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It’s No Longer Cool to Be a Conspiracy Theorist in 2020

Well, ever since Donald Trump became a serious contender back in the 2016 election, there was a noticeable change in the way conspiracy theories were treated by the mainstream media.  Before 2016, conspiracy theorists were tin foil hat-wearing crackpots, the ones with all their silly theories about Barack Obama and America becoming a Muslim country.  Anyone who questioned the official account of just about anything fit in this category, and we posted many real news stories criticizing people for being “conspiracy theorists” back from those days.

We’re back in the hats people, courtesy your mainstream media.

Enter Donald Trump.  All of a sudden, for four years, the mainstream media would change its tune.  Suddenly being a conspiracy theorist was cool and the right thing to do.  We watched as the mainstream media fed us conspiracy theories as real news night after night, even as more and more evidence (or the lack thereof) revealed that most of the theories just didn’t hold water.  For a while, being a conspiracy theorist was a true lover and defender of America.  It was kind of nice, although a bad time to run a conspiracy website like Common Sense Conspiracy.

Well, today, make no mistake, being a conspiracy theorist is not cool anymore.

The establishment is very angry, and Trump may very well take the brunt of it.

Just browse a mainstream media source right now like CNN for instance.  Every other story is tossing around the term conspiracy theories, and the connotation that goes with it is decidedly not good.  We’re back in the tin foil hats people, and while that may be good news for the CSC’s bottom line, it shows that things are returning to normal as the powers-that-be have things approaching where they were supposed to be when Trump took the political world by storm and turned it upside down.  The establishment never forgave him for that.  He wasn’t supposed to win, much less not conform to their ways when he did win.  For that, the punishment may never end.  The establishment may not feel that Trump and his family have been punished enough until they all inhabit prison cells.  In the meantime, the mainstream media is painting a broad brush across America, calling over 70 million people that voted for Trump in the election crackpot conspiracy theorists.  That’s a lot of crazy people, isn’t it?  It’s a wonder we made it this far.

Most likely things will stay this way, unless Trump returns in 2024, or one of his children.  This is unlikely because once he is out of the White House, the establishment will do everything in its power to make sure no one usurps the one-party two-party system again.  It was unlikely to happen the first time.  The second time will be downright impossible.

Wear your tin foil hats proud, folks.  There is and never was anything wrong with questioning the official account of things.

QAnon in the Spotlight — Why the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Get It

In the run-up to the wild 2020 election, the mainstream media has been working overtime to come up with new and increasingly more outlandish ways to paint current President Donald Trump in a negative light.  That’s kind of funny in and of itself, since Trump is probably the only one that actually pulls this goal off.  Still, they try, but a lot of the time their strategies backfire, whether they fully realize it or not.

One such example of this is the recurring interest of the mainstream media in one of the leading conspiracy theories right now:  QAnon.  This organization (or whatever you want to call it) was shrouded in mysterious secrecy up until the last few weeks.  With the unorthodox town hall event that NBC allowed President Trump this last week, QAnon was once again thrust into the mainstream.

The goal is simple.  The mainstream media wants to paint Trump as someone who believes and even openly caters to wild conspiracy theories and organizations.  The thought process here is that the general American public realizes that something like QAnon is total nonsense and will immediately dismiss anyone who acts like they might believe in it.  The irony here, of course, is that the mainstream media has spent the last four years engaging in sensational conspiracy theories itself, but now wants to lecture each every one of us about “baseless” theories when they trafficked in these on a daily basis.

Does Donald Trump believe in QAnon?  Who knows?  He definitely understands that people that do are probably more likely to vote for him, so no, he’s not going to denounce them on national television.  He’s trying to win an election.  He’s trying to get every vote he can.  The real kicker here is that each and every time that the mainstream media brings up QAnon in their attempts to discredit Donald Trump, they add more credibility to QAnon.

Think about it.  Most people in America had little to no knowledge of QAnon until just recently.  Internet searches for QAnon are through the roof now.  People are wanting to find out more about it, and for the actual entity QAnon, times couldn’t be better.  There is no way they could have ever manufactured a way to reach more people than what they have this last month, and they didn’t have to spend a dime or do anything to make it happen.  All of that free publicity was courtesy the mainstream media.

