Lock Him Up — Just Make Sure You Get the Others Too

This dream of half of America is not likely to ever materialize.

It flips back and forth, and those that actually believe that we have a true two-party system fall for it and don’t even realize how ridiculous they sound.  Think about it.  What was the mantra of Republicans this time four years ago?  Lock her up.  Lock her up.

Flash forward to now.  What are the Democrats saying?  You guessed it.  Lock him up.  Lock him up.

In 2016, conservatives were saying that Barack Obama was going to find a way to overrule the Constitution and stay in the White House for a third term and quite probably a permanent one.  Now, in 2020, the other side is saying the same thing about the White House’s current resident.

It’s one heck of a precedent to set if you want to start bringing criminal charges against former presidents or candidates purely for political reasons.  Even Donald Trump let the Hillary Clinton thing go when he became president, which was the right move.  Now, it’s time for the other side to return the favor.  America doesn’t need to deal with a former president on trial for who knows what.  There’s a more important reason that they don’t want to go there, though.  Joe Biden is very well aware that some of his dealings with his son Hunter and what went on with Ukraine and his lucrative position there is shady.  Illegal?  We don’t know enough to figure that out, but there’s definitely some fire to go with this smoke.  Biden will act like he is doing what is best for America by not trying to prosecute Trump federally for anything he may or may not have done while masquerading as President of the United States.  The truth is, he wouldn’t dare do that for fear that one day down the road, it’ll just be turned around on himself.

This is not very original. It was just four years ago the other side was saying the same thing.

One time-honored tradition in our one-party two-party system is that they don’t do anything to threaten their own hold on power or well-being, and prosecuting Trump will serve no purpose in this regard.  In fact, it will just open up nasty possibilities going forward.

So, what does the CSC say?  We say, sure lock him up.  Just make sure you go get all the rest of them too.  We can line the prison block with terrible, corrupt politicians and throw away the key for all we care.  But let’s get them all, not just Trump or Biden or Hillary.  Let’s clean the house.

Of course, none of these things will ever happen, but when you see Biden commenting how he wants to heal the country and that’s why he is leaving Trump alone (our official prediction), remember that there is another motive for what he is doing that no one will talk about.