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Illuminati Symbolism by Popular Music Artists

Beyonce performs in front of the most well-known Illuminati symbol of all time.

As most of you know, this particular page of Common Sense Conspiracy is dedicated to those times when we come across a conspiracy theory where we just have to admit that somebody’s got a little too much time on their hands.  Normally, our function is to not burden users wanting the real dirt with crazy, half-baked, fact-less theories, but every once in a while there comes along one that is so bombastic that it bears sharing for the pure enjoyment of the absurdity of it.  Recently, it came to our attention that there is a flurry of activity on the web about the idea that popular recording artists are closet Illuminati members and that they often reveal this “fact” through hand gestures at public events or in symbolism in their music videos.

The targets go on and on.  Beyonce.  Eminem.  Jay-Z.  Lady Gaga.  Kanye West.  Lil Wayne.  Taylor Swift.  Yeah, that’s right.  Taylor Swift.  Even Justin Bieber has now been identified

as one of the Illuminati henchmen.  The concept is simple, really.  These artists are very influential, especially among young, impressionable minds.  They live a glamorous lifestyle that many young people chase after wanting to look beautiful and wear the latest fashions.  Their lyrics, videos, and live performances rack up millions of views.  As a matter of fact, Justin Bieber just passed a significant milestone by becoming the first music video (or any video for that matter) to coast past the billion-view mark on YouTube.  So, yes, there is a powerful reach that these young men and women have at their disposal.  So, what of the Illuminati connection?

An Illuminati power struggle!

Most of the so-called “evidence” surrounding this comes from photographs and live appearances or performances.  Beyonce is accused of foretelling the New World Order with subliminal messages that can only be uncovered if played backwards.  She supposedly references the Mayan belief that we are about to cross into the age of Aquarius, one that should bring the world new enlightenment.  Jay-Z and Beyonce (who are husband and wife, incidentally) are both shown on YouTube videos making Illuminati hand gestures during public appearances.  Eminem is accused of being possessed by a demon while on stage.  Kanye West is accused of symbolism and has long been a target of this conspiracy theory.  Lil Wayne?  Ditto.  And as for Taylor Swift?  Apparently Taylor Swift has a habit of making “The Sign of the Horns” often during performances.

The Sign of the Horns. See, you don’t have to be a pop music icon to do it. Anyone can.

So maybe you can suspend your disbelief temporarily and give this thing a chance.  That’s what Common Sense Conspiracy normally does for you, and usually we don’t expose you to bullshit like this.  But this particular one is so prevalent, so debated, and so absurd that it just begs for your attention.  So, let’s assume for a moment that there is some truth to any of this.

Conclusive proof for sure!

Beyonce puts subliminal messages that can be uncovered if played backwards.  Hmm… What is more likely here?  That the Illuminati put her up to this to help brainwash young people to more willingly accept the New World Order which will soon be at hand (something we normally agree with, by the way)?  Or could it be that she inserted cryptic backwards messages into her music as a sort of tribute to some of her heroes?  Beyonce is a huge fan of Prince, who has used the same tactic on records for over thirty years.  Incidentally, Prince has never been accused of being an Illuminati spokesman.  On dark, seedy track “Darlin’ Nikki” of Purple Rain fame, Prince inserted a backwards message that said “The Lord is coming soon” over and over again for several seconds.  The Beatles made use of this as well.  No doubt there are countless other examples.  So, is there not at least a chance that Beyonce is just emulating her heroes?  Or stoking a good conversation?  Remember, controversy is a popular music artist’s best friend.

Jay-Z is a rap mogul, one of the most powerful men in his business.  The rap scene often glorifies riches as in material wealth, and Jay-Z sometimes uses Illuminati-like symbolism in videos.  So, he is clearly an Illuminati member, right?  Hmm… Or could it be that he likes to purport himself as a powerful, influential figure, and he capitalizes on the Illuminati mystique when he presents this to the public?  Maybe Jay-Z simply likes to create this identity for himself because it represents power and enlightenment, two things he both wants and possesses.

And Taylor Swift…  The only thing these sites have to try to tie Taylor Swift into the Illuminati is “The Sign of the Horns” she likes to make during performances.  Let’s see.  Is it possible that the country music icon of nursery-rhyme lyrics and simple melodies is spreading an Illuminati message of the coming age of enlightenment?  Sure.  But is it more likely that she simply is repeating a rock and roll hand gesture Continue reading Illuminati Symbolism by Popular Music Artists

New World Order — The Grandfather of All Conspiracy Theories?

