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Katie Meyer Dead at 22 – Stanford Soccer Player is a Story to Watch

Katie Meyer was a standout player for the Stanford soccer team. Many people remember her making a crucial save during penalty kicks back in the 2019 NCAA championship. Now, at just 22 years of age, she has passed away with little details being revealed about what has happened.

This will cause much speculation.

Common Sense Conspiracy is not a news site. Our purpose here is to let our readers know this story will be one to watch. 22-year-olds in excellent shape don’t just turn up dead in their rooms on campus without a much more satisfying explanation. We expect there will be a lot of conspiracy talk about this one in the coming days and weeks.

To not have a cause of death announced is not that unusual in cases like this, so that in and of itself may not indicate that there is more to the story. However, it certainly leaves a wide range of possibilities open for massive speculation.

Some will suggest foul play. Murder? Suicide? Overdose? Others will say the university is trying to cover up something. Let the games begin. We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

The Obamas That Stole Christmas: A Little Fact-Checking About the White House Christmas Tree

One of the Laura Bush trees in 2005 was decorated entirely with white lilies.

Be it on Facebook, Twitter, or in your personal email, it’s hard for anyone to have not run across what we at Common Sense Conspiracy are now labeling the “Holiday Tree Scam.”  Unlike most scams out there, this is not trying to get your money or personal information.  It is simply trying to spread disinformation.  Let’s start by saying that the CSC certainly believes that personal liberties are being taken away from us one-by-one.  We have extensively covered information regarding the New World Order and we are never going to be accused by anyone of being Obama’s biggest fans.  However, we also believe in a mantra around here that those that read regularly know so well:  sometimes it is what it is.

If you haven’t seen the “Holiday Tree Scam” in action, it goes like this in a quick summary.  The White House has announced that they will not have a Christmas tree this year, but a Holiday tree.  People in America should refer to their own personal trees as Holiday Trees as well.  This is supposedly because of the religious and ethnic differences in our nation.  The idea is that the Christmas tree at the White House signifies that we are a Christian country (what a terrible concept) and it is offensive to people of other religious backgrounds.  It also goes along with an encouragement to not say “Merry Christmas” but “Happy Holidays.”  The scam’s goal is simply to spark outrage.  People get upset when things like this circulate.  They believe it is true because it sounds halfway legitimate with what is going on in our world day-to-day anyway.  It’s not that hard to believe, but here at Common Sense, we do believe in checking facts, and the facts in this case are seriously skewed.   First, here’s an example of what you might see floating around on Facebook:

WHAT A CROCK OF BULL….. We can’t say Merry Christmas now we have to say Happy Holidays. We can’t call it a Christmas tree, it’s now called a Holiday tree? Because it might offend someone. If you don’t like our “Customs” and it offends you so much then GO HOME. I will help you pack. They are called customs and we have our traditions If you… agree with this…please post this as your status!! I AM A PROUD AMERCIAN CITIZEN… MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Do you have what it takes to repost this?

Never mind that the people propagating this list cannot spell “American” which in my opinion is the real crime here.  If you are interested in reading the email that is circulating, a full version of it can be found here.  Ok, so now you have the phony info.  Let’s get on to the real facts.

A lot of the backlash surrounding this scam comes from the idea that a fair sampling of the nation believes that Obama is a Muslim.  Now, whether that is true or not is a debate for another day (and one we will gladly take on in another article), but for our purposes here, the fact that there has been some outcry about Obama’s religious background is part of the reason that the idea that he would outlaw the Christmas tree at the White House is so easy for people to accept.  Ironically, a little fact-checking turns up some very interesting information.  How many people posting and circulating this scam would believe me if I said that First Lady Laura Bush, the wife of George W. Bush, famously refused to include Christ-centered ornaments or themes on the White House Christmas tree.  Actually, when Michelle Obama received the Christmas tree at the White House for the first time in 2009, she immediately did away with Laura Bush’s “themed” ornaments and had over 800 new, traditional ornaments created just for the occasion.  Now, this is not an attempt to say that Laura Bush was trying to ban Christmas; more likely she just had a different taste that didn’t necessarily coincide with traditional American ideas of what a Christmas tree should look like.  It is funny how many people don’t know this and are so quick to condemn the Obama’s for stealing Christmas.

So, at the very least, the Christmas tree is not called a Christmas tree at the White House, right?  Hmm…

27 seconds in. What’s that?

Happy holidays from Common Sense Conspiracy. Or is it Merry Christmas? We can’t tell you.

Trump Wins! What Does It Mean in Conspiracy Circles? Is There a New New World Order?

