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Plan B Goes OTC: Let’s Put “Morning After” Pill in the Vending Machines in Women’s Restrooms!

Common Sense Conspiracy is not known for innovation, but now that the FDA is considering lowering the age restriction on the infamous “morning after” pill to 15 years of age and making it readily available over-the-counter, we think it needs to go even further.

Why not just put it in the restroom in the little vending machine that dispenses tampons?  Hell, let’s put it in the men’s restroom too.  Right beside the condoms can be the “morning after” pill.  You know, just in case of a catastrophic failure, you are always ready.  Everyone needs a “morning after” pill in their wallet, just in case of accidental impregnation.  Happens all the time, and there’s absolutely no reason to let that little indiscretion ruin your life for years on end.  The real indiscretion is not having sex and getting pregnant unintentionally; the indiscretion is not having the foresight to have a “morning after” pill in your back pocket in case things go south.

I need a gallon of milk, loaf of bread, and, oh yeah, my Plan B One Step...  Can I hire a hitman while I'm here?
I need a gallon of milk, loaf of bread, and, oh yeah, my Plan B One Step… Can I hire a hitman while I’m here?

You know, it’s like abortion, but quicker and easier.  As a matter of fact, spread the word to the children.  Attention 15-year-old’s everywhere… don’t bother even trying to avoid unwanted pregnancies… who needs a condom?  Sex it up.  You can always pop one of these little aspirins at the end of the night and make sure you are covered.  And if you were too blitzed from alcohol and drugs to remember to take it before you bed down, you can still catch it in the morning.  No worries.

Why even have condoms?  Oh yeah, there is that pesky thing about sexually-transmitted diseases, but I’m sure every little girl that has a “morning after” pill is known for making good, sound, educated decisions before doing things like that.  I mean, the “morning after” pill is only for that rogue situation when things go wrong… you know, when you are fifteen and having sex and the condom breaks.  That’s when you need your over-the-counter murder pill…for those situations that no one can predict.  I mean, you can’t know when you decide to have sex at fifteen years of age with someone hopefully somewhere near your age range (because society really frowns on it when you are having sex with someone a lot older than you…that’s a damn crime!) that you might be doing something that could have repercussions throughout your life.  You couldn’t possibly be held responsible for your actions at that age, even though if you murdered someone, you would most likely be tried as an adult.

Oh wait… that’s exactly what you did in this case.  Murdered someone.

Good job, FDA.  Good job America.  Now, you can murder over the counter.  But you have to sign your name and address to get pseudoephedrine.

McDonald’s Burger is 14 Years Old and In Mint Condition — Why Does McDonald’s Food Not Rot?

Hmm…maybe it’s the green slime.  Whatever it is, there are tons of accounts of McDonald’s food, particularly burgers and French fries lasting for years and appearing unblemished by any sort of biological decay.  Should we regard this as a marvelous system of preserving food, or a scary one?  You be the judge.

Is President Obama’s BRAIN Initiative a Public Recognition of Mind Control Experimentation?

If you haven’t heard the good news, President Obama excitedly announced a new initiative.  We taxpayers of the United States of America will be investing a cool $100 million for a “brain-mapping project” to begin in 2014.  The initiative is being called BRAIN (fittingly enough), an acronym which stands for Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies.  A bit of a mouthful, but catchy nonetheless.

Dubbing the initiative “the next great American project,” Obama attempted to drum up support by referencing all of the scientific and technological discoveries and innovations we as humans have made, and yet, we still have not completely figured out what is happening inside our own minds.

So, the government wants to get a better idea of what's going on in that noggin of yours...but what other sinister intentions could be behind their curiosity?
So, the government wants to get a better idea of what’s going on in that noggin of yours…but what other sinister intentions could be behind their curiosity?

You probably don’t have to look much farther to see where any good conspiracy theorist might cry foul.  Obama is selling the project as something that might give us the keys to fighting mental illness and diseases as well as understanding hate crimes and racism.  Of course, along the way, it might go a long way toward helping the government understand just how to control and mold your brain.

It’s an inconvenient and unfortunate truth that even the noblest of scientific and medical programs can wander far from the path of good intentions.  There is always someone that realizes the potential to use any good work for an evil agenda.  Even if this BRAIN initiative has promising results for everything Obama listed, do you believe that the government and military isn’t licking its lips to get their hands on this information?

