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How to Get Parler on Your Phone or Tablet Without Google Play or Apple Store

Donald Trump is taking his Tweet game to the Parler service, which is a lot like very other social media platform you’ve ever seen, but they don’t censor users.  Already, Google, Apple, and Facebook have moved to block anything and everything Parler-related, which means even downloading the app is now prohibited.

Good news, though.  On Android applications, you don’t have to go through the app store if you don’t want to.  It’s called sideloading, and many people are making videos and tutorials about how to install Parler without the help of Big Tech.  So, ordinary folks to the rescue.

We are not advocating any solutions here, but just spreading the word that you can find the information out there to do these things if you want to.  The video below was recently published on YouTube explaining the process.  Don’t expect the good folks at Google to leave this freely available for long.

What is a VPN and Do You Need One?

VPN is a term that once would have never found its way into the average layman’s vocabulary, but the world has changed.  VPN stands for virtual private network, and the long and short of it is that a VPN keeps your Internet browsing and activities private.  Most VPNs operate under the same premise.  They are a middle-man of sorts for you and your online activities.  You go through the VPN service which bounces your signal around the world and then some, resulting in prying eyes not being able to figure out what you are doing.  You’re at a conspiracy site already.  You love Common Sense Conspiracy, but maybe you get a little nervous when reading all this truth we are throwing out there.  That’s where a VPN comes in.  No one that works for the CSC would dare log into the administrative section of this website without a VPN securely in place, so the question is why would you?

But Isn’t That For Illegal Stuff?

It’s true that VPNs conjure up images of the dark web, illegal prescription drug deliveries, and people hiring hitmen to kill their spouses.  While it would be silly to try to say that VPNs are not popular among those doing some shady stuff in this world, that doesn’t mean it is exclusively for that.

Yes, VPNs are used for those trying to do super-illicit things on the Internet.  This includes the worst of the worst, right up to really terrible things like child pornography and human trafficking.  Then there’s that next tier.  People that like to watch a few free movies on Kodi from time to time or want to download some HD movies or video games.  Illegal, although obviously not on the level of some of the stuff you might find on the dark web.  Still, you are saying to yourself, what if I’m on the up-and-up?  Do I still need a VPN?

The answer is yes.  There’s more than just illegal stuff to consider.  We don’t advocate using a VPN to do anything illegal, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t necessary.  Think of sites like this where you are reading about massive government conspiracies.  Do you want just anyone out there to be able to follow your trail?  What if you want to sign up for a perfectly legal service but don’t want anyone to know what you are up to?  A VPN is where it’s at for you.

At its heart, a VPN is all about privacy.  It’s even right there in the title:  virtual private network.  There’s nothing illegal or immoral about wanting your privacy.   There’s nothing illegal or immoral about having a problem with every little thing you do being tracked to death by everyone from the government to political organizations to people desperately trying to sell you something.  VPNs are for everyone, and there has never been a time where it was more important.

But Is It Really That Dangerous?

Put simply, yes.  Even if you are not even dreaming of doing anything illegal on the Internet, those that are will find you and make you their victim.  We all know about identity theft.  That’s old news.  It goes further though.  Companies are tracking your every move on the interwebs to try to make sure they are putting the best advertisements in your inbox, in banners along sites you are browsing, in Facebook and other social media, and even in your good, old-fashioned snail mailbox.

They track everything.  Big Data is relentless.  Your age, your birthday, your political and religious affiliations.  Who did you give money to?  Charities?  What concerts did you go see?  Did you take a trip?  Did you fly?  Drive?  Did you go to an amusement park?  Visit a museum?

Do you subscribe to things online?  What’s your health like?  Do you search for things that indicate you might some sort of illness?  Can we use that to target you further?

VPNs take one major piece of the puzzle out of action for those watching and listening.  Location is everything in their business, and a VPN cloaks your location completely.  They will never be able to tie it all together, even if they are able to pick up snippets of your trail.  Take away location and you take away everything.  That’s why the crooks like it.  It does law enforcement no good to find out that someone bought some drugs online but they traced it down to India.  While you are not doing anything illegal on your VPN, it still offers you the same protection that makes those on the wrong side of the law seek it out.

