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As Biden Mulls Mandatory Vaccines Media Reveals the Unknown About Them

Sometimes the mainstream media will surprise you.  Now, mind you, this machine has been churning violently ever since COVID-19 came on the scene.  Depending on which version of the mainstream media you decide to take in, you have seen the unbelievable downplay or the unbelievable fear mongering.  Now, with the vaccine apparently just around the corner and incoming president Joe Biden already mulling the possibilities and legality of making the vaccine mandatory, the mainstream media missed a step and actually told the truth.

This passage from an article on CNN today says it all about the onslaught of vaccines about to be unleashed on the American public:

What’s not known is how long that protection might last, whether either vaccine protects against asymptomatic disease and whether either stops people from spreading the virus to others.

This passage came right on the heels of a paragraph about the impressive effectiveness percentages many of the vaccine-makers, namely Pfizer and Moderna, are hyping up.  Let’s analyze these one by one for own maximum effectiveness.

How Long Will It Last?

No one knows.  No one has a clue.  No one knows how long natural immunity from actually having the coronavirus lasts either.  Since the trials started in August and September, they only know that it might possibly last a couple of months so far.  Dr. Fauci said he thought it might last a year, but who knows?  That’s reassuring.  So even if they manage to vaccinate enough people to accomplish the so-called “herd immunity” we may find ourselves having to take coronavirus vaccines every three to six months.  And we already know that while there are no “serious” side effects, many people get flu-like symptoms.  That may not be as bad as COVID-19 can potentially be, but the flu is already quite a drag on the economy and people’s health.  This means signing up to get the flu.  When you take into account how many millions of people we are talking here, that could be quite a side effect in pratice.

Does the Vaccine Protect Against Asymptomatic Disease?

Well, that’s kind of important, isn’t it, since estimate now put asymptomatic carriers at nearly 40% of all the COVID-19 cases.  That means that if it doesn’t protect against these, there will still be plenty of vaccinated carriers running around.  You would think this is something they could test out in practice, but there again, with so little time after the trials, they just don’t have the data to work out every scenario.  And when the red carpet has been rolled out for you to get it approved without the usual precautions, why bother anyway?  There is money to be made.

Does the Vaccine Stop People From Spreading the Virus to Others?

Mandatory vaccines? Who cares if they work?

This would seem kind of like the point of it all right?  Well, the vaccine works by exposing the immune system to a little part of the genetic code of COVID-19 so that hopefully the body will already know how to fight it when it sees the real thing.  Just like with any virus, though, there is a little time there between when the virus hits and when the immune system is able to destroy it, and in that time, the infected could still be carrying the virus to everyone. It’s another really important unknown, because without this knowledge, we won’t know if we still have to carry on with contact tracing and quarantines even for people vaccinated.

What Does It All Mean?

Well that’s an easy one.  Pfizer says its vaccine is 95% effective.  Effective at what?  Not any of the unknowns above, that is for sure.  Even CNN agrees to this stipulation.  It seems that there is a lot still to be learned about the vaccine, and still, Biden and the gang are wanting to make this mandatory and trying to come up with ways to prove you have been vaccinated (which is incredibly difficult without doing away with American medical privacy laws) when we really don’t even know if it works, and if it does, well, you saw the questions above.

These weren’t our questions about the vaccine.  This was CNN’s questions.  That is pretty incredible when you think about it.

Thanksgiving Must Be Kept Under 10 People But Black Friday is A-OK

If you want to take a moment to really see where the powers-that-be have their priorities this holiday season, just look at what is happening surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday.  We have COVID-19 raging across America, worse in fact than it was at any point thus far.  Now, in the latest amazing overreach of governmental power, some governors are taking the extraordinary step of limiting family gatherings for the holiday to ten people or less and even requiring mask-wearing in the home if people from other households are present.

They don’t have turkey, so this is okay.

But what about Black Friday, that holiday when people stand on top of each other, fighting even, to get the latest, greatest, insanely low-priced deal that all the major retailers are throwing out to feed the chaos?

Nothing.  No recommendations.  No closures.  No cancellations.  Black Friday is fine.

Money rules everything, and you see where major retailers are winning this one too.  What kind of sense does it make that the virus is so dangerous that you can’t have Thanksgiving with your family, but it’s okay for thousands of strangers to mob the malls and department stores at midnight on Friday?

If lives were the point here, Black Friday would be completely shut down.  It’s not, because the almighty dollar is more important than even a governmental power grab.

