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Did the Illuminati Murder Joan Rivers? Or Did President Obama Do It? Really, Come On Guys?

We at Common Sense Conspiracy would like to see just one celebrity pass away without the immediate barrage of Illuminati questions and crazy insinuations regarding their death.  Today, it’s comedienne Joan Rivers, who passed away at the ripe old age of 81 years.  She has been having some serious health problems all week, so this is not totally unexpected.  What is unexpected is the attention that an 81-year-old woman is getting from conspiracy theorists?  The people that put forward theories like this are what give the term “conspiracy theorist” a bad name.

If the Illuminati wasn’t out there enough for you, there is also a school of thought that Rivers was murdered on behalf of one President Barack Obama.  Apparently, Joan had a few anti-Obama comments that she aired out in public lately, and if you believe some enterprising young tin-foil-hat-wearers, the Prez don’t play games.  That’s right.  There are people in America right now that think that the President of the United States put a hit out on Joan Rivers.  The video below from Mark Dice pretty much sums up our feelings on this one.  Maybe there is an Illuminati, and maybe they do kill people.  But it’s kind of hard to think that is one of those instances.


Conspiracy Theorists Suggest Tracy Morgan Victim of Illuminati Car Hacking Plot in Pile-Up — Critical Condition?

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Several mainstream media sources indicated that this crash occurred on June 1 this morning.  Now, all mainstream media sources indicate that it happened at 1:00 A.M. last night.  We wish we had saved screenshots to show this progression in the “official account of things” but it is not possible to access those original news stories at this time.  This change will no doubt only add to the conspiracy rumblings surrounding this tragedy.  The article below reports from the original information.

Furthermore, the Walmart truck driver that apparently caused the accident has now been charged with multiple counts of “death by auto.”  This makes no sense.  Even in an accident such as this, you cannot be charged with a crime for accidentally causing a vehicle crash that kills another person.  Unless the truck driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs or it can be proven that he was sending a text message or some nonsense, he cannot be guilty of a crime.  He could obviously be sued in civil courts for causing the deaths and injuries, but the fact that authorities have already charged this man makes absolutely no sense based on the evidence we have heard about so far.  If this added up, every person that ever ran into another person would be booked into jail.  It seems that there must be more to the story, because the current scenario makes no legal sense.


Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan is in critical condition after his limousine was struck by multiple cars in a vicious pileup that left at least person dead so far.  We won’t waste time recounting exactly what is known about the accident as you can find that at any news source on the web or just turn on your television.  You came to Common Sense Conspiracy to find out if everything is above board, so that is what we will focus on.

The main fact that is making some people in conspiracy circles question the official account of the incident is the very late reporting of it.  The accident occurred on June 1, almost a week before it was announced that Tracy Morgan was in the hospital in critical condition.  It is highly unusual for any famous person’s status to be concealed for that long after what was a very public accident.  So, the secrecy of it is definitely turning heads.

One theory has risen to the top of the heap, and it is a new one on us.  It is being suggested that Tracy Morgan was the victim of an elaborate Illuminati “car hacking” plot.  The idea is that the Illuminati had some reason to want to either kill Morgan or send him a very strong message, so they used ultra-modern technology to cause the pileup.  If you think that sounds a bit on the outlandish side, you are absolutely right, but it’s not the first time such a theory has been proposed.  The car hacking technology theory was actually used to explain the death of Princess Diana as well.  The video below explains the concept, but it does appear to be satirical in nature.  However, not everyone out there thinks it’s so crazy, as you’ll find if you stop by conspiracy forums on the web.  Just look up some of the theories about Paul Walker or Michael Hastings, and you’ll find that this is nothing new in conspiracy circles.

Of course, the most likely explanation is that Tracy Morgan was the victim of a very unfortunate turn of events, and the late reporting of his condition could be just as easily attributed to an extremely private family as anything of the Illuminati variety.  Still, these theories will persist, and Common Sense Conspiracy will continue to keep you updated.

Isla Vista Victims Caught Live Receiving Direction from “Directors” — “Is My Director Talking?”

This is one of those videos that appears pretty damning on the surface.  We’ll take a look at it from a few different angles, but we suggest you start by viewing it below.  The video is from a couple of people that were supposedly eyewitnesses to some of the aftermath of the Eliot Rodger shootings in Isla Vista, California.  In the video, they are being questioned by a news reporter about what they saw.  While replying, one of the girls appears confused as if she might have said or was about to say something wrong.  She looks offscreen and then looks at the other girl and says in a lower voice “Is my director talking?”