So What Does Common Sense Conspiracy Recommend?

Well, as we said before, no one here at the CSC would log in to this website remotely without having a VPN in place, and we have our preferences.  Make no bones about it.  The CSC does advocate Surfshark.  We are an affiliate to them, which means that if you sign up with our banners and links, we get a little thrown back our way.  We didn’t sell out to them.  We like them.  We honestly believe this is the greatest VPN service.  We say that from the place of a consumer that needed a product.

Surfshark has good rates and great performance.  No one wants to sacrifice all their wonderful Internet speed that they pay good money for just to cloak themselves with a VPN.  Surfshark makes sure you won’t see performance issues while staying safe online.  Their rates are some of the best across the industry, and they offer different subscription lengths to fit every need.

Surfshark understands the customer load it has and they expand when they need to.  Currently, they have 500 servers spread out across 50 countries.  Every continent but Antarctica.  And no one would believe you were in Antarctica anyway.  That’s pretty impressive coverage and variety no matter where on the Earth you currently reside or where you plan on going while using their VPN service.

Surfshark also has great customer service.  They are available literally all the time and even have cool internet chat help if you aren’t real keen on talking on the phone.

The Verdict — Protect Yourself and Your Privacy

Get a VPN and use it.  It’s that simple.  We recommend Surfshark, but more importantly, we recommend that you use some VPN.  Do yourself a favor and make this happen today.  You can’t put a price on peace of mind.

The Truth About Making Money Online — Wealthy Affiliate is a Gamechanger

No this may not be exactly about conspiracies.  Well, maybe.  Everyday, all of the time, we see people falling for terrible scams on the Internet revolving around making money online.  There’s no shame for the victims here.  Everyone is looking to make a few extra bucks, and the online world is very inviting.  No commute.  The promise of easy money is alluring.  Common Sense Conspiracy is a blog at heart, and while we were not created to make money, we do employ some ads around to try to pay the bills.  Hosting a website costs money, and sometimes it’s not cheap (especially if you start having some real traffic).  So, we understand, and many of us here have also sought ways to make money from the comfort of our own home.  The conspiracy here is that there is no conspiracy.  The truth is you can make money online, but it’s not going to be easy.  It’s going to be hard.

But What About <insert company>?

Truth be told, there are reputable companies where you can make money online, especially if writing is one of your talents.  Unfortunately, there are so many scams and promises of easy glory out there, that it can be next to impossible to actually find those opportunities that are legitimate.

Without being ultra-discouraging, we think there are a couple of things that you can count on as signs that a company is legitimate.  First, they are not advertising quick riches for little effort.  Legit companies will tell you that this is going to be a drag, and you have to be in it for the long game.  Common Sense Conspiracy didn’t see any real traffic for many months after its inception, and it didn’t see any real money for its efforts for years.  This doesn’t happen fast, and it isn’t going to be life-changing money.  Real legit online opportunities are probably going to be supplemental income, like a part-time job but without the hassle of having to go somewhere.  You might invest quite a few hours with little return for literally years.  The reputable companies will tell you this up front.  The bottom line is that if you are reading about an online money-making opportunity and they act like it’s easy, it’s probably not the real deal.  And you know how we at Common Sense Conspiracy feel about BS.

So What are the Real Opportunities?

The most common, reputable ways to make money online are either by providing a service for money (no dark web drug selling, either… we said reputable) or by providing an opinion.  That’s about it, unless you have created a physical product that you are pushing.  In that case, you have all the logistics of production and shipping and all that stuff.  We aren’t going there, although it is very possible to start such a business online.  We are going the route where you don’t have a physical product, but you are selling either entertainment, advice, or an opinion about a product.

Writing an entertaining blog may get you some subscribers and a little ad revenue, but it would take multitudes of traffic to make a real change in your bank account.  The CSC has received over 3 million visitors in its time and still doesn’t really make that much money.  Blogging is a good way to engage with others and maybe blow off some steam, but it’s really difficult to make real money that way.  That’s why affiliate marketing is all the rage these days.

