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Assassination of Iran Nuclear Scientist Signals End of Trump Era

Say what you want about Donald Trump, but one thing is undeniable.  When it comes to dealings with Iran, Trump effectively rendered their nuclear ambitions null and void.  A lot of people may have disagreed with Trump’s decision to pull out of the deal that President Barack Obama and then Vice-President (soon to be President) Joe Biden made with Iran, but Trump’s rationale was that you can’t trust Iran to do what they say they are going to do, and lifting all the sanctions and giving them access to billions of dollars only made their nuclear hopes easier to accomplish.  Trump did away with that and put in place worse sanctions that crippled Iran on a whole new level.

The Iran nuclear deal was a joke to everyone but Obama and Biden. You can bet Iran thought it was funny too.

You pair that with Trump’s brazen tactics.  Love him or hate him, the people that run Iran knew that if they messed with Trump, they would stand a good chance at finally getting a nuclear bomb but not in the way they wanted to receive it.  Much like the situation in North Korea, Iran was mostly a non-issue during the Trump years because he spoke the kind of language they understand.  Iran doesn’t make deals.  Iran responds to tough rhetoric.  Trump said he would blow them off the face of the Earth if they didn’t act right.  They believed him.  End of story there.

So, with President-elect Joe Biden coming along in January to no doubt return to the way things were done before, Iran is already gearing up to get back on track.  Just last week, there were reports that they were already getting back to business with their nuclear program.  The bottom line is they know that the Biden administration will echo the Obama administration, and that means there’s no reason not to get back on the horse.

Trump’s departure means that Iran’s nuclear program will be ramping up quickly.

So, with the news that Iran’s leading nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was apparently assassinated Friday morning (at least according to Iran’s state media), it seems that someone out there isn’t waiting around for Biden to make another deal with Iran to get there message across.

All eyes are on Israel, naturally, and that makes a lot of sense because Israel is the most likely to have felt the need to strike before the Trump administration goes out.  It is also very possible that Trump himself is very much aware of this and even supported the decision.  It will be interesting to see who Iran places the blame on, and what the reactions of the accused will be.  In the meantime, the world can hold their breath and see if Trump has one last act in this play before he leaves Pennsylvania Avenue for good (unless, of course, he makes a triumphant return in 2024).

Metal Monolith Discovered in Utah Desert is a Mystery — Proof of Aliens?

It’s hard to deny that this is a pretty fascinating story.  A mysterious metal monolith has been discovered in a desert in Utah and no one has any idea where it came from.  The nature and randomness of the object is causing quite a buzz around conspiracy circles.

The object did not just fall there.  It is actually implanted very securely into the ground, making it even harder to understand how it could have gotten there.  It would have taken some effort to do this.  Also, Google Earth images are proving that it has been there for years, so this is not something that happened recently.

Naturally, the possibility that the monolith is some sort of alien device is going around.  Of course, it is much more likely that it was put there to cause people to think that, but no one can know for sure.  There are no doubt investigations going on into the nature of the object, but whatever they find out, if it’s anything but benign, they wouldn’t tell the general public anyway.  In any case, it is a fascinating story.  What do you think the monolith is and where did it come from?  As always, sound off in the comments below.

In the meantime, we have included a clip from a news report from the mainstream media as well as a private citizen that has given a real good analysis and up-close review of the monolith.

It’s No Longer Cool to Be a Conspiracy Theorist in 2020

Well, ever since Donald Trump became a serious contender back in the 2016 election, there was a noticeable change in the way conspiracy theories were treated by the mainstream media.  Before 2016, conspiracy theorists were tin foil hat-wearing crackpots, the ones with all their silly theories about Barack Obama and America becoming a Muslim country.  Anyone who questioned the official account of just about anything fit in this category, and we posted many real news stories criticizing people for being “conspiracy theorists” back from those days.

We’re back in the hats people, courtesy your mainstream media.