Have Yourself a Merry Little COVID-19 — The War on Christmas Just Got Real

Door to door inspections on the horizon? The War on Christmas just got real folks.

For years we have fielded questions and suggestions about the supposed war on Christmas that has captivated many in conspiracy circles.  We even posted a very popular article during the Obama years about this subject when the word on the street was that President Obama was going to cancel Christmas and declare America a Muslim country (yeah, it sounds bonkers now, but you had to be there).  Well, our stance has always been that there was no real war on Christmas, at least no concerted deep state effort to take most Americans’ most cherished holiday away.

Well, maybe we were wrong about that.  Enter COVID-19.

The coronavirus pandemic took over the year 2020 and never looked back.  This virus that came out of nowhere in China to permeate the globe has an astonishingly low death rate and yet has managed to influence the world like nothing we have seen before.  There is no area of life that it has not touched.  You name it.  Popular culture.  Fashion.  And oh yes, politics.  COVID-19 is the only reason the election was even interesting, as a full-steam-ahead economy seemed to guarantee Donald Trump an easy victory before the pandemic took hold.  Now, after a spring and summer of lockdowns, restrictions, and constantly being told to do the same three things even though it has fazed the virus for a minute, things are now reaching a fever pitch.

We have governors ordering families to restrict the number of people at gatherings for Thanksgiving.  Families are forced to cull the guest list down and pick between loved ones.  At least one governor is now suggesting that masks should be worn in side the home.  And on CNN just the other day, Dr. Fauci agreed with the talking head that Christmas was going to be impossible.

Spread the cheer now because Christmas is not happening in 2020.

Thanksgiving will be the warmup.  There are new bolder restrictions being handed down, but after the inevitable spike that will be blamed on Thanksgiving, the big one is coming.  COVID-19 is bringing the war on Christmas right into your home, right into your neighborhood.  This is no longer a long-term ambition of some.  This year, Christmas may very well be canceled.  What’s more, it might actually be against the law to celebrate it.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and your four or five guests that are legally allowed to attend.  Wear your masks even in between bites.  Cherish those weird moments, because Christmas may be on the chopping block this year.

America, Dr. Fauci, and the Definition of Insanity — COVID-19 on the Rise

Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise, right?  For the entire summer, we were warned by health experts and the mainstream media that a second wave of COVID-19 was just around the corner and going to have our entire nation in its grips in no time at all.  That appears to be happening now as daily cases are on the rise like never before in the pandemic.

For months and months, Fauci has preached the “big three.” Well, when are we going to see results?

The response of the scientists like Dr. Fauci who have decades of experience on these sorts of things:  let’s keep doing the same.

Now that’s not how they describe it.  The undertone in the media and in every interview that people like Dr. Fauci give is that the American people are to blame because they are just too doggone stubborn to do the three things they have been begged for months now to do.  You know them, you hear them eighty-five times each day.  Wash your hands.  Wear your mask.  Social distance.  Well, today Common Sense Conspiracy wants to ask a a question of the scientists.  Have they ever actually learned about the scientific method?  Has Dr. Fauci ever been familiar with the definition of insanity?

It’s easy to put the blame on lazy, selfish Americans, but the truth is that the overwhelming majority of the nation is doing these things.  They are following the mantras, washing their hands until their skin is peeling off, casting suspicious stares at strangers and friends alike anywhere near their six-foot bubble, and wearing cloth coverings on their face.  While President-elect Joe Biden talks about nationwide mask mandates, the reality is that most states already have this.  The solutions they are proposing to stop the spread of coronavirus simply haven’t worked, at least not nearly enough.

The definition of insanity is simple.  It’s doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get different results.  The advice Americans are being given to stop the spread of coronavirus is the definition of insanity.

We’re not saying that any American should stop doing any of the “Big Three.”  I don’t think anyone in America debates that washing your hands is a good way to avoid getting or spreading any virus, much less COVID-19.  I don’t think anyone in America debates that keeping a physical distance from others is a pretty good way to help your chances too.  Many do debate whether wearing a piece of fabric on your face helps, but hey, most people are doing it anyway.  We’re not saying that these things aren’t helping.  We’re saying that it’s not enough, and at some point we should hold our leaders and the so-called experts accountable for not having more to say.

While there is some debate whether Einstein actually said this, the message still resonates.

When I hear Dr. Fauci talking about these big three things we must do, I wonder what his real opinion is off-camera.  He must know by now that most everyone is doing this.  Look to the wider world also.  While America has taken more than its share of COVID-19 it would seem, the rest of the world is struggling too, and a lot of the countries that are struggling were less resistant to mask wearing than Americans were.  It’s easy to blame things on stubborn Americans and Donald Trump, but that explanation runs out of steam once you cross the oceans in either direction.

