Katie Meyer Dead at 22 – Stanford Soccer Player is a Story to Watch

Katie Meyer was a standout player for the Stanford soccer team. Many people remember her making a crucial save during penalty kicks back in the 2019 NCAA championship. Now, at just 22 years of age, she has passed away with little details being revealed about what has happened.

This will cause much speculation.

Common Sense Conspiracy is not a news site. Our purpose here is to let our readers know this story will be one to watch. 22-year-olds in excellent shape don’t just turn up dead in their rooms on campus without a much more satisfying explanation. We expect there will be a lot of conspiracy talk about this one in the coming days and weeks.

To not have a cause of death announced is not that unusual in cases like this, so that in and of itself may not indicate that there is more to the story. However, it certainly leaves a wide range of possibilities open for massive speculation.

Some will suggest foul play. Murder? Suicide? Overdose? Others will say the university is trying to cover up something. Let the games begin. We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below.