Foo Fighters Drummer Dead at 50 — Taylor Hawkins Dies on Tour

This one is sure to lift some eyebrows. Longtime drummer and founding member of the band Foo Fighters is dead at the age of 50. And they were right smack in the middle of a rocking post-COVID tour in South America.

If you aren’t a particularly big Foo Fighters fan, you may not immediately recognize Taylor’s name. After all, he is nowhere near the household name that Dave Grohl, the ex-drummer of Nirvana is. However, he was a very vibrant force, and has even been known to take over the microphone from Dave for some interesting covers at times.

Energetic and fun, Taylor’s death is bound to get some conspiracy theorists sounding off, and he is a skip and a jump away from Kurt Cobain himself, who many people feel’s death was not completely on the up and up.

So far, we have nothing but wistful announcements and absolutely no leads on the cause of death. No word on now if the tour will continue, although one would certainly expect not.

Illuminati sacrifice? What do you think? Is Taylor’s death just a tragedy or something more? Let us know in the comments below. And if you don’t know how good of a drummer this guy was, please enjoy the link below. As more facts become available, we will no doubt be revisiting this developing story.