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So What’s Up With the Zombie Apocalypse and Why Is It So Popular in Some Parts of the World?

The concept of a zombie apocalypse is nothing new in popular culture.  It permeates horror movies, video games, and even the government tackled it in a video last year.  They said that if a zombie apocalypse warning is what it takes to get people motivated to be prepared for disasters than so be it.  The movie Zombieland took on the idea in 2009, and the Resident Evil series of video games has always featured throngs of zombies, always advancing in a mindless state toward the game player.  Call of Duty, perhaps the most popular video game right now, even supplied a whole subplot of zombie levels for its wildly popular Call of Duty:  Black Ops.  And television show “The Walking Dead” is hugely successful…what’s it about?  You guessed it.  But your average person never really put a lot of stock into the idea as being a realistic thing to be worried about.  However, with that much zombie-talk in the public consciousness, it is no surprise that recent world events are causing people to wonder if a zombie apocalypse is set to jump off their television screens and onto city streets.

It seemed that was exactly what happened in Miami last week when a man high on “bath salts,” the latest, greatest drug, attacked a homeless man and started eating his face.  Just like a video game, he continued to feast on human flesh, even as police officers shot him when nothing else would deter his efforts.  It took six shots to take him down, and he never once strayed from his goal of devouring the man’s face.  Even in the video games, the zombies go down quicker than that.  Then, cannibalism seems to be on the rise in the world in a major way.  In Russia, especially, there have been alarming numbers of cannibalism incidents reported.  No one has a lot of reasons for why this is happening.  A man was arrested in Baltimore, Maryland for cannibalism acts, and his mug shot looked otherworldly.  People want to know what is going on and why so many of these incidents are springing up.

So, is this the beginning of a zombie apocalypse?  Should people be preparing for a whole new type of disaster?  Truthfully, Common Sense Conspiracy is as baffled as anyone.  We do believe that these types of incidents tend to inspire more media attention for other incidents, leading people to believe that there is an epidemic when the events are probably more isolated than the media’s coverage would have them believe.  For example, the Miami attack was such a compelling news story that other cannibal-type articles were springing up everywhere on the Internet for events that might have gone mostly unnoticed if there wasn’t something starting the fire.  The Baltimore would have just been chalked up to another crazy, but with the Miami incident fresh on everyone’s mind, people are linking the stories together and suddenly realizing that this is more prevalent than they thought before.

Future or make-believe?

The idea that any sort of drug a person could ingest could cause the madness that occurred in Florida is pretty frightening.  After all, usage of these “bath salts” is on the rise.  The really scary thing about it is the effect stories like these have on the usage of the drug.  You would think that anyone in America right now would be like “Hell no” to bath salts, but such a severe reaction to the drug actually cultivates curiosity and intrigue.  While many will turn away from it in the heat of the moment, others will want to try it just to see if they can conquer it, or if the high is so unreal that it makes the risk worth the reward.  Education is so very important, and parenting in America is not what it has been in the past.  Common Sense Conspiracy continues to caution parents to be aware of what their children are doing, who they are hanging out with, and always looking for the warning signs of drug abuse.  This is not teenagers going out and getting drunk on a Friday night in Nowhereville, USA.  These drugs are dangerous, mind-altering, and are causing ordinary people to do very extraordinary things.

As for the zombie apocalypse, we have to admit, the Miami incident certainly fit all the hallmarks of a “zombie.”  But zombies are supposed to be the undead, and this fellow was most certainly alive.  He took a very dangerous drug, probably in a higher quantity than “normal” use of it, and then was possessed to commit one of the most atrocious deeds of all of our lifetimes.  Common Sense Conspiracy is researching cannibalism thoroughly right now, including trying to get factual data about whether it is really on the rise, or if it is just being reported more than it was before.  The media focuses on what is “sexy,” and what drives more people to its materials, and right now, the zombie apocalypse stuff is the cream of the crop.  Everyone wants a piece of the action, but not everyone is reporting accurately.

