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False flag alert: 20th anniversary of 9/11 is full of potential

It’s coming up and we can’t believe it either. Common Sense Conspiracy actually launched just ahead of the tenth anniversary of 9/11, and now, another ten years down and millions of readers later, we are reporting on this once again. The CSC takes the false flag alert seriously. We don’t just throw this around lightly. The reality is that never in our history has their been a greater chance of a false flag event.

Why? Because never in our history has there been more of a chance of a real terrorist event. It’s twenty years out from 9/11. We have just witnessed a lackadaisical withdrawal from Afghanistan that left America a joke. We know between the Taliban, ISIS remnants, and good ole Al Qaida that there are plenty of enemies that would also enjoy commemorating this sacred date. And that means even more possibilities for a false flag.

It just makes sense. We are supposedly withdrawing from a twenty year war, but does that really make sense? Does America’s reasons for invading Afghanistan in the first place jive with you? Did we go to get the terrorists or just need a really good excuse to be permanently involved in opioids and oil?

A false flag operation could send us right back in there. There are people at the highest levels of government that probably want that. It comes at a time when no one would blink an eye in believing that we were attacked again.

What do you think? Now it is incredibly likely that no such false flag occurs. We know that. But like a tornado watch, we are just putting it out there. If there was a way to predict a false flag, this would be it. In the meantime, stay safe and we want to hear what you think in the comments below.

Khashoggi Crisis Highlights Years of Conspiracy Theories About Saudi Arabia

The apparent murder of the 59-year-old journalist (and harsh critic of the policies of Saudi Arabia) Khashoggi has caused quite a stir this past couple of weeks.  Now, President Donald Trump is calling this a cover-up.  The United States is proclaiming that those responsible will be punished, and it is openly questioning the official account of things by the Saudis, which is that the journalist was murdered in a Saudi Arabia consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

Saudi Arabia is a longtime ally of the United States in an area of the world not known for allies of the United States.

Further clouding the situation is a slowly revealed narrative that shows that this was no chance happening, but a premeditated plot to savagely murder a person.  The motive, most believe, is just to silence someone who frequently and provocatively spoke out against the Saudi Arabian government.  Now, a fragile dance is going on between Donald Trump and the Saudi prince as they try to look tough on the international scene while attempting to preserve an alliance that has stood the test of time.  Yet, America’s relationship with Saudi Arabia is frequently the target of conspiracy theories.  Let’s have a look.

Saudi Arabia and 9/11

On September 11, 2001, we all know what happened.  It would lead to the wars in Afghanistan and eventually Iraq.  Yet, Saudis were proven to be a major part of the plot, not just in terms of being on the planes, but in terms of the Saudi Arabian government financing parts of the operation.  It is well known in conspiracy circles that the Saudi prince and a collection of other notable Saudi figures were actually with President Bush just mere hours before the attacks happened.

Conspiracy theories about the Saudis involvement in 9/11 are all over the place, and there is not a lot to discredit them.  As a matter of fact, multiple news outlets publicly reported that Saudi Arabia had been proven to have financed a “dry run” before 9/11.  The concept was that Saudi Arabia footed the bill to allow a couple of nationals to try to test out their theories on how to get around American airline security protocols.  This led to the real deal on September 11 that would change the world and kill thousands.

Saudi Arabia and The Oil War

No doubt the abundance of oil Saudi Arabia is sitting on is a big reason America plays nice.

Oil is the most valuable resource on Earth today, and the Saudis have unbelievable stockpiles of it.  It has long been suspected that this is one of the only reasons that the United States continues to play nice with Saudi Arabia despite numerous acts of hostility believe to be perpetrated by the oil-rich country.   It has also long been suspected that Saudi Arabia squeezes the United States at times by arbitrarily raising or lowering the cost of crude oil.

Saudi Arabia was virtually untouched by the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, and has enjoyed even more wealth and success through its relationship with the United States, especially in the wake of more drama for Iran.  Most American Presidents give the Saudis a really big pass because of oil, and 9/11 was probably the most sensational example of this.

Will This Alliance Survive Khashoggi?

It’s the question on everyone’s mind.  Will Donald Trump cross the line and say something that sparks an end to the alliance that has been so fruitful for both parties over the years?  And was Saudi Arabia really an ally to the United States in the first place?

Happier times for Trump and the Saudi prince.

The answer is only by necessity and by getting something out of it.  There is no question that Saudi Arabia is not supportive of the United States any more than any other Muslim country in the Middle East.  However, the Saudi family of royalty forged this friendship over the years because of mutual benefit.  It has protected the ruling family as other regimes in the same area of the world have fallen.  Many of those were at least in part because of the United States.  From the Muslim perspective, Saudi Arabia made friends with America, the bully, and then used its economic prosperity to influence it.

Ultimately, it is unlikely that much will come of this.  Much like Donald Trump’s spirited exchanges with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, this will probably be a war of words with no real direction.  If there’s one thing that Trump understands, it’s money, and he will not jeopardize the fruitful economic situation that an alliance with Saudi Arabia offers.  Despite his insistence that America is involved in bad trade deals all over the world, even Trump will find little wrong with the economic ties to Saudi Arabia.  He certainly won’t be willing to give up the cash and the alliance over one journalist.