Any conspiracy theory buff has surely heard of the New World Order, an umbrella term for the general concept that a small group of ultra-powerful elitists are slowly but surely scheming to rule the world completely.  Sounds like an Austin Powers movie gone a muck, doesn’t it?  Like most prevalent conspiracy theories examined at Common Sense Conspiracy, the New World Order starts out as a fairly cohesive sounding theory, but some sites on the web take it to the next level of incredible weirdness and nonsense.  So, as usual, we will be investigating these theories and filtering through the bullshit so that you, our loyal readers, can form your own opinions with data that is based on facts instead of fiction.

Think the Illuminati didn’t have an impact on you? Take a closer look next time you pull out your wallet.

Behind the New World Order theory is a collection of very secretive organizations that have been accused of having a globalist agenda.  That means, put simply, they want to unite the whole world under one flag.  Theirs.  Like the bad guy in every i’m-gonna-take-over-the-world story or film, the elite, with their online criminal justice degree or even just higher education,  believe that what they are trying to propagate is for the good of all of humanity.  As a matter of fact, assembling the New World Order effectively would be the greatest achievement of human history.  These things don’t happen overnight; the institution of the NWO is supposedly slow, spanning decades, and methodical.  Many other mainstream conspiracy theories fall under the NWO moniker.  For example, the September 11th “terrorist” attacks being a false-flag operation also fits into the NWO’s globalist agenda.  In the aftermath of the chaos and confusion surrounding the attacks, the United States government was able to pass sweeping laws (like the Patriot Act) that gives them the most privacy-intrusive capabilities ever experienced in American history.  Under normal circumstances, the American people would have never conceded these everyday freedoms, but against the backdrop of September 11, Americans were willing to give up almost anything to see the perpetrators brought to justice and to prevent future attacks.  The idea that the NWO needs this kind of cooperation to come into being is the heart of the conspiracy theories’ speculation that the American government either purposely brought about the tragedy or at least had foreknowledge of it and chose to let it happen.

The effects of September 11th did not stop at the United States’ borders.  Across Europe the panic was felt just as much.  Then, the subway bombings in Britain erupted to cause even more hysteria.  The results:  Britain has an unprecedented amount of security cameras across the country.  Almost anything that happens in a public place is videotaped.  Once again, this might have been seen as overly intrusive in years past, but in the new age of terror, the British grudgingly allowed there privacy to be compromised more and more.

The secrecy of the elite groups that are accused of being at the heart of the New World Order conspiracy doesn’t help stop the rampant speculation.  Organizations like Skull and Bones, the Bilderberg group, and the Club of Rome continually yield high-powered chiefs of state and financial behemoths.  They conduct their business in a dark shroud of secrecy and security and sometimes they don’t even acknowledge their own existence.  The origins of this globalist agenda can be traced to ominous historical societies like the Freemasons and the Illuminati.  Put simply, these groups may very well represent a modern-day equivalent of these ancient power brokers.

At Common Sense Conspiracy, the New World Order is one of the conspiracy theories that we lend the most credence too.  We are especially fascinated with the Bilderberg group as one of the most likely participants in the globalist agenda.  The founders of Common Sense Conspiracy were so fascinated with Bilderberg’s involvement in the New World Order that they wrote a fictional book taking readers inside this exclusive organization and what would happen if the organization itself could be held hostage.  The book, Crisis Point, will soon be available in several electronic formats as well as printed form.  We will keep you posted as we finalize the novel for publication.  In the meantime, we will be examining many of these organizations in this section, looking at the many theories with an eye towards discerning fact from fiction.  While Bilderberg is particularly interesting to us, we will look at all the other possible organizations as well and consider all possibilities.  We will also tackle some of the crazier theories (in our opinion, anyway) which go from an elite conspiracy to control the world to extraterrestrials returning to Earth to take back what was originally theirs.

The pyramid of control…Where are you in the mix?

Therein lies the problem that Common Sense Conspiracy wants to help the community out with.  These theories can have a lot of credibility, and then somebody goes off the deep end and starts talking about aliens, time travel, and UFO’s.  Next thing you know, the whole theory sounds like a crackpot, even though some of its foundations were very much legitimate.  Not that we won’t discuss aliens, time travel, and UFO’s in other sections, but tying these sorts of things into the New World Order seems ridiculous at best.  But, we will dutifully provide the facts.

Thanks for reading.