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CSC Looks Back at Biggest Conspiracy-Related News of 2014

Everyone is doing year-in-review stories, so Common Sense Conspiracy wants to take a look back at some of the biggest stories of 2014 as related to conspiracy circles. While this often correlates to news stories in general, it is always interesting to pause and reflect on those things that had our conspiracy wheels turning overtime this past year.
2014 was not one of the most active years for conspiracy theorists.  However, there were several stories that caused a lot of speculation.  Many of these had a long story arc that stretched across much of the year.  For example, look at the conflict between the United States and Russia over Ukraine.  That story had conspiracy theorists expecting World War 3 to be right around the corner any minute.  That’s not to mention the implications it could have for a potential New World Order scenario.  This story wouldn’t go away, lingering through most of the year.  And while it seems to have melted out of the mainstream news cycle for now, Common Sense Conspiracy fully expects this one to rear its head again in 2015.

2014 was chock full of asteroid scares.  It seemed like every other week there was a new previously undiscovered asteroid that was about to fly dangerously close to Earth.  Of course, none of these proved to be a real threat to our planet, but that didn’t stop conspiracy forum after conspiracy forum blowing up with speculation not just about these asteroids, but about all of those that could be out there that we know nothing about.  It is definitely troubling that these asteroids are this close and are being discovered just in the nick of time by amateur observers.  You may think technology has us covered on this one, but there is an ever-growing pile of anecdotal evidence that indicates otherwise.

One major story was the Ebola outbreak, which many saw as conspiracy central as it really gained steam in Africa.  The theories about this ranged from government coverups to all-out population-threatening epidemics.  Some believed Ebola would be a springboard for mandatory vaccinations that might have some more sinister passengers on board.  Others went for more traditional conspiracy theories, like manmade biological agents to initiate population control.  Ebola seems to have died out of the news cycle too, but it could just be the calm before the storm.  We’ll see in 2015.

The death of Robin Williams in an apparent suicide was a major story for conspiracy circles in 2014.  People flocked to forums and sites to discuss the possibility that Williams was yet another victim of the Illuminati.  Despite what seemed to be a pretty straightforward case of a depressed man taking his own life, the idea that Robin Williams may have been the victim of some sort of occult sacrifice continued to capture the minds of many.  This was the kind of story that broke down the usual barriers.  We saw hundreds of people interested in these theories that aren’t your average conspiracy junkie.  Personas like the one that Williams possessed inspire that kind of intrigue.  Even people that normally dismiss all of the above as whimsical couldn’t help but want to know what may have driven this man who outwardly seemed to have a pretty satisfying existence over the edge.  Celebrity deaths are always big news in conspiracy circles.  Unfortunately, the bell will keep ringing, and we hold our breath to see who might leave us in the coming year unexpectedly.

The death of Michael Brown and Eric Garner brought America to the brink of all-out race war in 2014, not to mention bringing about far-sweeping criticisms of police throughout the nation.  This issue is still ongoing and will continue to be a big story in 2015.

President Obama continues to keep conspiracy tongues wagging full speed ahead.  This year, he supposedly ended the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and yet, as predicted, almost immediately had to send troops and support right back in.  Then came the rise of ISIS, the new terror network for us all to fear.  As 2014 closes, we are hearing more and more threats of attacks and speculation that there could be many ISIS operatives living in the United States already.  Real or fake, there has never been a more clear setup for a false flag than the mysterious ISIS, with no real face for a leader and no real clear intentions on what they want to do.  That’s the kind of organization others can blame a lot of stuff on if they so desire.

Cyber wars became a big story throughout the year.  Hackers continue to infiltrate networks of major retailers, harvesting thousands of names, phone numbers, addresses, and credit card numbers.  The crippling attack on Sony, initially blamed on North Korea, spotlighted this new frontier for war.  Expect hacking and cyberattacks to be a major news story throughout 2015.  We haven’t seen anything yet on this one.

So, there you have it.  These were just some of the major stories of 2014.  As always, you can access our archives if you want to see some of our day-to-day stories throughout the year.  Common Sense Conspiracy continues to thank our loyal readers for making 2014 a success, and we look forward to serving you with more great stories in the New Year.

First Ever Miss Holocaust Crowned In Israel Amid Controversy

Hava Hershkovitz is a true survivor, but is this a slap in the face to those that lost their lives?

Hava Hershkovitz was crowned as the first ever Miss Holocaust in Haifa, Israel. Over 300 women registered for the contest. They ranged in age from 74-97. The contest was dwindled down to 14 contestants and is being billed as a celebration of life. The women were chosen based on personal stories of survival and rebuilding their lives after the war. A lot of people are having a problem with this contest because it is technically a beauty pageant but judges claim that beauty was not the determining factor for the contest. Beauty accounted for 10 percent of the contest. One problem may be that some people feel that the Holocaust is being glorified. Even the makeup companies who did the contestants makeup was being accused of exploiting the women. Do you think the women were being exploited?

I know this is supposed to be a celebration of life, but I can understand how some people may have a problem with this contest. People have been arrested for Anti-Semitic remarks in the past. I know that this is trying to bring awareness to what these woman went through during the Holocaust. Some people even believe that the Holocaust never happened. We understand what was trying to be done here but was this the right way to do it? The woman in the contest seemed to have had a good time. But, maybe they understand why some people would not be cool with this kind of contest.

The CSC is not really sure where we stand on this. On one hand we can understand that the woman involved may have had a good time and celebrated their survival from one of the worst atrocities in human history. But, on the other hand, we also understand that some people may have a problem with this type of contest.

We will leave this to your opinion. What do you think about this contest?

Donald Duck Causes Holocaust Controversy in Germany — Trouble in Duckburg?

"Holocaust" has been blacked out of printed editions with a marker.

This is an unusual story.  Apparently, a Donald Duck comic released back in 1972 had the word “holocaust” in it.  The word was used at the end of a speech as an exclamation.  In the 1972 version by illustrator Carl Banks, the word was meant to mean an explosion or big fire.  However, a recent German Mickey Mouse and Company Comic featured the same scene, but the shouting of “Holocaust” at the end did not get taken quite the way it did in America in 1972.

In the comic, a duck character is addressing the brigade in the fictional town of Duckburg, where the famous Disney character Donald Duck hails from.  At the end of a rousing and inspirational speech, the duck character shouts “Holocaust.”  In the scheme of the new situation, it would have been more appropriate for him to shout “Congratulations” or mainly anything but “Holocaust!” in a comic to be released in Germany.  Publishers recalled the magazine when they realized their mistake.  They blacked out the word in printed versions and arranged for a new edition with the correct text to come out later.

That’s an awful lots of coincidences isn’t it?