Should the 2020 Presidential Debates Be Canceled to Save Face for America?

Both major political parties in the United States are running unbelievably flawed candidates for president in the upcoming election in so many ways that we can’t even probably find the time to name them all here.  Both candidates are accused of sexual assault not once but double-digit times.  Both candidates may be senile and frequently have trouble stringing simple sentences together.  Both have horrible tempers and are known to bust out with expletive-laden shout responses to questions even by ordinary citizens.

Oh yeah.  One got impeached for asking a foreign nation to investigate the unbelievably shady thing the other one did.  Neither is disqualified for this or any of the reasons listed above.

Now, the debates have become sort of a flashpoint for the candidates, divided, typically, by political party affiliation.  Trump claims he is ready to debate Biden anytime, although he has already requested to move the debates up one time without success.  Biden claims he is ready to go despite almost everyone in the country assuming that he will bow out of it at some point.  Even Nancy Pelosi is suggesting he shouldn’t try it under the guise that it legitimizes Trump’s behavior.  The real reason is she’s worried he is going to make a horse’s you-know-what (one of Biden’s phrases if you ask him something he doesn’t like) of himself, and she is likely quite right about that.  Biden couldn’t do all that well with his gaffes ten or fifteen years ago.  There is no reason to think that he’s going to pull it all together for this occasion.

Then you have Trump, who was frequently mocked for having trouble walking down a ramp and being unable to drink a glass of water without using two hands like a baby just handed a bottle.  Throw on top of that even when mentally there, Trump’s speeches are all over the place and frequently lash out in random directions with little regard for who might be offended.  Now, here lately he seems like he is having a little trouble in the senility department as well.  At the Republican National Convention, he was mostly reading what was supposed to be a typical flamboyant Donald Trump speech in a reserved monotone from a teleprompter.  Maybe he did this to because his staff wanted him to stay “on message” but Trump usually is the type to veer right off the tracks straight out of the gate when it comes to public speaking.

So, maybe it’s time for the United States to stop worrying about which one benefits from a debate setting and ask itself does America itself benefit from this?  Is there anyone in America that doesn’t already know these platforms?  We know Joe Biden.  We know Donald Trump.  We know what they are about.  No one is learning anything from a debate.  What will happen is America will be dramatically embarrassed on the world stage, and both candidates may very well say something extremely offensive to the rest of the world.  Or they might give away a national secret live on television that puts the armed forces in danger out there somewhere.

Try to tell me no way that happens with a straight face.  You know very well it could happen.

The debates might be quality entertainment, but they serve little purpose outside of that.  Maybe both candidates should realize that they are only going to harm to America if they, you know, get on television and try to talk like civil people do.

Don’t say we didn’t tell you so.