Now, as you might imagine, this video is making the rounds in conspiracy circles as serious evidence that the Eliot Rodger situation is another false flag event perpetrated by the government to bring about an agenda which most agree is probably gun control legislation.  In conspiracy circles, people like these two women are often referred to as “crisis actors.”  They basically provide “eyewitness” accounts on the news where they saw exactly what they are told to say while looking afraid or stunned by what they supposedly witnessed.  In return, they receive money or other benefits.  They probably don’t see a big problem with doing it as they are never asked to say anything that seems to go against the sequence of events that is being told anyway.  The idea is that they aren’t asked to make up a story, just to tell a story as if they were there at an event that they believe really happened for money.  In reality, at least according to this theory, they are being asked to provide these stories because there are no real eyewitnesses because the event was either staged or didn’t happen at all.

While Common Sense Conspiracy certainly believes in the possibility of staged events by the government, we can see both sides of the story here.  What the girl in the video says seems damning, but in reality, any person that is doing a live interview on a news channel would indeed have a director or some person that helps them get set up and preps them for the interview.  It is quite common for them to have an earpiece in ear where they can hear the other party clearly and perhaps receive instructions in real time.  While this could be exactly what the conspiracy theory says it is, it could also be perfectly innocent.  These two ladies could be real observers that were taking part in something they don’t do on a regular basis and were receiving direction from professionals.  Or they could have been carefully directed crisis actors playing a predetermined part.

It is important to note that if they were crisis actors, it is doubtful that they would make such a big mistake.  It is also doubtful that if this information were so damning that it would have made it on the air in the first place.  Remember, any live television event is tape-delayed so that networks can dump it if anything too bad gets said. They can’t control what people are going to say live so they have to take precautions.  If this was considered as an especially damning revelation, you can bet it would have been dumped, just as if the ladies had started shouting the “F word” every other word.  If you think no eyewitness has ever dumped some profanity on the world in the heat of a moment, guess again.  There are people that monitor every second of the broadcast and have the ultimate say to press the dump button and stop anything from getting out to the world.  So, in a way, the seeming mess-up actually tends to prove that the video is legit, not a staged presentation.  Anyway, we want to hear your opinions.  Does this video further any problems you might have with this latest massacre that is heating up gun control debates across the nation once again?

Why We Must Oppose Bilderberg

Our friends at The Corbett Report published this excellent video that delves into why the Bilderberg group is such a threat to all of us.  It also takes a look at American politicians and their seeming fascination with “transparency.”  If you really think about it, when was anyone in Washington transparent about anything?  Yet they talk about it all the time, even as they work overtime to make sure no one has a clue what they are up to.  Great video and please visit their site to support their work.

GUEST POST: A View to a Kill — Part Two

EDITOR’S NOTE:  The following article is the second part of a series submitted to us by Mr. Brett Redmayne-Tidley, a journalist/writer.  You can follow Brett’s work at his archival web site Occupeyes.  You can also view the first article of this series right here at Common Sense Conspiracy.

With one more gargantuan push I heave my ballerina-like hulk through the clustered thicket of towering bamboo, and over a flimsy webbed-wire fence that was more than doing its job well. Spilling a*$ over tea kettle into the Jan’s backyard I clamor up, dust myself off, helping her over the offending fence. We creep into her house through the aluminum and glass sliding back door. Running to the front windows Jan draws the drapes. We peer out.


The waning afternoon sun is already casting shadows. Suddenly, a huge all-black military vehicle, giant tires, machine-gun and gunner on the roof, infests our entire view. It thunders to a stop no more than fifteen yards in front of us.




The turret gunner twirled, fixing a target on the front door of the hide-out. Six more tactical police, head to toe in olive drab, jumped out of the rear of the vehicle and sprang into action. Surrounding the house on two sides, weapons ready of course, disappeared around both sides into the backyard, out of sight.



Thanks to Jan our new vantage was close, less than one-hundred-and-twenty-five-feet away. We could look through the windows, one house down and across the street from the crime scene almost in front of us. That was plenty close. For now.


Boredom, improvisation and a freezing winter night would combine to produce several much better views.


