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Is the New World Order Movement Seeking to Eliminate Gender Differences?

With a new movement for transgender individuals rapidly taking shape (especially in the aftermath of the Bruce Jenner to Caitlin Jenner transformation) paired with increasing acceptance of homosexuals in American society, it seems like gender identities are the most confused they’ve ever been.  Children in this day and age don’t have stark black and white portrayals of who or what they should be based on their gender.  Now, granted, that is a great thing in many ways.  Society has reshaped itself in such a way that females are no longer secondary to males in various industries, and when they are, it’s not just unfair but also illegal.  Despite all the good, though, there are people out there that feel that there is a movement not for transgender or gay rights, but to eliminate gender identity altogether.

Perhaps the male gender was already doing enough to render itself defenseless already.
Perhaps the male gender was already doing enough to render itself defenseless already.

New World Order?  Illuminati?  Oppressive Big Brother-style government?  Whatever name you put on it, there are plenty of theories that gender identity elimination is a big part of a one-world government movement where everyone is mostly just the same… a cog in the wheel of the machine.  The video below points to figures in modern culture that are really pushing the envelope on gender identity.  Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith, is a great example.  As far as the world knows, Jaden is neither gay nor transsexual, and yet he seems to find enjoyment in shocking the world with his fashion choices that often mingle the sexes liberally.  Is this just a way of being different?  Or is this pushing people to stop making the distinction?  What would the world be like if genders suddenly disappeared altogether?

Some people believe the reason for this movement is to feminize men.  The concept there is that if men are bombarded with this from day one, they are less likely to fall under male stereotypes.  We already live in a society where young men are increasingly behind computer screens at work and video game consoles at home.  No longer are young men the hunters and gatherers of society, and they look like it.  Many people in conspiracy circles believe this is a government-sanctioned movement to weaken males to make it easier for domination.   Males today are less likely to be interested in guns and less likely to be a great physical specimen.  They are also much less self-sufficient, which means that almost all the bases are covered with lowering the chance of resistance as the New World Order takes shape.

What do you think?  We all basically agree that everyone should have the same rights (although there is widespread disagreement as to what those rights are and how they are defined), but are we also being conditioned to not just treat everyone equal, but to eliminate the concept altogether?  And what does that mean for our future?

CA SB277 Mandatory Vaccination Bill Could Be Preview For the Nation

California is one big step closer to enacting a law that makes vaccinations mandatory.  CA SB277 is being met with plenty of opposition, but nonetheless, California’s legislatures seem to have no problem with pushing the controversial law right along.  Now, as it becomes more and more evident that California will become the first state in the United States to require vaccination, it’s time for us to ask what this means for the rest of the nation?  Is this the beginning of national mandatory vaccination?  And how exactly will this be enforced?

Wal-Mart Stores Around the Nation Shutting Down for Six Months for “Plumbing Issues” — Conspiracy?

Speculation is running wild with the announcement that several Wal-Mart stores around the United States are shutting down either permanently or for six months or more due to “plumbing issues.”  The shutdowns have no rhyme or reason and are not limited to any particular region, leading many to believe that there is some sort of conspiracy at work here.  It is obviously not possible that all of these Wal-Marts are suffering from the same plumbing issues unless they were all constructed the same way at the same time with the same design flaw.  A more likely theory is that the plumbing excuse is a cover for a real problem with their merchandise that is shipped all over.  The theories are out of control, with some people even talking about “radioactive food” being sold in Wal-Mart stores.  What do you think is going on with these Wal-Mart stores?   Conspiracy or major issues?

Flu Shot Only 18% Effective? Passing Grade?

Well, almost everyone has observed the push for flu shots.  What just used to be a casual recommendation from the doctor is now in every grocery store and drug store in America with huge advertising campaigns pushing you to protect yourself.  Employers have even begun to require employees to get flu shots as a condition of their employment.  We are only a hop, skip, and a jump away from required flu shots in schools.  And yet, the CDC has publicly acknowledged that for the second year in a row, the flu shot has failed miserably, fostering only a paltry 18% rate of effectiveness.  That’s 18%.  Think of it in school terms.  60% is a passing grade.  18% is a high school dropout that smoked weed and skipped class half the semester.

Also bear in mind that these are the same organizations urging everyone that vaccinations are perfectly okay and can’t have any negative effects.

Italian Court Rules and Compensates Vaccination Victim — American Media Completely Ignores Story

Talk about agenda-free reporting, huh?  In Italy, a court ruled that vaccinations did indeed cause autism in a young boy, and compensation was awarded.  This was not just a judge taking a walk on the wild side.  The trial featured comprehensive evidence, and the Italian and European media reported on this case as the gigantic story that it should be.

The American media?  Not a word.  Not even a little blurb, a tiny headline, a passing mention.  Not a word.  Now, regardless of what you believe about vaccinations, you have to admit that the story should have at least made the news, even if only to be picked apart and ridiculed.  No.  The mainstream media in America completely blacked it out.  Doesn’t that seem just a little bit strange?


Video Examines the Mainstream Media’s Portrayal of Parents That are Anti-Vaccinations

It’s unfortunate that we so often have to turn to Russia Today for a network that will sometimes give us a realistic version of the truth.  The following video shows a debate about whether the mainstream media in America has been sanctioned by the government to basically give people that are against vaccinations a bad name.  The result is much like the long-running slander campaign against conspiracy theorists in general.  Do you think it’s working?  More and more supposedly normal Americans are looking at parents that won’t have their kids vaccinated as crazy as foxes, and yet, there seems to be quite a bit of evidence on both sides of the fence.

Don’t Want Your Children Vaccinated? Go to Jail!

That’s right. You are reading the title of this article correctly. The amazing propaganda machine the government in conjunction with science and the mainstream media has unleashed on the concept of vaccination has real, live Americans actually calling for people that don’t want to get their children vaccinated to go to jail. That’s right, they want asserting your right as a citizen of the United States and a citizen of, you know, the human race, to be a punishable offense with jail time as a real possibility. That’s one successful propaganda campaign.