Donald Trump’s winning of the election is incredible for a variety of reasons.  Never has a candidate had so many cards stacked against him.  Never has a candidate felt the full wrath of the shadow government’s full machine.  They threw everything but the kitchen sink at Trump, and when all was said and done, he was still standing.

trump-prezMany Americans are afraid of what Trump might mean for the country.  These fears may not be misplaced.  He is a wild card.  No one is totally sure just what a Trump presidency will look like.  What we do know is that this appears to be a watershed moment in our world.  Trump may or may not be the right guy, but his victory proves that while the New World Order that is trying to organize itself is very powerful indeed, there is still power in the people themselves.  That was proven on Election Day once and for all.  All the rigging in the world can’t overcome the power of awakened individuals going out and letting their voices be heard.  That is inspiring.  Democracy is not totally dead, even if it is being handed its hat.

Having said all of that, we move on to the real topic here.  What does this mean in conspiracy circles?  Well, Trump’s win ends some conspiracy theories once and for all.  The Clinton-Bush dynasty conspiracies are over.  Both President Obama and now President-Elect Trump effectively ended these two families’ stronghold on American power and politics that has lasted decades.  While we probably haven’t heard the last of the Bush’s and Clinton’s, we’ve definitely heard the last of them for a little while.  Another popular conspiracy theory was that Donald Trump was in some sort of collusion with Hillary Clinton to secure the presidency.  His unlikely victory confirms that there was no such collusion.  Donald Trump ran for President and won.  That’s all there is to it.  No more theories for now.

For the conspiracy theories closed, new ones will open.  Many will wonder if Donald Trump will cooperate with the shadow government.  Everything about his campaign and personality indicates that he will not if it doesn’t suit his agenda.  We all know what will happen if he bucks the system too much.  There will be many, many conspiracy theories in 2017 about the possibility of a massive government conspiracy to assassinate Donald Trump.  As Inauguration Day approaches, it’ll get clearer what these theories will be.  For now, we can only speculate.

There was a narrative in the mainstream media that Trump will declare himself dictator and take over America.  This could be called a conspiracy theory, we suppose, but we don’t really claim it.  No reputable conspiracy theory site that we know of saw Trump as anything but an outsider insurgent candidate that drew the ire of the establishment.  The theories involving him becoming a Hitler-like figure are not so much conspiracy theories as just tactics of his political opponents.

In that same vein, many will bring up concepts about Trump’s supposed racist, sexist, and anti-LGBT qualities.  Some have already suggested that being homosexual will be banned in the United States, a la Russia.  Others say Trump will reverse gay marriage, end abortion, and ban Muslims.  There is little or no evidence that any of these things would be on a Trump agenda.  Most of his commentary on such subjects was manipulated horribly by the government’s media machine, and on a political level, one must remember that Trump is historically quite liberal in his views.  In some ways, he is just as liberal as Hillary Clinton.  It is unlikely that he would do any of these things, and once again, these are not conspiracy theories as much as just ways for his political enemies to assail him.  That strategy appeared to be working like a charm until about 10:00 PM on Election evening when it suddenly became clear that Trump might be the one to beat.

These are just some of the conspiracy concepts that you will see rise to the surface as 2017 approaches.  We saved the biggest one for last, but it is too important and expansive to be covered here.  The last theory is that Trump will never become President because the Electoral College will do the unthinkable and be the last battalion of the establishment against an insurgent candidate.  We will analyze that fully in the next article.

Thanks to all our readers for enduring this crazy election and all of the crazy situations we are obligated to analyze and investigate.  We look forward to having a wider variety of articles four our readers going forward as this fades and new challenges arise.

Please Welcome Our Friends at Erave Studios — Your One-Stop Source for Excellent Original Digital Artwork

Just a sample of the fine work at Erave Studios. Head on over for many more samples in higher quality.
Just a sample of the fine work at Erave Studios. Head on over for many more samples in higher quality.

Common Sense Conspiracy wants to take a moment to let our readers know about our friends at Erave Studios.  This is a just-opened art studio that provides professional commissioned artwork at affordable prices.  So whether you need a logo or banner for your website, artwork for your novel or album cover, or just always wanted to see yourself as a superhero all your own, Erave Studios is the place to go.  Stop by and have a look at some samples of what they can do.  Common Sense Conspiracy looks forward to eventually debuting a new banner and logo from Erave Studios.