Military equipment and manpower was adding up quickly by the minute. Two more all black giant MRAP’s, these without turrets, rumbled up stopped for a moment then moved on past the first one which had moved into the driveway. The turret gunner, ever vigilant, rotated about fixing on new targets: the doorway, windows, left then right, garage, palm tree, potted plant.


Three more all-black suburbans now parked down Del Rio. Their white shirted occupants sporting brass shields on their breasts, stood in brown slacks talking adamantly. Everyone else up and down the street was locked and loaded and pointing their weapons in the direction of Evan Kwik.


Whoa! A group of eight crept past our window barely twenty feet away, moving towards the residence in commando-like fashion. The militia moved individually or in groups looking down their gun barrels through high-powered scopes. Like an action movie they scattered into smaller groups, using hand signals, providing cover for each as they moved, two by two, into the unknown backyard.


With the cops busy we decided to see how long property rights would last, so we emerged onto the small concrete porch in front of the front screen door. From here we could see the battlements. Looking left-to-right at Del Rio Street, one fact was obvious.


Evan Kwik was not shooting his way out of this one.


Aside from approximately twenty other officious cops, the fortifications on only this first street totaled serious fire power. The one MRAP, with machine gun, sitting in the Kwik driveway, gunner on top. Next, a second MRAP, twenty feet further down the hill not quite in front of us, and a third MRAP further up Del Rio sitting in the middle of the street. The turret gunner continued looking around for some kind of target. The county-wide effort was taking no chances, however.



Additionally, one-hundred-feet further, was the first barricade of two cruisers and four black on black cops with shotguns, willing and able. Just in case the kid blasted his way through this first cordon of MRAPs and the machine gunner, all those hidden cops and this first barricade, there was yet another force ready some two-hundred-feet further down the street. This blockade was the same, two cop cars, lights flashing, four cops splayed across the cars. Ready to kill.


Brief calls with friends confirmed that, around the corner on Puebla St., it was similarly escape proof. The other two streets of Del Riego and Clark were shut off to all traffic, as was the major four-lane wide Leucadia Boulevard. By my count of Del Rio Street alone, including the cops that disappeared, total manpower on just Del Rio street was forty- three. Weaponry exceeding manpower.


Then the kill team arrived.


Lying in the inescapable pitch dark reality of a night mare unfolding, surely Evan Kwik had thoughts of the divine. Would forgiveness be possible? He had to be sorry. Was it time to get clean? That sick feeling that would not go way. A new sick feeling. Doom. A complete dead end. So out of control. If only? The dark…. the warm quiet. Soothing? If ever a moment of reflection was due Evan Kwik surely met his time for it. Did he cry? Did he pray?


Indeed, ignorance is bliss. In the dark, temporarily comforting. Within the depth of a dark spacial moment, Evan Kwik, in the warm comfort of his mother’s attic, may have found a moment for optimism. Eyes closed, sparks of light, of clarity, honesty? Just maybe…? A chance? Wishful thinking. Promises sworn, yet to be unkept? Hopeful words to God. Prayers?


If his fate was in the hands of the lord tonight he might have a chance. God would, as usual, be conspicuously absent tonight.


So, ominously the all-black, eighteen ton, MRAP came crashing through the front yard fence.


The snapping of lumber being crushed to splinters by a military vehicle half the size of the house got our attention too. Rushing to the window, one of the MRAPs had been placed in our way. We had been bad.


“Call the networks. Tell ’em we’re across the street,” I said to my wife barely an hour before, my voice full of adrenaline. “It’s a f**king war zone. No one can see this, see what’s going on. Give them all our numbers. This is crazy. What… the.. f**k!!”


Known for hyperbole, this time I was not exaggerating.


Because we were the first on the scene, having had the audacity to sneak past the first barricade ( Don, Jan’s husband, had fortunately remained at home) before the complete perimeter lock down, and because all of our other neighbors were apparently at work and away from their homes, we were the only three people they could see, observe, document, comment, on this. All of… This.


Mainstream media, all four local TV stations and their Southern California affiliates were, sadly for them, outside-looking-in on this one. Too late for them. Now no one was getting in. At the farthest end of Del Rio the frustrated crew of one TV station used the boom on their truck to hoist their camera some forty feet in the air, hoping for a shot. From five hundred feet away they couldn’t see much. Leucadia, an old neighborhood known for large trees, was hindering their story. So were the cops.


