Comedian Bob Saget Dead at 65 – Illuminati Involvement?

Every time a celebrity dies in the least bit suspicious manner, we get the expected deluge of emails at Common Sense Conspiracy asking if we think the Illuminati is involved.  The death of comedian and actor Bob Saget at the age of 65 today will no doubt inspire some questions.

The wholesome dad character of Full House is what Bob Saget was probably most known for, but he was also a successful comedian known for less than family-friendly content in his standup shows.  His death is certainly surprising, but right now there is no indication that anything is really suspicious about it.  Early reports are that he was found dead and there were no drugs or anything like that involved.  The medical examiner will eventually determine his cause of death, but this isn’t anything Illuminati-ish like Whitney Houston in the bathtub.  Most likely, this is going to turn out to be a heart attack or something of that nature.

Scouring the Internet, we did find one enterprising individual claiming that Bob Saget is actually an Illuminati member.  The video below is total garbage, but it may be worth watching just to see the absurd ending where Bob Saget appears to be wearing the all-seeing eye on his shirt and the video zooms in on his distorted face in such a way that wants to be disturbing, but actually ends up just really strange and stupid.

What do you think?  Is there more to the story?  We’ll keep you posted.  Let us know your ideas in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Comedian Bob Saget Dead at 65 – Illuminati Involvement?”

  1. Yes indeed very VERY likely since his show fuLL house was set n san fran Lack of MoraLs oh CALI, home of all the satanic temples of EVIL, also the very obvious connection of the older sis of those twin kids, she did all the marvel movies / avengers as a WITCH , and all that occult hogwash crap, Yes most low level actors do sign a deaL with the deviL for $$$$$, doing thankless standup comedy at small gigs is NOT big money, also worthy of note is that TV show tie in with Lori Laughlin and her big scandal with college BRIBES, payoffs and kickbacks as she is definately ILLUMA and a certified gold digger who sold her mortaL souL to rock N roLL with all the fat cats in ivory towers

  2. Yes I do think Bob Saget is part of the illuminati. So are a lot of people and now it is just beginning. The corruption and truth is starting to finally be revealed much of Hollywood is connected to a very dark world.

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