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Hillary and Putin Have Beef — Are We Going to War With Russia for Democrats to Save Face?

Hillary Clinton could have done a lot of things to make her so-called love for the country front and center in the weeks since her unexpected loss to Donald Trump in the election.  She could have calmed the divide in America by rejecting the protests in the wake of her loss.  She could have discouraged civil unrest by speaking out and telling those trying to hijack the Electoral College that it’s time to unify under one American banner and accept defeat.  She did neither.  And after a period of silence, she is back out in the open doing what her and President Obama’s administration were tasked with by the New World Order to come:  work overtime to make sure America is as divided as ever.

Many, many Democrats revolve their whole schtick around their supposed anti-war sentiments.  Well, with the hacking allegations regarding Russia, it is looking ever more likely that America and Russia are headed for a showdown.  But wait a minute!  How can that be when Putin got exactly what he supposedly wanted?  After all, the word on the street (and from multiple United States’ intelligence agencies) is that Russia pulled out all the stops to make sure Donald Trump would be the next President of the United States.

Hillary now says that the reason Putin got Trump elected (because clearly that is what happened in all ways you may consider it) was because of “beef” they had that dates back to when she was Secretary of State.  According to Hillary, she herself caused major unrest in Russia and caused Putin’s own people to question his judgment.  Of course, no one remembers any of that happening in the real world, but that has never mattered if you are a Clinton.  So, an angry Putin decided to set loose his hackers on the DNC and dismantle democracy.

President Obama is pushing this hard.  Hillary Clinton is now pushing this hard.  Donald Trump says it’s all lies.  Who is right?  Who is telling the truth?  Are we about to be plunged into World War 3 with Russia all because the Democratic Party can’t accept that anything less than a massive international conspiracy could have derailed their 3rd straight stranglehold on the White House?  And aren’t they the first and foremost criticizers of conspiracy theorists everywhere?  Now, they are proposing perhaps the greatest conspiracy theory of all time to override the possibility that maybe their agenda has lost touch with the people that it is supposed to represent?

Assuming an Electoral College history-making event, Donald Trump will assume the Presidency in a few short weeks.  Perhaps this will calm down this sudden firestorm.  After all, we have President Obama, the king of doing nothing at all in the face of danger, promising “retaliation” against Russia for interfering with the American election.  Would he be as fired up if Hillary had won in a landslide?

Probably not.

What the New World Order Really Thinks About Donald Trump — Insurgent or Scapegoat?

Everyone knows that Donald Trump improbably walked away with the United States’ Presidency in the 2016 election. He kicked tail in the Electoral College while losing big time to Hillary Clinton in the popular vote. A lot has been made of that. A lot of people are impressed that Trump somehow infiltrated the one-party two-party political system and came out the victor as an insurgent outsider. Well, now that the election is settled (at least, for now until the Electoral College casts its votes in a couple of weeks), it’s time for us at Common Sense Conspiracy to look at this from a couple of different angles. Is Donald Trump what we think he is? A lot of very reputable conspiracy theory websites that have been around for years and years are heralding Donald Trump’s surprise win as a critical moment when the American people have banded together against the New World Order. But could it be that there is more than meets the eye at work here?

It’s hard to believe that the New World Order, Bildberberg, or the Illuminati (whichever name you like to call the shadow government by) made this huge of a blunder. Could Donald Trump have really came from nowhere to circumvent their plans? Or is he the plan?

It’s something to think about.

As much of a wild card as Trump may seem, in some ways this could be just what the doctor ordered for the powers-that-be. For one thing, Trump’s policies may actually push us towards globalism more than away. Yes, Trump’s positions seem to be very opposite the conventional goals of a New World Order institution. But what if Trump’s policies led to another economic disaster? What if the dollar collapsed? What if Trump took America into a new Dark Age that led the masses running back into the NWO’s arms affectionately?

Could Donald Trump be a scapegoat?