The news helicopters were already grounded. Not restricted, grounded. FAA was clearly involved. One sinister exception remained. With San Diego being the world’s leading producer, a single drone circled slowly, silently, very far out at a high altitude. What it was seeing, the cops were not showing.


So, the networks were most glad to return our call.


A quick check revealed the Kwik house was still standing sans the front yard fence.

Sipping Cokes, Jan brought out cookies while we comfortably chatted, reclining deeply in chairs in their living room. Then, of course, the phone rang.


My hosts, a bit less impassioned, nay, animated, than their guest offered the press metered observations, while looking through the window, in a nice noncontroversial manner. They are pleasant people. They are certainly good press. My phone had been ringing, too. But, I’m in no mood for the state of the Press I’m in.


My phone would soon stop ringing once and for all.


“This looks just like a newsreel from Iraq,” I answered, incorrectly, to the news anchor on the phone. He had mistakenly asked me ,“what can you see?”


Strangely, the baritone news anchor voice was struck without a follow up question, so I felt obligated to fill his “dead air.”


” This is what Americans have been fearing. And it’s happening right before my eyes here in my neighborhood.”, I said in my least PC manner.” All this for a scared kid on heroine. That’s not my America.”


That was all the news they wanted to her from me that day. My phone did not ring again.


But Don and Jan had fun providing continuing commentary, then we would listen in on the flat screen to hear the playback. That was about the time we heard the MRAP move intoplace, blocking our view.


It was now getting dark, around 4:45 PM, and the lights of all the vehicles began to methodically glow brighter. As the force of black on black with black cops melted away into the dark depths of evening, Del Rio Street became awash in blue, red, amber, green and white spots, beams, and swirls. Rifle pointing cops periodically materialized in front of us, suddenly skittering past the window to slip out of sight, still surprising us after all we had seen. Floodlights had been erected and the Kwik house was as bright as day, as was the yard, front and back. Just beyond the edge of this blinding brilliance; black. A black full to the brim with… black.


Against that black, slowly, ever so slowly, a single red light also grew brighter, piercing, in silence. Round and round, some two miles out at high altitude, a blinking, manacing red eye against the last rays of day light. The drone.


In the preceding three hours I had established the best spots to see but avoid detection. The closest spot, no more than one hundred feet from crime scene front door, was along the south fence, between two nice big bushes. The view came at substantial risk. On the other side of the fence ten feet away, a black and white with three-to-five cops at all times, their weapons drawn. With their focus on Evan Kwik, and thanks to the to dense bushes, the cops had no idea of my vantage point. Over the evening it was almost to laugh at how close I was, which they never suspected.


Next was the closest window of the back bedroom (their son’s room). Later this would be blocked by an MRAP, but for now it was as good as the south fence. But you couldn’t hear anything.


The third was from behind Don’s truck parked in their driveway along the north fence. Keeping low, there was a good view to be had while poking your head around the rear of the truck. All the while cops, very much ready the to kill Evan Kwik, were moving about in the dark a few anxious yards away.


Don and Jan were taking a break and listening to themselves on the various channels. We laugh that I am not in rotation, when some new news comes on.


“Police have just announced, they will be clearing the neighborhood”. We looked at each other.


Further developments revealed that the black hooded military were going door-to-door and removing the residents from all five blocks. One phone call to my wife revealed more bad news. The cops and a new MRAP were already there around the corner, and were heading our way.


And they were taking prisoners.


Well, I didn’t evade a score of cops, duel with a bushel of bamboo, and a much too officious wire fence to give in the same cops I was now eagerly observing. America’s new social condition was unfolding in scripted Hollywood fashion right before my eyes. This was real. One could not dismiss this as fiction. This is America. Present tense. This will be the future.


I was going nowhere. It was time for a plan.


Jan and Don could not have been better hosts. As we watched while leaning against the bedroom window, Jan replenished the plate with some Christmas cookies. And of course, what was a siege without a nice cup of hot tea. Two sugars.


Providing me a huge dose of CYA was even better.


We agreed that when the cops got here Don and Jan would tell the cops no one was home but them citizens and, if asked, I left hours ago. The backyard was my only option for cover and some nicely established foliage seemed promising. What would the evening be without dense foliage? If I could hide until the cops were gone I could see in detail why I fear my country.


