are the kind of videos that give conspiracy theorists the world over a bad name.  These guys put this kind of garbage up as “proof” of something, when in fact it proves absolutely nothing except this old man is at least half off his rocker.  The fact that the interviewer would feel that this was some type of damning evidence that must be shared with the world puts this firmly under Common Sense Conspiracy’s patented Bullshit Alert.  See for yourself…


Woman Sues New York City for $900 Trillion

The actual court document from The Smoking Gun website that publishes things like this on a regular basis.

The national debt sits at an insurmountable $15 trillion, but that didn’t stop a Staten Island woman from suing New York City for $900 trillion dollars for the trauma she endured after her children were taken from her custody and placed in foster care back in 2008.  According to court papers, Fausat Ogunbayo, the 46-year-old single mother of two, suffers from an undisclosed mental illness and refused to use medication to treat it.  For this reason, her children, 12 and 10 at the time, were removed from her custody and relocated to Queens with a foster family.  Miss Ogunbayo had hallucinations and left her young children at home for hours by themselves.

There may have been a little paranoia involved too.  Miss Ogunbayo told her doctors that her children’s skin was darkening daily because of radiation (she didn’t specify the radiation source), and the FBI was out to get her and her children.  She is also her own counsel in court, promising for some very entertaining hearings in the upcoming legal saga.

For the record, in civil cases such as these, any amount can be requested in a lawsuit.  Obviously the outlandish amount of $900 trillion is beyond ridiculous, but perhaps she wants to send a resounding message to the world about the mistreatment she allegedly received.  After all, if she had sued the city for a more reasonable amount, the story surely would not have made international news.  Maybe it’s a calculated move, drawing attention to her situation.

Or, then again, maybe she’s just crazy.

Ford Requests for Chevy to Pull Super Bowl Ad from Airwaves

Ford is pissed. After a Super Bowl commercial that suggested that the Chevrolet Silverado pickup could survive an apocalypse such as suggested by the Mayan prophecies, Ford has had enough. The commercial was fairly explicit, with friends meeting up after the “apocalypse” and noticing that one friend was missing. Unfortunately, that one drove a Ford. So he was not able to survive the apocalypse.
Who will win out? There’s no doubt this will end up in a courtroom somewhere in America. In the meantime, who thinks it’s even more interesting that these companies are so interested in the potential 2012 apocalypse?
If you’re interested in what the fuss is about, you can view the Chevy 2012 Mayan Apocalypse video here.

No Fears about Flushing the Toilet During Super Bowl — Urban Legend

As America settles in to enjoy Super Bowl XLVI, a yearly warning is circulating on the Internet warning people to be careful about using the bathroom during the Super Bowl’s halftime period.  This annual urban legend’s origins can be traced back to 1984 when a water main broke in Salt Lake City, Utah during the Super Bowl’s halftime.  The concept is that so many people (110 million people estimated) will be watching the big game that at halftime, when everyone heads to the bathroom in rapid succession while the game is breaking, municipal sewer systems simply cannot handle the load.

The verdict?  Roto Rooter actually went on record guaranteeing that there is no truth to this rumor.  The water main that broke in Utah in 1984 was not related to the demand on the sewer system at the time, and there has never been a problem during any Super Bowl with sewer systems due to the increased output.  So, flush away and enjoy the game.

McDonald’s Pink Slime: You Want Fries With That?

No, that's not a strawberry ice cream cone, soft-serve. That's a McDonald's Quarter Pounder waiting to happen.

Great news, fast food fiends.  McDonald’s, the absolute face of the fast food industry, announced last week that we can all rest a little easier because ever since last August, they stopped using “pink slime” as an ingredient in their hamburger “beef.”  Okay, so if you’re like us at Common Sense Conspiracy, your first reaction is why were they using pink slime to begin with.  Well, the answer is easy.  Ammonium hydroxide is a chemical used in fertilizers, household cleaners, and oh yeah, McDonald’s Big Macs.  The good news is that McDonald’s, no doubt under pressure, has discontinued its use of this chemical, which looks as it is affectionately called like “pink slime”.  The bad news is that ammonium hydroxide is as commonplace in the food industry as a whole as butter in a Paula Deen recipe.

Ammonium hydroxide is an anti-microbial agent that helps food manufacturers use meat that would otherwise be on the scrap pile.  It is so great for this, that meat that would otherwise be resigned to dog food can be magically treated and served to Americans and people worldwide.  This “inedible meat,” as the industry refers to it, saves them tons of cash because they are able to use every last little bit by treating it with a chemical also prominently used in explosives.  If you’re wondering how you can tell if what you are eating contains ammonium hydroxide, well, keep wondering.  You can’t.  However, if you see anything about “mechanically separated meat” or “meat product,” chances are the pink slime was involved.

Food personality Jamie Oliver famously took the industry to task for using ammonium hydroxide publicly long before McDonald’s sprung into action.  Oliver is on a bit of a crusade against this, and has said that the fact that they take meat that would otherwise be relegated to dog food and make it “fit” for humans offends him deeply.  This exposure probably had a lot to do with the McDonald’s change, but the fact is that there are a myriad of companies out there using this chemical in their food.  And they don’t have to tell you.  The USDA says that chemicals that are a “component in a production procedure” don’t have to be listed in the ingredients.  That’s why you never heard of ammonium hydroxide before now.

The bad news is that this chemical is almost impossible to avoid unless you cook all of your meals at home.  Any fast food or canned or frozen good that involves animal byproducts of any sort has probably been treated with the pink slime.  That, my friends, is the price you pay for convenience.