So, when you go to share that mainstream media article on your Facebook or Twitter to let everyone know how nuts this all is, remember that what you are really doing is bringing more attention (and quite possibly support) to QAnon.  And despite your best efforts, you are not going to dissuade one single person that believe in them, and you are definitely not going to convince a diehard Trump supporter to come to your side.

What you are doing is just cheerleading.  People that think like you will non and agree, but you’re not making any positive progress.  And you gave a little more screen time to QAnon, who totally appreciates you becoming their ally.

Is QAnon real?  I don’t know if they were before, but they sure are now.


Black Panther Actor Dead at 43? Illuminati Involvement?

Well, with all that has been going on in 2020, we haven’t really had the expected major celebrity death hit, but now we have. Chad Boseman, the actor that played the titular character in the “Black Panther” and reprised the character in The Avengers movies, has passed away at the age of just 43, causing massive speculation across the globe.

Despite his super-Illuminati attire at the gala, Boseman has no connection the Illuminati whatsoever.

The official reason is colon cancer, which it is now claimed that he has been battling for four years before losing that battle today. Of course, many will suspect COVID-19 in this climate, but others will not be able to digest this news and will insist that this another Illuminati sacrifice.
So, what does the CSC have to say? Well, as always, it is hard to make a judgment with the information that we have. After all, no one had even an inkling that Mr. Boseman was suffering from this terrible disease, and four years means that he would have been fighting this battle even while he was playing some of the most successful and physical demanding roles of his life. That’s pretty amazing that he was going through this kind of struggle and still able to perform at this level. It will only add to his legend. Having said all that, there are some that will not accept the official story here, and for those, we will examine the possibilities.
The truth is that the Illuminati doesn’t operate like this. This will certainly cause shockwaves in Hollywood, and Chad was becoming quite the rising influential figure. You could see why someone might think that this is an Illuminati-related death, but Illuminati sacrifices don’t look like this.
Let’s face the facts here. Colon cancer used to be the dominion of the old, but there is a major problem with younger people finding themselves in this position more and more, even leading some to think that the age for suggested testing should be moved up a decade or more. Chad Boseman could become an important figure in the movement to increase awareness that this disease is not just for old people. That could be a powerful thing in and of itself.
For the record, a cursory look around the net and message boards shows that Chad Boseman had nothing at all to do with the Illuminati through to this point. So let’s all chill out on this one and mourn this young fellow’s death, admire his talents, and use it as a learning lesson. Illuminati leaves famous people in bathtubs full of blood, not dying from a terrible disease.

Is COVID-19 Foretold on the Twenty Dollar Bill?

Remember when it turned out if you folded a dollar a certain way, it showed the World Trade Center towers and everyone said that 9/11 was planned to the point that it was even foretold right there on United States currency all along?  Well, if you bought into that theory, get ready to double down on this one, because now there is a theory out there gaining some traction in conspiracy circles that the dollar bill is also foretelling the coming of COVID-19 by, yes, a man with a mask.

No word on whether the mask-wearer on the dollar bill feels that his or her rights are being stepped on by being forced to wear a mask in the coronavirus era yet, but it is a strange thing to find on the dollar bill.  What do you think?  Is this just a case of someone seeing what they want to see by manipulating images on the dollar?  Or is there some truth that major global events might be built into the currency?  That’s an old Illuminati trope to hide everything in plain sight right in front of our eyes.  Here are some videos outlining the theory and showing off the illusion.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

“Glee” Star Naya Rivera Presumed Dead at 33 in Mysterious Disappearance — Illuminati Involvement?

We at Common Sense Conspiracy are accustomed to the questions that come when any famous public figure passes away. It is only a matter of time when the news breaks before someone starts questioning whether the famous person in question had any ties to the Illuminati, and if so, is there any reason to believe that the Illuminati as an entity could have some involvement in the death? Over the years, we have investigated these cases with varying results. Now, the mysterious disappearance and now presumed death of Naya Rivera is poised to become the next one that we have to look into.

Mysterious? Definitely, but no Illuminati here.
There will be some speculation about this one because the story is mysterious. Naya was apparently on a boat with her child and then disappeared. The presumption is that she drowned. The child was found sleeping on the boat. That’s a pretty wild story in and of itself. Then you throw in her celebrity status and her tragically young age, and you have a story that is bound to have some people asking questions.

