President Trump Confirms the Ultimate Conspiracy — Pentagon Fights Wars for Profit

President Donald Trump has had enough on his plate lately with the mainstream media pushing this story about him hurling random insults at deceased American soldiers.  It’s caught international headlines, and a lot of the rationale behind it revolves around Trump’s own nature.  The reality is you can imagine Donald Trump saying something like that, because this man will say near about anything.  But the lack of corroboration from any reputable source hurts.  It sounds like something he might say, but then again, not really.

Well, Trump has gone a step further on Labor Day, straining an already strained relationship with military leaders and the Pentagon even more by suggesting that he is not as popular with the leaders as he is with the troops because they like to fight endless wars and keep the people building weapons with plenty to do.

Everyone in the mainstream media was appalled.  Taken back.  How could the President of the United States say that?  Accuse the leaders of the United States military of that?  Insanity.

Or truth?

In conspiracy circles, such as the website you are reading from, we have long pushed forward the theory that wars are very important economically and will always be in play in some way or another.  While the mainstream media is waxing poetic about the craziness of the President making this unprecedented attack on the military, the reality is that the President just basically confirmed what we already knew all along.

War is rough.  It’s also extremely profitable.

As Trump clings to what may or may not be his last few months of being in the position that he stole somehow by anyone’s approximation, he is not just spewing lies or rhetoric.  He is also confirming long-held conspiracy theories by throwing us barbs of truth.

Isn’t that something?

Now, do you think outlets like CNN that have spent decades soiling anyone even pushing anything that doesn’t perfectly line up with the official narrative as a tin foil hat person will acknowledge that they are now mainstream conspiracy fodder?  Not to mention robbing good websites like Common Sense Conspiracy of our revenue because we can’t compete with the mainstream media machine that has millions of dollars pumped into it constantly.