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187 or 188 Day Earthquake Cycle Theory Examined — Accurate Predictions or Inevitable Coincidence?

Many have tried to use the 188-day cycle theory not only to predict when an earthquake is likely to occur, but where as well. However, the where part was not nearly as successful.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  In light of the earthquake today in Nepal and renewed interest in this phenomenon, we decided to move this old article to the front page temporarily.  Thanks for reading.


The 188-day earthquake cycle theory has been circulating around the Internet, mainly on conspiracy forums and websites, for quite a while.  While it’s tough to track down where this originated from, the supporters of the theory present a barrage of factual evidence to back this up.  According to the 188 day cycle, a major earthquake was predicted to strike the Earth somewhere between March 21 and 23 of 2012.  The reason for the range is because the days are not an accurate way of measuring these things.  Our timekeeping system on Earth is accurate enough for most of our ordinary comings and goings, but it is not exactly in time with the Earth’s adventures as it revolves around the sun.  Anyway, interest in the theory is picking up as a strong earthquake did indeed strike Mexico City today, March 20, 2012, seemingly close to the predicted date.  Naturally, it sponsors some intrigue when a theory like this seems to work out to be correct right before our eyes, but it’s important to remember to check the facts.  So, that’s what Common Sense Conspiracy did.

The first thing we wanted to do was to check out previous earthquakes that supposedly fit in line with the 188-day cycle and make sure that what supporters say is in accordance with actual seismological records.  Those that advocate the cycle say that it matches up as far back as recorded history where earthquakes are concerned goes.  Well, we don’t have time to check them out that far, but for now, let’s look back at the past four earthquakes that are listed as evidence of the cycle.

One website we visited that obviously touts the cycle theory as scientific fact listed the following earthquakes as proof:

Chile — February 27, 2010 — 8.8-magnitude

New Zealand — September 4, 2010 — 7.1-magnitude

Japan — March 11, 2011 — 9.1-magnitude

Fiji — September 15, 2011 — 7.2-magnitude

First of all, the dates all fall between 186 and 190 days apart.  While the theory focuses on 188 days, there is some room for error there, and we don’t really see a problem with that.  So the dates are fairly close to the range prescribed by the cycle.  So far, so good.  Now, we check the information against official records of earthquakes.  According to the United States Geological Survey, all of the dates are correct, except for the New Zealand quake.  The USGS lists it as occurring on September 3, which is only one day difference and would actually help the theory by making the time between Chile and New Zealand 189 days instead of 190.  So, it appears the information for these four quakes is good, the counts between quakes is good, and it does seem to have some validity.  However, if you take all the earthquakes in the 7.0-magnitude range that happen on the Earth across a year, you will find that they are much more frequent than every 188 days.  Actually, statistically speaking, an earthquake of this variety generally happens every 25 days.  If you took the complete list of earthquakes, there is little doubt that you could find other “significant” patterns if you only stuck to the ones that worked with your theory.  Meaning, if you decide the cycle is 90 days, there is an excellent chance that if you take a list of earthquakes over the years, you will be able to find some instances where the prediction seems accurate.  However, could the particular earthquakes that did happen approximately 188 days out be caused by some sort of scientific phenomenon?  We looked further.

There is no scientific study that we could locate that details anything regarding the 188-day earthquake cycle theory.  When we say none, we mean none.  Zero.  Like we said before, it is hard to determine who originally coined the theory, but there is a DVD available for sale at a website called Rabbit Hole called “188 Days” that apparently outlines the finer points of the theory.  Naturally, Rabbit Hole is a conspiracy site whose catch phrase is “decoding the puzzle.”

So, when it’s all said and done, it is absolutely true that a significant earthquake event did happen around 188 days out on each of those four instances.  As long as you disregard all of the other earthquakes, the theory holds true.  But then, the Mexico City earthquake comes along right on time, making it five in a row.  So what are the odds that if the theory was not based in fact that an earthquake would happen in the appropriate time period.  Well, the earthquake cycle theory helps itself out by not being so precise.  After all, we have already established from the previous data that anything from 186 to 190 days is considered acceptable proof by the proponents of the theory.  So with four days margin of error being acceptable, and knowing that one of these earthquakes statistically should happen every 25 days anyway, there is a fairly good chance that an earthquake can come along sometime in the time window to keep the theory going.  In this case, it did just that.  The Mexico City earthquake will be claimed as fulfillment of the cycle theory, but it actually was a day early, if we want to get technical.  Of course, if another major earthquake happens in the next two or three days, the theorists can then jump on that as the real 188-day earthquake and write the Mexico City one off as an unrelated incident.

So, as you can see, while the statistics seem to back up the theory, it’s fairly easy to find something that will.

Does this mean that there is no truth to the 188-day cycle theory?  No, it means there is no proof of it.  There is no scientific basis or information that backs this up except cherry-picking the statistical data.  However, it has proven to be true for five cycles now, and that’s a pretty good track record.  In the end, as almost always, the only thing that matters is what do you think?
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What is Daylight Saving Time All About and Is It Really Necessary in this Era?

Spring forward! Fall back! But why?

