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Can’t Make It Up — Third Monolith Spotted in California

We talked about the original monolith in the desert in a previous article in detail.  Now, the third mysterious metal monolith has been spotted in California.

It’s getting a little strange.

In conspiracy circles, the original debate was whether this was a put-up deal or perhaps some sort of alien technology.  After the monolith subsequently disappeared, the rumors only gained steam.  Now, with the third one appearing nowhere near where the first one was, it is only a matter of time before people start asking more questions.

Of course, there is always the possibility that someone is playing an elaborate prank, or that the first one was a prank and then copycats have carried it on in new locations.

Or it could be aliens…what do you think?  We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Illuminati Symbolism, Freemasons, and the August 21 Solar Eclipse — A Myriad of Theories But What is Real?

The solar eclipse event on August 21 of 2017 has sprouted some very fascinating conspiracy theories. Eclipses have fascinated humans for centuries, and this ultra-rare occasion is one of those kinds of celestial events where you can kind of understand how people were confused or even frightened. After all, it’s not that often that the sun literally goes dark in the middle of the daytime. Despite all of our wonderful scientific achievements over these past hundreds of years, there is still plenty of superstition involved when an event like this closes in. In this article, we will discuss some of the theories floating around and let you see some of the wilder videos out there that claim to provide real evidence. And then, at the end, we will tell you what we think is really going on.
It doesn’t matter which major cult-like entity you bring up from the shadows of the conspiracy world, they are probably represented here. Illuminati? Check. Freemasons? Check. Massive government cover-up? It’s all here my friend. The videos below will show you a crap-ton of symbolism that people have found that all points that something pretty amazing is going to happen on August 21. And we’re not talking about amazing in the astronomical rarity sense.
Intertwined in all of that occult symbolism stuff is our typical religious superstition. There are many Christian websites saying that August 21 has some sort of significance in the Bible and that this is at best, a signal of the beginning of the end, and at the worst, the end itself. Others are saying that the Rapture will occur on this date to coincide with the eclipse.
If all that’s not enough, there’s the doomsday theories. One enterprising site is pointing out that the path of another eclipse that will happen in seven years (we all know about that number seven, right) will cross the path of this one, forming a giant “X” across the United States. Does this mean a major catastrophe is in store for the good old red, white, and blue? Or is August 21 itself the day that the world’s most dominant superpower will begin to not exist anymore? Throw in possible calamities and the coming of the mystical planet Nibiru, and you can see that the theories are literally all over the place. We even have a video that ties Disney into it all.
Last but not least, we have people suggesting that the eclipse will make brooms stand on their own, as is always suggested at the solstices as well.
What does it all mean? What do we at Common Sense Conspiracy think is going to happen on August 21, 2017? Well, everyone that visits here often should know that far be it from us to rain on a good conspiracy theory parade, but the reality is that there just isn’t anything to see here folks. Eclipses seem strange and fantastical to us humans riding on planet Earth, but the truth is it is just a very coincidental thing in the cosmos. Something that is inevitably going to happen, and it doesn’t really mean anything in particular. What is going to happen? An eclipse. If you are in the path, the sun will almost be completely blocked from sight. It will get dark in the middle of the day. It will be weird. Strange. But occult? No, probably not.
Basically, if there is a huge calamity that day or if the Rapture happens against all odds, the real coincidence is that it happened at the same time as the eclipse, and not because of it. That may not be as fun and it may not be nearly as successful click-bait on our site here, but that is our official opinion.
The biggest thing you have to fear on August 21, 2017 is that your glasses you bought on Amazon weren’t really good enough to withstand gazing at a solar eclipse. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Jeffrey Alan Lash — Dead Man Rotting With 1200 Guns and a Wife That Says He Worked for a Government — Oh Yeah, He is Also an Alien

The case seems right out of The X Files.  A man’s body is found decomposing in his car out on the street where they determine he has been for a week or more.  He has a stash of 1200 guns, over $200,000 in cash, and fourteen vehicles, one at least specially built to ride underwater (yes, Toyota apparently can do this for you if you have enough cash).

That’s the crazy story of Jeffrey Alan Lash in California, and the plot is thickening by the moment.  His wife says that Lash confessed to her that he was working for the CIA and several elite government agencies on some super-top-secret stuff.  His family has confirmed that he is an “alien hybrid” constructed from DNA that apparently our government already has from extraterrestrials.  And, as you might imagine, the mainstream media has little or nothing to say about it.

Video Seems to Show a UFO Dropping an Orb Over Southern California

The following video on YouTube has already attracted a lot of attention in paranormal circles. The video is not from an “official” source but apparently an unidentified civilian who took the film and then posted it with the question to others as to whether they viewed the phenomenon as well. The video shows an unusual UFO moving across the sky at a high rate of speed and then dropping what can also be described as an “orb-like object” over Southern California. One thing of note… the creator of the video has disabled comments on his YouTube account. Why would someone who asked the question “Has anyone else seen this?” in the title of the video be resistant to allowing discussion on the matter. You be the judge. We want to hear your theories and stories here. We do not prohibit comments on this video or anything else you find on Common Sense Conspiracy.