So, our advice is that you do need to be prepared for disasters, but not just the “zombie” variety.  So perhaps grab some water, plastic sheeting, a tent, and plenty of canned goods.  The media is very taken with zombies and flesh-eating drug abusers right now, but what they aren’t harping on are dangers that might be even more real in various parts of the world.  There are people out there that have went on the record as saying that the Fukushima nuclear incident in Japan is only just beginning to blossom.  Some experts have gone as far as to say that it could ultimately result in North America being uninhabitable.  That’s right, the whole hemisphere.  Then, there’s a volcano in Mexico that is getting zero attention while it may produce an eruption so big it will earn a place in the history books far above Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, plus any other influential figures. And both of these are way more likely than zombies attacking your home.  So, as always, you gotta filter through the bullshit.  Test everything.  Hold to those that are true.  Don’t allow your mind to be wrestled from your shoulders, or you will be the zombie.

Will the Earth’s Magnetic Pole Shift in 2012? Get the Facts

Pole shift predictions are nothing new. See this clever illustration from May 5, 2000. No pole shift. Not even close.

There are many people out there that are latching on to the theory that the Earth is poised for magnetic pole shift in 2012.  One of the reasons this has become such prevalent conspiracy theory fodder is the upcoming end of the Mayan calendar, which many believe will be the end of the world as we know it.  But what is the scientific data behind the idea of a magnetic pole shift?  Is it imminent?  And what would be the consequences if this came to be sooner rather than later?

Let’s start with the reality here.  The Earth does indeed seem to shift its magnetic poles from time to time.  From time to time in Earth terms means millions of years.  Many scientists today have hypothesized that the Earth experiences a magnetic pole shift on the average about every half a million years.  What does that mean?  It’s simple, really.  The Earth’s magnetic pole reverses.  So north would be south and south would be north and so on.  The “North Pole” would be in Antarctica.  That is the theory, and there is scientific evidence to back up the phenomenon.

The idea of the North Pole and South Pole is somewhat mythical to begin with.  The North and South Poles are the northernmost and southernmost points on the Earth.  This is often confused with the magnetic poles, but in reality, the magnetic pole of the Earth is where all of its magnetic fields mesh together.  While it is not perfectly in line with the North Pole, it is close enough that most people consider them to be one and the same.  However, the Earth’s magnetic fields are drifting all the time.  Mind you, they drift very slowly and in small increments that take millions of years to amount to anything.  But the Earth is not a solid magnet.  A normal, everyday bar magnet loses its power, but the Earth’s magnetism has continued for billions of years, as far as we can tell.  Albert Einstein declared the Earth’s magnetic field to be one of the most prominent unsolved mysteries of physics.

In the Atlantic Ocean, there is a crack where lava runs out from deep within the Earth’s surface.  The lava turns into rock over time, and it sort of freezes that time period inside.  Scientists are able to ascertain the magnetic polarity of the Earth by examining these rocks, but results are varied.  Some scientists believe the Earth is due for a magnetic shift any time now according to these records, but others say that it doesn’t matter what happened because the Earth is ever-changing and its magnetic properties are not static.  Meaning no one can predict when a magnetic pole shift will happen.

For those that believe a magnetic pole shift is imminent, think about this.  Even the most enterprising scientists say that it could happen some time in the next 2,000 years.  Now, wait a minute.  We can toss out numbers like that all day long, but what does it really mean?  Well, 2,000 years encompasses the entire time from the present day to the birth of Jesus Christ.  And everything that happened in between.  And even if it started tomorrow, the same scientists say that it would take between 100 and a few thousand years to reach fruition.  Lot of room for error, there.

While it’s a passing fad for people to worry about a magnetic pole shift, the problem is there is no physical evidence to indicate we are any closer to one than we were 2,000 years ago, or 20,000 years ago.  Remember, pole shifts come across millions of years, and the odds of us being in that year at any given time are remarkably low.  The entire history of mankind on Earth is only a blink of the eye in the history of the planet.