Enter Donald Trump.  All of a sudden, for four years, the mainstream media would change its tune.  Suddenly being a conspiracy theorist was cool and the right thing to do.  We watched as the mainstream media fed us conspiracy theories as real news night after night, even as more and more evidence (or the lack thereof) revealed that most of the theories just didn’t hold water.  For a while, being a conspiracy theorist was a true lover and defender of America.  It was kind of nice, although a bad time to run a conspiracy website like Common Sense Conspiracy.

Well, today, make no mistake, being a conspiracy theorist is not cool anymore.

The establishment is very angry, and Trump may very well take the brunt of it.

Just browse a mainstream media source right now like CNN for instance.  Every other story is tossing around the term conspiracy theories, and the connotation that goes with it is decidedly not good.  We’re back in the tin foil hats people, and while that may be good news for the CSC’s bottom line, it shows that things are returning to normal as the powers-that-be have things approaching where they were supposed to be when Trump took the political world by storm and turned it upside down.  The establishment never forgave him for that.  He wasn’t supposed to win, much less not conform to their ways when he did win.  For that, the punishment may never end.  The establishment may not feel that Trump and his family have been punished enough until they all inhabit prison cells.  In the meantime, the mainstream media is painting a broad brush across America, calling over 70 million people that voted for Trump in the election crackpot conspiracy theorists.  That’s a lot of crazy people, isn’t it?  It’s a wonder we made it this far.

Most likely things will stay this way, unless Trump returns in 2024, or one of his children.  This is unlikely because once he is out of the White House, the establishment will do everything in its power to make sure no one usurps the one-party two-party system again.  It was unlikely to happen the first time.  The second time will be downright impossible.

Wear your tin foil hats proud, folks.  There is and never was anything wrong with questioning the official account of things.

Have Yourself a Merry Little COVID-19 — The War on Christmas Just Got Real

Door to door inspections on the horizon? The War on Christmas just got real folks.

For years we have fielded questions and suggestions about the supposed war on Christmas that has captivated many in conspiracy circles.  We even posted a very popular article during the Obama years about this subject when the word on the street was that President Obama was going to cancel Christmas and declare America a Muslim country (yeah, it sounds bonkers now, but you had to be there).  Well, our stance has always been that there was no real war on Christmas, at least no concerted deep state effort to take most Americans’ most cherished holiday away.

Well, maybe we were wrong about that.  Enter COVID-19.

The coronavirus pandemic took over the year 2020 and never looked back.  This virus that came out of nowhere in China to permeate the globe has an astonishingly low death rate and yet has managed to influence the world like nothing we have seen before.  There is no area of life that it has not touched.  You name it.  Popular culture.  Fashion.  And oh yes, politics.  COVID-19 is the only reason the election was even interesting, as a full-steam-ahead economy seemed to guarantee Donald Trump an easy victory before the pandemic took hold.  Now, after a spring and summer of lockdowns, restrictions, and constantly being told to do the same three things even though it has fazed the virus for a minute, things are now reaching a fever pitch.

We have governors ordering families to restrict the number of people at gatherings for Thanksgiving.  Families are forced to cull the guest list down and pick between loved ones.  At least one governor is now suggesting that masks should be worn in side the home.  And on CNN just the other day, Dr. Fauci agreed with the talking head that Christmas was going to be impossible.

Spread the cheer now because Christmas is not happening in 2020.

Thanksgiving will be the warmup.  There are new bolder restrictions being handed down, but after the inevitable spike that will be blamed on Thanksgiving, the big one is coming.  COVID-19 is bringing the war on Christmas right into your home, right into your neighborhood.  This is no longer a long-term ambition of some.  This year, Christmas may very well be canceled.  What’s more, it might actually be against the law to celebrate it.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and your four or five guests that are legally allowed to attend.  Wear your masks even in between bites.  Cherish those weird moments, because Christmas may be on the chopping block this year.

America, Dr. Fauci, and the Definition of Insanity — COVID-19 on the Rise

Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise, right?  For the entire summer, we were warned by health experts and the mainstream media that a second wave of COVID-19 was just around the corner and going to have our entire nation in its grips in no time at all.  That appears to be happening now as daily cases are on the rise like never before in the pandemic.

