Is Queen Elizabeth Already Dead? Conspiracy Theories Make the Rounds Ahead of News

The mainstream media seems pretty sure that the news coming out of the United Kingdom that doctors were concerned for the Queen’s health is going to be a really big deal. All of the members of the Royal Family are making their way to be there. All of the buzz obviously has many in conspiracy circles wondering what is really going on.

Is the Queen already dead? Why would they not tell the world? Well, at first glance, you may wonder, but there are historical protocols in place for what happens when a monarch of this magnitude passes away. It is entirely plausible that she has already passed away and the royals are gathering to begin a process that is very meticulously planned from where the Queen’s body goes to what everyone is wearing and how the media is informed. You could say that the general public will almost definitely be the last to know, and the custom is that the official public announcement is a notice on the gates of the castle.

Now, if you dig deeper into conspiracy theories surrounding the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family, it can get a lot more far out. After all, there are people that actually believe that the Queen is a shape-shifting alien reptilian. Hey, who’s to say, right? But here at the CSC, we don’t think there’s any lizard antics or Illuminati conspiracies here. At the end of the day, this is probably the beginning of a tedious process where the public is going to be the last to know. You can tell by the reactions of the mainstream media, however, that there is definitely fire to be found with this smoke.