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Ron Paul Gets 89 Seconds to Speak at Republican Debate — Torture is Uncivilized and Ineffective

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has repeatedly been snubbed by debates.  A University of Minnesota study determined that Ron Paul has consistently had less time to speak than other candidates throughout his multiple campaigns, despite favorable poll showings.  In his time, he does express his views that torture is uncivilized, that President Obama does not have the right to invade countries without Congressional or international approval, and that if we are going to go to war with Iran, we should do it the right way.

Now our friends at Prison Planet, who we don’t always advocate listening to, are saying that the silencing of Ron Paul was deliberately decided before the debate by CBS News. Check into their full accusation here.

Herman Cain and Joe Paterno — Why Do Sexual Assault Claims Go Overlooked for So Long?

This past week, the news has been dominated by two stories, both involving sex crimes.  Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain was flying high in his bid for the Republican nomination when claims of sexual harassment in his past started to surface.  Despite his vehement denials, more and more women are now coming forward saying that they, too, were sexually harassed by Cain.  On the other side, Penn State came under universal fire as details of child molestation by assistant coach Jerry Sandusky were found to be mostly ignored for years, leading ultimately to the firing of legendary head coach Joe Paterno.  The question here is why do these things stay under wraps for years before they surface, and why now?

It should be recognized that Common Sense Conspiracy does not advocate sexual harassment in any form, and we completely condemn sex crimes against children.  However, we do wonder how it is possible for these things to be overlooked for years at a time.  In the case of Cain, there seems to be some more sense to it.  A lot of these women that Herman Cain allegedly harassed sexually probably never expected him to become a presidential candidate.  In his days as the CEO of Little Caesar’s pizza corporation, it would have been hard to connect the dots between Cain and a future serious candidate for president.  Still, one has to wonder why these women were silent all these years.  Why now?  For attention?  For potential monetary gain?  Or just to derail his nomination attempts?

Powerful people exert a lot of influence in our world, and while sites like ours spend a lot of time analyzing organizations like Bilderberg, world governments, and world leaders and the power that they wield, power is a relative term.  The local councilman, president of the university, or your boss may be just as powerful on the playing field the average person is playing on.  Do they think they just can’t win?  No one will believe them?

In the case of the Penn State scandal, there arises the huge moral question of how much is enough in situations like this.  If you witness a person molesting a child, is it your duty to follow the protocol set before you, or is it your duty to stop it?  Is it your duty to report it to the police or to leave that up to higher powers?  Are there crimes where the reputation of institutions and companies go out the window in favor of good, old-fashioned ethical behavior?

As Herman Cain’s political star diminishes and Joe Paterno’s record-breaking career heads into twilight, what does it really all mean for us?  That is the question that we are asking in the poll below.

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Ron Paul Continues to Make Waves in Republican Nomination Race Despite Media Censorship

This is the first video of a four-part series devoted to the censorship and overall ignoring of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, something that has apparently been going on for years. Even Fox News, known for its Republican allegiance in news reporting, continues to dismiss Ron Paul as a serious candidate despite the fact that he has performed exceedingly well in straw vote campaigns among constituents. What is the truth about Ron Paul? Is his politics so out of line with either party that measures have been taken to silence him?