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“Occupy Wall Street” Movement — Springboard for Martial Law?

There is some speculation across message boards and websites that the “Occupy Wall Street” protests in New York may have an undesired effect.  If the protests continue to grow, and there is no indication that they will not, could

A powder keg of tension waiting to be ignited.

this be an excuse for officials in New York City to declare martial law.  Also, other cities in the United States are reporting small clusters of protesters gathering, and there has even been reports that it is spreading to Great Britain.  If this continues to spread like a wildfire, could it become not just a problem for New York City but a national federal emergency?

Despite over 1,000 arrests since the protests began three weeks ago, there has yet to be any real acts of violence regarding the protests.  How long before the first rock gets thrown, the first shot gets fired, or the first building catches fire?  I think our worst fear in situations like these is not the acts of the protesters or police themselves but how other governmental agencies could use it to their benefit.  How difficult would it be for the FBI or CIA or whatever agency out there we’ve never heard of to go light a few buildings on fire, shoot off a few rounds at some cops, and escalate this peaceful protest into a full-blown massacre?  Not very difficult at all.  Then, the military would be deployed for real, and then, the unimaginable concept of the greatest city in the world under martial law.  Patrolled by military with automatic weapons.

The New World Order movement has a plan and agenda, but they are also opportunists.  Maybe this is the opportunity they’ve been waiting for.

A Word on Tone, Deception, and Perception — U.S. Marines Descend on “Occupy Wall Street” Protests

While going about our normal Common Sense Conspiracy routine of filtering through hundreds of the latest posts, news articles, videos, and propaganda out there on the internet, I noticed an article about the chaos and confusion happening in New York City’s Financial District that is called the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.  There is not nearly as much information about this as there should be, but it is starting to become a large enough event that even the media gauntlet has not been able to suppress some information from slipping out.  However, the disinformation is as prevalent as the real information, which led me to think about how headlines and wording can make such a stark difference in how we perceive things.

A good example is an article I ran across from our good friends at  It was one of the top headlines for the hour.  It had a provocative headline:  U.S. Marines Headed to Occupy Wall Street Movement to PROTECT Protesters.  It’s an eye-catcher for sure, isn’t it?  Analyzing it, you will see that it draws attention for multiple reasons.  First of all, the fact that U.S. Marines might be headed for the protest at all begs you to click on the article.  Secondly, the idea that they would be dispatched to PROTECT the movement and not stop it is even more fascinating.  Here’s where the deception comes in.  This title was cleverly worded to not only make you click on the article, but to click on it with a certain emotion in mind.  Perhaps the idea that the troops were protecting our freedom and not trying to stop it excites you, so you click eager to hear a feel-good story for a change.  Or maybe it scares you to think that the movement is escalating to the point that military involvement is necessary.  In any case, you go in with a preconceived notion. Continue reading A Word on Tone, Deception, and Perception — U.S. Marines Descend on “Occupy Wall Street” Protests

Occupy Wall Street Protest Escalating — 700 Arrested

The NYPD have had enough, apparently.

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement has been blossoming now for close to three weeks, but it took a turn for the worse Saturday, October 1.  According to sources at Yahoo! News, over 700 protesters were arrested in one fell swoop when the protesters stormed onto the Brooklyn Bridge and refused to leave.  The NYPD quickly decided this was unacceptable and began hauling people off by the hundreds.  However, there was some scrutiny as to how the escalation occurred.  A lot of the protesters are saying that the police told them to go to the bridge and then used it as an excuse to arrest them.  The police insist that they repeatedly warned them to leave the bridge or face arrest, and after the several warnings began taking people into custody.

The incident was being reported on Yahoo! News front page as of 8:05 A.M. this morning.  By 9:27 A.M, the article was pulled down and is inaccessible.  Hmm…  As of now, there is still an article about this on the Times blog, but if the link is dead, we apologize.  Censorship is a “you know what.”

Occupy Wall Street Protests Flying Under the Media Radar

If you peruse the leading media outlet’s websites, you’ll find all sorts of interesting news, but what you won’t find is even more interesting.  For the last two weeks, a massive protest has been underway in New York City.  That’s right, Lower Manhattan has been invaded by thousands of protesters that are part of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.  The idea is simple.  They’ve moved into the heart of the Financial District and they simply aren’t planning on moving out until they get some change.  The protests have had their share of arrests and incidents, but the media coverage has been almost non-existent.  Most ridiculous of all is the morning shows (you know the ones) for each network that purposely change their sets so as to avoid revealing the huge upheaval taking place outside.  They discuss the latest reality show happenings or other silly news tidbits and completely ignore what is happening

A sampling of the chaos and confusion in Lower Manhattan.

just outside the doors of their studios.  Nearly 80 people were arrested last weekend as the protest reached its height.  The amount of protesters was so large that it was spilling out of the Financial District into other areas.

