Social Media Going Viral About Trump Invoking Insurrection Act of 1807 — What You Need to Know

Right now, there is a lot of chatter on social media (especially on Parler) either referencing that President Trump will invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 soon, or that he already has.  This has fascinated many in conspiracy circles for a long time, as it was actually brought up long before the election and all the controversy that followed.

Posts like this are making the rounds on social media virally.

The bottom line is that no, President Trump has not done this.  It is also pretty unlikely that he will, as it is not even known if there is any sound legal basis for that to happen.  Most of the posts going around state that this means Trump will remain President of the United States indefinitely citing national security concerns.  Some even go as far as to say that Trump will use the Emergency Broadcast System to spread the message since he has basically been neutered on social media.

For Trump’s most loyal supporters, this is probably a dream scenario, but once again, it is unlikely he would try such a thing, and it certainly has not happened.  We are saying this here because the mainstream media makes things difficult.  If Trump had invoked this, you can bet the mainstream media would ignore it altogether, or try to use it to further bolster attempts to remove Trump from office.  Also, bear in mind that Trump has now conceded that he lost the election and has kept a pretty low profile since the crazy affairs at the Capitol.

In the meantime, if you are interested in what the Insurrection Act of 1807 actually is and what it’s intended use is, please check out the video below. If you want a quick remix, the act probably was more of an issue during the protests in other cities beside Washington earlier this year. The act supposedly could be used to override state government and use federal forces to restore order. In any case, the way people are trying to reference it in regards to the current situation is completely incorrect.

5 thoughts on “Social Media Going Viral About Trump Invoking Insurrection Act of 1807 — What You Need to Know”

  1. Saying there will be a peaceful transfer of power is not the same as conceding an election. Please let us know where Trump ever said he conceded that he lost?

    He has only and ever said it was stolen and would never concede.

    1. EXACTLY! President Trump said there will be a smooth transition. Also, I believe, only the President aka Commander in Chief is to call for National Guard. In the past, President Trump told the States, during those riots, that he will send National Guard and none of those governors wanted it, they allowed their cities to go to ruins, American businesses destroyed! I do believe President Trump had invoke the Insurrection Act as well, if he didn’t, then why are military on the premises of capitals throughout those deep states? I will let this play out, take it day by day and pray. Our vote was stolen, President Trump election was stolen from him. On the night of November 3, six states stopped counting, proof President Trump had this election in hand UNTIL the steal. Evidence of stolen votes and election that no judge, courts etc., would even look at it and not even the SCOTUS. Americans are pissed and sadden. We will not give up, we will continue to speak loud and clear to the FAKE government, of truth! YOU STOLE OUR VOTES! Executive Order 2018, Interference of Election in the United States of America, FOREIGN & DOMESTIC.

  2. This bogus article is ignorant and you are definitely snowed by mainstream media.
    Yes he has signed it and yes it is unfolding before our very eyes. Socialism is going to die in the US and cause nations to trrmble at the sight.

  3. I agree. President Trump is still President. The insurrection act was signed. The military is taking the traitors down.

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