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Coronavirus Crisis Inches United States Toward Martial Law Declaration

Can you hear that drum beating?  It’s not the drum of civil unrest or war, like many of us expected.  This is the drum of the coronavirus, and each day we are watching the United States of America inch closer and closer toward a day that many in conspiracy circles have been waiting for suspiciously for decades.

After September 11, 2001, many thought it wouldn’t be long.  Then the brutal hurricanes that are now synonymous with that decade.  Then, the Obama years where many thought the New World Order was firmly in control and chaos would give way to the announcement soon.  However, in March of 2020, it is the coronavirus, COVID-19, that many are looking to as the final completion of the mission.

Why would the government even want martial law?  That’s an easy one.  Martial law is a suspension of liberties, and during it, the government can do pretty much anything that it wants.  This would be the easiest way to get Americans to give up their guns, their freedoms, their property, and their money without much of a fight.  For years, though, it was the American spirit that made such a declaration so difficult for the government.  COVID-19 changed all that.  Americans are now putty in the government’s fingers.

We are not saying that this is not bad.  It is.  We are not saying that it is necessarily being exaggerated.  It may be that this is not the case.  What we at the CSC are saying is that the general public in the United States of America has already given up a lot without really seeing the disaster that has been promised.  The number of deaths from the coronavirus may end up in the millions, but it isn’t right now.  As of this writing, it is around four hundred.  Yet, people are giving up normal liberties left and right.  There are entire metropolitan areas on “lockdown.”  Regardless of how bad this gets, we are witnessing a grand government experiment for the ages.  They want to see how far they can push it, and what really instills the fear that gets Americans to fall into line.

It’s only a matter of time.  COVID-19 probably isn’t the endgame here.  This is not going to usher in the one world government.  However, it is going to give them a blueprint for how to bring it about, and later, it will show its head again if Americans are this willing to give up liberties based on dire predictions without necessarily seeing it thus far.

Will it come as a nationwide lockdown, full-on martial law declaration?  Or will they experiment with a large city or perhaps a state?  It’s hard to say, but this is for certain:  the United States has never teetered this close to a martial law declaration in its history, and the next few weeks are going to be very interesting.

We want to hear your opinions.  Where do we go from here?  Is this virus currently frightening enough to you to accept full-on martial law?  Is it time for people refusing to “social distance” to be shot on sight to save the rest of us?  Are you willing to give up your guns?  Your money?  Your property?

And if not, how many people have to die before you are?  That is what they really need to know.  How bad does it have to be for the most steadfast among us to break?

Now, having said all that, this is not a fear-mongering site.  It is the CSC’s sincere hope that the government continues to act in the public’s best interest and does not use this as some sort of power grab or experiment.  History would dictate otherwise.  There is a saying in Washington that you all have heard before.  Never let a crisis go to waste.  It is doubtful that they will waste this one.

Did Sylvia Browne Predict COVID-19 Coronavirus? And What Else Did She Say About It?

As coronavirus fever (pardon the pun) takes over the globe both figuratively and literally, conspiracy theories are flying across the Internet at a dizzying pace.  Fortunately, your friends here at Common Sense Conspiracy are working overtime in quarantine to make sure you hear the newest, greatest theories out there from our trademark common sense perspective.

Sylvia Browne is dead.  However, she is a fairly well-known psychic.  Like a lot of psychics going back all the way to folks like Nostradamus, she generally predicts things in very abstract terms.  She also tends to be wrong a heck of a lot of the time.  Occasionally, she nails it, and then the people get excited.  Over time, she was right just enough to be famous.  Now, one of her predictions in a book she wrote over a decade ago is causing quite a stir on the Internet.  We included some videos from YouTube that are going around about this.

Our take:  well, you can’t fight the facts.  The fact is she did predict this abstractly in one of her books over a decade ago.  Can’t fight that.  Now, on the same page as this prediction she predicted a lot of other abstract things, that may or may not turn out to be true.  That’s the problem with abstract predictions.  It’s hard to tell if they are right or not, because there are no details to fact-check.

