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Common Sense Conspiracy Returns Just in the Nick of Time

We at Common Sense Conspiracy are sure that many of you have noticed our absence over the last several months. There were many reasons that the CSC has been idle, but we want each and every one of you to know that we are coming back on the scene right in time to save the day. That’s right. Common Sense Conspiracy is back and ready to provide a much-needed super-dose of common sense at a time when it seems like the world needs it the most.
Despite the fact that conspiracy theorists transformed from fringe “tin-foil hat wearers” to nightly news anchors somehow (we’ll address that in more detail later), the mission here at Common Sense Conspiracy remains the same. We will take a look at the news of the day (without treading over the same ground by reporting it) with a special focus on conspiracy theories and alternative news of all sorts with our trademark common sense “eye test” approach.
We want to sincerely thank all of our readers and apologize for our absence. Now, it’s time to get down to business.

Common Sense Conspiracy Welcomes Liberals to the Fold

Common Sense Conspiracy is not and will never be a political site. However, for the last eight years, which happens to be the whole time this organization has been in existence, conspiracy theories seemed to be the dominion of people on the conservative side of the political spectrum. This is not for any reason but just the flow of things. When Barack Obama was President, liberals were more likely to think things were going great and conspiracy theories were just nutjobs. Now, power has switched, and the Democrats are the ones constantly pointing their fingers. Is this wrong? Not at all. It’s natural in our system which fools so many people into siding when there is only one side.
Don’t worry, friends. We have forgiven you for dismissing us as tin foil hat fodder for almost a decade. Come on in. Our arms are open and ready to see what you have to bring to the debate.

The Obamas That Stole Christmas: A Little Fact-Checking About the White House Christmas Tree

One of the Laura Bush trees in 2005 was decorated entirely with white lilies.

Be it on Facebook, Twitter, or in your personal email, it’s hard for anyone to have not run across what we at Common Sense Conspiracy are now labeling the “Holiday Tree Scam.”  Unlike most scams out there, this is not trying to get your money or personal information.  It is simply trying to spread disinformation.  Let’s start by saying that the CSC certainly believes that personal liberties are being taken away from us one-by-one.  We have extensively covered information regarding the New World Order and we are never going to be accused by anyone of being Obama’s biggest fans.  However, we also believe in a mantra around here that those that read regularly know so well:  sometimes it is what it is.

If you haven’t seen the “Holiday Tree Scam” in action, it goes like this in a quick summary.  The White House has announced that they will not have a Christmas tree this year, but a Holiday tree.  People in America should refer to their own personal trees as Holiday Trees as well.  This is supposedly because of the religious and ethnic differences in our nation.  The idea is that the Christmas tree at the White House signifies that we are a Christian country (what a terrible concept) and it is offensive to people of other religious backgrounds.  It also goes along with an encouragement to not say “Merry Christmas” but “Happy Holidays.”  The scam’s goal is simply to spark outrage.  People get upset when things like this circulate.  They believe it is true because it sounds halfway legitimate with what is going on in our world day-to-day anyway.  It’s not that hard to believe, but here at Common Sense, we do believe in checking facts, and the facts in this case are seriously skewed.   First, here’s an example of what you might see floating around on Facebook:

WHAT A CROCK OF BULL….. We can’t say Merry Christmas now we have to say Happy Holidays. We can’t call it a Christmas tree, it’s now called a Holiday tree? Because it might offend someone. If you don’t like our “Customs” and it offends you so much then GO HOME. I will help you pack. They are called customs and we have our traditions If you… agree with this…please post this as your status!! I AM A PROUD AMERCIAN CITIZEN… MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Do you have what it takes to repost this?

Never mind that the people propagating this list cannot spell “American” which in my opinion is the real crime here.  If you are interested in reading the email that is circulating, a full version of it can be found here.  Ok, so now you have the phony info.  Let’s get on to the real facts.

A lot of the backlash surrounding this scam comes from the idea that a fair sampling of the nation believes that Obama is a Muslim.  Now, whether that is true or not is a debate for another day (and one we will gladly take on in another article), but for our purposes here, the fact that there has been some outcry about Obama’s religious background is part of the reason that the idea that he would outlaw the Christmas tree at the White House is so easy for people to accept.  Ironically, a little fact-checking turns up some very interesting information.  How many people posting and circulating this scam would believe me if I said that First Lady Laura Bush, the wife of George W. Bush, famously refused to include Christ-centered ornaments or themes on the White House Christmas tree.  Actually, when Michelle Obama received the Christmas tree at the White House for the first time in 2009, she immediately did away with Laura Bush’s “themed” ornaments and had over 800 new, traditional ornaments created just for the occasion.  Now, this is not an attempt to say that Laura Bush was trying to ban Christmas; more likely she just had a different taste that didn’t necessarily coincide with traditional American ideas of what a Christmas tree should look like.  It is funny how many people don’t know this and are so quick to condemn the Obama’s for stealing Christmas.

