America Meet Your Dictator

This may be Trump’s dream, but he is not the one to fear.

Expecting a big smiling picture of Donald Trump with a crown on his head or maybe sitting on a throne?  Well, we gave you one just so you wouldn’t feel too burned.  Declaring martial law and overturning the election results, claiming absolute power outside of the normal American electoral process?  Well, we fooled you.  Bear with us, though, because there’s more than just clickbait here.

America, meet your dictator.  This authoritarian ruler now possesses an unbelievable grip on power in the United States of America, once the land of the free and brave, but now just the land of the duped.  It’s been going on for decades, but never before has it been more obvious who really dictates what happens in America.  Meet your mainstream media.

COVID-19 and the 2020 election was really the icing on the cake.  The mainstream media may not be the ultimate dictator here, because it very well be that it just receives its marching orders from some higher, mysterious force and then brings it to fruition, but the power is undeniable.   Just look at the events of this one year.

Which way now? Oh, don’t worry, they will tell you.

COVID-19 started as a moment for America to rise up and work together to stop a killer virus.  As the media did its thing, it ended up being an unbelievably potent divider.  People having heated arguments over wearing random cloth coverings on their face that even in the best study were only 10-30% effective at doing what they were supposed to do.  We saw lockdowns pit people against each other, people forced to fight over their very own livelihoods.  Meanwhile, the government sat back and distributed money like candy, but once again, the media was always framing how every act would be interpreted.

This is the same media that convinced you that Russians must have something to do with it when Donald Trump won by surprise in 2016.  This is the same media that now tells you in 2020 that the election process is bulletproof and there is no fraud at all anywhere in America.  Oh come on, you say.  Go look at the New York Times.  They actually ran an article claiming there was no fraud in the entire nation at all.

From 2016 to 2020, being a conspiracy theorist meant you were bravely questioning the Donald Trump dictatorship.  Now, in 2020, questioning anything means you are a follower of Trump and must be delusional.

Now, they are telling you to not have holiday celebrations with your families unless you are a cold-blooded murderer.  Do the right thing.  Stay home.  We’ll get you another government stimulus check soon and get those unemployment benefits shored up.

Think wearing a mask is dumb?  You are a murderer.  Think staying at home is a lot better idea?  You hate business.  This is the same media that convinced you that Donald Trump was a racist, multiple-time accused sexual predator that used government corruption to make money for himself and his family.  This is the same media that then convinced you that replacing Trump with another racist, multiple-time accused sexual predator that used government corruption to make money for himself and his family is a ray of light in a dark place.

Our advice at the CSC is to try to think critically about anything you read from the mainstream media.  Don’t be a cheerleader.  Don’t believe that CNN is the good guys and Fox News is the bad guys.  They are all the bad guys.  They are all trying to push you toward the same slaughterhouse.  The orders are the same, they just take different avenues to influence you.  They decide what you will think, and they actually work in lockstep together to convince you by appealing to whatever logic you fall on the side of.

The mainstream media told you to fear Trump and a coup.  They are right.  It is they that are planning the dictatorship, and in fact, it may already be all around you.