Another thing of note to conspiracy-minded individuals:  this is pretty bold.  We all know of the speculation that the United States’ government has long experimented with mind control and such.  As a matter of fact, there are schools of thought that some of the school shooters, such as Adam Lanza in Newtown, Connecticut, might have been the victim or unintentional side effect of a government-mandated mind control experiment.  Up until now, however, no such experiments were openly acknowledged and embraced by the government.  With the BRAIN initiative, President Obama is putting it out there publicly that the government is indeed trying to make strides in this area and has a plan in place to get where it wants to be.  Should this boldness be interpreted as a victory?  Is this a sign that a more enlightened and critical public is asking more questions, so President Obama and company know they need to find a way to pass this off in public before it inevitably winds up on Internet message boards and forums?  Or is it simply a sign that they just don’t care to conceal it anymore?  Are we coming to a point where we have given up so many rights that the government is on the verge of just giving us a “That’s just the way it is” speech and we’ll all have to smile and accept it?

What do you think of the BRAIN initiative?  Authentic steps forward with good intentions, or a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Latest Case of Political Misdirection — What is the Monsanto Protection Act and What Does It Mean to You?

If you think organic and natural is all the craze these days, just wait for GMO's!
If you think organic and natural is all the craze these days, just wait for GMO’s!

In today’s edition of “While You Were Sleeping,” we present our latest example of a concept we like to talk about here at Common Sense Conspiracy called political misdirection.  And like in our original article on the topic last year, gay marriage is once again the fall guy for another agenda altogether.

While millions of Americans were hanging on every report they could get from both outside and inside the Supreme Court and the ongoing arguments about gay marriage, President Barack Obama was busy signing a bill into law that chances are you have never heard of.  And the media was able to pass it by unnoticed while dominating our minds with images of two men or women at an altar.  But even as the debate goes on about one group of people receiving equal rights, there seems to be an equal agenda at work to take rights away from Americans as a whole.  Discrimination is not limited to any class in America anymore; we are now discriminated against by the government just because we exist.

Enter the Monsanto Protection Act.  Who is Monsanto and why are we protecting it?  Well, Monsanto is a California-based “biotech corporation” that just received a “get out of jail free” card from the American government over any future liabilities and litigation.  Of course, this was buried deep in the bill so as to not arouse too much attention.  So far, the ruse has worked.  Like we said before, most Americans are much more concerned about gay marriage right now to even notice something as sinister as the bill, officially dubbed H.R. 933, coasting through to the annals of our system of law and government.

To be fair, most of H.R. 933 is typical government mumbo jumbo approving budgets and spending for various government agencies.  Most of that stuff is quite ordinary, and while we could certainly embark on an all-encompassing debate of each one’s legitimacy, that is for another time.  What we are interested in is the provision included in the bill that prevents federal courts from being able to do anything at all to stop or slow down the planting or sale of genetically modified or engineered seeds.  This mandate is actually quite alarming.  It doesn’t have any qualifiers.  Nothing can be done.  Even if it becomes painfully evident that there are health risks associated with these crops, there is no recourse.

The reasoning behind the provision that is being offered to the public is that the chances of winding up in costly legal battles is causing many entrepreneurs to stay out of the GMO business.  The concept is that fears of lawsuits might be preventing new inventions and innovations that might push the GMO industry to new heights.  So, to bolster interest in producing “biotech” crops, President Barack Obama basically proclaimed that it’s open season.  It simply doesn’t matter what happens as a result of these scientific experiments; companies producing GMO’s will not be held liable and have no reason not to try anything at all with no regard for human health or risks.  It’s a great time to be a biotech corporation, and a bad time to be a consumer.

Maybe Monsanto committed funds for the 2016 reelection campaign.
Maybe Monsanto committed funds for the 2016 reelection campaign.

If you think that all sounds bad enough, take this into consideration:  the Monsanto corporation actually helped write the bill.  Senator Roy Blunt, a Republican from Missouri, actually worked with lawyers from the company to create the provision that would make its way into the legislation.  So, yes, the Monsanto corporation actually got to help write a law that completely benefited it in every way.  It seems that lobbying is not a game for shadow puppets anymore; now if the companies throw enough money at the right people, they can just sit down and write the damn laws themselves.  How convenient, and what a great way for Congress to look out for Americans everywhere.

The word on the street some members of Congress didn’t even know the provision had made its way into the bill when they voted on it.  Of course, this is a glowing endorsement for our system of government all the way around.  First of all, it’s slimy to think they snuck a provision like this in, and it’s even worse to think that Congress would vote on something without at least somebody making sure it said what it was supposed to say.  Who knows what President Obama and company might be able to sneak in next?

So, as President Obama continues to herald his health care reform plan and how it will help public health in America, he signs a bill subjecting Americans to an agricultural technology as guinea pigs with no requirements for testing or research.

Well, at least we’ll be able to go to the doctor when the GMO’s rot our insides out.  Thanks for looking out as always, Congress, President Obama, and especially, the good people at Monsanto.  Don’t drown while swimming in your money.

Good Health Choices Gone Bad — The Green Tea Conspiracy

Green tea is amazing...when prepared and consumed correctly.
Green tea is amazing…when prepared and consumed correctly.