It’s entertaining.  If she’s right, the corona virus is going to disappear as quickly as it showed up.  If it doesn’t, I guess we can chalk this up as another one on the wrong side.

Coronavirus and Martial Law — Conspiracy Theories Heating Up

Well, when we launched our article unpacking the latest conspiracy theories about the novel coronavirus that is sweeping the world in an epic pandemic, the conspiracy theories were pretty tame.  Things are heating up, however, and the theories are becoming more far-reaching than ever.  Far-reaching doesn’t necessarily mean untrue.  Don’t misunderstand.

We are seeing some unprecedented cancellations of sporting events that generate millions not just in tickets and concessions but for hotels, travel, dining, and pretty much all sectors of the economy where these events were to be held place.  We have seen the President of the United States ban travel from friendly places in Europe.  And now, people are starting to ask the questions that have to be asked.

What if this is as bad as they say and what if it only gets worse.  What if we see a lockdown like in Italy where 16 million people are basically barred from going on with their normal lives?  And what happens if on Election Day, the nation is on lockdown, or so afraid of the coronavirus that they dare not venture out?

What if Donald Trump declares martial law and remains the President regardless of the election?

These are no longer conspiracy theories, folks.  These are legitimate questions that might come into play if this crisis plays out much longer.

Now, many believe that COVID-19 will decrease in intensity as the weather gets warmer.  We certainly hope they are right about this.  It’s possible that we may be witnessing one of the biggest over-reactions to a crisis in the history of the world.  Or they could be right.  It’s so hard to say.

All we can do right now is watch and learn.  Always taking whatever the media and the government tell us with a grain of salt, but observing nonetheless to try to figure out where this thing is going and what the big picture may look like.

As always, please share your thoughts and concerns in the comments below.

Unpacking the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Conspiracy Theories to Date

If you’re a regular reader here at Common Sense Conspiracy, you know that we don’t report the news.  There are plenty of sources out there for that, and this is not one of our goals.  So, we haven’t had much to say about the worldwide panic growing from the threat of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.  However, we do unravel conspiracy theories here on this site and try to look at the facts with a common sense approach (hence the name).  So, due to a barrage of misinformation out there on the Internet as well as many concerned readers who have written us asking about theories that are gaining steam, it is time for us to unpack some of the latest conspiracy theories regarding the virus and whether any of them hold water.

The Weapon Theory

It’s pretty much recognized as fact that COVID-19 originated in China in the city of Wuhan back in December of 2019.  Now, the United States’ relationship with China has been a little strained here of late with Donald Trump’s policies leading some to even refer to the current state of affairs as a “trade war.”

Because of this perceived animosity between China and the United States, some out there in the conspiracy world have come up with the concept that China created the coronavirus on purpose in order to create a global pandemic that would eventually wreak havoc on the United States.  It also would make Trump look bad in an election year and cause economic problems worldwide.  According to this theory, the virus was unleashed on Wuhan to see how it would spread, and China already knows how to stop the virus for its own people once the experiment is over.

This theory is interesting, but it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  After all, the United States has yet to seriously feel the heat of the pandemic.  Italy and Iran have taken much bigger hits than the West.  So, if China did do this to get back at Donald Trump over trade issues, they really are not worrying very much about collateral damage, which may end up being the whole world before its over.  Furthermore, it doesn’t seem like China is having much luck stopping the virus now that it has started, so that shoots down the weaponization theory.  Interesting, but not a lot to back up the theory when you look at basic facts.

The Government Already Has the Cure

We are hearing this one already, and we are not surprised.  Anytime there is an outbreak of something new like this, there is always a conspiracy theory that the government can already cure it but is instead letting the virus run rampant to thin the population.