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement revolves around some things most of us can relate to.  Their tired of the greed on Wall Street, the government bail-outs, and the legal tax evasion that is taking place there every day all the time.  The media and news outlets choose to ignore the protests for the most part because who owns the media again?  Well, depends on who you ask, but it’s definitely rich and powerful.  That we know for sure.

How do you feel about the media failing to report stuff like this?  Or have protests become so common in our country that it no longer even solicits a raised eyebrow?

View some great photos of the protest here.

New World Order — The Grandfather of All Conspiracy Theories?

Any conspiracy theory buff has surely heard of the New World Order, an umbrella term for the general concept that a small group of ultra-powerful elitists are slowly but surely scheming to rule the world completely.  Sounds like an Austin Powers movie gone a muck, doesn’t it?  Like most prevalent conspiracy theories examined at Common Sense Conspiracy, the New World Order starts out as a fairly cohesive sounding theory, but some sites on the web take it to the next level of incredible weirdness and nonsense.  So, as usual, we will be investigating these theories and filtering through the bullshit so that you, our loyal readers, can form your own opinions with data that is based on facts instead of fiction.

Think the Illuminati didn’t have an impact on you? Take a closer look next time you pull out your wallet.

Behind the New World Order theory is a collection of very secretive organizations that have been accused of having a globalist agenda.  That means, put simply, they want to unite the whole world under one flag.  Theirs.  Like the bad guy in every i’m-gonna-take-over-the-world story or film, the elite, with their online criminal justice degree or even just higher education,  believe that what they are trying to propagate is for the good of all of humanity.  As a matter of fact, assembling the New World Order effectively would be the greatest achievement of human history.  These things don’t happen overnight; the institution of the NWO is supposedly slow, spanning decades, and methodical.  Many other mainstream conspiracy theories fall under the NWO moniker.  For example, the September 11th “terrorist” attacks being a false-flag operation also fits into the NWO’s globalist agenda.  In the aftermath of the chaos and confusion surrounding the attacks, the United States government was able to pass sweeping laws (like the Patriot Act) that gives them the most privacy-intrusive capabilities ever experienced in American history.  Under normal circumstances, the American people would have never conceded these everyday freedoms, but against the backdrop of September 11, Americans were willing to give up almost anything to see the perpetrators brought to justice and to prevent future attacks.  The idea that the NWO needs this kind of cooperation to come into being is the heart of the conspiracy theories’ speculation that the American government either purposely brought about the tragedy or at least had foreknowledge of it and chose to let it happen.

The effects of September 11th did not stop at the United States’ borders.  Across Europe the panic was felt just as much.  Then, the subway bombings in Britain erupted to cause even more hysteria.  The results:  Britain has an unprecedented amount of security cameras across the country.  Almost anything that happens in a public place is videotaped.  Once again, this might have been seen as overly intrusive in years past, but in the new age of terror, the British grudgingly allowed there privacy to be compromised more and more.

The secrecy of the elite groups that are accused of being at the heart of the New World Order conspiracy doesn’t help stop the rampant speculation.  Organizations like Skull and Bones, the Bilderberg group, and the Club of Rome continually yield high-powered chiefs of state and financial behemoths.  They conduct their business in a dark shroud of secrecy and security and sometimes they don’t even acknowledge their own existence.  The origins of this globalist agenda can be traced to ominous historical societies like the Freemasons and the Illuminati.  Put simply, these groups may very well represent a modern-day equivalent of these ancient power brokers.

At Common Sense Conspiracy, the New World Order is one of the conspiracy theories that we lend the most credence too.  We are especially fascinated with the Bilderberg group as one of the most likely participants in the globalist agenda.  The founders of Common Sense Conspiracy were so fascinated with Bilderberg’s involvement in the New World Order that they wrote a fictional book taking readers inside this exclusive organization and what would happen if the organization itself could be held hostage.  The book, Crisis Point, will soon be available in several electronic formats as well as printed form.  We will keep you posted as we finalize the novel for publication.  In the meantime, we will be examining many of these organizations in this section, looking at the many theories with an eye towards discerning fact from fiction.  While Bilderberg is particularly interesting to us, we will look at all the other possible organizations as well and consider all possibilities.  We will also tackle some of the crazier theories (in our opinion, anyway) which go from an elite conspiracy to control the world to extraterrestrials returning to Earth to take back what was originally theirs.

The pyramid of control…Where are you in the mix?

Therein lies the problem that Common Sense Conspiracy wants to help the community out with.  These theories can have a lot of credibility, and then somebody goes off the deep end and starts talking about aliens, time travel, and UFO’s.  Next thing you know, the whole theory sounds like a crackpot, even though some of its foundations were very much legitimate.  Not that we won’t discuss aliens, time travel, and UFO’s in other sections, but tying these sorts of things into the New World Order seems ridiculous at best.  But, we will dutifully provide the facts.

Thanks for reading.