Green tea is one of the most amazing things you can put in your body.  Studies, as well as just good old ancient Chinese knowledge, continue to bombard us with why we should all be going out of our way to make sure we get this antioxidant-filled herbal tea into our diets.  However, anytime science and medicine want to make it known to the general public that something occurring naturally is good for us, there are capitalist wolves at the door waiting to find a way to market the product and make profit off of it any way possible.  Unfortunately, not all companies are known for being scrupulous in such matters, and that is why we label this as a conspiracy that you need to know about.  You see, too many Americans believe they are doing something good for their body whilst only adding more chemical and sugar-filled substances that masquerade as “healthy alternatives.”

Before we get into an example of good health choices gone bad, let’s look at what makes green tea so amazing to begin with.  Green tea is rich in catechin polyphenols, particularly one that has a really, long scientific name but most people just refer to as EGCG.  This is one of the most powerful known antioxidants, and it has the curious superpower of killing cancer cells in the human body without harming healthy tissue.  Something that modern medicine has a lot of trouble doing.  After all, cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy may get the cancer, but they usually do a substantial amount of damage on healthy cells as well.  The answer is inside these EGCG polyphenols, and they are cheap, easily accessible, and involve no risk whatsoever.

Besides the cancer battle, green tea is also proven to be effective in lowering cholesterol levels.  It also helps with heart disease and blood clots.  Blood clots that form suddenly is the most common cause of a heart attack, so once again, green tea has proven to be quite the lifesaver, pardon the pun.  And you don’t need a wealth of scientific data to get to the bottom of this.  Scientists scratched their heads over why different cultures showed lower incidences of heart disease despite their diets.  For example, take the French.  They are known for a diet full of saturated fat…all those great cheese and pastries…and yet, they come out better in the long run heart-wise than the average American.  Add to that a higher rate of smokers, too, still coming out better than Americans. The reason was not green tea, but the love of red wine with almost every meal.  A chemical in the red wine called resveratrol is known to combat the effects of fat and smoking on the heart.  Well, green tea’s EGCG is very similar, except for the fact that it is twice as powerful at what it does.  So, it’s pretty easy to see that green tea has a powerful bang for the buck, and it also explains why heart disease in the Japanese culture is extremely low.  Did you know that 75% of Japanese men smoke compulsively?  They also drink green tea like Americans drink soda.  The result:  amazingly low heart disease rate.

So, yeah, yeah, green tea is good for you.  What is the big conspiracy here?  Well, Americans are getting the word of the huge medicinal benefits of green tea from doctors, media, the Internet, and word of mouth.  What they are not being educated on is that not all green teas are created equal.  And companies have caught on to the American love affair with convenience and things tasting good that reigns supreme over any health benefits.  So, people stock up on bottled green teas thinking they are getting all those benefits.  Let’s take Pepsi’s Lipton Green Tea as an example.  This is not the only one out there, by far, but it is a very popular item in the new “health-conscious” America and sells very well by the caseload.

Does Lipton bottled green tea have green tea in it?  Absolutely.  However, it is a proven fact that the longer time gap between the brewing of green tea and consumption, the less of the above benefits to be enjoyed.  The fact that Lipton infuses a barrage of chemicals you can’t pronounce to “preserve freshness” has nothing to do with the important thing here…the antioxidant count.  Bottom line:  green tea is not something you want to buy in bottles.  You need to brew it yourself and then drink it in a timely manner.  As a matter of fact, reports state that the polyphenols decline after just three or four days of sitting in the fridge.  Imagine how useless Lipton is when it might be months before it makes its way to your mouth.  That alone is reason enough to go for the teabags and not the bottled variety, but it gets worse.  Take a look at Lipton the next time you think about purchasing it.  What is the number two ingredient after water?

Sodium hexa-what?
Sodium hexa-what?

High fructose corn syrup.  In case you didn’t know already, the ingredients are listed in the order by how much is in the product.  Green tea does come in fourth after sodium hexatemaphosphate.  On top of that, we get a little potassium sorb ate, phosphoric acid, acesulfame potassium, calcium disodium efta, a touch of honey (hmm…more sugar) and caramel coloring.  A little Yellow 5 and Blue 1 to lighten it up a bit.

If you opt for the diet version, you’ll miss out on the high fructose corn syrup, but you’ll be bombarded with aspartame or sucralose to make sure you keep coming back for more.  These chemicals may or may not be bad for you, but real green tea has only one ingredient.  You guessed it…green tea.  Think about it.  Lipton can’t even put real natural sugar in it, opting instead for high fructose corn syrup, which pretty much everyone is aware is not a good choice.