While we at the CSC don’t debate for one second that many governments in the world would not hesitate to do this, there once again is just no evidence to support this theory.  After all, COVID-19 is sporting a 2% mortality rate.  This means that if 100 people get the virus, 2 will die on average.  That is not as intimidating as other viruses out there with much higher rates, and it would take millions upon millions of cases for the deaths to really make a dent in the population.  Actually, there are more births to offset than deaths at that rate, so it would not accomplish much if that was the intention.

Put simply, if the government is allowing this to happen on purpose to thin the population, then they really picked a terrible virus to do it with.

Politics, Politics, Politics

Finally, a theory with some teeth.  It’s election year folks, and the Democratic political party in the United States is struggling to figure out how to go against Donald Trump.  He is crass, silly on Twitter, and a bully, but the economy is screaming and unemployment rates in America are at all-time lows, even for minority groups.  It’s hard to run against an incumbent when things like the economy seem to be going pretty well, so Democrats need something to latch on to.  The coronavirus may be it.

Ever since the coronavirus started to become a major news story, the mainstream media has been working overtime to question Trump’s reaction while also beating the drum to cause panic over the virus even before it is warranted.  Is the media overstating the threat here to cause panic and make Donald Trump look bad on the international stage?

You betcha.  This theory is right on the money.  Now, we are not necessarily saying that COVID-19 is going to fizzle out and lose steam after a while and will stop short of being this global pandemic that the mainstream media seems to be salivating for.  It might be that bad.  We’re just saying that right now, the mainstream media is going to say that whether it’s true or not.  That’s the problem with the mainstream media in general.  They are always pushing some agenda, so it’s hard to know if what they are dishing out is the truth or not.

So there you have it.  Three coronavirus conspiracy theories analyzed.  Two quickly thrown out due to no supportive evidence.  And one slam dunk conspiracy that you need only turn on your television set to any news channel to see the proof.  It remains to be seen just how bad the coronavirus pandemic will be in the long run, but for now, don’t believe everything you hear.

The Chicken Sandwich Conspiracy — Is Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich in the Illuminati?

Yes, it seems like a reach, but we here at Common Sense Conspiracy are just reading our mail, and our readers are asking some hard-hitting questions here.

We all know the conspiracies about mass shootings or other tragedies/disasters happening at critical moments to take the attention off of news stories that really should be front and center.  Many conspiracy theorists out there think that is what just happened here recently with the El Paso and Dayton shootings.  So, there is a certain demographic out there that are asking the question.  How did this Popeye’s chicken sandwich thing saturate American culture to this degree in such a short time?

It was a shot in the dark.  Popeye’s came out with a chicken sandwich and almost instantly, an international viral sensation began.  One of the biggest parts of it is Popeye’s now apparent rivalry with Chick-Fil-A, a place that has to be feeling a little burn as it was and has always been the industry leader of the chicken sandwich.

So, is there more than meets the eye here?  Some in our inbox have likened Popeye’s chicken sandwich’s metaphoric rise to that of musicians and Hollywood stars that gain a surge in interest and popularity that only the Illuminati could provide.  Our official stance:  no the Illuminati is probably not involved in the sudden overnight blowing up of the Popeye’s chicken sandwich.  Our unofficial stance:  that’s pretty incredible.  The real question is what major event in our government is being glossed over while news report after news report talks about a chicken sandwich?

It may be an interesting morning.  Everything happens for a reason these days, and in the conspiracy world, even chicken sandwiches can be suspect.