Sorry White People But Alton Sterling and Philando Castile Mean It’s Time to At Least Admit Something is Wrong

Common Sense Conspiracy normally covers these types of situations from the angle of what conspiracy theorists might think or be saying about it. That’s our gig. Over the last couple of years, we have frequently assessed the lightning rod police shootings of black

An all-too common sight in America these days.
An all-too common sight in America these days.

males in America as a tragedy that was being used by the mainstream media and government to drive another wedge between the American people to make sure that they stay bitter and divided. While that is still true today, perhaps more than ever, the shootings over the last several hours (and that’s not a good way to have to put it, is it?) are forcing us not just to look at it from that angle, but from a more complete angle transcending politics and conspiracies and venturing into the realm of common human decency.
White people of America, it’s time to at least admit something is wrong. Each time something like this happens, Facebook and Twitter and whatever other social media network of the week is overflowed with messages from white people that all say the same thing in a slightly different way. There’s the whole “if you just do what the police tell you to do” excuse that gets tossed around. Let’s look at that one first.
Like it or not, there is some truth to it. Yes, cooperating with police officers probably decreases the odds that they decide to kill you in torrents of gunfire. But that is easy for someone to say that has never been on the other side of things. What if what the police officer is telling you to do is totally wrong? Are the police always on the right side of things? This is something that a lot of white people may have trouble understanding. In their world, the police are always the good guys, there to save the day and take the bad guys away. Most white people have never been handcuffed and put in the back of a police car because they had the “wrong guy.” There are tons of stories of black people that could say that not only have they experienced this, but have actually had it happen to them on multiple occasions. Most white people have never stared down the barrel of a gun or been frisked by the police. Black children are taught to fear police at an early age. After all, far too many of them have watched police officers take away their fathers, some to not return for decades over crimes that seem sillier in a new political and cultural climate. So, yes, for white people, it’s easy to say that if you just put your hands where your told and never question these things at all, you should be okay. But at what point does that go out the window? If our police totally militarizes (as many, many in conspiracy circles believe will eventually), at what point is it okay to resist? At what point is wrong wrong and right right? It’s more complicated than “just do what your told.” It’s kind of like when a parent says “because I said so.” So, white people simply cannot view this from that perspective, no more than your average black person can imagine getting pulled over by the police and being completely nonchalant about it. In some ways, we do live in different worlds.
Another thing that white people harp on after an incident like this is the criminal record of the suspect. It happened today with Alton Sterling. Yes, Sterling had a record. And, just keeping it real here, a record does cast a person in a different light. That’s kind of a natural reaction. But if you are black, a criminal record doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as it does to White America. To a white person, a criminal record is an “I told you so” moment. See, the guy was a criminal. As if this makes it different. It doesn’t matter if you just raped a child, ran a red light, or killed the President; if you are unarmed or not posing a direct, deadly threat, the police can’t kill you. It’s that simple. It’s called living in a civilized society. White people don’t want to admit it, but there is truth to the fact that white people can commit complete atrocities and be peacefully taken into

It's not civil rights.  It's human rights.
It’s not civil rights. It’s human rights.

custody. See the Charleston shooter for an example. If ever there were a time for police to have an itchy trigger finger, that was it. If ever there was a time where most of us would have been fine with the police just foreclosing on this process and killing this piece of human garbage, that was it. And yet, he was taken into custody peacefully. They knew he was armed. Armed to the teeth. Remember Aurora, Colorado. Even coming on a scene knowing a guy just butchered people with assault weapons won’t make police automatically kill a white person. There are several other instances of this, but for the sake of not making this ridiculously long, we will leave it at that. And yet, a black man selling CDs on the street corner that may or may not have a gun is executed in daylight. Criminal records are in the past, and while it might not be a great sign of an upstanding citizen, it still doesn’t mean anything about what is happening right now. And, even mass shooters get their day in court. Remember the child molester at Penn State. Peaceful arrest. He’ll get his day in court. Most people equate child molestation with the absolute worst crimes on this Earth, and almost no one would be sad if he got his brains blown out. These people we just named didn’t have criminal records. They were actively committing atrocities right now in your face, and the police did not kill them. It is only an excuse for white people to continue to look the other way and find a way to blame the victim for the crime. That may not be convenient, but it’s still the truth.
Another frequent thing you will see white people saying about something like this is something to the effect of “Oh no! Here comes the race card again.” Well, here we go again. The so-called “race card” is pulled plenty of times in our world when it is not warranted. Not everything that ever happens to a black person is because of race. Sorry, black people, but this might not be convenient for you either. However, there are times when the “race card” is legitimate. And that is where the water gets murky. It’s like a boy who cried wolf. Remember that story? The race card gets thrown around (not just by black people, but also by the media), and white people, both good and bad, have become desensitized to it. Really. There are some white people that are racist, we all know this, and really, no one is reasonably trying to deny that. Otherwise, we wouldn’t even have the word to throw around. Racism exists. But the overwhelming majority of white people are not overtly racist, but the “race card” is thrown around to the point that even those white people that do see things in the right perspective are so used to hearing it that they don’t even pay attention. That’s the thing about these two shootings. This is one of those bulletproof (oh, please, please no pun intended) occasions where the “race card” is 100% absolutely appropriate. Is this us saying that the police officers involved in these shootings just got back from a Klan meeting on their lunch break? No, not necessarily. But it is reasonable to assume that this at least partly happened because the police officers were white and the deceased was black. Can we at least admit that much? The bottom line is that the “race card” is a real thing, and it deserves to be played at times in the game. It’s really a disservice to everyone involved that the card used to be an Ace of Spades but is not watered down to just another card in the deck. The blame for that has to be spread around to not any race individually but the human one. Yet, it is not a defense for police officers slaughtering citizens.
We could go on further, but that’s enough of white excuses for murder. But while we are on that subject, let’s address something else about this. It is murder. Why are we so hesitant to call it that? It disgusts me that when the Department of Justice today opened its investigation into one of these shootings, they call it a civil rights investigation. That’s so demeaning to black people, and I don’t even think they have thought about it. It’s not a murder investigation. It’s not an abuse of power investigation. It is termed as a civil rights investigation. When will we see black people as equal enough to white people to just go on and call it murder? So, the civil rights that were violated, presumably, were the very rights to live and breathe and walk on this Earth? That sounds more like murder to me, and I think that the way we term that is part of our problem. Civil rights? That is the right to vote. The right to work and have fair hiring processes. The right to worship as or if we choose. The right to live? That’s going too far. The right to live is a civil right I guess. I mean, it is pretty civil to say that black people do have the right to live their lives without being slaughtered by the police. But when the Orlando shooter slaughtered gay people the other day, nobody called it a civil rights issue. It’s murder, people. The police may have done many things to violate these two men’s civil rights while they were alive, but this is not about that, and the way we label it that is actually taking away from what the message should be. This is murder, and when we are truly recognizing each other as equals, we will be more apt to call it what it is.  It isn’t civil rights.  It’s human rights.
We at Common Sense Conspiracy have no answer as to what the solution is. We understand that most white people think this is horrible and want it to stop. They also have to somehow balance that with respect and appreciation for the thousands of police officers all over America that are great individuals willing to do just about anything to make their community a better place. However, we can agree on at least one thing today, right? It’s time to stop making excuses and at least agree that we have a problem here. We can at least do that. You’ve got to start somewhere. This is somewhere.

