Aliens and the Galactic Federation — Former Israel Space Chief Tells All

Hi, I’m an alien. I voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

Well, we all know that the government keeps lots of secrets from us, and in conspiracy circles, it has long been thought that the government knows there are extraterrestrial beings visiting the Earth from time to time but just chooses to not let the general public know this.  Why cover it up?  Well, there are quite a few reasons, from panic and hysteria to all of the implications such a revelation would have on religion, science, and politics.  So, it kind of goes without saying that most government officials scoff off any ideas of aliens visiting the Earth or having been discovered in space as your standard crazy, tin-foil hat crowd fare.

Well, not Israel’s former space chief.  This guy is telling all, and it’s not just verifying the existence of aliens, it’s going way, way further than that.  He is calling out Donald Trump saying that he most definitely knows about the aliens, and even says there is a “Galactic Federation” of extraterrestrials that watch over our puny little Earth waiting for us to reach a level of enlightenment so that we can be part of it.  Now, that’s some Illuminati-sounding stuff, isn’t it?

It’s not that uncommon to see someone talking about this on the Internet, but it is pretty unusual to see someone that was this high up in an organization such as Israel’s version of NASA doing it, and not pulling any punches.  This is pretty out there, but if you are an alien conspiracy enthusiast, this may well be the moment you’ve been waiting for.  We’ve included some videos breaking this down form mainstream news to your standard conspiracy vlog.  We can’t wait to see what you think about these sudden revelations in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Aliens and the Galactic Federation — Former Israel Space Chief Tells All”

  1. The human imagination is continued it’s myths for ages… Show me an Alien, and you will be looking in the mirror… The alien mind knows no limits when imagination and delusional psychosis has been programed and conditioned for millenia… One can imagine back when humans had visions where they wanted to escape their environments of suffering in natures wrath… cosmology in concept established planets as gods to be worshiped…why not gods that could travel and save us from the struggles of earthly hardships, yes, escaping in the mind of illusion and fantasy is nothing new for the human mind….

  2. What the gov’t is trying to cover up is not their involvement with aliens/higher intelligences. They’re trying to mask the fact that they’re the malevolent aliens they’ve become involved with. Again, can’t see how people don’t know or see this. It’s so GD Painfully Obvious. Yah, your gov’t has the American people’s best interests in mind. I can hear Obama, the Clintons, Bushes, etc. laughing in the background. They don’t fool me.

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