We’ve all heard the catchy slogan…Fall back, spring forward.  It refers to the concept of Daylight Saving Time, which pretty much all of the United States has to adhere to in order to make sure we are not out of tune with the rest of the world come Sunday morning.  It is like a rite of passage for us.  We blindly go with the flow, but how many people really understand the history of Daylight Saving Time and where it comes from?  Well, don’t worry, as always Common Sense Conspiracy has you covered.

A man you might have heard of named Benjamin Franklin first coined the Daylight Saving Time concept way back in 1784, but it wasn’t until 1895 when it was first really given serious consideration.  The concept behind it is tied to many advantages that come with having some extra hours of daylight at certain times of the year.  The biggest one is energy conservation.  By adjusting clocks and adapting to a little different schedule, it is theorized that tons of energy resources can be conserved because that extra daylight hours means much less demand for artificial light.  Also, it gives more time for recreational activities during the pleasant months of the year.  Additionally, Daylight Saving Time has been credited with a reduction in automobile accidents.  The idea is that since the adjusted clock schedule keeps more people out in daylight instead of dark, less accidents occur.

This all sounds really great, but many authorities disagree on whether Daylight Savings Time actually provides any of the benefits advertised.  For example, recent studies in the modern era show that Daylight Savings Time does reduce the need for artificial light in the afternoons.  However, the light beats down on the interior of homes, causing it to stay warmer inside than it does when the sun goes down earlier.  Since people are up and about at these times, studies found that people were cranking their energy-hogging air conditioners up even more to accommodate the temperature difference.  Because running an air conditioner units uses a lot more energy than artificial lights, many are pointing out that it actually has a negative effect on conservation of resources.  The automobile accident benefit is another area that is under fire.  While it is true that fewer accidents are reported during the summer months when DST is in effect, it only changes the time frame.  Basically, when the clocks go the other way and it gets darker right around rush hour, even more traffic fatalities are recorded.  So, many experts are saying that DST doesn’t make the roads safer, it just makes them safer at a particular time of year.

Then there’s the health aspect.  Yes, it’s great for the kids and adults alike to have extra time to bask in the sun in the summertime.  However, in the winter, when it gets dark earlier due to DST, the opposite effect happens.  Now, most say that this is okay because winter temperatures keep the kids in anyway.  However, with a population that shows a strong propensity for being Vitamin D deficient, less hours of sunlight in winter just mean that more people are not getting their needed Vitamin D totals.  Vitamin D is created in the body when it is exposed to sunlight.  It does not occur naturally, which is why orange juice and milk were fortified with supplements to help the population fight the deficiency.  Furthermore, the loss of an hour of sleep when we spring forward causes a surge in heart attack prevalence as well as those that have trouble adjusting to sleep cycles anyway.

Obviously, Daylight Saving Time has big fans in various industries.  For example, if you are running a golf course, it’s pretty easy to see that DST is your friend.  It has mixed effects economically.  Daylight can be a golf course owner’s friend, but the movie theater is sucking wind.  Concession stands are flourishing at softball games while retailers find their stores empty.  Put simply, every cause has an effect, every yin a yang.  If one thing is doing better, then something else is doing worse.

Not every state in the United States observes Daylight Saving Time, even now.  Hawaii, Arizona, and the Midway Islands (a United States territory in the Pacific) choose not to observe it at all.  While this doesn’t really matter for Hawaii and the Midway Islands, imagine the dilemma of those living on the state lines in Arizona (which is not a small state, by the way.)  If you live close to the state border, and perhaps even commute to work in another state, you are constantly fighting the DST battle.

So, when it’s all said and done, Daylight Savings Time is something that many are unsure if it is even necessary in this day and age, or if it presents any positive results from its’ institution.  What do you think?
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BREAKING NEWS: Active Shooter Fires Multiple Shots in Washington Navy Yard — On the Loose

It is now being reported that at least three gunshots were fired in a building where 3500 employees work at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.  Police are currently trying to locate the shooter, so the situation is ongoing and extremely dangerous.

wny_mapRight now, we know that there is at least one person injured in the incident, but there is not a lot of information as to who the shooter is and what the reason for it might be.  The authorities have given no indication that this is any sort of act of terrorism, so we are assuming right now that this is an isolated incident.  The fact that the shooter apparently eluded authorities seems to indicate that this is not a what has become all-too-typical shooting because the perpetrator could have easily killed many people where they were when the crisis began.

Common Sense Conspiracy is monitoring the situation and we’ll be looking into any possible angles as the day progresses.  In the meantime, if you are anywhere near the Navy Yard, stay in your home or business and stay updated on the situation through traditional news sources.  There will be plenty of time for conspiracy theories later.

BREAKING NEWS: Verdict Reached — Zimmerman NOT GUILTY!

Well, the jury did its job in the controversial George Zimmerman case today.  A verdict was reached, and Zimmerman’s fate is sealed.  After a long day of deliberations, the jury has found Mr. Zimmerman not guilty of all charges.  They had asked for clarification about the manslaughter possibility earlier, but now it’s official.  Zimmerman walks.  Will all hell break loose now on the streets of Florida?  We are watching the situation closely.

