QAnon in the Spotlight — Why the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Get It

In the run-up to the wild 2020 election, the mainstream media has been working overtime to come up with new and increasingly more outlandish ways to paint current President Donald Trump in a negative light.  That’s kind of funny in and of itself, since Trump is probably the only one that actually pulls this goal off.  Still, they try, but a lot of the time their strategies backfire, whether they fully realize it or not.

One such example of this is the recurring interest of the mainstream media in one of the leading conspiracy theories right now:  QAnon.  This organization (or whatever you want to call it) was shrouded in mysterious secrecy up until the last few weeks.  With the unorthodox town hall event that NBC allowed President Trump this last week, QAnon was once again thrust into the mainstream.

The goal is simple.  The mainstream media wants to paint Trump as someone who believes and even openly caters to wild conspiracy theories and organizations.  The thought process here is that the general American public realizes that something like QAnon is total nonsense and will immediately dismiss anyone who acts like they might believe in it.  The irony here, of course, is that the mainstream media has spent the last four years engaging in sensational conspiracy theories itself, but now wants to lecture each every one of us about “baseless” theories when they trafficked in these on a daily basis.

Does Donald Trump believe in QAnon?  Who knows?  He definitely understands that people that do are probably more likely to vote for him, so no, he’s not going to denounce them on national television.  He’s trying to win an election.  He’s trying to get every vote he can.  The real kicker here is that each and every time that the mainstream media brings up QAnon in their attempts to discredit Donald Trump, they add more credibility to QAnon.

Think about it.  Most people in America had little to no knowledge of QAnon until just recently.  Internet searches for QAnon are through the roof now.  People are wanting to find out more about it, and for the actual entity QAnon, times couldn’t be better.  There is no way they could have ever manufactured a way to reach more people than what they have this last month, and they didn’t have to spend a dime or do anything to make it happen.  All of that free publicity was courtesy the mainstream media.

So, when you go to share that mainstream media article on your Facebook or Twitter to let everyone know how nuts this all is, remember that what you are really doing is bringing more attention (and quite possibly support) to QAnon.  And despite your best efforts, you are not going to dissuade one single person that believe in them, and you are definitely not going to convince a diehard Trump supporter to come to your side.

What you are doing is just cheerleading.  People that think like you will non and agree, but you’re not making any positive progress.  And you gave a little more screen time to QAnon, who totally appreciates you becoming their ally.

Is QAnon real?  I don’t know if they were before, but they sure are now.