The reality is that at this moment with what we know, there just isn’t that much reason to suspect Illuminati involvement. Naya was a star from the popular television show “Glee”, but she certainly wasn’t anywhere near the international cultural impact of figures we routinely associate with the Illuminati. Think Whitney Houston, Prince, Michael Jackson. Even Paul Walker was a more likely candidate. While Naya may have been on her way to that possibly, she wasn’t there yet. So, unless more evidence changes the story, this looks like a really tragic accident. You can search the world over and you won’t find anything that presumes to connect her to the Illuminati. Now, don’t be surprised if someone tries really hard to do this now that she is dead, but what we mean is that there is no evidence of involvement existing before her untimely death.

If you think our conclusion is not accurate, we would love to hear what you think in the comments below.

Charlie Daniels Dead at 83 — Connection to the Illuminati?

While country music legend Charlie Daniels will be mostly remembered for his music, there are some out there in the world that will also miss his political outspokenness.  Mr. Daniels is reported to have died at the age of 83 from a stroke today, and there will be those in conspiracy circles that will ask the infamous question that gets asked after any event like this.  Is there any connection between the Illuminati and Charlie Daniels?

The short answer is no.  Charlie Daniels is not the kind of artist or public figure that the Illuminati messes with.  While plenty of people the world over have heard “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” he still isn’t of the kind of influence that warrants Illuminati attention.  Having said that, one interesting fact about Charlie Daniels is that he most certainly did believe in the Illuminati and has spoken out about it on more than one occasion.  One famous instance was back when Taco Bell was using its creative commercials to sort of spoof the Illuminati.  Daniels used social media to express his concerns about making the Illuminati out to be a joke.  See the video below to see exactly what Charlie said.

At the end of the day, this is not an Illuminati sacrifice, but a fellow that passed away at the ripe age of 83 from a stroke.  It is always interesting to see a public figure openly acknowledge the Illuminati though, and Charlie Daniels was one of those people.

Feel different about this one?  We’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested by FBI — Another “Suicide” Around the Corner?

Epstein didn’t kill himself.

This was all over social media a while back as more and more people started to realize that something wasn’t quite right about the “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein. Now, after an unbelievably long investigation and revolving around allegations from well over a decade ago, Epstein’s esteemed confidant Ghislaine Maxwell is finally facing some charges related to her involvement with Epstein.

Dead Woman Walking?

When Epstein went down, a lot of people expected Maxwell not to be too far behind. However, she had seemed to have escaped unscathed, but apparently the FBI was watching her closely all this time and ready to pounce once the moment was right. Maxwell probably realized this. She had all the financial resources in the world at her disposal to set up shop in some faraway land, but probably knew that the second she made for an airport, they would be all over her waiting to take her down. So, now, the only question in conspiracy circles is would they have the nerve to do it again?

When Epstein originally found himself in federal custody, there were a lot of people hopeful that this was going to turn into a huge big deal that would expose a lot of powerful people that had been supposedly tied to Epstein. This included royalty and even the Clintons and Trumps. What those people hoping did not count on was the reach of powerful people. Even federal custody did not prove secure enough to protect the life of Epstein. So, now, will Ghislaine Maxwell, who no doubt knows all the same information that Epstein did, meet the same fate?

Our answer: if she really knows everything, and those people out there that might be worried about what she knows know that she knows, don’t be surprised at all if something very similar doesn’t happen. We know what you’re thinking right now? How could they do it again? Wouldn’t that be the most see-through obvious conspiracy of all time?

Yes, of course. And still, they would not hesitate to do so. They don’t mind at all, and we’ll tell you why. They enjoy the speculation about their power and reaches of their collective tentacles. While the mainstream media does its due diligence and explains it away as not a conspiracy, but an uncanny coincidence, the ones behind the scenes will enjoy knowing that a message has been sent to anyone else out there that might be thinking of coming forward.

Now it’s possible that Ms. Maxwell is smarter than all this and has already prepared some sort of backup plan for this situation. Maybe she has brokered some kind of deal between these powerful people out there and herself about what she will tell and what the outcome of all this might be. If not, and she is truly on her own in federal custody, then there is probably not another person in the world that is in more physical danger than Ghislaine Maxwell right at this moment.

We’ll be waiting. In the meantime, let’s kick it off. You heard it here first.