Affiliate Marketing 101 — Wealthy Affiliate

At first glance, Wealthy Affiliate does look like some click bait.  They are promising that you can make money through affiliate marketing and they will help you do it.  That’s all they really promise, and if you look a little deeper into it, you’ll find that nowhere do they ever imply that it will be easy.

Kyle, one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, even wrote a very detailed article explaining to the newbies that it may take as much as six months to just see organic traffic on your site, much less see conversions and profits.  Some take longer, and some can do it sooner.  Some of that is luck of the draw, but it’s mostly getting what you put in.

Wealthy Affiliate’s training program takes you from square one of getting an idea for a niche-related website and then designing said website.  From there, it teaches you about SEO, how to attract traffic, and how to eventually use all of this positivity to make money through affiliate programs.  The most beautiful part is that Wealthy Affiliate lets you try all this on in the fitting room 100% free of charge.   That’s right.  A guest account is free and requires only an email.  No credit cards or subscription BS.  We like the sound of that.

So, What’s the Catch?

There is always a catch.  We at the CSC would never claim otherwise.  The catch here is that the premiere part of the Wealthy Affiliate service costs some real money.  At $49 a month, it’s not cheap.  They do offer an introductory month at $19.  There is also huge savings if you go yearly instead.  We recommend starting with a free account for sure, but we will warn you.  This ultra-supportive community is infectious, and you will find yourself wanting to plunk down your hard-earned money to give this thing a try.  Should you?  Well, that’s the question isn’t it.

Wealthy Affiliate makes no bones about the work it’s going to take to get your online business in affiliate marketing off the ground.  This is not a short-term thing.  You are looking long game here, and if you’re not, then you are just chasing the shiny gold that the sites we talked about above are hawking.  This is about putting in the work, day in and day out for maybe years before you really see the fruits of your labor.  That may not sound encouraging or exciting, but it’s real.  The real world works that way, and unfortunately, even the online world still exists in the real world.

So What Does $49 Get Me?

This is the part that really put us here at Common Sense Conspiracy feeling like we could willfully advocate this product without compromising our morals.  The $49 a month fee seems a little steep, but it includes hosting for your websites.  We can tell you that if you wanted to start five or even ten websites, you would pay a whole lot more than $49 a month to host all of them with decent bandwidth.  Honestly, this almost makes it worth the monthly subscription alone, even if the rest of the site was rubbish.

It’s not rubbish though.  These people are super-supportive, and everyone seems to be on the same page.  The whole community revolves around helping each other reach goals, and the infrastructure encourages this as well.  The only caveat here is to not get so lost in the community that you forget to do your work on your business.

On top of the very attractive website hosting deal, you get tons of training videos, articles, and live webinars.  You also have access to their community for everything from templates for creating keyword-rich SEO-driven content to actually getting real live comments from people through their SiteComments system.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Worth what?  It’s free to try it out.  It’s definitely worth that.  Give it a look and take your time.  Maybe now is not the time for you to get into something like this, but keep it in mind somewhere down the road.  This community makes the work seem fun and engaging even if you are working two jobs and struggling to find the time.  That’s what really stands out here is the community and the resources.

We failed to mention that WA also includes a lite subscription to Jaaxy, an unbelievable keyword tool that will help you immensely in your quest to find keywords that don’t have so much competition.  This really can kickstart your website by becoming an authority on the right words that will help search engines like Google really start to steer people your way.  We advocate it because it works.  On a slow news day, Common Sense Conspiracy often uses Jaaxy to find out what people are looking for.  We want to help, and finding out what is popular on the search engines can point you in the right direction to providing a quality product that people will enjoy.

Give Wealthy Affiliate a try.  It may not be for you, or more importantly, it may not be something that you can find the time to give it the attention that it demands.  This is work.  Make no mistake.   But the possibility of passive income stream can really light your fire.

