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Assassination of Iran Nuclear Scientist Signals End of Trump Era

Say what you want about Donald Trump, but one thing is undeniable.  When it comes to dealings with Iran, Trump effectively rendered their nuclear ambitions null and void.  A lot of people may have disagreed with Trump’s decision to pull out of the deal that President Barack Obama and then Vice-President (soon to be President) Joe Biden made with Iran, but Trump’s rationale was that you can’t trust Iran to do what they say they are going to do, and lifting all the sanctions and giving them access to billions of dollars only made their nuclear hopes easier to accomplish.  Trump did away with that and put in place worse sanctions that crippled Iran on a whole new level.

The Iran nuclear deal was a joke to everyone but Obama and Biden. You can bet Iran thought it was funny too.

You pair that with Trump’s brazen tactics.  Love him or hate him, the people that run Iran knew that if they messed with Trump, they would stand a good chance at finally getting a nuclear bomb but not in the way they wanted to receive it.  Much like the situation in North Korea, Iran was mostly a non-issue during the Trump years because he spoke the kind of language they understand.  Iran doesn’t make deals.  Iran responds to tough rhetoric.  Trump said he would blow them off the face of the Earth if they didn’t act right.  They believed him.  End of story there.

So, with President-elect Joe Biden coming along in January to no doubt return to the way things were done before, Iran is already gearing up to get back on track.  Just last week, there were reports that they were already getting back to business with their nuclear program.  The bottom line is they know that the Biden administration will echo the Obama administration, and that means there’s no reason not to get back on the horse.

Trump’s departure means that Iran’s nuclear program will be ramping up quickly.

So, with the news that Iran’s leading nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was apparently assassinated Friday morning (at least according to Iran’s state media), it seems that someone out there isn’t waiting around for Biden to make another deal with Iran to get there message across.

All eyes are on Israel, naturally, and that makes a lot of sense because Israel is the most likely to have felt the need to strike before the Trump administration goes out.  It is also very possible that Trump himself is very much aware of this and even supported the decision.  It will be interesting to see who Iran places the blame on, and what the reactions of the accused will be.  In the meantime, the world can hold their breath and see if Trump has one last act in this play before he leaves Pennsylvania Avenue for good (unless, of course, he makes a triumphant return in 2024).

What America Pulling Out of the Iran Deal Means For the Conspiracy World

Well, we could pull a fast one on you here and just simply say “Not much” and move on.  But we’re not going to do you like that.  American President Donald Trump’s controversial decision to pull out of the Iran deal brokered by his predecessor in 2015 is going to cause a lot of speculation, so let’s take a look at what has really happened here.

And both sides said “Whew, that was easy.”

Back in 2015, then Secretary of State John Kerry (also the man who actually lost an election to George W. Bush to grant him a second term as one of the most unpopular Presidents in history) and President Barack Obama were major players in an international agreement with Tehran.  The terms were simple enough in reality.  Tons of money that was frozen was given back to the Iranians and all the crippling sanctions were lifted.  In return, Iran agreed to put the brakes on its nuclear weapons program (you know, the one they insist to this day never existed).  There were going to be inspections albeit on Iran’s terms, a la Iraq in the 1990s.  Of course, those politically affiliated with Obama and Kerry heralded it as an unbelievable moment for peace.  Those that politically opposed them saw it as making a deal with an entity that 100% could not be trusted.

The truth is the original Iran deal was nothing but a political ploy, and it has worked just as Barack Obama intended.  John Kerry nor Obama are stupid (well, maybe John Kerry, but anyway); they know good and well that Iran cannot be trusted to hold up its end of the bargain.  Iran accepted the deal with open arms and probably enriched some uranium to celebrate their success.  In their own country, they probably thought it was the greatest scheme of all time, tricking the Americans into this agreement.  In reality, they were pawns all along.  Obama and Kerry knew it was a useless agreement, but now, they are getting to complete their political chess game with the American public.  As Donald Trump declares the useless and pointless agreement null and void, Obama and Kerry are outraged at this war mongering.  How could he do this?

The truth is, folks, that what this really means is absolutely nothing changed.  Iran never actually stopped what they were doing, and they had no intentions to do so.  What did stop was any pressure from the outside.  Now, the Iranian economy may suffer some repercussions from this, but for the rest of the world, the threat of Iranians with nuclear weapons is no more or less than it was yesterday.  And no deal brokered that hinges on the Iranians doing what they say is likely to ever change that.