For months and months, Fauci has preached the “big three.” Well, when are we going to see results?

The response of the scientists like Dr. Fauci who have decades of experience on these sorts of things:  let’s keep doing the same.

Now that’s not how they describe it.  The undertone in the media and in every interview that people like Dr. Fauci give is that the American people are to blame because they are just too doggone stubborn to do the three things they have been begged for months now to do.  You know them, you hear them eighty-five times each day.  Wash your hands.  Wear your mask.  Social distance.  Well, today Common Sense Conspiracy wants to ask a a question of the scientists.  Have they ever actually learned about the scientific method?  Has Dr. Fauci ever been familiar with the definition of insanity?

It’s easy to put the blame on lazy, selfish Americans, but the truth is that the overwhelming majority of the nation is doing these things.  They are following the mantras, washing their hands until their skin is peeling off, casting suspicious stares at strangers and friends alike anywhere near their six-foot bubble, and wearing cloth coverings on their face.  While President-elect Joe Biden talks about nationwide mask mandates, the reality is that most states already have this.  The solutions they are proposing to stop the spread of coronavirus simply haven’t worked, at least not nearly enough.

The definition of insanity is simple.  It’s doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get different results.  The advice Americans are being given to stop the spread of coronavirus is the definition of insanity.

We’re not saying that any American should stop doing any of the “Big Three.”  I don’t think anyone in America debates that washing your hands is a good way to avoid getting or spreading any virus, much less COVID-19.  I don’t think anyone in America debates that keeping a physical distance from others is a pretty good way to help your chances too.  Many do debate whether wearing a piece of fabric on your face helps, but hey, most people are doing it anyway.  We’re not saying that these things aren’t helping.  We’re saying that it’s not enough, and at some point we should hold our leaders and the so-called experts accountable for not having more to say.

While there is some debate whether Einstein actually said this, the message still resonates.

When I hear Dr. Fauci talking about these big three things we must do, I wonder what his real opinion is off-camera.  He must know by now that most everyone is doing this.  Look to the wider world also.  While America has taken more than its share of COVID-19 it would seem, the rest of the world is struggling too, and a lot of the countries that are struggling were less resistant to mask wearing than Americans were.  It’s easy to blame things on stubborn Americans and Donald Trump, but that explanation runs out of steam once you cross the oceans in either direction.

So, is Common Sense Conspiracy advocating stringent shutdowns to stop coronavirus?  We’re not advocating anything, but what we are saying is that continuing to indicate that these three measures are the key while the pandemic rages out of control in the background is not fair to anyone at this point.  Yes, wash your hands, for sure, but is this going to save the day?  It’s clear that it’s not.

In the scientific method, there comes a point where the hypothesis gets tested and then adjustments are made.  The data is in, and it is in overwhelmingly all over the world.  The big three helps, but it will never control the pandemic.  So, are experts basically throwing in the towel and saying there’s nothing we can do but let it rage while we wait on a workable vaccine?  Okay, then tell us that.  Stop acting like it’s everyone’s fault this is happening.  And stop acting like if just a few more pesky Americans would wash their hands a couple of times and wear a sliver of their underwear on their face, everything would be okay.

We’re not buying it.  What do you think?  Are Americans and people worldwide just not following Dr. Fauci’s rules and that’s our whole problem?  Or is the scientific community simply at a loss what more to do but wait on a vaccine?  As always, we want to hear you thoughts in the comments below.

How Do You Simulate Passing Time When Vouching for the Safety of a Vaccine in Development?

The title says it all about where we are going here.  As you probably know, the company Pfizer has announced that it is very, very close to having a coronavirus vaccine that is expected to be 90% effective.  They are now doing a final analysis to verify that the vaccine is safe before asking the FDA for emergency approval.

Okay, kids, who wants to be first?