This will blow over, and if anything, it may very well strengthen the ties between the Saudi Arabia royal family and the United States.  The worst repercussions to be felt right now, as usual, will fall on the common man.  Expect some jerking around of crude oil prices as the war of words continues.  In the end, though, the anti-Trump media in America is probably going to make a much bigger deal of this than anyone else.  This may very well become the Democratic Party’s “Benghazi” battle cry over the coming midterms and eventual 2020 Presidential Election.  Investigations will be performed, but little will be found.  In the end, Khashoggi is gone, and the world will march on.  The conspiracy world will too.

Video of “Overheated” Hillary Clinton Leaving 9/11 Ceremony Reveals Something is Very Wrong With Her Health

Conspiracy theories is what she called it repeatedly.  Hillary Clinton has frequently said that her health is excellent, and any reports to the contrary are probably fabrications by political opponents.  The only problem with that statement is that today, it all went down in flames.

At the ceremony in New York for the fifteenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Hillary Clinton was reported as leaving early due to being “overheated.”  Never mind the temperature was a comfortable 78 degrees at the time, with low humidity.  There are plenty of people all over America that would call that a gorgeous, pleasant day.  Her campaign reported that she went to her daughter’s apartment and was feeling fine now.  Unfortunately for Clinton, videos are surfacing online showing her getting into a waiting van.  It’s actually quite disturbing.  This is not someone who is dehydrated or feeling a little weak.  She clearly has trouble walking, stumbling, and looking like she might even be having a seizure.  She is quickly helped into the van and whisked away, but not before it was all caught on video.  The video is below and is quickly becoming viral as people tune in to the news cycle on a somber Sunday morning dedicated to remembering such a tragic day in American history.

Hillary is clearly not okay.  There is no conspiracy except the one she, her doctors, and the people around her are perpetuating.  Something is not right with her health, and she is trying hard to keep it a secret.  Unfortunately for her, in this day and age where everyone has a high-quality recording device in their pocket, it’s going to get harder and harder to maintain the confidentiality of her condition.  Imagine if something like this happens at one of the debates.  This was not a matter of it being too hot.  This is what many would call room temperature.  She was not running a marathon.  She was standing around at a ceremony.

There is a conspiracy, but it’s not quite how everyone thought in the beginning.


Maybe We All Need to Sit Down for the National Anthem

Okay, so everyone is in an uproar about Colin Kaepernick’s apparent social protest movement that is sweeping the nation. He didn’t get up for the National Anthem, and then blamed it on his disdain for

Has anyone considered that Kaepernick just had his earbuds in?
Has anyone considered that Kaepernick just had his earbuds in?

America, a country that oppresses black people. Now, we have a theory that he probably just had his earbuds in and missed it and came up with this as a clever excuse for being disrespectful, but that’s beside the point right now. Now the ante has been upped, because the first big slate of NFL football games happens to coincide with the fifteenth anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks on New York City and Washington. Now, the Seattle Seahawks are threatening to stage a whole-team protest of their own on a day where a lot of people think the National Anthem is particularly poignant. There’s your update on the situation.
Now, kind of needless to say, how you feel about Kaepernick’s peaceful protest is divided quite distinctly down racial lines. That’s not saying that every white person out there is against it, but in general, that’s how it goes. We at Common Sense Conspiracy have been thinking about things, and we think that maybe all Americans should join the protest.
As we barrel toward a Presidential election with two of the most corrupt, morally-bankrupt individuals to ever be on the ballot, maybe white people and black people alike have a reason to turn their back on patriotism for a moment and ask what in the world is going on here? The mainstream media, a puppet for the United States’ shadow government, has been working overtime the last eight years to divide Americans in every way possible. Think about all the ways they divide people that in most cases, fundamentally get

Everyone is having an identity crisis right now.
Everyone is having an identity crisis right now.

along just fine until the government reminds us that we’re supposed to hate each other. Think about climate change, religion, political affiliations, and race. Think about the division between the poor and rich, and the polarization of the two as the middle class declines. Then, last of all, think about an election where everything is turned on its head. Conservatives have the most liberal candidate probably in their history, though they don’t seem to understand or realize it. Liberals are trying to elect a candidate that wreaks of Wall Street and big business, the very thing they rail against Republicans for. And everyone misses the point that it’s all really the same thing. To the powers-that-be, a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton Presidency is virtually identical. They couldn’t be less worried about it.
Yes, a lot of the respect that goes to the National Anthem revolves around the soldiers that have fought and lost their lives for this country. It’s true. But many veterans are actually siding with Kaepernick, saying that whether or not they agree with his message, they appreciate the right for him to express it. Others feel he is being intensely disrespectful to the military and just the nation in general. In any case, we at Common Sense Conspiracy don’t really think that everyone should turn their back on the National Anthem just yet, but the point of this article was that this is just another example of the media and government making sure we stay bitterly divided. Meanwhile, the other hand is busy, just there outside of our line of sight, and you don’t want to know what it is doing.