So, if you slept good last night with the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran off your mind, nothing has changed, except it turns out you shouldn’t have slept last night either.

World War 3 Sure is Getting Tossed Around a Lot on the Internet

It was a national news story the other day that people were looking up the variations of the search term “World War 3” (variations meaning they combined the totals of other ways of putting it, like World War III or actually spelling it out) more than ever at any point in the history of the Internet. This, of course, came right on the heels of the general wariness of many following Donald Trump’s unexpected ascension to the Presidency and his subsequent bombings of Syria and Afghanistan. Throw in some serious tension with Russia, and you have a lot of reasons for people to feel a little uneasy.

The mother of all bombs, they say. It’s just junior-varsity if you’re talking about nukes though.

Nuclear powerhouses like the United States and Russia having a war of words will always concern many that it could give way to a war of nukes. However, we at Common Sense Conspiracy would like to point out that if you are looking for a nuclear bomb to go off in a World War 3 scenario, neither of these superpowers is likely to be your culprit. It’s called the theory of mutually-assured destruction, a term that rose out of the Cold War arms races and is now considered an unusual method of keeping the peace. See, both Russia and the United States possess enough nuclear weaponry and technology to effectively obliterate the other if it came down to it. They both possess the technology to make a retaliation would still take place, no matter how overwhelming a first strike may be. Basically, either one could decide to take out the other one on any given day, but they would also all but certainly seal their own fate with mutual destruction. And as messed as it may be, that acts as an extremely effective deterrent.

The problem with mutually-assured destruction is it assumes that cooler heads prevail. Putin or Trump on their worst day isn’t ready for a nuclear war with the United States or Russia respectively. There is absolutely nothing to be gained, and perhaps everything to lose. They may do a lot of things up to that point because of overinflated egos or questionable morals and world views, but at the end of the day, no one is pulling that trigger. However, when you look to the Irans and North Koreas of the world, you have a real problem. See, these regimes are different. Cooler heads do not prevail. If they acquire nuclear weapons (North Korea has at least rudimentary nukes already, and the deal with Iran made by the Obama administration could mean that it’s only a matter of time for them as well) and the means to use them effectively wherever they see fit, they don’t worry about mutual destruction. Call it bat crazy or overzealous religious maniacs, but these folks are fully aware that America or Russia could wipe them off the face of the Earth, but that fear is not enough to stop them from potentially going ahead with it. Iranian leaders have actually referenced ushering in nuclear war as a way of helping get on with Allah’s master plan. North Korea’s leadership might rather be a martyr that left a crater in America or somewhere in Asia rather than cooperate with the international community.

So, if there is a World War 3 scenario out there, we don’t really know what it is. If North Korea launched a missile anywhere at all, it would be utterly destroyed in days. If Iran tried something, they might succeed in killing a lot of innocent people, but there would not be a world conflict. They would simply be obliterated. People like to point to China, but if North Korea actually nuked someone, China would most likely condemn it and get out of the way. Unless, of course, they perceived the North Koreans as having a really good reason for what they did.

Furthermore, let’s look at why people feel this way. Tensions between Russia and the United States are heightened, especially with the mess in Syria, but remember, the American government and mainstream media can’t even decide right now whether Trump and Putin are great buddies plotting world domination in the sauna or sworn egotistical enemies set for final showdown with the world at stake. They can’t decide which narrative to push because they can’t decide which one advances their own agenda, which is the only reason the mainstream media exists in this era. The truth is that President Obama publicly stated that he wanted to do something like Trump did in response to a chemical attack. Congress declined to authorize it, and President Obama declined to put his foot down. Whether you think that is right or wrong is a personal decision, but it is fact. So, if you think Trump bombing Syria is some great provocation, it’s really no different than what has been going on for the last eight years, albeit more in-your-face than Obama’s cloak-and-dagger tactics. Believe it or not, Putin may find this strategy more palatable. At least Trump is being forward about it and not trying to array the chessboard against you with seemingly clean hands. Putin probably respects that in a crazy sort of way.