Flight MH370 and the Bermuda Triangle — Why the Public Should Be Asking a Different Question?

There is a lot of attention being given to the old legends of the Bermuda Triangle due to the tragic and mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 seemingly without a trace.  As we close in on a week later, still, authorities have found no real clues as to exactly what happened to the flight.  It is presumed that it crashed, although those in conspiracy circles continue to suggest otherwise.  In any case, Common Sense Conspiracy is taking a moment to analyze this with respect to the Bermuda Triangle and to bring another question to the forefront that we think is being overlooked in all of this.

As you can see by this handy diagram, Malaysia is nowhere near the Bermuda Triangle, unless of course you "dig a hole to China."
As you can see by this handy diagram, Malaysia is nowhere near the Bermuda Triangle, unless of course you “dig a hole to China.”

The Bermuda Triangle is a legendary story of ships and planes disappearing in a particular area of the ocean.  The legend grew over fifty years ago when what at least seemed to be a large number of vessels disappeared in the waters referred to as the Devil’s Triangle (one of the corners is Bermuda).  Now, ask any skeptic and they will tell you that there is nothing special about the Bermuda Triangle and that, in fact, there are other areas of the ocean on planet Earth that actually have more unexplained disappearances than this area.  The debates rage on and on, but the mystique behind the triangle has survived for decades and continues to be at the top of any nostalgic look at unexplained phenomena or unsolved mysteries.

Well, a good starting point is to point out that MH370 was nowhere near the Bermuda Triangle.  At least it wasn’t supposed to be.  There were weird reports showing up in the mainstream media and otherwise that indicated the flight may have flew as many as four or five hours after dropping off radar.  Some that really want to tie this to the Bermuda Triangle legend are trying to say that this was enough time for a confused and disoriented pilot to end up in the triangle.  While that’s an entertaining fairy tale, it really doesn’t make any difference.  The Bermuda Triangle is not responsible for this flight doing whatever it did.  What is responsible we may never know at the rate we are going.  Which brings us to the real question that everyone should be asking in the aftermath of this still unfolding tragedy…

Why the hell can they not find this plane?

Okay, so here go the excuses.  The ocean is really big, and relative to it, the plane is really small.  Okay then.  If the jet hits the ocean surface just right, it could submerge completely before any debris came off.  Okay then.  The flight may have flown for a while after it went off radar, making it hard for them to tell just what radius they need to be searching in.  Okay then.

Still, it doesn’t make sense that they are no closer to finding anything this far out.  Not a trace.  The oil slicks were not related.  The debris sighting was a false alarm.  Flight MH370 is still completely, totally, just gone.

Just the other day the mainstream media outlets were showing a terrific video from a private company that has now made the first HD satellite recordings of Earth.  The video illustrated how this unbelievable technology would help in day-to-day life.  From space, they were zooming in and analyzing traffic.  You could see individual cars, individual people all in high definition video.

But they can’t find the plane.

President Obama can authorize a drone to fly right to where you are sitting right now and demolish you and everything around you.

But they can’t find the plane.

The NSA can listen in to you while you’re taking a s**t in your bathroom.  They can monitor your emails, and they know where you are pretty much all of the time if they wish to do so.

But they can’t find the plane.

Police and law enforcement agencies routinely track cell phones with ease to find criminals (only when it matters enough to them to do it, of course).  Hmm…239 people on the plane, and not one cell phone?  No one on the global plan?

They can’t find the plane.

Are we trivializing the nature of a very difficult search?  Not at all.  But there are multiple nations using supposedly every technological advantage at their disposal to find a trace of this flight, and still, they are coming up with a big goose egg.

Is that not just a little hard to believe.

Brooms Standing On Their Own — Planetary Alignment or Simple Question of Physics? #broomchallenge Explained

Won’t see many of these classic brooms standing up by themselves.

Brooms standing on their own, defying gravity before our very eyes.  This is something that has sparked a lot of intrigue around the Internet.  Apparently, it originated back in August of 2009 in Prattville, AL when a woman saw her everyday, average broom standing straight up without anything holding it or securing it.  It was simply balancing perfectly on its bristles.  Since then, the phenomenon has been documented in many other places all over the globe, and the theories about why this is happening have gotten quite ambitious.  It has been blamed on planetary alignments, magnetic pole shifts, increased solar activity, and even some nonsense about Mercury and retrograde motion.  As more and more reports of standing brooms sweep the nation (no pun intended), we at Common Sense Conspiracy decided it was time to take a closer look.

The first thing you might want to note about these videos and still pictures is the similarities.  While the mysterious standing brooms come in all sizes and colors, they all share a few characteristics.  All of them are brooms where the bristles form a flat, horizontal surface at the bottom of the broom.  Notice the absence of any angled brooms.  Coincidence?  Not at all.  Angled brooms are not featured in any of these videos because you are not going to get an angled broom to stand up on its own without any outside force helping out.  You will find angled brooms standing up, but most of them look fake from the start.  So, are we implying that flat brooms can stand up?  Absolutely.