Boys in the Girls’ Room? Transgender Debate Conceals Something Much More Sinister

It’s a classic case of “while you were sleeping.” America is embroiled in a debate that can only be described as senseless. And that doesn’t even depend on which side of the issue you fall. That issue is, of course, whether people, specifically transgenders, should use the restroom associated with their physical sex or the one they identify with in their minds. The progressive side says they should be able to use whichever restroom they like. The conservative side says why can’t we just keep going with the penises in this room and vaginas in this room. It did seem to be a pretty efficient system for centuries, but once again, what difference does it make?

They know how to push Americans' buttons.
They know how to push Americans’ buttons.

Of course, we are seeing extremes in the debate. Conservatives claim child molesters and hormone-crazed teenagers will use transgender rights as an excuse to gain access to the other bathroom to commit atrocities. Progressives claim that transgenders will somehow be maimed emotionally by having to go in a bathroom that doesn’t suit them. In the meantime, American everywhere on both sides of the issue are mad, angry, and tired of the other side pushing a different way of life on them. And yes, that works perfectly for both sides. And there it is. That’s where we come to the title of this article.
In the very midst of the transgender location of urination debate, our government has very publicly acknowledged one of the greatest conspiracies of our time. With the debating of law on the floors of Congress allowing families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia for damages, our government is outright acknowledging that they did purposely and sinisterly cover up this nation’s involvement in this world-changing act of terror that continues to affect each and every one of us every single day all these years later. Let that sink in for a moment. Publicly. Right in your face, they are saying that we knew they were in on it. We decided that our relationship with them economically was more important, and that going to war with them over the death of a few thousand Americans was just not worth it. Why not just overlook their involvement?
But wait. It gets more sinister. Not only did they cover up Saudi Arabia’s involvement, but remember Afghanistan? Democrats all over America frequently criticize the Iraq War and blame George W. Bush for all sorts of war crimes and treachery. You never hear anyone criticizing the decision to invade Afghanistan for absolutely no reason at all. What’s more, we did not invade or even impose sanctions on the country that actually was in on it.

Spending our time in all the wrong places.
Spending our time in all the wrong places.

We often talk about on Common Sense Conspiracy how conspiracy theorists get dragged through the mud by the mainstream media. Just like when Edward Snowden revealed that conspiracy theorists had been right all along about domestic surveillance, this is another example of it turning out that the conspiracy “nuts” were right all along. The government isn’t even hiding it any longer. They covered up the truth behind 9/11.
Where’s the outrage? Where’s the protests? Where is the anger? It’s standing outside your local Target because they let transgenders go in the other restroom. It’s standing outside a Donald Trump rally. Checkmate. The government knows exactly what they are doing, and they draped that wool over your eyes again. It’s time for Americans to wake up, no matter which restroom they are using.

The 28 Pages That Could Change the World — Obama Won’t Declassify Documents in Light of Saudi Arabia Situation

Sometimes politicians make bold promises to people when they don’t really know what they are talking about.  One good example that comes to mind is President Barack Obama’s insistence during his original presidential campaign that he would close the facilities at Guantanamo Bay.  After he actually became President and found out just what was going on down there, he quickly did what politicians do best…he backtracked on the promise and worked hard to act like it had never happened.

Another promise Obama made was to families of 9/11 victims to declassify the mystical 28 pages of information from the 9/11 Report that many in conspiracy circles believe is the smoking gun that will end the debate once and for all about just who was really responsible for the attacks.  However, when it came time to do just that, Obama balked.  Now, it is becoming increasingly clear that the reason he wasn’t opposed to revealing this information earlier but is not okay with it now has to do with world events.  Many in conspiracy circles think that the current situation with Saudi Arabia heavily influencing events in Yemen may be the reason that Obama is suddenly hesitant about the 28 pages.  Of course, if that is true, it means that these pages will reveal something pretty damning about Saudi Arabia that the world climate just isn’t ready for in light of recent events.  What do you think is in the 28 pages?  Whatever these documents contain, one thing we can assure you is that it will not say that 9/11 was a false flag operation and sponsored by the United States government.  There is no declassification possible in this world where that revelation would come to light.

Will ISIS Attack the United States’ Electric Grid? Everyone Seems to Want You to Think So

Common Sense Conspiracy has reported previously that over the last year or so, the mainstream media has seemed to be beating a drum repeatedly about the possibility of an attack on America’s electric grid. Also, the United States government has sponsored several drills practicing for just what would happen if the lights went out in America. Now, with another 9/11 anniversary just a couple of days away, it seems that the mainstream media seems awfully dedicated to beating this idea into our heads. Is this a harbinger of a very different kind of terror attack right around the corner? This Fox News report below is an example of how it seems like the government and mainstream media is ramping up for this to happen, or at least to have a good “I told you so” moment in its wake.