But what about Afghanistan? That war is supposed to be over and done, but here’s Trump dropping the biggest bomb next to a nuke in the American arsenal. Well, two things you need to know about the mainstream media’s portrayal of that. First of all, the MOAB bomb is the biggest, deadliest one up to a nuke. That is true. But it’s a contortion of the facts for the purpose of agenda. A nuclear weapon by today’s standards is more than 250 times more powerful than the MOAB. So, while the statement is true, the MOAB is still not even deserving of being in the conversation with a true nuclear bomb. It’s not even close. Terming that way is designed to make it sound like a lot more than it is. Also, the media makes it sound like Trump is totally behind this. Most likely, Trump had nothing to do with it, besides the known fact that he has authorized the military to do what it needs to do to get the job done against ISIS. Meaning Trump didn’t personally tell them to drop this thing. He told them to use the weapons you need to get the job done. That’s what they did. There is nothing wrong with being uneasy about this. It is natural to feel that way. But do analyze the agenda that is being laid out for you. The media is working overtime to create a narrative, and every little phrase they use to describe every little thing is part of the plan. The problem is that many believe that the mainstream media’s agenda is either Democratic or Republican (Fox or CNN, for example). Nothing could be further from the truth. The real agenda of the collective mainstream media is to influence American minds, keep the two parties divided ideologically as much as possible, and push globalism. This was the case before Trump took office, and it will almost definitely continue to be the case going forward.

Could World War 3 break out tomorrow? Sure. But it probably won’t be for any of the reasons that the average person is walking around being worried about. It’s the unknown factors that are the real reason for concern.

How Could Hillary Clinton Be So Sure She is Going to Win? Because She Knows For Sure, Of Course

Here at Common Sense Conspiracy, we often talk about conspiracy theories and how sometimes a theory becomes  a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The current state of the United States’ Presidential election in 2016 is a great example of this.  Donald Trump has repeatedly railed against the mainstream media for rigging the election against him.  Of course, he is demonized for this by everyone involved, while an amazing amount of Americans if asked before Trump even came along would have happily told you that they feel like the election is rigged already.

Trump can't make a dictatorship out of America.  We already have one.
Trump can’t make a dictatorship out of America. We already have one.

Rigged elections are not new with Donald Trump.  It’s always been that way to a great degree.   Trump is an impostor, an outsider.  This election was supposed to be Bush vs. Clinton again.  Bernie Sanders almost infiltrated the other side, although they had better safeguards against making sure no one could break through.  Trump broke through against all odds, preventing America from having to watch its two greatest political dynasties duke it out once again.  But once he did break through, what happened?  Both establishments (which we have always contended are really only one establishment) railed against him.  And they are combining forces to keep him out.  It seems crazy to think of establishment Republicans wanting to hold on to their stranglehold on America so badly that they are more than willing to vote for their sworn mortal enemy, Hillary Clinton, just to keep themselves in their cozy spots ruling the world.  It’s a huge wakeup call to America and the world.  These guys are only looking out for preserving their own grip on power.  They don’t have to worry about term limits.  They can stay with this power their entire adult lives.  We have eighty-year-olds running for re-election in Congress when they should be more worried about not peeing in their pants.  It’s fixed, people.  You know it before this, and never has it been more clear.

Now, people on both sides of the fake political system are asking why Hillary Clinton is so arrogant and confident that she will now win the November 8 election?  She is more focused now on winning the Senate over for Democrats than battling Trump.  She is more focused on the transition of power that she thinks is inevitable.  How can she be so sure?  Well, it’s easy to be sure, when you know for sure.

Hillary’s actions are just a blinking red light that the election is fixed, she knows that she is going to win, and everything is a foregone conclusion.  She isn’t worried.  Remember how concerned she was about the possibility of being indicted by the FBI in the email server investigation?  That’s right.  Not at all.  She never appeared the slightest bit nervous.  You aren’t nervous when you know nothing is going to happen.  The election is just another example.  Her rise to power was decided by the super-elite shadow government before now, and nothing will stop it from coming to pass.

The election will be touted as a close one.  Why?  The shadow government realizes that tons of Americans are ticked off.  That’s not just Trump supporters.  There are millions of Bernie Sanders supporters that may or may not vote for Hillary in the election, but are still unhappy about the raw deal Sanders got in the primary.  Think about all of the money people poured into his campaign.  Think about all the volunteers and workers.  It was phony.  It was a fraud.  That money might as well have been stolen.  They never had a chance.  It was fixed.  It’s not speculation.  It happened.  There should be heads rolling for that, and it should stop with the current head of the Democratic Party.  Not the chairman of the DNC, but the real head of the Party.  Her name is Hillary.  People are mad all over, and the shadow government knows this.  They will make it look like Trump was real close to appease those people and make them think that there was a chance that Hillary really could have lost the election.  There’s not a chance at all.  The only way Trump could win is if the American people joined together in the biggest movement since the Revolutionary War, and there are way too many people still sleeping for that to happen.