And…. I could get shot.


There was no lack of bravado, i.e. testosterone, all around. This theater of the absurd meant business and was not interested in rules. We had been threatened back into the house numerous times, but thanks to the ebb and flow of the cops, no one cop counted our accumulated violations. So, we continued to push our luck.


The strange MRAP-like vehicle on the front lawn had not moved for hours. Neither had its crew of six sitting in the back bathed in a strange green LED glow. With both rear doors open we could occasionally see them moving, but not their faces. Red lazer beams fired once, then again. Lazer scopes on their rifles. Despite the mayhem all around, they stayed put. Restless.


Acting invisible we ventured ever closer to the edge of the street to get an unobstructed view. In full olive drab body armor, one of the contents of the strange MRAP started to climb-down from the back. He squeaked, rattled, and clinked his way towards us, apparently bullet proof. Stopping a few feet from us he held his helmet under his arm exposing a close cropped mustache, hair high and tight, and a face deeply carved in seriousness.


“Y’all need to move inside. This scene is dangerous”, he said from beneath a narrow nose and narrowed brow.


“I’m actually more concerned about you officer,” I offered back. “And your friends everywhere,” I added, pointing in pretty much any direction. I’ve dealt with cops-a-plenty. Kissing a*$ is of little use. Standing your ground can get you hurt. What did Tom Paine say?


But I had a story to cover. So gone, or in jail, was certainly a far worse view of the scene. So back we went to our windows.


Jan had just walked back from a quick peek while we stood out of sight in the kitchen, when we heard the familiar rumble of an MRAP. It was getting damn close. It was backing into the driveway. The ominous sound of the two huge steel rear doors clanging open and then banging to a stop gave a shock to the nervous system. We looked at each other intently. In silence.


They were here.


Three sharp, very loud, bangs at the front door sounded like someone had kicked it in. “San Diego County police. Open the door.” All doubts erased, I was out the back door into the yard. Don closed the door behind me, returning to answer the door with Jan.


Dashing for cover, there was no time to factor in aesthetics in my choice of foliage. The big yellow flowers were a nice touch however, as I dove, literally, under the biggest bush I could find. Pushing myself tight up against the cinder block wall, I thought invisible thoughts. Trying to keep my breath silent, I listened.


Jan and Don were talking to someone in loud voices, but it was too muffled to hear clearly. Next, I heard the security chain on the back door being moved into the place, followed by the slamming of the front door. Now, the metal doors clanged shut, the engine fired-up, and the black MRAP and the remaining witnesses rumbled away.


I was alone. It was quiet. A strange stillness.


Not for long.



GUEST POST: What Rats Say About America

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article was submitted to us by Mr. Brett Redmayne-Titley, a journalist/writer. You can follow Brett’s work at his archival web site Occupeyes.  

Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.” Aristotle

wtfAmericans physiologically, metaphorically, and socially are similar to the laboratory rat. Both tolerate similar repressive environments while confined to a maze. Neither can escape to find freedom. Unlike the rat, Americans accept their condition. Acquiescing without struggle to a life of controlled stimulation, manipulated by all manner of drugs, tests, and calisthenics they care not. In a recent study at the University of California/ Los Angeles rats show the reason for America’s irrational disinterest in self-preservation.

Across the world daily demonstrative resistance to the American empire increases. Americans offer no resistance at all. Social, economic, and political problems in the USA mirror those of an empire afflicted world, yet Americans would rather chew off their tails than find the energy to extricate themselves from their maze. Across the country examples of paltry public resistance abound. Why are Americans the only world example of this strange domestic malady; clinical apathy?

The cause of this pervasive apathy seems to be clear in results from the UCLA study.

Dr. Aaron Blaisdell, a professor of psychology at the UCLA College of Letters and Science and a member ofUCLA’s Brain Research Institute, used ratstodetermine if a diet of poor quality processed foods resulted directly in obesity or if the initial result was fatigue.

Dr. Blaisdell’s team placed thirty-two female rats on one of two diets for six months. The first, a standard rat’s diet, consisted of relatively unprocessed foods like ground corn and fish meal. As a substitute for a junk food diet the second Americanized group received highly processed food of lower quality that included substantially more sugar.