So, at the very least, the Christmas tree is not called a Christmas tree at the White House, right?  Hmm…

27 seconds in. What’s that?

Happy holidays from Common Sense Conspiracy. Or is it Merry Christmas? We can’t tell you.

Please Welcome Our Friends at Erave Studios — Your One-Stop Source for Excellent Original Digital Artwork

Just a sample of the fine work at Erave Studios. Head on over for many more samples in higher quality.
Just a sample of the fine work at Erave Studios. Head on over for many more samples in higher quality.

Common Sense Conspiracy wants to take a moment to let our readers know about our friends at Erave Studios.  This is a just-opened art studio that provides professional commissioned artwork at affordable prices.  So whether you need a logo or banner for your website, artwork for your novel or album cover, or just always wanted to see yourself as a superhero all your own, Erave Studios is the place to go.  Stop by and have a look at some samples of what they can do.  Common Sense Conspiracy looks forward to eventually debuting a new banner and logo from Erave Studios.

Special Free Offer for Common Sense Conspiracy Readers — Free E-Book About Bilderberg and New World Order

crisis pointBrandon Pierce, the author of popular Bilderberg-tinged novel Crisis Point has teamed up with Common Sense Conspiracy to give our readers a real treat.  For the next five days starting at midnight from this posting, Crisis Point will be available absolutely free on Amazon for a variety of E-reader devices.  This novel is fiction, but it really brings home what we all believe about Bilderberg.  Meticulously researched, it is probably the best example of what the conspiracy theories revolving around Bilderberg indicate our future could be, and it should be required reading for anyone interested in such things as Bilderberg or the New World Order.  It’s also a decent read if you just enjoy a good thriller with conspiracy theories on the side.

Tell your friends and spread the word.  Anyone that clicks on this link here on Common Sense Conspiracy gets Crisis Point 100% free of charge for the next five days.  It’s a great opportunity to spread the word and help a cause.  The author wrote this book not to make money but to spread the word about our world, and you can help make his vision a reality.


Click here to get your free copy of Crisis Point.

The History of Halloween — A Dark Holiday for Dark Times

We all know the routine.  Kids dress up in ridiculous costumes and go door-to-door filling their totes with candy.  Trick or treat!  Halloween is considered a fun holiday and a rite of passage for American children.  But it has always been controversial, from its beginnings in history to right now.  So, where did Halloween come from, and is it a celebration of evil?  We’ll take a quick walk through the history of Halloween and then analyze it today from a conspiratorial standpoint.

Ever considered a Celtic druid costume for Halloween?

Today, most people don’t put a lot of emphasis on Halloween as having any true meaning to speak of except just being a fun occasion for children to dress up and go out on the town.  To the Celts 2,000 years ago that dwelt all over Europe, the holiday was actually a ritual that was considered to be very important.  The Celts celebrated their New Year on November 1st with a grand festival.  It revolved around the end of the harvest season and was a segue into harsh winters.  Many animals were killed as part of the festivals and celebrations, and the mass killings kind of resonated against the backdrop of winter’s arrival.  In that time period, winter was a precarious thing.  Everyone knew that many of them wouldn’t make it.  So, the festival came to be associated with death, both of animals and the upcoming deaths of humans.  The Pagan Celtics had a theory that the day between the end of their year and the New Year (October 31st going into November 1st) was a special event in both reality and the spirit world.  During this brief period, they believed that the lines between the living and the dead were blurred, and spirits could pass between the two planes at will and congregate with the living.  There were all sorts of things attached to this opening of the “spirit door.”  Some people believed in demon possessions.  Others believed the evil spirits simply wreaked havoc on crops and caused whatever mischief they could.

So, the Celtics needed something to protect themselves from these evil spirits and try to keep them from passing through to their reality.  So, they dressed up in scary costumes, made lots of noise, and made offerings in a pagan effort to deter the evil spirits and make their lives easier in the coming months.  There was a legend that fairies went throughout their lands, knocking on doors and begging for food.  They were thought to dress up as less fortunate individuals.  The idea was that if you gave the fairy some food or a gift, they left you alone.  Otherwise, they would wreak havoc, right up to the possibility of death upon you.  Sound familiar?  It should.  This is the modern day concept of “Trick or treat!”

The Roman Empire took over most of the Celtic land eventually, but they loved a good festival as well.  The Celtic traditions got wrapped up into the Roman’s own penchant for festivals honoring the dead.  This was a hallmark of Roman occupation; they took over menacingly, but they usually preserved some of the former ruling people’s culture, absorbing it, tweaking it, and ultimately making it their own.  This kept the people happier and less likely to revolt.  So, the festivals continued in some form or fashion for hundreds of years until the next big chance came along:  Christianity.

No one likes to see a black cat cross their path, unless of course, he’s hunting down a rat with the plague. Who had the last laugh?