San Bernardino Conspiracy Theories On Fire — Crisis Actors, Black Flags, and PsyOps?

In the wake of the continuing drama in San Bernardino, California, conspiracy theory forums and websites are working overtime, and the results are some pretty amazing theories. So far, we have everything from black flag operations, crisis actors on the scene, psyops, and some that say that this is another attempt to enrage public opinion as the shootings once again were in the vicinity of a Planned Parenthood facility (although there is absolutely no information to give this theory any validity). So, we have included a few of the already published YouTube videos detailing some of these theories. What do you think? Right now, no one will even say anything about the nationality or race of the assailants. Could this be a terrorist attack that is being covered up? Oh, look, a new theory!

Ferguson Grand Jury Verdict to Be Revealed at 8:00PM CST/9:00PMEST — Preparing for Martial Law or Waiting for After Dark?

The situation in Ferguson, Missouri has been plenty convoluted for weeks as a grand jury poured over a case that probably should have taken a few minutes to decide, regardless of which way you fall on the issue.  Now, after a week of high tension as protesters/rioters planned their strategies for the verdict, we finally have been told that the official findings of the grand jury will be revealed just under two hours from now at 8:00 PM Central Standard Time.  It has been a known fact that the grand jury completed its service and was released in the 4:00 hour, so revealing the verdict has been delayed by several hours.  What does that mean?

Well, it depends on how you look at it.  It’s hard to imagine a scenario where delaying the verdict is good news for supporters of Michael Brown.  If the grand jury elected to charge Darren Wilson, the officer that shot and killed Brown, it’s hard to imagine why a delay would be required.  The delay seems to indicate that they are preparing for a bad situation in Ferguson.  There are two schools of thought on what the purpose of the delay might be.  On the one hand, it gives time for everyone to get home for the night.  It also gives the police and National Guard time to get ready for whatever happens.  On the other hand, it also gives protesters time to organize, and gives them an even more important advantage:  the cover of darkness.  And then you throw in the martial law conspiracy theory.  This is basically the concept that at 9:00 PM, the jury’s decision will be announced followed by an immediate mandatory curfew requiring everyone to stay in their homes or face the consequences up to and including being shot on sight.  In other words, a full-on martial law declaration that would include all citizens.

With just a little while to go, Common Sense Conspiracy will continue to monitor the situation from all angles, but it’s hard to see a very positive outcome looming on this one.  And the insinuation that Officer Darren Wilson would be able to return to work “immediately” is the most ridiculous thing anyone ever said.  Wilson’s life is ruined.  He will never work in law enforcement again.  He will not be able to live in the same town.  He may not even be able to live in the United States of America.  This is regardless of which way the verdict goes.

Stay tuned, and let’s all hope that peace rules the day, even if it’s hard to imagine a scenario where it might win out.