Why do this?  Profit.  These ingredients are cheap, make sure the tea stays good longer so they can sell through it, and makes it taste good to the consumer to make sure you’ll be back for more.  Throw in the guise of a “health benefit” and the convenience factor, and you have a household staple for many Americans who believe they are doing something good for themselves.  The shame should go to Lipton.  Do they make any false claims on the package?  Nope.  They simply are capitalizing on a health craze by offering the product, knowing full well that people will buy it because the price is right, the taste is good, and their doctor told them they needed it.

Yes, you could make the argument that drinking the green tea may be slightly better than downing some soda, but is this giving you everything you could be getting from the real thing?

Convenience is great, but not if you lose everything in translation.  While we do accuse Lipton of cashing in on public perception, it is still the public’s fault for not getting the facts before making that purchase.  So, ditch the plastic bottles and get some tea bags.  Add a little natural sugar if you can’t stomach the plain tea taste.  Add a little honey, maybe a slice of lemon.  But leave out the sodium hexatemaphosphate.  You’ll be better off without it.

CoQ10 — Are You Missing Out on this Critical Supplement?

This chart illustrates how CoQ10 production decreases as we get older.

CoQ10 is a coenzyme that works wonders for the human body. It is so prevalent that it is found in every single cell of the body. A major player in the creation of energy, CoQ10 is very important to the process of the body converting nutrients to a usable energy form. CoQ10 is most abundant in the mitochondria, the part of cells that create energy. Naturally, mitochondria is found in heavy concentration around the human heart because it is a muscle that operates throughout a person’s life. Without the precious benefits of CoQ10, the heart would not be able to handle the incredible workload it must deal with.

As if that weren’t enough, CoQ10 is also a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are materials the body uses to guard the cells against damage from oxidation. Oxidation is the effect that free radicals in the body cause. Ultimately, it results in the decay of cells, but CoQ10 is one of many antioxidants that science has found to be capable of fighting the free radicals. It’s easy to see how important it is to have CoQ10 present in the body. Unfortunately, the human body’s production of CoQ10 slows down with age. This is most pronounced in the heart, where CoQ10 production can drop as much as 72% as we age. This creates problems for the body in multiple ways. First, the absence of CoQ10 means less energy production. This is one reason that people can become less physically active as they get older. The second problem is the lost CoQ10 means many less antioxidants fighting for the body. This comes at a time when the antioxidants are needed the most, as free radicals have had years to damage cells.

The good news is that CoQ10 levels can be replenished through vitamin supplements and foods that are naturally rich in CoQ10. Doctors have long recognized the benefits of boosting CoQ10 in the elderly as a part of the treatment for everything from high blood pressure to congestive heart failure. Keeping CoQ10 levels up can boost energy creation around the heart which makes it able to pump blood to organs faster, stronger, and more efficiently. The antioxidant properties have made supplements a part of fighting other diseases as well. Even cancer patients may be put on a strict CoQ10 vitamin ritual just for its antioxidant properties in fighting off the infected cells.

Supplements are an easy way to keep the body’s CoQ10 levels up, but there are plenty of natural options as well. CoQ10 is heavily present in meats. This includes beef, pork, poultry, and fish. Vegetables that are rich in CoQ10 include spinach, soybeans, and nuts. It should also be noted that CoQ10 relies upon the presence of Vitamin B6 to work its magic on the body. Without B6, it is unable to create energy and fight free radicals as it should. Anyone looking to reap the rewards of CoQ10 must make sure they are not deficient in Vitamin B6 as well. B6 can be maintained by supplements as well, but there are many common foods that provide excellent sources of the vitamin, long connected to high energy levels. Baked potatoes, bananas, and sunflower seeds are high in Vitamin B6. The winner is chicken, however. Chicken makes both lists, being high in both CoQ10 and Vitamin B6.

The health benefits of CoQ10 go on and on. Dentists even get in on the action, prescribing CoQ10 for patients with periodontal disease. It is known to boost the immune system, causing it to be a frequent suggestion during cold and flu season, especially for the elderly. Recently, CoQ10 studies have found it to be useful in treating Parkinson’s Disease. The mere fact that doctors prescribe the supplement for victims of congestive heart failure should be resounding enough. The list goes on and on, but the facts are simple. We need CoQ10 in our bodies, and as we age, our bodies are creating less and less of it. Supplements and diet are the only way to continue to reap the benefits of this marvelous vitamin into old age.

While CoQ10 may be particularly necessary to senior citizens, there is no reasons to think that younger people cannot benefit as well. CoQ10 boosts energy, and this can be very helpful to younger people who are in the workforce or even athletes. More energy equals more productivity. In a world of caffeine and energy drinks, why not rely on a natural energy source instead? Antioxidants fighting off free radicals is not something we need after the damage is done. We need it now.

As always, check with a doctor before starting a CoQ10 regimen. This is especially important if other drugs are being taken, such as blood thinners. Your doctor will know whether CoQ10 is right for your situation, but chances are, it will be. And who knows? It could save your life.