All hail the Queen.
All hail the Queen.

They’ll make it look close to make you think you had a chance.  There is no chance.  Hillary Clinton is the next American President.  She knows it, and she has known it for some time.  The question is whether the American people will continue to accept this.

It’s funny.  Democrats accuse Donald Trump of being an authoritarian that would lead to a dictatorship in America (which is the most laughable conspiracy theory of all time from a group of people that think valid conspiracy theorists are nuts).  What is more authoritarian than seizing power the way Clinton has?

We already have a dictatorship, and we willingly capitulated to it.  On November 8, we give Hillary Clinton a lifetime achievement award for her lies and cheating by making her the czar of America.


Landmark Deal With Iran Will Seal President Obama’s Legacy — History Repeats Itself Again

While President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry celebrate their “landmark” deal with Iran over nuclear weapons, the rest of the world that has common sense and remembers its history lessons cringes in disbelief.  But that’s been a hallmark of the last eight years.  Constantly the American government has celebrated achievements that weren’t really achievements at all.  For example, Obamacare, the controversial health care “reform” legislation. Iran-Nuclear-Deal Lauded as a success by the administration that fought so hard to put it into place, but it completely ignored the actual reform part that is still desperately needed.  Adding millions of people to a corrupt and inefficient system is not reform.  The same goes for claiming an economic recovery based on inconclusive data like unemployment rates.  Sure, more people may have jobs, but what kind of jobs are they?  People with engineering degrees flipping burgers at McDonald’s successfully takes them off the statistic column, but it doesn’t mean much for their personal situation.  And pointing to a housing market on the recovery when so many people are having to sell their homes thousands below what they were worth just a few years ago.  Yeah, that’s recovery.  Now, they are claiming to have struck a deal with Iran that will provide safety and security for the world for decades.   In reality, they just put the gun in Iran’s hand.

One needs only look at the history books to see how this will turn out.  We’ve made deals like this before.  Remember Saddam Hussein and the musical chairs inspections.  Sorry, we’re busy that day.  Can’t do it.  The Iran deal tries really hard to put its foot down and say we can inspect anytime we want to.  In reality, the deal says that Iran will try its best to make sure we get to inspect some things when it is convenient for them.  In the meantime, we have a deal, so we have to trust them to hold up their end of the bargain.  Like Saddam.  And North Korea.  Thinking that this deal brings some sort of finality to the matter is the most dangerous line of thought we could possibly take.

One country knows quite well how devastating this could be.  Israel has condemned the deal, and even went as far as to point out the lunacy of making a deal with people that are probably shouting “Death to America” as the ink dries.  If it wasn’t really happening, it would seem like a funny joke, but we are actually making a deal with a country that has made no bones about its desire to erase Israel off the map and has a fundamental problem with the United States in general.  Now, we’ve helped them out financially as well as giving them more freedom.  And then we pat ourselves on the back and say what a good job we’ve done.

President Obama is already making veiled threats to Congress about not allowing the deal to go through.  Remember, Obama doesn’t actually think he has to have Congress’ approval, but grudgingly agreed to include them in on the action a few months ago.   Congress can make changes, but ultimately President Obama will have the power to veto it if he doesn’t like it.  Remember the concept there.  The American President can veto the agreement if something is added or taken away that would be detrimental to Iran.  The American President is like the referee making sure Iran gets a fair deal.  How does that make you feel about things?

United States Sends Warships to Monitor Iran, the Trustworthy Country We are Making a Nuclear Deal With

Whoa, there! Wait a minute! It’s hard to keep up with what is going on in the world at this moment. I mean, last week, President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry were happily bragging on the landmark deal they were making with Iran to stop their nuclear weapons program by, well, you know, letting them build nuclear weapons. This week, it seems that maybe those pesky Iranians weren’t quite as trustworthy as the powers-that-be insisted last week, because now the United States has sent warships armed with guided missile systems to Yemen because it seems that there are some real worries that Iran might be transporting weapons to the rebels there because of their vested interest in who gains control of that country. Meanwhile, the United States sat by idly while the administration it wanted in power got in the situation it is in now. So, how does this affect the silly nuclear deal that is nothing more than the equivalent of a punt in a football game sending the Iran problem to whoever wins the White House in 2016? Well, I’m sure we’ll here more about how the deal is perfectly okay in light of this and this is just a “security precaution” just in case those silly Iranians decide to do something.
Isn’t it great that America now has such staunch allies like Iran that we can barter with and trust?