One diet led to obesity, the other didn’t,” said Blaisdell as quoted in UCLA’s, “ Newsroom.”(1)

Our data suggest that diet-induced obesity is a cause, rather than an effect, of laziness.” continued Blaisdell. “Either the highly processed diet causes fatigue or the diet causes obesity, which causes fatigue. These findings suggest that a pattern of consuming junk food… is responsible for obesity and cognitive impairments.

The rats were given a task in which they were required to press a lever to receive a food or water reward. The rats on the junk food diet demonstrated impaired performance, taking substantially longer breaks than the lean rats before returning to the task. In a 30-minute session, the overweight rats became lazy due to their increasing obesity, taking breaks that were nearly twice as long as clean rats.

The researchers also found that the rats on the junk food diet grew large numbers of tumors throughout their bodies. Those on the more nutritious diet had fewer and smaller tumors that were not as widespread.

Dr. Blaisdell’s studying clearly indicates that junk food, while causing obesity, subsequently causes laziness and fatigue. The political cousin of these two symptoms is apathy.

America leads the world in obesity and is spreading this capitalist disease. The more terminal disease for Americans is apathy. Causing America to lack interest in its own increasing internal peril, American processed junk food has become the most effective US government weapon for controlling its own population. Examples of irrational American apathy are obvious.

In dozens of countries rebellion by their populations is growing despite brutal American inspired crackdowns. As the brutal force of the American Empire kills scores daily, resistance is not futile. It is daily. This is not the case in the American homeland.

Canada and Mexico produced protests of over one million people. The Montreal student protests quickly grew from 100,000 to more than one million as their public responded to Canada’s attempted brutal reaction combined with new draconian laws.

In Mexico City protesters hit the one million mark within minutes of the announcement of the most recent presidential election results declaring president-elect, Enrique Pena Nieto, the victor. Thanks to American made Diebold electronic voting machines, the result had been rigged. Everybody knew it. They were mad as hell. They went to the streets.

At the 2012 Democratic national convention in Charlotte, North Carolina the government expected trouble. Uncle Sam knew his people also had good reason to take to the streets. After four years of Pres. Obama high unemployment, a growing authoritarian state, endemic corruption in banks, business, government, and sports had become the American lifestyle. Taking no chances the federal government provided Charlotte $50 million, and added $50 million, to defend Pres. Obama from, “the people.” This funding produced a truly awe-inspiring showcase of America’s domestic authoritarian arsenal. The American Gov’t was ready to take on America’s best shot at resisting the new definition of democracy.

Anyone coming to Charlotte found that walking the streets was a laboratory experiment in itself. The maze was there, consisting of miles of continuous sixteen foot high metal, crowd-proof, fencing along the entire preselected boulevards. Hordes of cops funneled protesters into the maze at every intersection while hundreds more, all dressed in full riot gear, kept the loonies on the path. New vehicles were everywhere from ATVs and MRAPS, to refrigerated trucks and golf carts. Dozens of brand new “Police” mountain bikes and moto-cross bikes stood in rows, or under fat cops who sat watching menacingly. No less than four helicopters were in the air at all times. Police cars, state, federal, and local were everywhere. CIA had commandeered a local junior college and US Army troops maintained defenses. That was just the front lines.

National Guard personnel, some sitting on tanks and armored vehicles, stared back from behind fences and gates. Row upon row of street cops had come from everywhere across America to defend their president. Shoulder badges revealed police department insignia from as far away as Austin Texas, Chicago Illinois, New York City, and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The cops need not have bothered.

The largest protest of the six-day event was a paltry 2000 people. Almost all other protests numbered no more than three hundred. The protesters were always outnumbered by the cops and the press. Considering Charlotte has over 150 million Americans within a five hundred mile drive, why such a paltry, ineffective, impotent turnout throughout the six day event? Why?

We may have found a cure for most evils; but we have found no remedy for the worst of them all, the apathy of human beings.”-Helen Keller

Dr. Blaisdell’s rats are exposing the fundamental of this malady. The toxic combination of engineered food and endemic apathy is causing a sickness infecting Americans. Despair.

America’s diet is factually the worst in the world. GMO ingredients are in eighty-five percent of all processed foods. In December 2013, Professor Irina Ermakova, vice president of Russia’s National Association for Genetic Safety, called for a 10-year ban on GMO foods. Ermakova conducted GMO rat-feeding tests that showed alarming results, including extreme mortality rates. “It is necessary to ban GMO, to impose a moratorium for 10 years. It has been proved that not only in Russia, but also in many other countries in the world, GMO is dangerous.’ he concluded.