As Christianity took hold, the Catholics expressed their distaste with the concept of a pagan celebration.  So, they came up with a suitable replacement.  This is very common throughout history.  One culture absorbs another’s traditions by just putting a different spin on it.  The Pope at the time, Boniface IV, selected May 13 and declared it All Saints Day, a day to honor saints and martyrs of the Church.  That wasn’t enough to keep everyone happy, so they later moved it to November 1 as well, allowing the pagan festivals and the Christian festivals to operate in tandem.  So, you see, even this new hybrid Halloween still revolved around the celebration of death.  The concept of trick or treating continued, with many less fortunate people enjoying this opportunity to get some freebies.

As a side note, the superstition about black cats and Halloween started way back in medieval times as well.  Black cats were thought to be evil at the time (history is not completely certain why, but it came from some sort of folklore as well), and around the same time the Bubonic Plague, or the “Black Plague,” millions of black cats were annihilated.  Ironically, rats, whom the cat population helped control, became the major spreaders of the plague.  So, killing the “evil” cats may have actually been a huge contributing factor to the outbreak of the Black Death.  Another example in history of folklore and religion causing harm with good intentions.

Would this be as cool if it was a turnip?

Incidentally, pumpkins were not always associated with Halloween.  The concept of the Jack o’Lantern goes back to Irish folk tales.  Jack supposedly tricked the devil and found himself stuck between heaven and hell.  But the devil had a soft spot for ole Jack and gave him a light to find his way.  The ember was carried in a turnip that was hollowed out.  In the United States, turnips were not as available in the appropriate size, so pumpkins became the new way to carry your light.  In other countries, the idea of a pumpkin is completely foreign.

So, there you have it.  Now for modern day.  Every Halloween, there is a debate among those of the Christian faith whether celebrating this holiday makes sense.  No doubt, thousands of Christians rally against the practice and its pagan roots.  Others think it is a celebration of the devil.

What do we think?  Well, like most things in life, it is what you make it.  If you are dressing your children up in Halloween outfits and going door to door because you think you are driving off evil spirits for the winter, maybe you need to re-assess your position.  If you, like most people, think it’s a fun activity for children with no purpose except to have a good time, socialize, and do something harmless and entertaining at the same time, then we would suggest you carry right on and just be safe out on the dark streets.  The real evil spirits are predators that know that children will be out past their usual times.  Those are the “evil spirits” we must ward off.

Common Sense Conspiracy Alive and Well After Hacking Attack

Our loyal readers have no doubt noticed some problems with Common Sense Conspiracy the last few weeks.  A series of very complex hacking attacks rendered our website almost useless, and therefore, we have been unable to contribute many posts to the site during this troubling time.  Fortunately, we are nervously ready to announce that the hackers have been defeated for now and the site has been returned to health.  So, we are excited to reallocate our resources away from fighting hackers and back to posting the stories that you are accustomed to seeing day in and day out at Common Sense Conspiracy.

The hacking attacks employed multiple tactics.  We have endured what is referred to in the biz as a “bot attack.”  This is when a hacking entity bombards the site with so many requests from bots that real people can’t access the site because all of the server’s resources have been used up.  This is a common tactic to shut a site down temporarily.  We have also seen many, many attempts at logging into the site.  At some periods, the hackers would attempt to guess passwords with scripts at a rate of 10 or more times per minute.  Fortunately, these attempts failed and our site was never compromised internally.  This is very fortunate because the damage could have been much more severe or our site could have been injected with trojan scripts to actually do things for the hackers in the future.  None of these things happened.

When all is said and done, we have learned an awful lot of things about website security from these experiences, and you can rest assured that there have been many steps taken to help defend against a repeat of this situation in the future.  A natural question to ask is who do we suspect might be behind the hacking attempts?  Well, we have no evidence to present, and these types of attacks are quite common through the Internet world.  It could be a testament to the popularity of our site that we were targeted.  It could be random and somewhat harmless.  But it would be impossible to ignore the possibility that one of our competitors might have orchestrated these attacks to tilt the playing field their way for a time.  These things do affect a lot of our operations.  A lot of our exposure comes through search engine traffic initially, and these attacks caused us to fall in these rankings.  It will take time to build things up to where we were before this happened, so if a competitor did put this into motion, you can see how it might benefit them for some time to come.  There is also the chance that this was even more sinister.  It could have been an attempt to silence us from some organization, even the government.  We find this difficult to believe, however, because if the government had a problem with what the CSC has to say, we figure they wouldn’t have to go to all this trouble to make sure we were never heard from again.

Whoever the culprit is, they did not succeed in silencing us forever.  Common Sense Conspiracy is alive and well, and we look forward to reclaiming our space as your number one source for alternative news.  Thanks to everyone for sticking with us, and look forward to a major resurgence over the next couple of days.