It’s possible that they didn’t know this was going to happen, but have a contingency plan. They are not stupid and never have been. Do not believe for one second that the shadow government doesn’t have a plan for an insurgent candidate that emerges victorious. First of all, the Electoral College itself allows them another chance to sidestep Trump if they like. But what if they look at the whole situation and collectively decide that they can use Trump whether he knows he is playing ball with them or not?

And as to whether Trump’s policies are that bad, we are not even getting into that. But if there were several outside entities working overtime to make sure that his policies not only fail but miserably fail, could that not be just a new, more creative way of pulling the population’s marionette strings? Oh, yes, it certainly could.

Trump made history. That is for sure. His unlikely win shocked the world. But the Bilderbergers, the New World Order, the Illuminati… they have never been shocked. Not once. If you think they are at a loss for what happened here, be wary. Trump may have surprised them, but it’s the kind of surprise that everyone knew was coming sooner or later.
There is a plan. Don’t worry. The New World Order has Trump covered.

Late to the Party — Is Donald Trump in the Illuminati? How About the Antichrist?

We at Common Sense Conspiracy are ashamed of ourselves.  Such an obvious question, and it wasn’t until today that it was brought forth by our loyal readers.  Donald Trump has pulled the impossible, infiltrating the one-party two-party establishment system in America and coming out the other side with the presidency in tow.  Yet, Donald is nothing new in the public consciousness.  As you may imagine, there are plenty in conspiracy circles that believe Donald’s unbelievable rise had  a little help along the way.

And in a special Buy One Get One Free 2 for 1 deal, the CSC is going ahead and just tackling the antichrist question.  I mean, it’s just easier to get it over with cause that is coming.  There is plenty of chatter in conspiracy circles about both, and these two videos show you a sampling of what is out there.  Our gut feeling is that it is probably unlikely on both accounts, but hey, it’s pretty interesting to consider the possibilities.  And maybe we hadn’t thought that Donald isn’t the antichrist, but the one that paves the way for the antichrist.  That’s critical thinking for sure.




Think People Are Overreacting to Trump Election? Look Back at 2008 to See the Hypocrisy

Let’s leave the turmoil of 2016 for a moment and head back to 2008 for more turmoil.  That’s right, when President Barack Obama was elected in 2008, it wasn’t all that much different than what you are seeing right now.  It was just a different swath of people who perceived themselves as having the moral high ground.

This was the interpretation of Barack Obama in 2008 by conservatives. A little overdramatic, perhaps?
This was the interpretation of Barack Obama in 2008 by conservatives. A little overdramatic, perhaps?

Think about it.  We were coming off the tumultuous time that was the George W. Bush presidency.  The turning over of the White House to a Democratic President was almost certain, and anyone betting good hard-earned cash would have put it on Senator Hillary Clinton.  Unfortunately for her, a charismatic African American community organizer-turned-Senator rose from nothing to take the presidency.

Conservative white people lost their minds.  They said Barack Hussein Obama was a Muslim and we had just turned over the keys to the nation to a foreigner.  They questioned his birth certificate.  The evangelicals said he was the antichrist.  They said he would take everyone’s guns and install death panels where granny would be ruled too old to get health care anymore.  He would usher in the end times and put the United States in an Armageddon showdown of World War 3, but he was a trojan horse meant to turn us over to Islam.  He would install sharia law.  He would declare martial law, stripping everyone of their rights.  Christians would be confined to concentration camps.  FEMA trailers were being set up to round them up.

That’s not even all.  We could literally go on for hours.  Conservative white people winked at each other with knowing nods about what was obviously taking place while desperately trying to connect Barack’s name to the number 666 somehow.

This is what we see now in 2016. We've only switched sides, that is all.
This is what we see now in 2016. We’ve only switched sides, that is all.

Now, let’s return to 2016.  Now, no one is saying that Donald Trump doesn’t say some wild stuff.  He does, but the overdramatizing of things is getting silly.  Let’s see what liberals in America have decided is inevitable in the Trump administration since they found out the shocking news that Hillary Clinton wasn’t going to claim the presidency after all.