Climate Change, Terror Attacks, and a Perpetual State of Fear

In little more than a week’s time, we have seen multiple events that have made a lot of eyebrows rise worldwide in conspiracy circles. For veterans to this scene, this explanation is probably not necessary (although you might still find it interesting or want to pile on if you have any more information that you think is helpful). However, the political climate among other things has a lot of people on edge, and that means that more people than ever before are turning to alternative news sources and opinions. This is an overwhelmingly great thing, and we are proud to have all newcomers. This is a primer for those that might wonder why so many people think what they think when things like this happen in our world.
It is drilled into our minds from almost infancy that our government and civic system is designed to keep us safe. Safety is one of the cornerstones of true control, and the government (all over the world) takes it very seriously. However, what if you are safe already? What if there isn’t a threat? Well, that doesn’t work out well for them, and that’s why it will never happen. So, many in conspiracy circles believe that if things are going okay in the world, the powers-that-be will work overtime to make sure that it doesn’t stay that way. That is where all of the drama about false flag operations and such originates.
Situations like the terror attacks in Britain are a great example. Are they false flag operations? Who knows? We at Common Sense Conspiracy certainly have no real evidence to present for or against. But the reason it gets tossed around is because these sorts of things are just bad enough to cause mass panic and hysteria, but not bad enough to encourage people to revolt. In other words, they want us to feel just unsafe enough that we believe the government is taking care of us. Does that mean that every major violent event in the world is a false flag operation? Absolutely not, and the CSC has repeatedly gone on the record questioning the validity of claims. As always, we like to see some evidence, preferably tangible, before we start putting theories forward. Too many people out there (we’re not saying any names) in our line of work don’t follow this rule, and they lead to the rest of us getting labelled as tin-foil hat wearers and conspiracy nuts. The reality is that there are false flag operations, and we know this. Deciphering real ones from unfounded speculation is a big part of what we do here.
Climate change is another topic that was big in the news this past week. President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris accords was a major news story and led to a lot of doomsday predictions. Now, we’re not here to give you a full scientific rundown or climate change and the evidence for or against. All we are saying is that it’s like a game. Is climate change real? Sure. Look around. Is it caused by man? Sure, probably doesn’t help anything. But is Florida going to be underwater in 2030? Now that’s getting a little crazy with it. Is the United States going to be consumed by a fireball as temperatures spiral out of control? The doomsday prophecies of climate change are ironic because of this. Almost every ardent supporter of climate change is probably vehemently against Donald Trump. Yet, they use his style of negotiation. Shoot high and hope to get something in the middle. They preach doomsday hoping that maybe they will get people to change somewhere down the line. This is probably a pretty obvious strategy to most reasonable people. However, what you may not have considered is that they also want you to be afraid. Too much gets made out of the politics of it. The Democrats want you to be afraid that the Republicans will cause your Earth to be destroyed and all your grandchildren’s children to perish. The Republicans want you to believe that the Democrats are wasting your money on a bunch of bologna. The reality is that both sides like it. Or a better description would be that the real government likes it. Once again, it promotes fear. It also promotes division. Those two things are critical aspects at keeping people (where the real power lies) in check.
So, we hope as you peruse our articles here at Common Sense Conspiracy both today and in the future, you will remember this one that kind of gives you a primer for what you will see here. No matter how one-sided a lot of things might look at first glance, a lot of times if you look closer, you’ll see that all sides benefit, not just one or the other. That’s what we call the machine at work, and believe you me, it has been working overtime in our world this past week.

ObamaCare Carriers Pull Out at Dizzying Rate, But It’s All Part of the Game for Single Payer

Whatever your feelings about the Affordable Care Act, more affectionately (or the opposite maybe) known as ObamaCare, there is no way to insinuate that it has gone off without a hitch. The whole “you can keep you doctor” dilemma was just part one of the disfunction that has come to be associated with ObamaCare. The latest obvious signs of failure are the dramatic pulling out of several major insurance carriers, citing losses in the hundreds of millions by participating in the program. Aetna is following suit today, making just another insurance carrier cutting its losses. So, why are you not hearing Democrats sweating it out in this controversial election year as President Barack Obama’s namesake and most well-known piece of legislation withers? Well, because they planned it that way of course.

This is not about Republicans or Democrats. Understand that plainly. Common Sense Conspiracy endorses neither party and has published a myriad of articles on how both parties are leading the nation (and the world) down the same path. Never mind that. But it’s not hard to figure out that ObamaCare was just a small step on the road to ever-growing government dependence, and its failure is scripted to push America toward a single-payer system where the government finally takes control of health care completely.

Don’t think so? Just listen to President Obama explain the plan himself.