So, is Common Sense Conspiracy advocating stringent shutdowns to stop coronavirus?  We’re not advocating anything, but what we are saying is that continuing to indicate that these three measures are the key while the pandemic rages out of control in the background is not fair to anyone at this point.  Yes, wash your hands, for sure, but is this going to save the day?  It’s clear that it’s not.

In the scientific method, there comes a point where the hypothesis gets tested and then adjustments are made.  The data is in, and it is in overwhelmingly all over the world.  The big three helps, but it will never control the pandemic.  So, are experts basically throwing in the towel and saying there’s nothing we can do but let it rage while we wait on a workable vaccine?  Okay, then tell us that.  Stop acting like it’s everyone’s fault this is happening.  And stop acting like if just a few more pesky Americans would wash their hands a couple of times and wear a sliver of their underwear on their face, everything would be okay.

We’re not buying it.  What do you think?  Are Americans and people worldwide just not following Dr. Fauci’s rules and that’s our whole problem?  Or is the scientific community simply at a loss what more to do but wait on a vaccine?  As always, we want to hear you thoughts in the comments below.

How Do You Simulate Passing Time When Vouching for the Safety of a Vaccine in Development?

The title says it all about where we are going here.  As you probably know, the company Pfizer has announced that it is very, very close to having a coronavirus vaccine that is expected to be 90% effective.  They are now doing a final analysis to verify that the vaccine is safe before asking the FDA for emergency approval.

Okay, kids, who wants to be first?

Despite the ongoing pandemic getting worse by the minute, there have already been multiple studies that conclude that a large amount of Americans are skeptical of the “warp speed” process by which this has all taken place.  Put simply, no one is all that excited about being the first to take a vaccine hot off the press developed in a highly-politicized climate with emergency authorization, which by its very title indicates that it is not given the full vetting that it would be in a normal situation.

Common Sense Conspiracy isn’t trying to convince you to not take the vaccine.  If you think that is a good choice for you, by all means, get on the list at the first.  We are just asking some questions about how exactly these good people that stand to make billions off of coronavirus vaccine arrive at these conclusions.

As we said in the title, how can anyone know what will happen six months down the road?  A year?  Ten years?  You don’t, because no matter what they tell you, they cannot simulate the passing of time in any of their experiments.  It just isn’t possible.  So, yeah, they think it’s safe, and they have done as much due diligence as they can, given the circumstances, but they can never say with any real certainty that it is safe.

The irony here is that never mind the millions of Americans skeptical of the vaccine.  They are giving it out to one group whether they want it or not, and that is doctors and nurses on the front line.  I mean, it’s the right thing to do.  They need an effective vaccine more than anyone.  But how ironic that you give a vaccine that you are not sure is safe to the people that you can’t afford to lose first.

We’re sure it will be fine, but man, that’s not a good way to do business.

What do you think?  Would you take the vaccine on the first run?  Why or why not?  We want to hear what you think in the comments below.

Conspiracy Theories Abound as President Trump and First Lady Test Positive for COVID-19

With the 2020 election sprinting toward the finish line, many were wondering what this year’s “October surprise” might be.  Well, they didn’t have to wait long, because just one day into October, we have the news that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania have both tested positive for COVID-19.

This is Common Sense Conspiracy, and we are not a news site.  You can find out the who-what-when-where from any number of sites out there, from the mainstream media on down, so we aren’t going to waste our time talking about the circumstances leading up to this diagnosis.  We’re here to talk conspiracies, and as you may well imagine, they are running rampant right now in our circles.

There are three schools of thought here and we are going to take a look at each one.

They Were Infected on Purpose

Now bear with us, because this theory takes a winding road that you may not immediately expect.  The first thing you think is that somehow the Democratic Party was able to get Trump infected.  Why would this help them?  That’s an easy one.  It effectively grounds his campaign rallies and ground game in the critical final stretch of the election just around the corner.  It has been widely reported that Trump’s staff was using these rallies as a means to sign up newly interested voters, and they were signing them up at a dizzying rate.  With Trump no doubt planning a blitzkrieg of these rallies over the next few weeks, this deals a pretty substantial blow to the President’s campaign strategy.