BREAKING NEWS: Asiana Airlines Flight Crashes at San Francisco International Airport — Fire?

UPDATE: Now, more social media reports are indicating that fortunately everyone was able to get off the plane. There were 293 people onboard. Again, early reports indicate that no one was hurt and it now being suggested by supposed passengers that the landing was an emergency landing because the aircraft actually caught on fire in midair.

An Asiana Airlines flight out of Taipei crashed at the San Francisco International Airport earlier.  The crash apparently happened upon landing, and now the plane is on fire.  It is suspected that many people may be trapped inside the Boeing 777.  The crash was witnessed by many people and there is information trickling in on social media more than authorities are actually publicly releasing.  A video below shows one witnesses vantage point of the incident.

So far, there is not much information.  Obviously, the priority right now is on getting the fire put out and trying to save as many lives as possible.  We have heard no information thus far on what caused the crash.  No one is saying “terror” at this point, but we will be watching the conspiracy angles throughout the evening.  In the meantime, let’s all hope that it’s not as bad as it looks currently.  Stay tuned for more information.

BREAKING NEWS: Tornadoes Striking Oklahoma City Again! HAARP Theories Stopped Before They’ve Started

Once again, deadly tornadoes are converging on Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  As you no doubt know, the city and outlying areas have not even begun to recover from the tragic tornado that hit there just days ago.  The situation is ongoing, and of course, we hope that this is not as bad as the previous tornado, but early reports are not good.

For those in Oklahoma, obviously, this is a time to be watching the weather, checking on loved ones, and making the best you can of a terrible and tragic situation.  However, Common Sense Conspiracy wants to address some of the issues that will be coming up for those in other parts of the country who are probably somewhat taken aback by this turn of events.

There are always insinuations in conspiracy circles that HAARP has something to with major tornado outbreaks.  While Common Sense Conspiracy acknowledges the existence of HAARP, we don’t believe it has anything to do with the occurrence or frequency of tornadoes.  Tornadoes are freaks of nature.  They have little or no warning and are one of the most unbelievable destructive forces on the planet.  To this day, with all of our scientific advancements, only rudimentary knowledge exists of how tornadoes form, why they go where they go, and what is the best way to deal with them in the heat of the moment.  Our stance is that HAARP has no reason to involve itself with such affairs; HAARP would be much more suitable for climate change, cloud seeding, and other such weather events.  If the government really wanted to use HAARP as a weapon, they could certainly unleash powerful tornadoes on “Nuketown” replicas of cities.  There is no reason to unleash them on their own citizens.  Some debate major events like Hurricane Katrina because of the global impact achieved.  We won’t get into that here.  It’s unfortunate, but these tornadoes, while quite tragic for the communities and people involved, will not be watershed moments in history.  Therefore, there is no reason to think that HAARP would be involved in creating these moments.

After addressing the HAARP issue, we turn to natural phenomena.  Many people falsely believe that tornadoes don’t hit the same place twice.  Not only is this not true in theory, but it has happened plenty of times.  Just ask the people in the community of Harvest, Alabama.  Tornadoes ravaged their town twice in just ten months.  This is not a statistical anomaly.  It happens.  It might take years, decades even.  Or it might happen in the space of a month.  The Oklahoma situation certainly makes one wonder if there is a bullseye on their head, but history doesn’t back up this theory.  This is really, really a terrible case of bad luck.

Let’s hope that the situation in Oklahoma this time turns out to be less severe than the terrible Moore tornado.  Let’s also turn our attention away from conspiracy theories and focus on prayers and seeing what we can do to help.

Sunil Tripathi Found Dead — Missing Person Speculated as Boston Bomber on Social Media Found in River

This story still has a long way to go before we will know for sure just what happened here. What we do know is that Sunil Tripathi got fingered by users of social media as a possible suspect in the Boston Marathon terror attacks. Basically, he was a reported missing person, and someone found someone bearing his likeness in the crowd shots from the day of the attack and raised the theory that he went missing because he was about to embark on a terrorist adventure. Now, the boy has turned up in the water.
The medical examiners should be able to help us out on this one. If the estimated time of death is before the bombings then it’s safe to say that the boy either decided to take his own life from unrelated circumstances or was the victim of foul play. If the time of death comes after the bombings, then we’ve got a whole new can of worms opening up, just like that.
Common Sense Conspiracy has cautioned against the power of the Internet in situations like this. We openly criticized Alex Jones’ websites for publishing photographs that were even picked up by the mainstream media. There was more than one innocent person that awoke that Tuesday morning to find their likeness plastered all over television and the Internet when they apparently had nothing to do with it. The Internet is a powerful thing, and while the fact that empowers the average person with an ability to speak out and say something to the world, as the famous saying goes, with that power comes responsibility. And consequences…
So, did Reddit kill Sunil Tripathi? Or was it Twitter? We can only wait and see what the reports show, but it doesn’t matter. The facts remain that we have to make sure that we all understand that just because we are fortunate enough to have freedom of speech does not mean we are free from the consequences of the words that we say. And those consequences don’t always just come back on ourselves, but sometimes the repercussions can catch others in the path.