Yes, if such a phenomenon did occur in our lifetimes, its effects would be staggering.  You are literally talking about a world turned upside down.  So much of our technology revolves around our knowledge of magnetism and the Earth’s current fields, and many things would cease to function.  Species that migrate have learned where to go from millions of years of practice and evolution.  A pole shift would leave them in danger, following their instincts only to find that they are suddenly wrong and ill-informed.  The weather would change dramatically, unleashing entirely new disasters on unsuspecting regions.

And yet, the most likely result is that on December 22, 2012, we will all wake up and go about our daily routines as normal.  And it could stay that way for thousands or even millions of years to come.

And then again, it could happen tomorrow.

Planet Seen Approaching Earth from Antarctica — Hoax!

Believe us...if a rogue planet were really approaching the Earth this close, we would be making a lot more money.

This is a patented BULLSHIT ALERT from your friends at Common Sense Conspiracy.  There is quite a lot of buzz on conspiracy sites about a YouTube video that was released by a supposed “whistleblower” that shows a planet (that’s right, a planet) approaching the Earth that was seen from Antarctica.  That is, from the surface of the Earth.  The video can no longer be viewed because it has been marked as private by the creator of the video.  However, there are probably copies of the video out there circulating as many people (including the CSC) have the capability to rip these videos before they can be taken down.  We have done this with both video and audio at times when there was a delicate issue that we knew would result in the media being removed quickly.  However, in this case, we must try to quell the chaos and confusion by indicating that the idea communicated in this video is completely false and at best, a very good use of computer generated imagery to make something like this look real.

The fascination with this is derived from the long-standing conspiracy theories about a mysterious Planet X, sometimes referred to as Nibiru, re-entering the solar system and heading toward the Earth.  Mind you, there has never been any observable proof of this, although there are a number of hoaxes.  We have reported on some of these in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.  This is the most ridiculous one ever.  The video, which was probably conceived as joke but has nevertheless been taken seriously by some of our most outlandish tin foil hat wearers, wants us to believe something that has no foundation in fact whatsoever.  If a planet were this close to the Earth, there would already be obvious effects.  Not to mention that someone would have surely observed it.  You are talking about the kind of widespread conspiracy that is so widespread that it becomes impossible.  Too many people out there would know about this, and therefore it would have already had been made an issue of months if not years ago.

While some may point out earthquakes and climate changes as proof that this is indeed happening, those theories are unfounded as well.  Analysis in previous CSC articles has already revealed that earthquakes are really not any more prevalent then they have been in the past.  Modern technology does allow us to know more about them when they happen, which leads to us all finding them more frequent than in past generations.  For example, seventy or eighty years ago, an earthquake in Indonesia might takes weeks or months to make the news in the United States, if it ever did at all.

A real live planet this close to the Earth that such a video could be shot would have already had very obvious effects on our planet.  Remember, the moon does not qualify as a planet in anyone’s approximation, but it still has enough mass to affect our tides.  A planet on the level of the Nibiru theories would have rewritten the way our world works, not to mention possibly altering our orbit and disrupting countless things in our technology that rely on satellites.

It’s fascinating to talk about, and apparently the video was extremely well-made, but no one will ever reveal Nibiru to the world because they shot it on their handheld camera.  It would come to light far, far before that.  Remember, Saturn and Jupiter are so many millions of miles away, and yet we can still see them with our eyes.  A planet close enough for this video would cover huge portions of the sky and be very obvious to anyone looking up almost anywhere on the planet.

Sometimes it is what it is.  The timing of this video is part of the 2012 Mayan apocalypse scare which many have tied into these other theories.  Whatever happens at the end of this year (which is most likely nothing at all), it will not be the result of a planet that can be viewed with the blind eye from Antarctica.  Better keep paying your mortgage.

NASA Debunks 2012 Mayan Apocalypse Claims??