Barack Obama — The First Anti-Semitic President?

This is not the only way some people on the Internet compare President Obama to Adolf Hitler.
This is not the only way some people on the Internet compare President Obama to Adolf Hitler.

At first glance, you probably are wondering what in the world this article could possibly be about. Is this another Republican trying to make some kind of absurd case that President Barack Obama is actually a closet Muslim and is systematically trying to convert the United States of America to sharia law? Not at all. Common Sense Conspiracy is just asking a question that needs to be asked in light of recent events and the way that the American President has approached his relationship with Israel and the Jewish people in general since he came into office in 2009.
President Obama has long had issues with Israel. It’s nothing new. Historically, the United States and Israel are staunch supporters of one another. Ever since Obama came on the scene, the relationship between the U.S. and Israel was noticeably colder, with more than one instance where the President has basically refused to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel. Back in 2012, President Obama was too busy to meet with the Prime Minister during a brief period when they were both in New York. While the White House has denied this story, many have said that there was another occasion when Netanyahu volunteered to drop what he was doing and come to Washington to discuss situations with President Obama and the President refused. Then, there was the controversy last week when the Netanyahu was invited to speak before Congress, and the President and several key Democrats didn’t bother showing up. Obama said he wouldn’t meet with Netanyahu because it was so close to the election in Israel, but that doesn’t explain his ongoing troubled relationship (or lack thereof) with Israel and Netanyahu and what it all means.
So, why would this mean that Obama is anti-Semitic? After all, it sounds more like he just has a problem with Benjamin Netanyahu, not the Jewish people as a whole. But a lot of the stress and tension between these two key world leaders revolves around the “deal” that President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and Iran have been hashing out for literally years. According to President Obama and Kerry, this deal will allow Iran to have a nuclear program for civilian purposes, but not to make strides in developing nuclear weaponry because the United States and the world will have unparalleled access to the program. Israel, of course, is wary of this because there is still plenty of rhetoric surrounding Iran and what they might like to do if they ever gained access to a nuclear weapon, and Israel holds that this “deal” will only put Iran closer to that goal. Basically, Netanyahu is saying you can’t trust Iran to keep its word, and once they have the right tools in the right places, you will almost definitely see an Iraq-like situation where Iran shuts the U.N. inspectors out abruptly because it doesn’t need anyone’s help any longer. A lot of the “deal” also revolves around getting Iran to cooperate by loosening long-standing economic sanctions that have had grave effects on the country financially. Obviously, a better situation economically and financially in tandem with better access to the materials needed to build nuclear weapons all works together to help Iran get where it wants to be. Meanwhile, Obama and Kerry are touting this as some sort of historic deal that will literally remove this threat from the international community. No one, no one at all in the world believes for any reason that this “deal” will in any way, shape or form eliminate Iran as a viable threat internationally. If anything, it will bring a hesitant, peaceful working relationship for a few years until things take a turn for the worse abruptly and without any way of going backwards and stopping the train that has been put into motion. Meanwhile, terror organizations like Al Qaeda and ISIS would like nothing more than for Iran to get closer to being nuclear-armed, because almost every expert in the world agrees that a nuclear Iran would happily hand over a nuke to one of these organizations if it meant seeing the “big one” go down for Israel or America. Obama and Kerry are literally setting into motion a complicated series of events that will almost definitely end up in a mushroom cloud.
If you a Jew in Israel, it probably looks an awful lot like anti-Semitism. After all, this American President has given their leader the cold shoulder and is now negotiating peacefully to help a rogue nation that has pledged to blow Israel off the map the first chance it gets to gain the materials it needs to make that threat a sobering reality. He is doing this willingly and against the advice of numerous world leaders and many advisors in his own camp. Whether this is intentional or a misguided attempt at diplomacy is hard for us to determine, but the outcome may very well be the same. It is no surprise that many people may wonder if President Obama is simply not concerned with the Jews or anti-Semitic at the core. What’s more anti-Semitic than helping a country that wants to kill every Jew on the planet?