In Volgograd on April 5, 2014, Russian Prime Minister Medvedev, in support of a Russian ban on GMOs, stated succinctly, “If the Americans like to eat GMO products, let them eat it then. We don’t need to do that; we have enough space and opportunities to produce organic food.” China, France and the United Kingdom have similar bans.

Choosing willful ignorance, GMO labeling laws have been defeated in state referendums, so Americans have voted not to know that food-borne poison is indeed contained in the what they eat. This, too, seems to reenforce Dr. Blaisdell’s findings of continuing American mental decline.

As reported by William Engdahl,(2) in a study on the toxicity of GMO plants associated with the plant killer, “ Round Up”, Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff , have found more confirmations. Their review concluded, in regard to glyphosate, the main active component of Roundup herbicide, that, “Residues (of glyphosate) are found in the main foods of the Western diet.”

Their conclusion is that Roundup, hence glyphosate, is found in the main foods Americans eat such as sugar, corn, soy and wheat. All are found in processed foods. Its damaging effects accumulate slowly but consumers do not realize this until it is too late.

Samsel and Seneff continue,“[M]any of the health problems that appear to be associated with a Western diet could be …attributed to glyphosate. These include digestive issues, obesity, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, Parkinson’s disease, liver diseases and cancer, among others. We believe that glyphosate may be the most significant environmental toxin.”

Economically bankrupt America has families with both Mom and Dad working, the kids in daycare, and the home-cooked family meal a relic of an American Dream long gone. Replaced with fast processed food the ongoing degradation of the American mind, applied to Dr. Blaisdell’s laboratory rats, shows that American apathy is directly proportional to their diet.

A failing mind combined with a failing educational system is an authoritarian regime’s utopia.

Here lies the insidious, more dramatic and sinister result of American apathy. It is one thing for Americans to willfully allow themselves and their nation to go to the gallows of history. They continue to vote for their own Armageddon. If Americans are content to be lead down the path of a faux two-party system of Gov’t let them have what they wish. Once it is too late, their future will be the degradation of Greece and Cyprus present.

So suffers the fool.

But in allowing America to take their souls these same apathetic Americans willfully allow their Gov’t to rob the livelihood and futures of the remaining world.

When considered carefully apathy, American apathy is a crime. A crime against humanity. The checks and balances of humanity on Empire are gone in America. Implicitly Americans are complicit in the further destruction of the world. When the dust of an oncoming, rampaging history have settled over the folly of American empire, guilt for the accumulated horrors of its historical legacy will sit squarely on its people’s heads, as much as their obviously treasonous politician’s.

Indeed. The laboratory rat continues to be smarter than her Americanized counterpart. The rat desires freedom. He will bite his master.

Under the bright laboratory lights of oppression the lab rat will do what Americans no longer have the mental ability to do. The rat, ever more desperate, will find a way to escape. Finding the will and the courage, the rat rises-up on his two hind legs, peers out over the top of the maze, and sees the obvious way out.

America has no such remaining instinct.





Why Does Everyone Think the Market Will Crash in January 2014?

In conspiracy circles, there is a lot of fingers being pointed to early 2014 as a moment that everyone has long feared…the next stock market crash.  The idea behind this date in particular revolves around the idea of a bubble.  To make a long story short, the bubble means that we are being led to believe that things are going well, but really, a whole lot of bad news is being swept under the rug.  January 2014, according to some wannabe experts and theorists, is the date in which the rug simply can’t handle anymore things to cover up and that’s when the metaphoric bubble bursts.

While the doomsday theories are pretty easy to come by on the Internet, few people take the time to try to visually articulate just how the bubble was created and why it has now expanded to the breaking point.  The following video is not going to be airing on any mainstream media source now (or ever for that matter), but the fellow that created the video obviously is passionate about this and shows some interesting information that does help us to understand why there is so much consternation about this date.

Will it happen?  We don’t know, and it’s quite possible that no one out there really does.  Should you start stockpiling for a financial apocalypse?  Well, at the very least, if you believe in the concept of the bubble, well, it has to burst some time.  Even if it’s not January, it can only keep going so far, so if you are convinced that the crash is inevitable, this is as good a time as any to take action.