How could the Democratic Party insure that Trump would be infected with coronavirus?  Easier than you might think.  After all, the Trump administration isn’t exactly known for rigorous protocols to protect against this sort of thing.  Since the current theory is that the President was infected by Hope Hicks, the strategy may have been to get her sick and then let nature take its course.  Donald Trump may be 74 years old, but he never missed an opportunity to be as close to Ms. Hicks as he could be, and there are numerous photos of him with his arm around her and the like.  You want to get Trump infected with COVID-19 for sure?  Get a pretty girl infected that is close to him and send her on her way to do the deed for you.

They Were Infected on Purpose (Part 2)

There’s a whole different side to this theory, however.  What if President Trump decided to get infected on purpose?  It sounds crazy at first, but think about it.  There’s a sympathy factor here.  Then, it could completely validate some of his outlandish theories about various therapeutics.  Imagine if Trump beats COVID-19 quickly with any of the remedies he has recommended in the past?  Believe it or not, there are benefits to Trump coming down with the virus at this juncture.  It’s probably not the most likely scenario, but it’s certainly possible.

A Convenient Coincidence

Yes, you can’t harp on the conspiracy theories without at least recognizing the possibility that it’s all nonsense and this all happened by coincidence.  Trump, surrounded by all of these people all the time, just happens to finally contract COVID-19 at this point in the campaign.  As earlier pointed out, Trump isn’t known for his precautions.  It’s certainly possible that the lax way he went about things has resulted in him now contracting the potentially deadly virus.

For those of us that prefer the conspiratorial side of things, there are still some questions to ask.  A lot will be made of when Trump’s people knew about Hope Hicks and what precautions were taken.  Trump still traveled to his fundraising event after apparently knowing that he may have been exposed.  One problem in the official account of things is timing.  After Hope Hicks’ diagnosis went mainstream, Trump was going to get tested, but there was significant gap in time between the test and the results.  Everyone has heard the bragging from Trump and everyone else involved with the administration about rapid testing that takes place constantly among the President’s staff.  Why did it take hours to find out that Trump and his wife were positive?  Or did they know in minutes but were planning how to handle the aftermath?  And was Hope Hicks’ diagnosis never supposed to go mainstream so Trump could just continue as normal, secretly knowing that he had COVID-19?

The possibilities are endless,  and  the speculation is only beginning this morning.  It will be a wild couple of weeks as more facts come to light and we see if either Trump or the First Lady show any severe symptoms.  Check back with us for more updates.  As always, we want to hear what you think in the comments below.


Dr. Stella Immanuel Reveals COVID-19 Cure — She Also Believes in a Lot of Conspiracies

A group of doctors stormed Washington trying to dispel fear mongering related to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 that has ravaged the country and become a divisive political lightning rod in recent weeks.  One doctor in particular, Dr. Stella Immanuel, made really big waves with her outright revelation that all this is silliness because the cure has been right in front of our preferably unmasked faces all along.

Dr. Immanuel insists that hydroxychloroquine, the controversial drug that Donald Trump heralded as a quick fix for COVID-19 a few months back, does indeed cure the virus, and so effectively in fact that at her practice, they don’t even worry about wearing high-quality masks because the drug virtually eliminates the virus from circulating.

Her speech became super-viral (no pun intended) when Donald Trump Jr. and the President himself started retweeting the video, recognizing it as even more proof of what Mr. Trump has been saying all along.  After all, Trump has even went as far as to insist that he himself takes hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure.

Mind you, this is all in stark contrast to the opinions of many in the mainstream media and the FDA, who just recently pulled the plug on the drug saying there is absolutely no evidence that it has any effect on coronavirus whatsoever.

The mainstream media wasted no time discrediting Immanuel with all hands on deck.  Now, it is coming to light the good doctor believes in some conspiracy theories that, well, a lot of our readers tend to be interested in as well.  She even believes in reptilian leaders and that there is a vaccine being developed to eliminate religion.  She may even be one of our loyal readers here at the CSC for all we know, so hopefully she’s getting good, reliable information to feed her curiosity.  In any case, she is already being banished from social media (not just the speech, but her entire presence) for spreading “disinformation” and now she says there is an effort going on to have her medical license taken from her because she believes in hydroxychloroquine.  And she really believes in it, saying out flat that there is no reason to wear masks when we have a cure right here that is readily available.

What do you think?  Is Dr. Immanuel nuts?  Or the real deal?  Would you take hydroxycholorquine if you thought it would protect you from the virus?  We want to hear what you think in the comments below.  We have posted the video below, but these video links are being taken down just as fast as they come up because there are many that wish to silence this talk as quickly as possible.  We are working on a way to get the video up permanently on our site without having to rely on links in the next couple of days.