How to Get Parler on Your Phone or Tablet Without Google Play or Apple Store

Donald Trump is taking his Tweet game to the Parler service, which is a lot like very other social media platform you’ve ever seen, but they don’t censor users.  Already, Google, Apple, and Facebook have moved to block anything and everything Parler-related, which means even downloading the app is now prohibited.

Good news, though.  On Android applications, you don’t have to go through the app store if you don’t want to.  It’s called sideloading, and many people are making videos and tutorials about how to install Parler without the help of Big Tech.  So, ordinary folks to the rescue.

We are not advocating any solutions here, but just spreading the word that you can find the information out there to do these things if you want to.  The video below was recently published on YouTube explaining the process.  Don’t expect the good folks at Google to leave this freely available for long.