As of today, gay people think that gay marriage will be undone, their civil rights will be stripped, and there may even be concentration camps and conversion therapy in their future (sound familiar).  Black people believe slavery may be returned and that the shackles are already being prepared.  People using ObamaCare believe they will be completely left out in the cold and their money taken.  Meanwhile, it is expected that Donald Trump will declare himself dictator in between having sexual relations with any American woman he chooses.  He will immediately nuke random countries, invade Iran after pulling out of the nuclear arms agreement, and he will get in a pissing match with China over trade resulting in World War 3.  This all while deporting 11 million illegal immigrants, building a wall along the border with armed guards allowed to shoot on sight, and, oh wait, also overturning Roe vs. Wade and outlawing abortion in the United States.

That’s not all.  We could go on.

We could explain the message here for hours, but we are going to stop and assume that our readers are better than that.  Surely you can see the message here.

Trump might be the worst President of all time.  But it won’t be that bad.  It certainly won’t be as bad as a Hillary Clinton presidency, which any conspiracy enthusiast will tell you is the final cog on the way to the full-time installation of the New World Order.   What it will be is possibly a delay in the inevitable.

So rioting in the streets is a little silly.  But it is exactly what the shadow government wants.  They relish in the division, and a polarizing figure like Trump may have usurped their power stranglehold, but as long as they can keep Americans thinking that other Americans are the enemy, well, they figure it’s all good.

Stop being ridiculous.  It was ridiculous in 2008 and it is ridiculous now.  It’s time to move forward in a meaningful way and stop helping them in their quest to drive the wedge ever deeper.  The Trump presidency could actually be a positive thing for people that are awake and see what we are being pushed towards, but if we let them win again, he will only be used as another divider to push us over the edge they have long had waiting for us.

Bilderberg Group Meets in Germany to Discuss How to Stop Donald Trump

If you don’t know much about the Bilderberg Group and their annual ultra-secret meeting, there is a wealth of information about it on the Internet and on our site here that can be found by simply searching for the name.  For the purposes of this article, we assume you at least have a foundational knowledge of what Bilderberg is.

Bilderberg converges on Germany.
Bilderberg converges on Germany.

This year’s meeting is now underway in Dresden, Germany, and we all know that speculation about what is going on inside this building is even more electric in a presidential election year.  Many people will be searching to find out if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are in attendance at the big meeting, and whether that might signal what we might see in November.

Well, that’s not exactly how it works.  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would not be in attendance this year even if either of them were Bilderberg’s chosen one because it is the actual election campaign time and it would bring unnecessary attention to Bilderberg if they were in attendance.  Basically, because they are both so visible on the campaign trail circuit, it would be very hard to conceal their attendance.  Furthermore, the decision isn’t made this close to the election.  Hillary Clinton has been Bilderberg’s candidate ever since Barack Obama took office.  This was decided.  It is the reason that she was never worried about Bernie Sanders and the reason she is not the slightest bit flustered about a potential FBI indictment.  She is worried about Donald Trump, and Bilderberg is too.

Yes, reports from the inside indicate that a major conversation piece at this year’s Bilderberg meeting is how to stop Donald Trump.  They have put their collective muscle behind Hillary, but not even Bilderberg foresaw the rise of Trump.  Bilderberg probably expected (like Hillary) someone from the Republican establishment to rise to the top of the more than 17 original candidates, offer up a wimpy fight to Hillary, and then succumb graciously.  That was what was supposed to happen.  Trump is Bilderberg’s worst nightmare.  A guy that is powerful enough in his own right that he apparently doesn’t need Bilderberg behind him.  A guy with enough money that they can’t really buy him.  A guy like that is not supposed to ever get this far, and that is why the elite are troubled.  They are going have to throw out all of their usual playbooks to make sure that Donald Trump doesn’t end up in the White House.