Common Sense Conspiracy doesn’t make a practice of advocating products like this.  Our history backs this up.  The bottom line is that this is a legitimate life-changing product, and we wanted to share it with our readers.

The Government’s War on Fake News is a War on You

They are laying it on pretty thick.  In the wake of Donald Trump’s unlikely Presidential victory, the opposing party is pulling out all the stops to try to discredit his election win and explain it away.  Now, Common Sense Conspiracy is not a political site, and we have frequently explained our one-party two-party system theory about the American government.  However, in a case like this, it’s important for our readers to realize that while it looks like partisan politics playing out in a high stakes game, the loser and target is always you and I.  This situation is no exception.

The new battle cry against fake news seems like a turning point.  We all see the conservative and liberal versions of extremist news sources on our social media feeds and in our email.  It’s true that both sides are “liberal” with the facts, and in many cases, it is just spreading incorrect propaganda to forward an agenda.  However, when President Obama and company say they are going after “fake news” that is not what they mean.  Fake news to them is anything that directly takes on their narrative.  Fake news, according to the likes of Obama and Hillary Clinton, would be sites like this one.  Any site that doesn’t go along with their absurd official story and tries to inject facts into the equation will qualify as fake news in a heartbeat.

That’s what is so sinister about what they are doing here.  It’s calculated.  It may seem like it’s about Trump, or just sour grapes from sore losers of a hotly contested election.  But it’s just the beginning.  They will start by targeting the extreme news sources we referenced earlier, but soon, they will expand it out to include sites like this and any other site out there that is presenting a fact-based approach to their disinformation campaigns.

You have to look at what the other hand is doing.  It’s like a sleight-of-hand trick they are playing right in your face.  They make you think one thing, and it is a reasonable one that makes a lot of sense.  Meanwhile, the other hand is up to something much more sinister.  The only thing you can always count on in their schemes is that the loser is always going to be you.

Fake news is bad.  But the biggest proponent of fake news in America is the mainstream media.  That alone should prove that their intentions are less than honorable.

Please Please Stop Giving Money to Presidential Campaigns — Trump, Clinton, Sanders Don’t Need Your Help

It was sickening to see a news report the other day in the mainstream media talking about the unreal amounts of money that the presidential campaigns of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders are raking in. Now that’s not playing favorites, mind you. Much lesser candidates are pulling in millions as well, despite having almost no chance of winning the nomination or the general election. But the aforementioned are far and away the ones raking in the most, and that is what this article is about.
Are you a Republican? Democrat? Independent? Apolitical? Doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter which of the candidates above you identity with. What matters is that you know something important. Don’t for any reason ever in a million years give money to a presidential campaign.

Why, you say? Why can’t I support monetarily the person I would most like to see ascend to the highest office in the land?

That’s easy. Because they simply don’t need your money. Not Donald, not Hillary, and not Bernie. They have already raised millions, but remember something. This is the age of the Internet. One little ordinary person can start a blog for less than a hundred bucks, write engaging content and spread his or her message to the masses. The idea that any of these candidates need money to spread their message is the biggest crime our government and the mainstream media has pulled on us yet. They already have their respective soapboxes. Not one penny they are spending on their campaigns is having any effect other than to cheerlead to their followers and enrage the other side. No one ever changed their mind because of this propaganda. They aren’t supposed to. No one really knows where all that money goes. We are made to believe that it goes to campaigns, but many in conspiracy circles believe this is just one of many ways that the United States government funds so-called “Black Ops” operations. You know, those operations underway that they can’t exactly tell us about, but still have to fund with taxpayer dollars. What better way than to get you to rally behind candidates who need millions upon millions to spread their message that a simple blog post could do for free. Better yet, who doesn’t know Hillary Clinton? Who is she reaching out to with that money? Everyone knows who she is and what she’s about. Her campaign should be her sitting by the fire waiting for the primary. Trump has mastered the art of getting his message out there for free through the wonders of antagonizing and manipulating the media.
Don’t check the little box when you do your taxes to give these bastards $3. They get enough of your money to waste already. Don’t send Bernie, Hillary, or Donald a check of your hard-earned cash. Give it to a homeless man on the street. That’s much better use of it. Give it to the church if you’re into that. Buy a Powerball ticket. Your odds aren’t good, but at least you can win. Investing in politicians is a 100% sure loss each and every time. Buy a pack of cigarettes if you smoke. Buy a six-pack of beer. Take your money and wipe your rear end after you go for number two. All of these are infinitely better uses of your money than giving to a politician’s campaign at the national level.