Don Yeomans of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory is seen here attempting to debunk any theory of the 2012 Mayan apocalypse. He talks about Nibiru, solar storms, planetary alignments, pole shifts and the end of the Mayan calendar. What do you think of Mr. Yeomans explanations of all these theories? Are his answers plausible or just more of the same from NASA or should we say Never A Straight Answer?

Mysterious Loud ‘Booms’ Strike North Carolina

Mysterious loud booms have struck North Carolina as of late. Many residents have reported that the booms have returned and are stronger than ever. Some people believe that the booms are connected to the 2012 apocalypse and the Mayan calendar. They believe that we are nearing the end of days. But, toward the end of the video, a very plausible explanation is presented.

Are Skyquakes and Strange Sounds All Over the World Harbingers of the 2012 Apocalypse?

The New Madrid fault is way overdue for some activity. By centuries.

The internet is abuzz with people investigating and theorizing about all of the strange reports of ominous sounds that has now become an international phenomenon.  These sensations come in many different forms, but all revolve around strange sounds that have no man-made explanation.  The theories range from complete science fiction to scientific-backed evidence, but one thing is for sure:  people are concerned.  Also, seemingly random earthquakes are being recorded in areas where earthquakes are normally not given a second’s thought.  Is all this leading up to the mystical date of December 21, 2012, when the Mayan calendar signified the possibility of a worldwide calamity?

Skyquakes is the popular term given to a lot of the strange noises that are occurring.  Some believe that this is the result of a trembling Earth’s core, sending up warning signs that a shifting of the mantle is imminent that will dwarf anything we have ever seen.  NASA has a simpler explanation; when meteors enter the Earth’s atmosphere, they sometimes travel faster than the speed of sound, creating what is commonly referred to as a sonic boom.  These are impossible to keep track of as meteors disintegrate in the Earth’s atmosphere all the time.  The sounds could simply be meteors doing what meteors do when they come too close to our planet.  However, some of the sounds that are heard sound like trumpets, leading to even more speculation that this is some sort of Revelations-Bible signal that the end of the world is drawing near.

The problem with a situation like this is that it is so hard to differentiate between reports that have some validity and the ones that are hoaxes.  For example, the sounds heard in the Ukraine video have been copied and pasted onto other video tracks countless times, with new videos surfacing daily of the strange sounds infiltrating a new region.  A simple comparison of the tracks quickly shows that the new ones are simply reproductions.  There is always some tell-tale sign of this; for example, in the Kiev video, a bird chirps at exactly the right moment to make it rather obvious that the audio track has been duplicated and used as the soundtrack to another video.  So, while there may be some videos that are authentic, we cannot be sure how many fakes are out there, and if there is only one true occurrence, it is quite possible that it could be explained away if it were not for all of the people out there trying to piggyback ride on the buzz created.

As for the United States, there is some historical data about the New Madrid fault that makes recent events more than a little disturbing.  In the months approaching the huge earthquake along the New Madrid fault in the early 1800s, settlers reported artillery-like sounds going off randomly.  Similar events were reported preceding the powerful earthquakes that set off the devastating tsunami in the Phillipines.  Could the sounds being heard be a sign that the long dormant New Madrid fault is about to come to life again?

The reality is that the New Madrid fault, which the city of Memphis sits squarely upon, is way overdue for a series of massive earthquakes.  And it seems that the Earth is already becoming more unstable by the day.  Then, there is the question of how humans have interfered.  The fracking debate is still very much alive as Oklahoma continues to experience small earthquakes that many believe are caused by man in his unquenchable thirst for oil.

Seashells in the Andes?

Could mankind be bringing on the New Madrid fault’s inevitable eruption through drilling?

The Andes Mountains that tower along the western coast of South America are the youngest mountain ranges in our world.  Scientists have found sea shells in places where it makes no sense for them to be.  It indicates that at some point in history, the sea did indeed rise up and flood all the land, even some of the world’s largest mountain ranges.  Could whatever caused this be preparing for a sequel?  There’s no way to know for sure, but these strange happenings are certainly unnerving.  However, does it have anything to do with the 2012 predictions?

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