But I thought Bilderberg fixes the election anyway, you say?  That’s an excellent point.  Bilderberg is often thought to “choose” the President.  That’s not really true.  The voters choose the President.  Bilderberg’s collective money and power makes it so that whoever they choose to get behind almost always wins.  They are the reason that one candidate might rise from nowhere and end up President in a very short time (think Barack Obama).  So, they do fix the election, but not by actually rigging the election.  They fix it by using their power to influence it.  And that’s good news.  It means that fundamentally, Americans still have the ability to change things on their own for now.  While you may or may not approve of Donald Trump politically or morally, the fact that he is the Republican nominee against Bilderberg’s wishes is an unbelievable glimmer of hope showing that American voters can still uproot the one-party two-party system if they band together.  Unfortunately, enough people are still falling for the divisive system at hand so that Bilderberg can still heavily influence things.

It’s nice to see Bilderberg running scared.  If Trump does win, and he does continue to turn his back on their agenda, they will soon be discussing more sinister options, but for now, they are worried about Trump, and they are finding that there might not be all that much they can do about it.

Why Calls for Gun Control are a Cleverly Laid Deception

San Bernardino really brought it all full circle.  For years now, after every mass shooting event, President Barack Obama has taken to his bully pulpit to try to shove gun control legislation down America’s throat.  He has shamelessly politicized tragedy after tragedy, even going so far as to say just that one time, wagering that politicizing the tragedy was better than not putting his message out there.

gun-controlDoes it make sense?  Well, of course gun control makes sense.  America does have a gun problem, and you can roll all sorts of statistics to validate your point if that is what you believe.  We can all debate the finer points on whether our Constitutional forefathers ever envisioned the rise of assault weapons and whether or not the Second Amendment should protect machines of such awesome and efficient killing power.  We can all debate whether we need a better system for just how guns are acquired.  And yes, we can even go all-in Texas Hold’em-style and ask the question if guns should just be outlawed altogether.   Are all of these legitimate questions?  Perhaps.  There’s only one problem, and it is the reason for the last eight years conspiracy theorists have pointed to Barack Obama’s pleas for action as the ultimate proof that gun control is the ultimate goal of his regime.  The problem is that calling for gun control may be legit or not, but it has nothing to do with the events it is being attached to.

San Bernardino brought it all together.  It’s California.  They already have the strictest gun laws in the country.  And, in fact, those laws in California are actually stricter than anything that has been seriously brought forward on a national level.  It didn’t work.  The terrorists still got their weapons.  They still committed mass murder. You can pine for gun control all you like, but to try to attach it to this only invalidates your whole position.  But if this were the only instance of that, it might not matter.  Unfortunately for those that favor gun confiscation, this is a recurring theme.  Look back at all of the mass shootings.  An overwhelming majority of them would not have been stopped by any of the laws that are being proposed.

So, why go there?  That’s easy.  The powers-that-be know what they are doing.  They try to take advantage of a delicate situation where Americans are appropriately outraged to try to push that agenda… you know the one… how can we just stand by and do nothing?

There is a preponderance of evidence that gun-free zone laws may have contributed more to mass shootings than anything else.  Does this ever come up in the mainstream media? Of course not.  Gun control has nothing to do with stopping mass shootings, and it certainly has nothing to do with deadly terrorist attacks.  It goes much, much further than that, and that is the reason you keep hearing about it when it seems disjointed at best.   They want to disarm the American public.  They want those guns turned in and rendered useless.  They wanted it to happen yesterday.  Are these false-flag operations designed to get America on board with giving up their guns?  Or is it simple the government capitalizing on a convenient situation?  That’s the real questions we should all be asking.  And is this a massive conspiracy being executed by the American government or a cog in the wheel of a much bigger conspiracy, such as the New World Order movement?  Common Sense Conspiracy wants to hear your opinions.  What do you think?  What is gun control really all about, and where will it go from here?

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