Why Joe Biden Winning the Presidency is Great News for Common Sense Conspiracy

Well, after one of the most tumultuous presidential campaigns in American history, the media has now proclaimed former Vice President Joe Biden the winner days after election day.  Now, there is going to be plenty of controversy about this in the coming weeks and months, and there is no doubt that President Trump will try every legal there is to question these results.  Whether any of those tactics bear any fruit remains to be seen, but for tonight, Common Sense Conspiracy is celebrating the Joe Biden win.

No, the CSC is not in the tank for Joe Biden or any other politician. But there are advantages.

Wait, you say!  Common Sense Conspiracy supports a presidential candidate?  The CSC roots for Democrats?  Who knew?

Of course not.  The CSC has long revealed its feelings about America’s one-party “two-party” political system and how both sides that seem so polarized actually collude together to make sure that mainstream America never rises up and chooses another solution.  It’s sad, but it kind of reaffirms the American system in a way.  The American people do have the ability through voting to say enough is enough, but they have done such a good idea of convincing everyday Americans that the other political party is the problem that they never realize the real culprit.  We rail against that, but also realize that there’s little we can do about it.

So why the clickbait title, you say?  Well, it’s true.  A President Joe Biden is great news for Common Sense Conspiracy and will mean that we can return the website to its regular activity that we enjoyed in the years prior to 2016.  See, when Donald Trump became President of the United States, and in fact, even before that during the campaign, something happened that we could not have foreseen.  All of a sudden the mainstream media became purveyors of conspiracy theories on national television in prime time.  They went from insulting anyone who questioned the official account of things with their tin foil hat references to actually peddling conspiracy theories as news.  For four years, the CSC found itself losing the little bit of revenue it created to the mainstream media machine.  We do not have the resources or the reach to compete with that.  We tried, but we lost that battle.  So for most of these Donald Trump years, the CSC has been mostly silent.  That is because something has to help us keep the lights on, and we were smothered as the nightly news peddled theories that we would have probably aired here.  Ironically enough, the CSC would have probably called them out for being unfounded in facts, while the mainstream media jumped all over them.

None of that matters tonight.  Soon, the mainstream media will have a much rosier outlook on things when Mr. Biden takes office, and conspiracy theory websites like this will once again be scoffed at while we are only trying to analyze what is going on from a fact-based perspective and give our readers our opinion.

For those that have stayed around through these years, we thank you, and get ready to see a flurry of new content as we get ready for better times.  For our new readers, we will be updating regularly and bringing you analysis you will no longer see on the major news networks.  Our niche went mainstream.  Now our niche is back.