The History of Halloween — A Dark Holiday for Dark Times

We all know the routine.  Kids dress up in ridiculous costumes and go door-to-door filling their totes with candy.  Trick or treat!  Halloween is considered a fun holiday and a rite of passage for American children.  But it has always been controversial, from its beginnings in history to right now.  So, where did Halloween come from, and is it a celebration of evil?  We’ll take a quick walk through the history of Halloween and then analyze it today from a conspiratorial standpoint.

Ever considered a Celtic druid costume for Halloween?

Today, most people don’t put a lot of emphasis on Halloween as having any true meaning to speak of except just being a fun occasion for children to dress up and go out on the town.  To the Celts 2,000 years ago that dwelt all over Europe, the holiday was actually a ritual that was considered to be very important.  The Celts celebrated their New Year on November 1st with a grand festival.  It revolved around the end of the harvest season and was a segue into harsh winters.  Many animals were killed as part of the festivals and celebrations, and the mass killings kind of resonated against the backdrop of winter’s arrival.  In that time period, winter was a precarious thing.  Everyone knew that many of them wouldn’t make it.  So, the festival came to be associated with death, both of animals and the upcoming deaths of humans.  The Pagan Celtics had a theory that the day between the end of their year and the New Year (October 31st going into November 1st) was a special event in both reality and the spirit world.  During this brief period, they believed that the lines between the living and the dead were blurred, and spirits could pass between the two planes at will and congregate with the living.  There were all sorts of things attached to this opening of the “spirit door.”  Some people believed in demon possessions.  Others believed the evil spirits simply wreaked havoc on crops and caused whatever mischief they could.

So, the Celtics needed something to protect themselves from these evil spirits and try to keep them from passing through to their reality.  So, they dressed up in scary costumes, made lots of noise, and made offerings in a pagan effort to deter the evil spirits and make their lives easier in the coming months.  There was a legend that fairies went throughout their lands, knocking on doors and begging for food.  They were thought to dress up as less fortunate individuals.  The idea was that if you gave the fairy some food or a gift, they left you alone.  Otherwise, they would wreak havoc, right up to the possibility of death upon you.  Sound familiar?  It should.  This is the modern day concept of “Trick or treat!”

The Roman Empire took over most of the Celtic land eventually, but they loved a good festival as well.  The Celtic traditions got wrapped up into the Roman’s own penchant for festivals honoring the dead.  This was a hallmark of Roman occupation; they took over menacingly, but they usually preserved some of the former ruling people’s culture, absorbing it, tweaking it, and ultimately making it their own.  This kept the people happier and less likely to revolt.  So, the festivals continued in some form or fashion for hundreds of years until the next big chance came along:  Christianity.

No one likes to see a black cat cross their path, unless of course, he’s hunting down a rat with the plague. Who had the last laugh?

As Christianity took hold, the Catholics expressed their distaste with the concept of a pagan celebration.  So, they came up with a suitable replacement.  This is very common throughout history.  One culture absorbs another’s traditions by just putting a different spin on it.  The Pope at the time, Boniface IV, selected May 13 and declared it All Saints Day, a day to honor saints and martyrs of the Church.  That wasn’t enough to keep everyone happy, so they later moved it to November 1 as well, allowing the pagan festivals and the Christian festivals to operate in tandem.  So, you see, even this new hybrid Halloween still revolved around the celebration of death.  The concept of trick or treating continued, with many less fortunate people enjoying this opportunity to get some freebies.

