Scary Times in America as Even Discussing Vaccines is Taboo – Censorship Here to Stay?

There is little doubt that the world has changed over the last couple of years. We now live in a world where a former American president is banned from Twitter and Facebook social media platforms. Many may not think that is a bad thing, but it does set one amazing precedent.  Under the guise of stopping Donald Trump from making social media posts that encouraged violence, Big Tech, one very potent tentacle of what we refer to here at the CSC as the establishment, neutered Trump’s insane hold over his base.  Meanwhile, heads of state for terrorist organizations and rogue nations Tweet at will. Their message apparently does not offend the establishment as badly.

Even if we can all agree that getting Donald Trump off of social media is a net positive for the world as a whole, this act seems to have changed the game for what is free speech and what is not free speech. The other major factor there is, of course, COVID-19. It started when sites like Facebook and YouTube were not allowing videos that questioned the effectiveness of vaccines, masks, mandates and lockdowns. They banned content about the possibility that COVID is a lab leak. Later, that theory turned out to be quite the opposite of misinformation. Now, it is talked about openly on major networks as it is now considered to be the most likely possibility for how COVID came to be.

Joe Rogan is probably profiting from all these labels of misinformation.

So what’s the next frontier for this unique brand of censorship that we are watching take hold with very little resistance? You can see the beginnings in the events happening now.  Joe Rogan’s extremely popular podcast on Spotify is being targeted big time. Now, Rogan’s brand of podcast isn’t for everyone, and some of the company he keeps and the ideas he allows to be discussed are a little out there. Does that mean he is spreading misinformation? What is misinformation?

Is discussing topics that are obviously unknowns misinformation? We now have the CDC saying that wearing cloth masks is little more than last-ditch effort at protection and highly ineffective. Plenty of people were censored for saying this for the last two years. We now know that if you are considered “fully vaccinated” but not boosted, you are not sporting a whole lot of protection just months out, especially from the Omicron variant. So why argue about vaccination cards if the current legal definition doesn’t even make a difference? But to say this makes you guilty of spreading misinformation.

If spreading misinformation should get you censored, then shouldn’t the CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci be the first to get the label. After all, almost everything they told us from day one was incorrect. Yes, some of this is because the situation was ever evolving, but I think any reasonable person can probably see that Fauci often doctored his answers for what he thought the much less intelligent minions should hear. When he said no one needed to wear a mask, he was doing it to leave masks for health care professionals. So he told a little lie to stop people from panicking and hoarding masks. But isn’t that misinformation? Or how when he said that if we could just get 60 or 70% of the American population vaccinated, we could achieve “herd immunity.” He actually admitted openly on national television that he never believed that and only said it to make the goal seem more achievable thinking it would encourage more people to get vaccinated.

How about the emails that have now been released where everyone in Fauci’s circle immediately recognized COVID-19 as a lab leak and not a naturally-occurring virus? Yes, the mainstream media buried this as much they could, or left only right-wing talking boxes to jump all over it so it would have no credibility. The information is out there though, and the reality is that Fauci used funding to shut those people down. A little more misinformation.

If Joe Rogan wants to have a doctor on that says the vaccines are a joke, what’s wrong with that? He’s not in a position of authority like Fauci. Healthy debate should never be discouraged, and it’s not misinformation to question whether the vaccines are all they are cracked up to be. The overflowing hospitals ought to show that without any real discussion anyway. We were told it is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated. If that were so, then why are the vaccinated so concerned? Because of other variants that might come along? Well, as long as people all over the world have not had a single dose of vaccine while we give people their third and fourth shots, the variants aren’t going anywhere.

Another question is why the establishment doesn’t understand that drawing attention to programs like Rogan is the last thing you want to do. You can bet that Rogan has picked up more subscribers because of curiosity about what all the fuss is about. If you actually listen to the podcast, you will find no one saying anything definitively, but just people discussing what is happening. Rogan’s best method of picking up subscribers until just recently was probably word of mouth and the occasional viral video. Now, he is getting subscribers because the powers-that-be bring it up for everyone all the time. Sure, there is that part of the population that will immediately demonize Rogan’s show because anything they see on the New York Times front page might as well be handed down to Moses on the mountaintop. Fortunately for the rest of us, there are plenty more people that are not just going to take their word for it.

Rogan’s show is not that funny for a former standup comedian. He frequently lets controversial figures come on (think Alex Jones) and treats them respectfully, but he grills them hard. He is willing to have an open conversation about most anything. It’s a lot of things, some good, some bad. But nowhere could it be called misinformation.

Do spread misinformation, you must have an agenda. Rogan does not have an agenda, except maybe getting more subscribers. The real spreaders of misinformation definitely have an agenda. The scary part is that so many people today are not realizing the censorship that is taking place before their eyes. Even if you agree with it thus far, we have to bring up the trope of the slippery slope. People have trouble seeing things through more of a prism than what they singularly believe. Here’s an example before we go.

Many people on one side of the political spectrum in America were fine with Joe Biden and OSHA requiring private businesses to prove vaccination for COVID-19 for their employees or face fines. The concept seems okay at first glance. These unvaccinated people could be causing a hazard for others, although, once again, if the vaccinations work, why would the unvaccinated be endangering anyone but themselves. That notwithstanding, if you believe that basically one individual being able to install such a mandate is okay, just turn it around. Remember when everyone made a big deal because Trump spouted off some nonsense about UV light and ingesting bleach to fight COVID. Well, if he had decided to order OSHA to make everyone shoot bleach, you would have a problem with that, right? That’s why the mandate couldn’t stand, and thank goodness the Supreme Court stepped in on this one.

Our government is supposed to design where there is no dictator that just decides what is going to happen. For now, that has not been allowed to happen. But what will the future hold? And how far will censorship go?

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