The 2020 Election Was Surely Rigged But Not By Who You Think

As more and more stories of voter fraud and lawsuits permeate social media feeds (but not the mainstream media), there are many people walking around right now that believe that the Democratic Party somehow rigged the 2020 election to make sure that Donald Trump did not win.  It’s just like those dirty, low-down tricksters, they are thinking, but the truth is a lot more sinister.  Let Common Sense Conspiracy present you with a classic “While You Were Sleeping” article.

Flash back to 2016.  When President Trump was inaugurated, he was a true outsider to the whole Washington scene.  He was not really a Republican, although he managed to usurp the party and bend it to his will.  He wasn’t really a Democrat either.   Both parties resented him deeply for breaking into their real-life power party.  For the Democrats, that was easy enough.  They would spend the next four years using every tool at their disposal to make Donald Trump’s presidency a living you-know-what.  The Republicans opposed him at every turn also, but they soon did what crap-eating politicians do.  They realized there were enough people in Trump’s base that would revolt against them if they didn’t at least pretend to be behind Trump that they would lose their cushy job.  So, they did what they had to do.  The years went by, and 2020 arrived.

Whether you believe the coming of COVID-19 was pure happenstance or not is for another article, but it definitely came about just in time to derail Donald Trump’s hopes for another term.  However, as it came down to crunch time, it was apparent that more measures would be needed to guarantee there was no second term.

It would suffice to say that the establishment (which is both parties in the one-party two-party system that the American people accept) was surprised and disheartened that so many Americans were still rejecting them.  That did not matter when it comes to the outcome, however.  The fix was in.

The fix is always in, people.  No American election is left completely to chance.  They have ways of mobilizing if they think it’s necessary.  And when we say they, we mean the establishment.  Make no mistake, this election was rigged, but not by the Democrats.  It was rigged by the Democrats and Republicans at the same time.  The mechanism by which they keep power.

Think about it.  Who is the real winner here?  Joe Biden.  He is nothing but a placeholder for an agenda he barely understands.  Certainly not Trump.  The winner is the establishment.  That same establishment that Americans tried to vote against twice (first for Barack Obama’s ill-fated hope and change, and then for Trump as a complete wildcard) now is enjoying Americans welcoming it back with open arms.  Americans are embracing politics as usual now with Joe Biden and his crew, and that is great news if you have to be part of the American power elite that wants desperately to get back to politics as usual at each and every American taxpayer’s expense.

Whatever you think of Trump, make no mistake, your one-party two-party system is back in the driver’s seat and they won’t be letting an experiment like this happen again anytime soon.