As a side note, the superstition about black cats and Halloween started way back in medieval times as well.  Black cats were thought to be evil at the time (history is not completely certain why, but it came from some sort of folklore as well), and around the same time the Bubonic Plague, or the “Black Plague,” millions of black cats were annihilated.  Ironically, rats, whom the cat population helped control, became the major spreaders of the plague.  So, killing the “evil” cats may have actually been a huge contributing factor to the outbreak of the Black Death.  Another example in history of folklore and religion causing harm with good intentions.

Would this be as cool if it was a turnip?

Incidentally, pumpkins were not always associated with Halloween.  The concept of the Jack o’Lantern goes back to Irish folk tales.  Jack supposedly tricked the devil and found himself stuck between heaven and hell.  But the devil had a soft spot for ole Jack and gave him a light to find his way.  The ember was carried in a turnip that was hollowed out.  In the United States, turnips were not as available in the appropriate size, so pumpkins became the new way to carry your light.  In other countries, the idea of a pumpkin is completely foreign.

So, there you have it.  Now for modern day.  Every Halloween, there is a debate among those of the Christian faith whether celebrating this holiday makes sense.  No doubt, thousands of Christians rally against the practice and its pagan roots.  Others think it is a celebration of the devil.

What do we think?  Well, like most things in life, it is what you make it.  If you are dressing your children up in Halloween outfits and going door to door because you think you are driving off evil spirits for the winter, maybe you need to re-assess your position.  If you, like most people, think it’s a fun activity for children with no purpose except to have a good time, socialize, and do something harmless and entertaining at the same time, then we would suggest you carry right on and just be safe out on the dark streets.  The real evil spirits are predators that know that children will be out past their usual times.  Those are the “evil spirits” we must ward off.

Fact and Fiction about Bobbi Kristina Brown — Whitney Houston Death Anniversary Hoax

There has been mass speculation on the Internet about the situation of Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, and as a result, there are a myriad of rumors circulating, most of which are not the least bit based in fact.

Bobbi Kristina Brown with boyfriend Nick Gordon in happier times.
Bobbi Kristina Brown with boyfriend Nick Gordon in happier times.

What we know for sure is that Bobbi Kristina Brown used drugs before she was found unresponsive in a bathtub, eerily similar to the fate of her mother.  That drug was most likely a strong drug that rhymes with carrying.  The police have announced that they are investigating the case from multiple angles, which led to widespread speculation that her boyfriend or other family members might be suspected of murder.  The truth is that in a high profile case like this, the police are obviously going to examine this thing thoroughly, and the statement they issued was probably not as damning as some have read into it being.  As for her actual medical condition, she was put into a medically-induced coma presumably to stop damage to her brain from her condition.  She has been kept alive all this time by the use of a ventilator and life support.  Doctors have said repeatedly that there is little chance for recovery, and this was more or less confirmed when the ventilator was removed and there was no change.  Bobbi Kristina Brown is a vegetable…that’s the bottom line.  Her family is bickering about when to cut the cord and let her go.  These are the facts.

Every day there are more rumors about the family and the internal feud surrounding all of this.  The family itself has repeatedly asked for prayers and privacy… nothing more and nothing less.  All of the media’s sordid reports are just click-attracting gossip.  With the track history of the Houston and Brown families, it’s a pretty safe assumption on the outside looking in that there probably is plenty of strife, but still, if you want to look at this as a fact-based thing, we know absolutely nothing about what is going within the families and their decision-making process.

One hoax that caught fire in conspiracy circles said that the family was waiting a few weeks to take Kristina off of life support so that she could die on the anniversary of her mother’s death.  This really tickled a lot of people’s imaginations and got passed around on the Internet virally, but this one is easy to defuse.  Whitney Houston died on February 11, 2012, so this theory is definitely not true.  The date in question passed over almost two weeks ago and the girl is still alive.

The theories about this situation and all sorts of angles such as Illuminati involvement will continue to be tossed around as the saga continues, but we at Common Sense Conspiracy thought it important to set the record straight and kind of have a reboot of the facts.