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  1. You obviously have put some effort into creating this website and that is to be commended.

    When I was looking for someplace to share; I was hoping to get immediate responses without opening the thread page? This page is alphabetized, not chronological, what can you do to bring attention to new articles? Perhaps you could have a sub section at the top…or at least HIGHLIGHT the newer articles for a few days?

    I was a follower of ATS until they demonstrated lack of control over their moderators; with the hypocrisy and inconsistencies over the enforcement of their T&C policies. There seems to be a great deal of favoritism involved and if you dare question them on any of it you get “Post Banned” or threads get “Trash Binned”.

    I prefer a more mature form of communication without having to look over my shoulder every time I create a thread topic or post a comment. I prefer having the same rules apply to everyone and not just those that I disagree with or question the enforcement of policies. Being able to have free speech does not work at ABOVE TOP SECRET; please, tell me this site is different…if not I will mosey on down the road and find another place to play.

    Take care and much love,


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