Despite the ongoing pandemic getting worse by the minute, there have already been multiple studies that conclude that a large amount of Americans are skeptical of the “warp speed” process by which this has all taken place.  Put simply, no one is all that excited about being the first to take a vaccine hot off the press developed in a highly-politicized climate with emergency authorization, which by its very title indicates that it is not given the full vetting that it would be in a normal situation.

Common Sense Conspiracy isn’t trying to convince you to not take the vaccine.  If you think that is a good choice for you, by all means, get on the list at the first.  We are just asking some questions about how exactly these good people that stand to make billions off of coronavirus vaccine arrive at these conclusions.

As we said in the title, how can anyone know what will happen six months down the road?  A year?  Ten years?  You don’t, because no matter what they tell you, they cannot simulate the passing of time in any of their experiments.  It just isn’t possible.  So, yeah, they think it’s safe, and they have done as much due diligence as they can, given the circumstances, but they can never say with any real certainty that it is safe.

The irony here is that never mind the millions of Americans skeptical of the vaccine.  They are giving it out to one group whether they want it or not, and that is doctors and nurses on the front line.  I mean, it’s the right thing to do.  They need an effective vaccine more than anyone.  But how ironic that you give a vaccine that you are not sure is safe to the people that you can’t afford to lose first.

We’re sure it will be fine, but man, that’s not a good way to do business.

What do you think?  Would you take the vaccine on the first run?  Why or why not?  We want to hear what you think in the comments below.

Why Joe Biden Winning the Presidency is Great News for Common Sense Conspiracy

Well, after one of the most tumultuous presidential campaigns in American history, the media has now proclaimed former Vice President Joe Biden the winner days after election day.  Now, there is going to be plenty of controversy about this in the coming weeks and months, and there is no doubt that President Trump will try every legal there is to question these results.  Whether any of those tactics bear any fruit remains to be seen, but for tonight, Common Sense Conspiracy is celebrating the Joe Biden win.

No, the CSC is not in the tank for Joe Biden or any other politician. But there are advantages.

Wait, you say!  Common Sense Conspiracy supports a presidential candidate?  The CSC roots for Democrats?  Who knew?

Of course not.  The CSC has long revealed its feelings about America’s one-party “two-party” political system and how both sides that seem so polarized actually collude together to make sure that mainstream America never rises up and chooses another solution.  It’s sad, but it kind of reaffirms the American system in a way.  The American people do have the ability through voting to say enough is enough, but they have done such a good idea of convincing everyday Americans that the other political party is the problem that they never realize the real culprit.  We rail against that, but also realize that there’s little we can do about it.

So why the clickbait title, you say?  Well, it’s true.  A President Joe Biden is great news for Common Sense Conspiracy and will mean that we can return the website to its regular activity that we enjoyed in the years prior to 2016.  See, when Donald Trump became President of the United States, and in fact, even before that during the campaign, something happened that we could not have foreseen.  All of a sudden the mainstream media became purveyors of conspiracy theories on national television in prime time.  They went from insulting anyone who questioned the official account of things with their tin foil hat references to actually peddling conspiracy theories as news.  For four years, the CSC found itself losing the little bit of revenue it created to the mainstream media machine.  We do not have the resources or the reach to compete with that.  We tried, but we lost that battle.  So for most of these Donald Trump years, the CSC has been mostly silent.  That is because something has to help us keep the lights on, and we were smothered as the nightly news peddled theories that we would have probably aired here.  Ironically enough, the CSC would have probably called them out for being unfounded in facts, while the mainstream media jumped all over them.

None of that matters tonight.  Soon, the mainstream media will have a much rosier outlook on things when Mr. Biden takes office, and conspiracy theory websites like this will once again be scoffed at while we are only trying to analyze what is going on from a fact-based perspective and give our readers our opinion.

For those that have stayed around through these years, we thank you, and get ready to see a flurry of new content as we get ready for better times.  For our new readers, we will be updating regularly and bringing you analysis you will no longer see on the major news networks.  Our niche went mainstream.  Now our niche is back.