Now, not every broom that has a flat bottom can stand up.  Notice that most of the brooms you see doing this are either quite new or in excellent shape.  That means that the bristles are still strong and have not been worn down so that the bristles are very different in length.  From there, it is simply a not-so-superhuman feat of finding the broom’s center of gravity.  Sure, it takes a soft choice and an elementary knowledge of physics, but our investigation revealed that anyone can do it, given the right broom.  While it does look pretty cool, we have to admit, it is hardly any phenomenon of nature, except for that one we call physics.

Some of the theories have even suggested that there are only certain times of the day where the brooms will stand.  These theories are absolutely correct, because the only time of day the brooms will be standing like this is when the owner carefully stands it up, perfectly balancing it along its center of gravity.  However, the laws of physics do not change across day or night, so the odds of getting any broom to stand on its end do not improve by the time of day, position of the sun or planets, or any spooky incantations you might utter while trying to make it happen.

So, is this a hoax?  Well, not really.  It is true that it can be done.  The deception comes in the creation of the illusion that the brooms are doing this all by themselves.  It implies that the brooms at some point just move themselves to this position.  However, you will find zero video evidence (at least reputable, undoctored videos) to corroborate this.  This whole adventure probably started when the woman in Prattville accidentally placed the broom perfectly on its center of balance when she was done with it.  Or perhaps one of her kids passed through and performed the feat for her to witness later.  In any case, all of the stories you hear are bent in some way to make this seem even more supernatural and paranormal.  For those of you still wondering what the hell we are talking about, here is the video that supposedly started it all:

When someone shows us a broom that moves to this position all by itself and then lifts itself off the ground, having no contact in any direction, then we will be happy to report a real paranormal event.

EDIT:  It has been brought to our attention by our loyal readers that many have found that an angled broom is just as easy to stand up as any other.  Common Sense Conspiracy has performed some more experiments, and we still feel that the condition of the broom’s bristles is definitely a factor in this, but be aware that this can be done on any day.  There is nothing special going on any particular day or time that makes this possible.  If you don’t think so, do it over and over again at different times of the year.  If this were truly a natural phenomenon, you would be able to do other objects as well.  While the planets do have effects on the Earth as a whole planet, they most certainly do not exhibit any effect over objects as small as a broom.  Also, this is a recurring urban legend for years.  It has gone through different forms.  Obviously the broom is the popular one of the moment, but historically, the same rumors were spread about standing an ordinary egg on its end.  And, yes, you can stand an egg up to.  How about some user-contributed photos in the comment section of a freestanding broom next to a freestanding egg.  Common Sense Conspiracy will publish any such photo ops on our front page, so get to it… Also, anyone that posts a pic of a standing broom and standing egg gets a free copy of the novel “Crisis Point.”  Show us what you can do.   Here’s a photo from just a couple of minutes ago from the CSC Headquarters… notice Dan the Man’s fearful look at the “Broom of Doom.”

EDITOR’s NOTE:  Welcome all.  We had the original #broomchallenge.

Biocentrism: New Scientific “Theory of Everything” Proves the Soul Survives Death

Quantum physics is slowly but surely rewriting the laws on what we know about the natural world.  The laws of physics that have stood for decades now as the final word on the way things conduct themselves in  the physical universe are being found to be meaningless the further down you go.  At the quantum level, even the world’s most promising physicists are witnessing things that completely defy all the laws they spent their educational careers understanding.  As scientists learn more about this and eventually, at least hopefully, conquer it by harnessing its power, many believe that quantum computers will be the next gamechanger in technology.

A new “theory of everything” is gaining traction in the scientific community.  Biocentrism is a new way of looking at things that relies heavily on the concepts behind quantum physics (the ones we know anyway).  Robert Lanza is one major supporter of the theory, and he now believes that evidence shows conclusively that human beings are actually hugely sophisticated quantum computers in their own right.  And one of the principles that has been proven is that consciousness does indeed survive the physical death of the body and then progresses to another format.

So, if this new scientific theory is correct, they are actually saying that yes, humans have a soul, and yes, after your body dies, that soul continues on to a new plane.  Hmm… that’s kind of interesting, isn’t it?  It seems that the more science tries to point out fallacy with those that believe in religions that advocate life after death as a reward for your life, the more it manages to corroborate it.

Will this make atheists the world over rethink their point of view?  Of course not.  It doesn’t prove the existence of a god any more than anything else has.  They will simply say that biocentrism is good news because dying looks like a drag, but it doesn’t mean there is a god, but only that this is just the way it really works, and now we are beginning to get a little closer to understanding it.  For Christians and other religions, this new scientific data has to be a real comfort.  It’s ironic when something that is based on faith suddenly gets a  bump from the scientific community.

Which brings up an interesting question.  If science did prove that Christians were right, how would that change the world?  Would everyone believe?  Would everyone then be saved?  Could it be possible for science to ever prove this one way or the other so that everyone was convinced?

Nope.  No way.  Not a chance.

But they might just prove that your soul is going to another place when you die.  That might be reason enough to reconsider your life in the present.